Fisherios Fish N Chips

Hello! :D
You know why I’m blogging another post when it’s already 4.30am?
Because I can’t sleep -___-
I literally got up at 4.30pm because I slept at 10am -____-
Ok I’ll talk about yesterday (?) later…

On Wednesday I had dinner at Fisherios Fish N Chips, the one at Takashimaya’s basement!!!
Why I’m not blogging it in order is because I want it to be the first image lol…
Shared this with Yuxuan although it’s a good portion for one and at only $7.90! :D
Normally fish n chips are so huge and makes me want to die after eating but this I feel is perfect (although I ate only half I CAN FEEL IT K)
Anyway, it’s like yummy la!
I mean we all know what fish n chips tastes like and you either like one or hate one… so ya THIS I LIKE!
And the price is so reasonable!!
So go go go get get it :D :D :D

Earlier that day I met Yuxuan at Chinatown to buy cloth (for sewing what I just posted) but before that we went to Smith St for lunch cos I was so hungry!!! :(
So we had the ah beng carrot cake and…
The amazing $5.50 xiao long baos :D
Yea we kinda shared all our meals (except snacks/drinks) that day lol…
Wanted to buy the wanton mee too but it was around 3pm then and they were out of wantons!!! :'(

Also bought new shoes because they were like $70 and I have been looking for nice and comfy shoes to buy for so long! The comfy part, I’m not entirely sure yet but when I was trying them on it sure was.

On Tuesday, went to school to meet my friends after their last paper!
I miss all of them T_T

So some of us went to Chomp Chomp Food Centre for dinner! :D

Sugar cane juice selfie ._.
This honestly is one of the better sugar cane juice around and better yet in XL

15 chicken satays for myself!
Every time I eat at Chomp Chomp I feel as if I’m merely sharing a table with the rest LOL
Because all the food they eat have crazy chili in them so I always settle my own meal LOL

Chicken wings came very late because the other stall was closed so every chicken wing order was made there…
Ended the night sitting at the rooftop and them drinking Bacardi with 7-Up and also eating crushed ice :D

Last Saturday, I went to Singapore Night Festival with my aunt!
But before that, I went to Sunshine Plaza to buy Tomicas :)

Got me an SLS :)
It was a crazy hot day too!!
I was sweating the moment I left home and never once stopped despite fanning myself the whole time (like I literally brought a fan out cos it was so hot) until I got home again omg…
Ok then after dinner, we went around and only stopping when there were very interesting stuff…
So at the National Museum of Singapore, William Close was playing his Earth Harp and it was really good!!
And thus crowded as hell but slowly we inched closer and closer till my camera could actually get shots like these lol…
Most of the time I just stuck my camera in the air (cos I’m short) and hope that he’s in the frame lol…
He made a harp with the building what the hell???
The guitarist who was playing too and I took a picture of him cos I couldn’t get a good shot of Close with the truss in the way :/
He didn’t just invent the Earth Harp…
He also invented the Drum Cloud!
The drummer played it for like 20s or something :(
And his percussion jacket!
Really cool performance :D
Then we also saw people constantly staring at trees on which there were projections…
They were buddhas and you could see them properly only from certain angles.
Weren’t interesting enough to me but there were people who kept staring and staring and wouldn’t move lol…
Could they be praying or meditating LOL
At Cathay Green, it feels most like a festival because there were food and music and all…
Basically a lepak corner…
But we weren’t hungry and all so yea we left soon and went to Armenian St because there were lots of music lined up.
We both liked Brass Nation, a roving brass band, and this street was really cool just that IT WAS SO GODDAMN HUMID?!??!?!
Also there was an alley with really aromatic satay but a long queue so we didn’t bother to eat it lol…
Anyway, if you’re reading this today, you actually still can make it for the festival’s last day to catch all that’s there.

Ok and that night I was hungry…

So I made plain pasta and tossed it with black pepper and ate with my fingers from the pot while watching Pokemon in the dead of night.
Hell yeah I love the holidays!!!

Also bought these super yummy (and so darn cute) seaweed because they were on sale LOL
Always wanted to buy them (for the tins mostly) but they were $11 EACH and I just couldn’t bring myself to do it…
So when I saw it was $3, I got one each for tasting and omg????
They’re so yummy????
I love the plain one (purple tin) but the aftertaste is kinda totally gross… but nice

Erm yes,
So yesterday morning, after completing sewing the bag at 5am, I started to iron all my clothes that were waiting to be ironed (for a month or so) cos the iron was in my room, I couldn’t let my laziness even beat that!
And I tried to sleep but couldn’t…
So I went out at 7.30am because I had a mad craving for McDonald’s hash browns…
I wanted 5!!!!
But I thought better…

So I got a filet-o-fish meal.
I was gonna settle for just the hash brown that came with it but the girl in line before me got TWO so I couldn’t resist… -____-

After eating all that, I looked back and saw that there was NO QUEUE and I… got one more hash brown.
I could’ve gotten about another 3 more but did you know it is $1.90 each?!?!?!?
Is it not robbery?!?!?!?!?
Ok then I went home and read a bit more and then I went to sleep…

and woke up for dinner that is the amazing Ghim Moh pho I got my mum to buy home for me cos I thought Ghim Moh closed down but it didn’t!!!!!!!!!

Ok, so it’s gonna be 6am soon…
And I’m not very sleepy yet if at all -____-
Ok, Imma go read a book!!!!!
Goodbye :D

DIY: Carrier Bag


Sewed this bag by hand over two days! (◕‿◕✿)
Really happy with how it turned out after staring at a plastic bag and figuring out how I could sew one.

Yes, this was my inspiration .___.
Spent more time than required (basically 90% of the time) trying to blind stitch my hems and seams down because I don’t have a machine…
So it looks great outside but its inside is a mess!
To be honest, I had no matching threads so I took the closests and had to use three different threads because I ran out of the first two…
(You could say I’m trying to like sewing but I don’t have the resources)
Got this fabric because it was beautiful, not too thin, and creases (and also made in Japan).
Because I’m a grand noob I always press my fabric so I can sew more or less in a straight line so the ability to crease is very important (lol).
But this fabric was even better because it had a very neat pattern on both sides and I followed that (as well as my creases loosely) to sew and this is the first time I’ve ever sewn anything (just the seams lol) so neatly!!!
:D :D :D
(Click for larger image)
Ok, so I just doodled this little template so y’all can make it too! (✿◠‿◠)
(But I’d be so pissed if y’all used it for money-making and I don’t get any (╹◡╹)凸)
You should also figure out your own way of hemming because mine sucks (because I didn’t have matching threads remember) (so I couldn’t even do a normal and neat backstitch)
And of course you could tweak the measurements to your needs…
The gusset is so huge I love it :D
Ok, that is all!!!!!

Cavalia & Verve Pizza Bar

(geddit geddit????? Hay? Because horse?) (never mind)

Before the show, had dinner (my first meal of the day having woken up 3pm) at Rasapura…
Got these shrimp and minced pork wanton noodles from Noodle Star!
The noodles were really good but the dumplings were like so-so…
This whole food court has the most ridiculous prices but also a collection of really good Singaporean food so yea…

Went to the White Theatre Tent for Cavalia!
First time I’m at this venue and it’s a very beautiful theatre (although crappy seats)!
Was seated about 5 rows from the very back :(
I thought it was super far from the stage so we brought binoculars!
Turns out the distance was ok and everything was ok :D

I killed my phone’s battery with the excessive amount of (forbidden) photography…
It’s amazing how it lasted throughout the show and died once I left the place :)

Really liked this black horse because it was so beautiful and elegant :D

Then there was this cow-looking horse ^_^

This was my best shot of all hundreds of pictures I took HAHAHA :D

Do not forget I was way at the back and using my phone’s camera ok! :D

Cutie pie

Her balance was amazing O_O

Then this other dude started jumping and then skipping over a rope ON the horse’s back #youwin

They all started with 2 and now it was a 4 and…

Then this lady was like handling 6 horses omg???

And all 6 of them were hurdling #youallwin

Aerial stunts


Occasional comedy

And coming back to hurdle ON the horse #win



Notice the last horse.
It was so derp!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA
When going around the circle, it was always off track before sliding back into the circle!!
And when they were changing directions it was always confused and a few seconds late HAHAHAHA!

The comedy preceding a really fast item.
By fast I mean horses zooming from one end to the other with the riders performing stunts on the horses’ backs, with all pictures I took so blur I deleted them .___.


More aerial stunts

If I accept such blur photos, can you imagine how blur those I deleted were?

Then the sun started rising

You see, the equestrian art was so stunning, I never notice when they cleared the sand and filled the whole front of the stage with water.

The beautiful splish splash


Then they started spinning

Then they lined up and faced one side then the other, IN ABSOLUTE SYNCHRONICITY omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Zoom zoom

Watery zoom zoom

Ultimate zoom zoom

The goodbye

The live music (which was really good and the singer’s voice was lovely)
There was a standing ovation from the whole audience so YA GUYS GO WATCH IT!!!! :D
Really enjoyed this show :D

Superimposed the Zazabellou plush on a selfie cos I didn’t buy it T_____T

Was walking back to the car after the show…
The smell of pizza was raping my nostrils so I went to Verve Pizza Bar, just in time for the last order.
Mancini – BBQ chicken, peppers, onions???
It’s yummy!!! (but not as much as the OMGs like Pasta Fresca, Da Paolo and Trapizza)
Couldn’t resist a pistachio gelato too!
Pistachio is quite the best flavour ever????
But this is not better than Haato & Co.
Ok then we headed home!!

On Wednesday, I had mixed vegetable rice for dinner from I-don’t-know-where!

Had this cereal fish (the extreme right) for like 3 days in a week .__. I love it .___.
At around 8.30pm, I had a sudden urge/motivation to sew a pouch for my portable charger, which I had in mind since the end of my internship!

So I did!!! (I bought the fabric because it matched my portable charger :D)
Freestyled all the way without measuring nor pressing and just #YOLO!!!!
I had to think on the spot how to sew a curved zipper cos I’ve never done anything so complex before!
So yoloing actually works because it turned out quite successful albeit tight (duh, I didn’t measure but simply wrapped around the charger and prayed)…
Took me 4 hours to (hand)sew it because I don’t have a machine and I’m so proud of myself :D lul

Then I had some severe insomnia that very night because I was still awake at 4am, then 5am, then 6am and the sun was rising (WHAT THE HECK)???
Its cause was likely my waking up at 4pm and then having hojicha after dinner -____-
So at 7am I was out of the house, in my inline skates LOL!!
Went to a park connector and accidentally ended up in Jurong East .____.
So I skated back and went to a nearby McDonald’s for breakfast!

Nearly smashed into the glass door upon my entrance because there was a steep slope facing the door, a woman in my way, a glorious drain cover with really big gaps and a brake that doesn’t do its job well.
So I was struggling to not fall while I was going down the slope, then I swerved a 360 before coming to a stop then skated into McDonald’s MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA #SWAG

Here’s today’s OOTD

Cardigan from Emoda, shirt from Lazy Oaf, skorts from Zara and shoes from Dr Martens BUT U CAN’T SEE THEM :D

FIV五 Tapas Bar

Look at this dedication…
A post BEFORE midnight…
A post right after I got home…

Anyway I just had dinner at FIV五 Tapas Bar!
It’s the first time I ever bothered to walk to Cuppage Terrace after all these years of noticing a cute ulu area in Orchard Road…
So FIV五 was the most crowded of the lot so I went there la -_-
The service is super slow, I tell you!!!!!
And lame typical me once again goes to a bar ALONE and for food ONLY.
But this place is quite cheap :D
Until you realise you kinda want everything…
And eventually narrow down to two.
Crispy butaniku ($5)
Looks like nothing much and really oily and plain BUT
It’s so yummy??
To be honest this is the first time I’m having spam chips and wow!
The thought of THIN LUNCHEON MEAT being DEEP FRIED is kinda gross but ok it tastes good ok!
Parma ham and rock melon (waddup) ($7 something)
This is so yummy :D
Also my first time having this although I’ve heard of how good it is and all…
I’ve always cringed at the thought of savoury and sweet stuff combined
But today I just YOLO and ordered two new stuff k!!!!!!
It’s super sweet and super salty and super bitter (bloody rockets); basically it’s mild extremes put together and strangely turns out okie dokie.
Gonna come back and try other stuff some day :D

The start of today was going to some hotel in Bugis (I don’t know which) for buffet lunch at Sun’s Cafe.
It’s ok… And I have really bad pictures so no talk about it.
Then I went to Orchard because I planned to watch a movie this morning and I checked and there were two shows that piqued my interest.
On the way to get my ticket I saw Hazel and Eldon LOL and for some reason, after 5 whole months of communication, Hazel never understood that I enjoy solitude sometimes (or more like most of the time) (or all the time) (because it’s so taxing trying to ask people out) (seriously)
So ya, I don’t just eat alone or shop alone, I also watch movies alone (◕‿◕✿)
(I saw a few people who soloed in the theatre too ok!!!)

So I judge my movies by their titles, then posters, then description.
And Magic in the Moonlight is like wowow! (⊙ヮ⊙)
The soundtrack is awesome too :D
The scenes are beautiful too :D
And the plot is so nice :D
And it’s funny :D
Ok I suspected the fraud but I didn’t try to make any links because I didn’t want to spoil the show for me lol and when she was exposed I was surprised LOL cos I really didn’t try to think and yea that works :D
Nice show la go and watch it :D
(Bonus: Cole Porter’s song opens the film)
(Bigger bonus: no annoying Chinese subtitles YAASSSSS)

Saturday’s dinner was at The Missing Pan!
Went at 6.30pm so yea there’s no more brunch although we came here for the brunch :/
The bread came and was yummy.
But before I could photograph it, let alone eat it, everything came at once.
What the hell?
Got me a Nutella milkshake!
Really tastes like liquid Nutella, which is awesome :D
Shared the roasted chicken large enough for two.
Had a super hard time trying to take a picture of this because it’s just really difficult :(
The lighting was so harsh and from above so an aerial shot was out of the question.
The table was so cluttered too (in an ugly way).
Salad was dressed so I was naahhh and yea just really don’t like sauces that are white I don’t even know why?
It’s like my brain registers it as mayonnaise and nope…
To be frank I have no idea what dressing that is????
The vegetables were really yummy lol
I liked it better than the chicken because vegetables are boneless.
So the chicken is really tender and all, just could’ve had more flavour.
And it’s stuffed with risotto and sundried tomatoes yum :D

My last resort was a phone shot and it turned out the most decent in composition :( what the hell…
It’s k.

Ok that’s all!
Stay tuned for a post on Thursday (a.k.a. Friday) :D
(omg I gotta remember not to start the post with hello because LOL)

Pisco more like Pissco

Yo ma homies!
So today Lynette, Amanda and I all went to Resorts World Sentosa for a gig.
I also made reservations online last night.
It was the power of love, man…
Then today, we all found out that the gig happened LAST night .___.
I just-

So change of plans and we settled for PISCO South American Kitchen and Bar because it is only wise to eat something where elsewhere haven’t got, right?
With all our hearts broken, we sought comfort in food.
Who would’ve thought food could break our hearts too…
Amanda decided to get some quesadilla.
4 tiny slices for $9.50 .___.
She was so pissed and was complaining the whole time she was eating HAHAHAHA!
She was like “omg so little!” “so small?” *pries open one* “what the hell, it’s only cheese and tomato!” “the tomato is HALF a slice” “I need more food!” etc.
This is my chicken thigh (LOL) at $10 and Lynette’s pork belly (LOL) at $12!
Which was actually quite yummy just that a little too little.
I guess the price is affordable until you build your meal to something filling.
THEN, it will cost like an expensive RWS meal.

(I keep pausing typing because I am trying to sing along to Alex Turner’s Submarine soundtrack)
(I super love the album)

So we went to VivoCity for dinner part II!
I have never in my life seen Lynette walk so fast.
Amanda and I were walking a good 10 steps behind her or so LOL!

YAY BUY-2-FREE-1 at The King Louis Grill and Bar!!!!!!!!
They both got baby back ribs while I got the Moroccan boneless chicken leg that I’ve had before lol…
It’s so yummy?!?!?! The potatoes were so yummy?!?!??!?!?!
Also got their awesome iced lemon tea too :D
Look at this photo that could’ve been…
It was gonna have the insignificant back ribs bokeh-ed in the background while my beautiful chicken and potatoes bask in their glory but Lynette was like “gonna have my food now!” and promptly dragged it out of my frame just as I released the shutter!

Had some Awfully Chocolate hei before we left for home!
What a lame night hahaha…

Yesterday I cooked myself lunch because in the fridge were forgotten mushrooms…
I still have a packet WHAT SHOULD I DO?!?!?!?

It was spaghetti and shimeiji mushrooms and salt and pepper and mixed herbs and olive oil and nothing else.
Bland but not bad cos I’m really good at supporting myself LOL…

Dinner was awesome Clementi duck rice :D

Ok that’s all!!

Here is a video of the sexy Alex Turner singing 3 of my favourite songs from Suck It and See in acoustic.
You are welcome <3
(Don't know whether to buy Suck It and See or Whatever People Say I Am That's What I'm Not)
(Or I could buy 3 CDs at $50 from High Society, cheaper than online)
(Or I could cry and hope to find a $50 note on the floor with no one around)

龍發豆沙餅 Loong Fatt Tau Sar Piah & Rong Cheng Bak Kut Teh

Today I was so pissed off in the morning because I couldn’t board the bus TWICE because there were so many students going to school. At noon. You want to go to school, go early ok????
JK, I will forever be angry with anything that doesn’t go my way so…

After an hour (atrocious ain’t it), I managed to board the bus at a bus stop after the schools after changing buses (god I hate changing buses) (that’s why I don’t like taking the trains too) only to realise there was this constantly-empty and unpopular bus that actually takes me there too.
Missed three of that bus because I didn’t know I could take it. Goddammit right????? .___.
I alighted by chance because I recognised a distant landscape and thank god for my memory otherwise I’d be absolutely lost and so mad…
So going to Loong Fatt Tau Sar Piah is totally not difficult because
and then a little bit of walking :D
The queue was ridiculous but that just meant piping hot tau sar piahs fresh from the oven! WORTH IT!!!!!
When I was done the queue was even longer than when I joined it .___.
IMG_4179 1
If this place ever closes down I would definitely be at a loss man щ(ಥДಥщ)
So I bought 30 salty tau sar piahs because I like the salty ones better.
10 for myself, 20 for the company as I was making my last visit there to collect my last cheque.
Reason I HAD to go through all these trouble (jk, tau sar piah is never trouble) is because Kellice, who lives in Balestier has no idea that 639 is the original one and I had told her to buy and bring it to work and I would treat the company.
I even gave her the coordinates so there was no way she could get it wrong but lo and behold she did .___.
And on the way to 639 just now, I saw that 603 (the one she bought) was just 4 units before 639.
I mean like, why settle for nice when you have NICER, right?
So ok, the address to ORIGINAL and YUMMY tau sar piah is:

龍發豆沙餅 Loong Fatt Tau Sar Piah
639 Balestier Rd, Singapore 329922
Closed on Sundays
Monday – Saturday: 8:00AM to 4:30PM

$0.60 per piece

You guys are totally welcome (✿◠‿◠)

After visiting the office, it was awesome because a bunch of people was chirping that the tau sar piah is so yummy!
I know right????
Then I promptly left after finding directions to Thomson Road, because no one gave a shit about me, except for like a few, for like a few seconds. It’s k. (︶︹︺) God bless.
Sat at Salted Caramel and freeloaded their water because I was so thirsty. I am sorry.
Chatted with Michelle, Yong Chin and Jun Yang for a few hours.

Had dinner at Rong Cheng (Sin Ming Road) Bak Kut Teh with Isabelle too!
I have no idea how to return though but I can try if I want, because I have a straight bus here :D
It took me 30 minutes to get home too! See why I don’t like the MRT?
So this is high-Depth-of-Field bak kut teh at $7 which is quite pricey but totally okie dokie because it is YUMMY (。◕‿◕。)
I still haven’t gotten the hang of eating the pork though, it’s so difficult but I try my best.
And this is high-Depth-of-Field tau kee and it is also yummy :D
They got lots of sides and whatnot too and splitting equally, it totaled to $10 per person which is super worth it :D
Bringing my DSLR out today was such a good idea and I have 2 months to lug it around before school starts.
Gonna do it because neglecting my cameras is so not cool.
Have been so long since I used it and today I just couldn’t look into the viewfinder for long before I get irritated cos I was at an uncomfortable position LOL #weak

So on Saturday, it was National Day!!

So I was decked in a joke #ootd before I headed to RWS :D

Everyone was so late and I haven’t had anything to eat all day so I went and got a pack of marshmallows from Muji and emptied the pack in 5 minutes or so LOL!

They came and so did my food HAHAHAHA
Hilary is naked HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

I remembered Hard Rock Cafe‘s fish n chips to be amazing so I got them.
They weren’t yummy that day (╯︵╰,) it was dry and stuff :(
Perhaps it’s because it’s not the same outlet but still…

All of us then ran to the theatre because the show was in 10 minutes.
Turns out RWS isn’t as strict on punctuality as MBS is…
The theatre was really small too so at Cat 2, it was the closest to a stage I have ever sat LOL!
Students get 30% off for this show too so it’s amazing :D

It was the second national tour year 3/2/1 (damn chapalang?) cast, from US 。◕ ‿ ◕。

Rock of Ages began like this and it was so cool I had to sneak a photo and it turned out quite shitty but that’s ok :)
This is one of the funniest musical I have ever watched!!
What a nice turn of events too because I didn’t like the movie :/
I was laughing so much especially at Lonny and OMG Franz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Franz sings the best in my opinion, and he looks so cute, and he behaves cute, and when it isn’t his scene and he is a background person, he is so freaking cute doing cute stuff OMG and he dances like kawaii man.
SO KAWAII (◡‿◡✿)
Tanner Hussar (Franz) was running away from the theatre the moment we stepped out of the toilet.
Thank god we didn’t loiter in there any longer because Lynette just RAN and stopped him LOLLLLLLLLL so we could get a photo YEAAAAAAAAAAA
I posted this and Tanner commented on my photo ಥ⌣ಥ
(I also tweeted to him and he replied ಥ⌣ಥ) (I’m on a roll ಥ⌣ಥ)

I also edited the photo to make it better.
Flamboyant people are the best kind of people (◕‿◕✿)

So we got some autographs and although Tanner wasn’t there that day, it’s ok (he replied me ಥ⌣ಥ twice ಥ⌣ಥ)

Amanda was crazy over Stacee Jaxx (Joshua Hobbs)! HAHAHAHAHA!!!
We waited outside the theatre until he came out so she could have a photo with him HAHAHAHAHA

Photo with Lonny (Justin Colombo) and half the time I was so amused with his t-shirts!! He also commented on my photo to give thanks! Told you I’m on a roll (◕‿-)

Side track: Amanda tried to take a selfie and instead of pressing the shutter she clicked on her on-screen menu HAHAHA then Lynette laughed and disappeared from the photo HAHAHAHA :D
Such a great day :D

Anyway, can’t wait for Cavalia!!!! :D
(This post was supposed to be posted earlier but when I got home I took a 20-minute nap and it became 2-hour)
(I’m sorry)
(But the post is here! *:・゚✧・゚:*✧*:・゚✧・゚:*)

I’m free!!!!

Hello everyone!
I have been returned to my lifestyle now that I have ended my internship!!

So on Thursday I woke up at 11.30am and didn’t sleep until 1.30pm or so today.
Then I went home and sleep, then left for Wala Wala :D


Soloing a basket of chicken wings as usual…
After all I had nothing to eat all day! (except a few slices of pound cake)

Most random end to the meet: popping a bottle of champagne LOL
It sucked though…

So yesterday my lunch was at Clementi market…

The really nice pork porridge I had before wasn’t as nice in the form of chicken porridge :(
Also really appalling how Chai Ho satay had no queue so I was like YES but it was like NO cos they were only starting the fire let alone grilling the satay :(
For dinner I cooked shiba inu spaghetti!

It had randomly cooked the most perfectly al dente pasta and I don’t know how long I boiled it T_T

Ok and I have 2 months’ worth of food pictures to put here and I’m kinda dreading this but I’m like really GRACEful and nice so here goes:

Spaghetti bolognese at Gastronomia!

Ended the day with roasted pistachio ice-cream from Sunday Folks because Grace told me the pistachio here is better than Haato which I do not believe, and previously when I had it they just didn’t even put in effort to make it nice.
So this one, they had the chopped pistachios Grace mentioned of and it tastes better with the nuts but everything was falling off the cone onto me while I tried eating…
Haato is still better ok!!!!!!!! :D (REALLY)

Wei Ji wanton mee :D
Possibly my last one until I ever go to Chinatown not hunting for cafes…

Last $5.50 xiao long baos :D

Last chicken porridge from Tiong Shian Porridge Centre :D

Last ah beng fried carrot cake :D
I was gonna have my last People’s Park Centre yong tau foo but I didn’t go to work on Thursday… :/

There was one day I cooked this very yellow meal and now every time I think of it I want to barf…
Because it was not yummy and it was not pretty and I POISONED MYSELF LOL!!!
Now that I think of it, I poisoned myself with the salmon I cooked last time too!
For two days after the yellow meal, I had diarrhoea LOL!
Didn’t want to cook anything for myself anymore but then I had to cook the shina inu spaghetti because I really needed dinner.

The usual traditional Hakata ramen at Yoshimaru!
Haven’t had it in so long because I always opt for the salmon rice :P
(omg embarrassing, I just command-S-ed this blog post because I thought I was writing a report)

Wala Wala last Friday night for Randolf again :D (and of course the wings)

Really oily Hawaiian pizza that’s bacon and pineapple. Their pizzas are really not bad though…

Waited quite some time for a seat at The Provision Shop.
The homemade fettuccine did not disappoint though.
Well thank god, because

my lunch from Sushi Burrito sucked!
They told me the salmon didn’t have mayonnaise in it.
Not only that, the nori was so soggy and while I was eating, everything was collapsing and I was so pissed I went to buy McDonald’s fries to console myself and that is so even when I avoid fast food, especially McDonald’s, when I can.
And to think it was so expensive!!! UGH

To make things worse, the dinner before was terrible too!

This black sesame ramen from Yoshimaru is pretty much the first thing I DISLIKE there?
It’s so thick and tastes bad and is super spicy and I choked thrice on the broth OMG
It was like harsh murder but even Hades send me back up so I had to endure the torture of eating it or something.
The broth ruined the eggs but at least the sweet corns were the only still-good thing in the bowl T_T

Went to get some chendol from Island Creamery to save myself…

Supply & Demand is somewhere I’d love to return to :D
I just need friends who are in for a pizza party because their pizzas look amazing!

Hazel and I both got ragu di maiale!
My penne was slightly undercooked :( but it tastes good!

Truffle fries were also yummy!!
But we had to discard about half of it because we were much too full after the pasta :(

Took this selfie without effort to send to Edna to show her what I was doing, and turns out I really like this photo because I look strange and Hazel looks like a man and there’s food on the table!!! YAY :D

Some stuff I got Shwen to buy for me while she was in Hong Kong!


Also cooked some gourmet (LOL) instant noodles :D
I always get very happy when I fry my instant noodles because they always look very good! HAHAHAHAHA

Helped at a wedding at Capella! Cutest couple ever!! :D

*pretends to be in California*

Tied the sash on the baby high chair and awww VIB ^_^ ^_^ ^_^

Had my first champagne after the wedding because someone was going around looking for people’s mouth to pour champagne into LOL!
But it was so yummy and I don’t know what it is but I saw “salmon” on the label so I REALLY DON’T KNOW MAN -__-
One of the funniest part of the after party was when everyone was clubbing at a TABLE and there were people standing on the chairs and Swedish House Mafia’s Don’t You Worry Child was playing and then, when it came to the “my father said” part, SOMEONE JUST SHOUTED “MY FATHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” DAMN LOUDLY! LOLLLLLLLLLLLL DED.

Bought a snack bag from Beverley because her illustrations are all always so nice, but I have no use for stickers cos I don’t stick them anywhere so yea a cute bag (that I haven’t found a use for lol)…
You can get her stuff from! :D

Tamoya Udon!!! ^____^

Roasted pistachio waffles at Sunday Folks!
Favourite topping is yuzu kanten because I love kanten lol

Was a kampong kia one Saturday for this really cute 1-year-old’s birthday party!

Genius choux pastry iced gems! Didn’t try them though… cos I’m not a guest HAHAHAHA

Before the uncle left, he was trying to clear stocks and this was the BIGGEST ATAP CHEE BREAD EVER ;____; so hepi


Random Pasarbella adventure.
Anyway, I was in charge of the zero-point station so I played a bit before the guests arrive.
Sprained my left thigh although all my kicking was done with my right leg LOL!

And on Sunday night I had to go to the hospital cos my leg hurt like hell and for one time I couldn’t bend my leg cos it hurt like crazy and I kept crying cos as if it weren’t painful enough, everyone was expecting me to be able to move freely as if it was easy and I was so pissed off COS SHUT THE HELL UP???????? >:(
Wasn’t even a very severe injury but I’m like super weak LOL

Went to 119 Bukit Merah Lane 1 with Hazel one dinner!
She told me not to disclose this secret awesome coffee shop but I don’t care cos she won’t know cos she doesn’t read my blog (I think) HAHAHA
Decided on 面Miàn by the Travelling C.O.W

Shared a chicken teriyaki ramen burger!! :D
It’s yummy! :D
I swear this is one of the cutest and prettiest coffee shop ever! :D
Wanna return to try the other stalls!

Had dinner with Marissa at Da Paolo Pizza Bar!

We each had a pizza cos those she can eat are what I don’t want to eat hahaha
I got prosciutto e funghi and yea HAM!

I don’t know what took me so long to dine here (I mean I used to work for the group for a very VERY brief period)

Got a free Nutella cake too because Marissa knows the chef lol
It’s nicer than the packed ones at Gastronomia because it’s softer and yea AWESOME :D

I honestly don’t care if you don’t care about how much I love this lol

Lynette gave me an omamori she got from Meiji Shrine while she was in Japan! :D
She proceeded to explain that it’s to ward off evil and that it would burn my hands cos I’m evil??? HAHAHAHA

Had 122 supermarket clearance sushis for dinner HAHAHAHAHAHAHHA


Also bought $60 worth of nuts for the kacang puteh stall for the birthday party .___.
And so much were left and are now in the office…

Gula Melaka waffles with toasted marshmallows and yuzu kanten the first time I tried Sunday Folks!
Not very much a waffles person but I must say the taste and texture is great :)

TWG‘s macarons: vanilla bourbon tea, grand wedding tea, Napoleon tea and Camelot tea!

Watched The Sound of Music alone!
First time at MBS alone because for the first time Yumiko and everyone else chose school over me V___V k
Was really hungry after the show so I went around hoping there are restaurants still open…
HY California was so promising but it was closed (with customers inside) :(
So I went to Caffé B!

This lasagna is so yummy ;__;

Rather terrible truffle fries at PARK

Sakura matcha Kit-Kat Lynette gave me :D

Poulet roti at Paul :D

Salmon rice at Yoshimaru!

Humongous La Nonna pizza that was gradually less and less yummy as it was so big and it nearly killed me halfway into the pizza :/

Stuffed button mushrooms with tomato puree and tomatoes and topped it with cheese and herbs! YUMS!

Nutella banana dream

Vanilla latte from favourite Oriole!

Noriten is super yummy and addictive????
And when I bought one when I finally found it, it wasn’t as yummy as this one :(

Some not bad Teochew bak chor mee at Smith Street! :)


Sorry not sorry

Favourite oyako jyu at Ootoya

Didn’t really like the minced chicken Niigata mini don at Sanpoutei Ramen

But the Niigata shoyu ramen was yummy! Just a little strange cos I’m too used to Hakata ramen :)


Very stingy uncle :(

Wala wings on a day the 2nd floor was super full and Kellice and I could not listen to Randolf :(

Wala dory chunks :>

Also befriended a bartender because Kellice’s tattoos are forever conversation starters lol

Again lol

4 Fingers because it has a new store in the west!

Tiramisu frappuccino and Eleanor & Park :>



Ikea’s yummy wieners for cheap :D

Ah beng carrot cake lol

Had very high expectations of Tong Ah but… Ya Kun is still better to me lol :/

I cooked really yummy hotdog spaghetti with capsicums and mozzarella :D :D :D


A sandwich cake .__.

A pretty cake with pretty birthday girl :D
The cake was yummy but was a mix of the strangest ingredients I don’t even remember anymore lol…

A very plain-looking but yummy duck confit panini at Club Street Social

Smoothie King wrap and angel food before watching The Fault In Our Stars and the movie was so crappy compared to the book!!

A really yummy duck confit pie at Pies & Coffee!
I normally don’t like mashed potatoes but these were good!! :D

I took 4 hours to blog???
Grace, you’d better take me around Toa Payoh for all the best stuff ok???
(I’m serious lol, please PM me cos I lost your number)
Anyway, happy birthday Singapore!!

Competitive flag flying since last month hahaha
Ok goodnight!! My liver is super confused right now…

Continuing from where I last left off

Hello, abrupt start but…

These egg tarts from Tak Po are really delicious!!
The service there is crap however.

Tamoya Udon!
If I have to live with one type of noodles for the rest of my life, it could be this.
But then ramen exists too… Goddammit :(

Can’t believe all these while I thought raspberry ripple was the best of $1 uncle ice-cream.
Turns out there’s this atap chee flavour with actual whole atap chee within and it tastes like DAMN GOOD.
I apologise for limited vocabulary but this is really damn good.

Bought “Nutella” frappuccino one day and turns out it’s not yummy… -_____-

“This 月亮代表我的心” was my caption and how appropriate HAHAHAHAHA

One day I cooked tamagoyaki and fake tako and…

drank Ringo Work while watching One Piece ^_^

Baked all the McCain smiles for dinner to get rid of the whole pack because without a fryer, these are so meh…

I also posted this with #PGdrowningsorrows HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Why am I so funny!!! LOLLLLLLLLL (go away if you don’t think the same… just… GO AWAY)

Wala Wala staple chicken wings and trying out a pizza with Racheal and Marissa…

We were directed to the first floor because we were underaged???
How insulting though, because when I go up alone I have never been chased out…
But I absolutely do not mind looking old enough so I could stay for the music :D

Ootoya is also slowly becoming a new home but not so much because it seems affordable until the bill comes.
The food is good, the price is reasonable, the service is crap, but I always think it’s expensive!
I don’t know why!!!! Why????????

This banana pafé is like an affordable version of the crazy Mediterranean at 2am:dessertbar.
They have this strange god-know-what that tastes like banana but feels nothing like it nor anything else.
And it tastes so good.
And it’s paired with an unexpected espresso ice-cream!
Why???????? WHY IS IT SO GOOD???????

Tried the truffle fries at Strangers’ Reunion.
Overrated but I always eat the wrong stuff at all these hyped places so oh well…
Was less than impressed by the fries…
Lately, I haven’t found any new truffle fries that are worth a return… :/

Heaven porridge from Tiong Shian Porridge Centre.
These are quite the bests I’ve had but the chicken meat is super fatty :(

Had the amazing chicken with the holy truffle veal jus from Ricciotti one lunch :)
Been so long since I had it ^_^

Swaggiest event yet!!!!!!

Vogue shot with Hazel the next day at the next event lololololol


50% off garlic toasted ramen at Yoshimaru, another home.
Too spicy for me and I still think the traditional Hakata ramen is the grail…

My first Maki-san was tamagoyaki and kappa and tempura enoki and ponzu.
Always sticking to safe choices because I’m so picky…
Felt that it’s very ordinary and hence overpriced (I make no sense) because we can customise our sushi it is hence overpriced but the packaging and marketing is sooooooooo :D:D:D:D:D:D:D

The uncle who loads my bread with 5 scoops is the best!
Every time the bread tears, I see it as a good thing HAHAHA
Got another shortly after because I love it so much and Singapore is this oven.

Also found a new love with trying on costumes because it’s so fun…
If rentals were about $2, I would gladly go about every day in a different costume.

Random Tori Q for dinner.

Also found out that people liked me better when I look like this.

Buffalo wings and truffle fries at OverEasy after an event!
Food was alright but I want to go back to try other stuff on the menu!!

A really nice strawberry milkshake they have; super thick!

Also bought a bobble hat that is sure to guarantee stares if I were to wear it out.
It currently sits in my wardrobe and it will sit more, until I go overseas… (WHEN CAN I????)

Cooked obimaki enoki with crappy bacon from a nearby mart with crappy stuff :/

Had the awesome oilbomb of a carrot cake when I returned to school…
Miss it so much!!

Told you

I really love Tamoya…

and atap chee ice-cream ^_^

Random hokkien mee at 313’s food court

after I bought this awesome skirt I first noticed on the online catalog then went hunting :D

Tiong Shian porridge again :D
Ran errands the whole day and had late lunch at Gyu-Kaku at Anchorpoint!

Beef bento because lately I crave beef more and this is so indulgent ^___^
Just want to return one day for yakiniku and everything.

Very subtle Baileys ice-cream :D
Crazy expensive lunch but the service was impeccable!!!!! :D

Very affordable $9.90 wrap combo at Smoothie King before watching X-Men!
I absolutely hate the new green packaging.


A selfie with the super gorgeous Jamie Yeo!
Don’t know what app she used but my skin looks kinda flawless here AWWYISSSSSSS

Spent a Saturday discovering Clementi Arcade after years of not knowing where the hell it even is!

Bought the limited edition marc de champagne because it was a long walk and Singapore really is an oven.

Saw this and went crazy!!!

It’s $9 a pint!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I couldn’t let it slip, could I?!?!??!?!?!?!

Also bought ingredients for a random extra expensive lunch for #chefcasia…

I squeezed half a lemon to make an unsuccessful sauce in the pan, but dumped it all over my salmon anyway.
My lips were burning with acid while eating and after my meal, my lips were zingy and without a doubt, dead.
I need to learn how to make the perfect salmon because it will change my life LOL!




HAHAHAHA chickens!!!
It was so amusing because I was actually walking beside chickens in CBD!!!

Favourite vanilla latte at favourite Oriole Coffee!

This branch sold different food items so I had truffled scrambled eggs for breakfast!
Is it sad that I thought the toasts were more yummy than the eggs?? :/

The same day I felt super happy seeing Ringo Work on discount and casually bought 3 bottles! :D

The new chicken burger at &Made!
It is now teriyaki chicken and not satay!

I so love :D

Brought a bottle to the office to share…
I really shouldn’t have.
More than half who tried thought it was “NORMAL ONLY”.
What the actual FFFFFFFFFFFFFFF?
Do you juice your own apples???? Have you not had lame “apple juice” that aren’t apple juice but claims to be???
You cannot be my friend if you do not realise that Ringo Work is gold.
And some did not even want to try it.
I just…
Had I not shared this $10 bottle, I could have liquid gold for another 3 days!
(I need to restock soon, while it is still $10)

Had a mind-blowing tonkotsu ramen at Tonkotsu Itto!!
First time eating at Ramen Champion because I heard it is super good and honestly, the menu is somehow very unattractive and have led me to hesitating and even turning away so often.
But I shouldn't have.
These eggs were nearly perfect.
One half was slightly overdone but the other…
Noodle was YUM, broth was YUM, chashu was YUM but a little fat but it's charred so it's really damn YUM.
I just love it man T_T

Hazel bought me a Nissan Fairlady :D

I sewn a pocket tissue cover instead of sleeping :D

I went to the Shiseido warehouse sale after work and was super lucky I managed to enter before they closed!! :D

Bought a candle at $30 only and a pressed powder at $25 only!
LOVE the sale!!! But I hate that the Nars booth is always the most packed and annoying one…
I really love Nars because their products are super good and the packaging is just gorgeous.
The latter is the main reason I buy Nars instead of trying other brands lol… *superficial*

Dinner was Omakase chicken sandwich and truffle fries at Omakase Burger!
Probably ordered the wrong stuff as usual and also had to order without their special sauce because it contained mayonnaise!
Really hate mayonnaise! It’s so nasty but people just put it on every single yummy-sounding thing and render it inedible to me! >:(
It was not bad, ingredients seemed fresh, buns were really good, but too hyped???

Yesterday, I had no idea what to have for dinner…
And I was about to go to Club Street to explore around looking for dinner and I realised that it was Friday.
Friday + I don’t know what to eat + it’s 7pm = WALA WALA BECAUSE RANDOLF ARRIOLA IS PERFORMING!!!!!!!!!!
Bonus point: Joe’s free! :D

Ordered the usual wings but for the first time they taste disappointing being slightly underfried and at times had a fishy taste???
What is a fishy taste doing in my chicken???????
Was kinda sad that I rushed down to Wala but Randolf wasn’t on stage :(

He was actually seated behind me -____-
Front row seats ^______^
As he was packing up at 9pm, Come Undone was playing so I just sang along and then he sang along too and smiled at me!
Then before he left, he said he will sing Come Undone for me next week!!!!!!
Does this mean we are BFFs now???? LOLOL!
Please, god, please let me be free next Friday + seats near the stage please!

Ok, today I woke up because my calf cramped and it hurt like hell???
My calves are now muscular and tree-trunk-like for no reasons (I don’t exercise at all) and I have this passive body ache forever…
Can I also add that I have a week-long diarrhoea and I don’t think it’s gonna come to an end anytime soon?
Uncalled for… Everything is uncalled for…
Then I woke up at 1.30PM and used Instagram for a bit before deciding I was still tired and sleepy so I slept on.
This is my new record -______-

So anyway, I bought this Nutella just now because the new jar is absolutely genius!!
I’ve always hated the original jar because it has so many unreachable surfaces for the Nutella to be stuck on and WHAT A WASTE!!
This new jar changes everything but it kind of came too late because nowadays I buy Nutella and eat it once and forget that I have Nutella at all until it dries up into chocolate crap -___-

Also bought wraps and lots of toppings and made 2 pizzas for myself…
I nearly died because I was so stuffed (also had a bowl of herbal chicken soup)…
It was my only meal for the day because I woke up to dinner so I thought I could go beast mode but apparently not…?

Ok that’s all!
I’m no longer in blogging debt!!!
YAY!!!!!! :D
Big thanks to big fan Grace Heah LOL
(Or good morning because it’s 4.30AM right now)

I think this was where I last left off

I finally found time to blog.
After 2 months (that’s right).
Shoutout to Grace Heah for demanding a post LOL!!
Disclaimer: Judgment accuracy decreased from distance. Also, expect abrupt jumps between days.
Here goes…

Went to Privé for dinner.
I need a car to come here for brunch, which is THE thing that people actually rave about…

Had me the Moroccan spiced chicken which I believe was mediocre, given its reputation…
Also was my first time eating cous cous and decided I didn’t like it.

Triple chocolate and vanilla bean ice-cream! YUMS!!!

Tamoya literally sells the best udon at the most affordable price ever.

Ah Beng carrot cake with some of the peeps from favourite TR03 who came down to meet me after work.
Also the day I gave up even asking to go for a fashion show at Paragon… :/
Also the day…


Tamoya again! If this isn’t convincing enough then…



Went to Ootoya again for dinner one day…

Mini hot soba yum

Mini oyako don yum

Kokuto pafé yum

Tamago pudding yum
Honestly, I have no idea what Ootoya do to their food but it’s so delicious I continually close an eye to their really bad service or rather the lack thereof.
Also a really comforting place to dine at always seeing a few other TFOs.

Went to En Japanese Dining Bar at Alocassia for Mothers’ Day lunch with my relatives!
I have a series of really badly-taken photographs but please pardon me because you know I cannot handle communal food well and also ever since my phone became legitimately smart, I have given less heed to my photography because the instantness of it all is magic enough to me.
I need an Eye-Fi or FlashAir or equivalent and probably then I’ll go back to when I actually cared enough hahaha…

Appetisers (tamagoyaki, stuff, ladies’ fingers)
Couldn’t eat much of the tamagoyaki because it was generously topped with mentaimayo so GOODBYE!
Stuff is so labelled because it’s my first time eating it and I have no idea what it is but it is so yummy.
Think it’s scallop or never mind… Don’t trust me on its identity…

Yummy kani salad :D

Crab again


Udon :D


Nikuzune shiitake :D
Have yet to try making this but I will eventually, perhaps soon!

Matcha azuki!
The food here’s really yummy albeit pricey but like I’ve said, I can’t handle communal food well.
TFO characteristics…?

Yummy ice cheese tart from Flor Patisserie!
Had some cakes from Flor before and they’re ALL yummy! ;___;
But I can’t go there for an all-cake dinner because they close so early!! T_____T

On Lynette’s birthday, I had dinner at Yoshimaru!

Usually have sake gohan when I’m not very hungry or broke or just have no feel for ramen…
But the broth aroma is always so alluring goddammit????
In exchange for promised flight tickets to Japan, I decided to treat Lynette to 2am:dessertbar after incautiously eating there close to her birthday so much so she placed her wild card on this crazy store.

Chocolate praline poprock cake :D

Mediterranean remains my favourite :D <33333
Just strange enough to be worth the hefty price tag!

Had dinner at Ipoh Lou Yau Bean Sprouts Chicken one evening and contrary to the endless queues and the many reviews online, this was far from impressive.
Not only is the shop name near impossible to pronounce, the food is also mediocre and overpriced and just ugh no thanks!

A day the bunch of JAJ peeps met up for dinner, I managed to measure Leslie’s forehead.

His forehead is a whopping 9cm tall!!!!!!!!!!!!
That’s twice my forehead, I kid you not!!!

Good Friday sale got me the cutie littel rucksack from my favourite Lazy Oaf and I don’t have any opportunity to use it lately because how do I wear work-appropriate clothes with this bag without looking like a mum slaved by a brat kid?

Found a vacation home in Wala Wala Cafe Bar.
Also did not know I have been entering illegally all these while LOL!!!

So I had the baked salmon which was ok but the spinach was beer-soaked and nasty (only to me).

The dory chunks were an absolute dream.
They’re basically bite-sized fish & chips without chips, otherwise known as simply fish…
And more visits proved that their snacks are the THANGGGGGGGG

Playing that night was 53A; awesome band I’d say.

Went to Genki Sushi for dinner one day.

These came in “trains” which really were an assortment of race cars. Trains???
Have no idea why but I was jaded with the concept before I even experienced it LOL!
I was more fascinated with the plate bin hahahahaha sorry I have a warped mind.

The best thing they had were these poached egg tempura and though it’s not well made, I liked the dish, mostly because I was imagining what a well-made one would taste like… GOD’S PANTRY OMG

Was delivering stuff one day and had to stand around for an hour waiting so I got some latte at One Shot Coffee and YUM ^_^
After which, when I was free to go, I went looking for my lunch but for some reason I could not find any shop open?????
So I promptly entered Le Chocolat Cafe when I saw its doors welcoming me and actually selling food…

Delicious club sandwich with fries and salad which vinaigrette leaked and soaked the paper bag on my way back to the office lol…

Labour Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Truffle fries at Au Chocolat pre-show!


Was damn swooned when Doody sang Those Magic Changes! ^____^

The evil works of Yumiko…

Beauty School Dropout; always hilarious!

Thought Sandy was very soft and Danny only made his way out with his funny nervous laughter…

Then they took out this board towards the end, got EVERYONE to stand up and sing along.
So being Singaporeans, most stood from peer pressure but only one other group sang and jived?!?!?!
Singapore’s so lame.
The cast was rather lame too forcing everyone into a standing ovation for a show that wasn’t very energetic.

On a side note, Lynette was a fashion disaster.

Went to Wala Wala again because it’s my vacation home LOL!!!!

*** The most amazing fried chicken I have ever had that isn’t glazed with magic sauce but is still magical!! ***
I wolfed down the dozen basket while trying to listen to Randolf Arriola sing but literally EVERYONE (it was crowded too) WAS TALKING >:(
With utmost concentration, I managed to hear him sing the most beautiful rendition of Duran Duran’s Come Undone EVER.
Gotta go back to hear him sing again man…
Anyway, he performs 7pm to 9pm on Fridays.

Martell lava cake!
The crunchy sides were nice, the buffer cake was gross but the middle was yea nice.
Does it not suck? Not liking the taste of alcohol but actually liking the aftertaste of cognac but cognacs are $30 a glass?????????? This world is out to get me!
So I was listening to Reverie being awesome and kinda hoarse and suddenly the bar blacked out LOL what
YA stuff like that…

Look at this glorious sandwich I made!! :D #chefcasia

Chai Ho satay dinner :D

A meat rice birthday cake.
The week before saw a sushi + sashimi cake.
The week after saw a normal cake but a crazy candle.
And I doubt they’re stopping here.

Us super noisy bunch at Japanese class winning fans (and I snatched Pikachu duh)!!!!

Sake gohan and mini teriyaki chicken burger for dinner lol…

Went to Pasarbella looking for Charly T’s but was too late and pretty much everything were closed except a few including Dancing Crab so that’s where we went.

Delicious pink thyme lemonade <3333

Awesome combo bag filled with crabs, prawns, corns, sausages, clams (don’t eat) and mussels (don’t eat)!
All those were doused in this awesome puree that was a little too spicy for me but tasted awesome!!!
When I was done my lips have swelled to twice its usual pout and I just IDK MAN LOLLLLLL…

Tonkotsu ramen at Ikkousha Hakata Ramen and it’s so yummy!!! ^___^

Went to Balzac Bar and Brasserie for dinner!

Pomme frites; the bomb.

Beef cheeks a la cuillere; the bigger bomb.
Never knew why I never walked in despite always thinking of…
It’s really yummy T_T

Yup, this is the candle I was talking about…

One of the best YTF at the most random food court at the most random mall without long queues :D
Sorry my YTF looks unappealing but that’s good too because YOU ALL WON’T CREATE A QUEUE >:D

Yuzu sorbet and favourite pistachio at Haato & Co. and I noticed a price hike :'( but I can’t find reason to part with this pistachio gelato…

Always the nun at a shots bar but the water at Chupitos tastes like crap probably for good reasons though lol…

Favourite prosciutto e funghi at the usual Pasta Fresca but for the first time I was completely ignored from entrance to exit.
I had to walk right up to the counter to place my order, got no table settings until my food arrived, no water was served until I nearly choked and died mid-meal, no one wanted to take my money too?????
Horrible as it is, the pizza felt like a comforting Jesus hand patting my back LOL (isn’t that a perfect description of pizza though???)

Then it was Wala Wala another night again.

You can’t see the wings but they’re there and nice as always…

You can see the chunks but they’re nice too…

Curly potato wedges bought on impulse and ugh too potatoey for my liking…

Vesak day!!!!!
Went to Ma Maison pre-show!

Beef stroganoff with butter rice…
Everything was fine except that some of the beef were inedibly chewy and ugh.

Lava cake from Chocolate Origin and though the consistency is awesome I just cannot trust a lava cake that is pre-broken???? That’s my joy you are taking away from me!!! NO.

Watched The Rise and Fall of Little Voice because the plot is awesome and because Pangdemomium’s productions have so far been amazing…

Really funny show with great plot, sets and vocals!!!
The good thing is there are always student prices for their tickets and for $50 in a mid category I get an amazing view and a spectacular show.
This is definitely better than Grease which I paid more than double for.
I can’t help but to think of how impossibly good Next To Normal was though… :)

Ok, I’m not done but at least now you (Grace) know how my April – May went and what food you (Grace) can eat next! :D

I spent $6.90 on a pair of chopsticks yesterday

Title is so because I don’t know what to put ok…

Ok so after work on Thursday, everyone headed to Ion for dinner!
What a pity Hazel was unwell and I didn’t have an alcohol rubbish bin volunteer.
So dinner was at Itacho Sushi, which serves really yummy sushi but for some reason when my boss told us the day before, it came out really potonged steam HAHAHAHA!

So these were my orders and I didn’t eat other stuff on the table because I’m just really picky…

Then I ordered more in an attempt to bump up the bill to hit the quota…
Was super stuffed after but not as bad as whenever I go for buffets.

Then we went to Balaclava.
It’s some really cool place I never knew existed.

Heavenly Wagyu beef cubes O_O
Took sips here and there (and grimaced so much) because everyone knows I don’t like to drink.
I also don’t dance.
In short, I’m an anti-party shithead.
Spent most of my time eating the block of whisky ice cube and staring at the illuminations of the mall.
To the extent everyone kept asking me “are you ok?”
Well, I’m ok-er than everyone in the bar being the most sober one.

Band’s really good though!

I really need to find something I like to drink so I can go to bars more often -____-
But really, no.

Friday’s lunch out with the interns was at Koo Kee Yong Tow Foo Mee!
Think they really should rename themselves to Koo Kee Steamed Eggs or something…

This is the best steamed egg I’ve ever had!!! (exclude chawanmushi please)
If you don’t see it, it’s in the steamer in the middle of the image…
Their eggs are sieved (omg chawanmushi step 3) and topped with sesame oil and stuff and it’s so damn good.
I honestly feel like having the eggs for lunch tomorrow.
I hope and pray they do takeouts!

Yesterday I went shopping again…
Had my breakfast/lunch/dinner (4pm) at Dean and Deluca!
Was gonna try some other breakfast item but then I saw truffle fries on the menu!
How will I ever shun you?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Got me the BBQ chicken panini which came with it and salad.
How disappointing though, when the fries had no truffle oil at all (not even fake one) and the panini was not amazing.
Then the title story happened when I was walking around Takashimaya!
There were 40 designs of chopsticks to commemorate Hello Kitty’s 40th anniversary and I wanted ALL but couldn’t afford ALL so I took the one in my birth year!
So cute!!!! ^___^

Crepe cake for supper at Paris Baguette Cafe!
Not bad but rather unfresh…
Prefer crepes with sponges to mille crepes because sponge is really what makes cakes cakes.
I can eat sponge over and over in one sitting but not crepe alone (I tried).

Also bought a bottle of cloudy apple juice that isn’t from Ringo Work just to see if I was raving about Ringo Work for no reasons just because all cloudy apple juice tastes that way…
(Actually I bought it because the bottle was so cute)
This one is just… ORDINARY.
Have to try Tsugaru Kanjuku Ringo apple juice one day cos I read it’s apparently better than Ringo Work???

Had the apple juice tonight with salmon fried bento and inarizushi from Isetan! :D
It’s not super yummy but so satisfying :D

Ok bye!
Can’t wait for Tuesday!


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