I spent $6.90 on a pair of chopsticks yesterday

Title is so because I don’t know what to put ok…

Ok so after work on Thursday, everyone headed to Ion for dinner!
What a pity Hazel was unwell and I didn’t have an alcohol rubbish bin volunteer.
So dinner was at Itacho Sushi, which serves really yummy sushi but for some reason when my boss told us the day before, it came out really potonged steam HAHAHAHA!

So these were my orders and I didn’t eat other stuff on the table because I’m just really picky…

Then I ordered more in an attempt to bump up the bill to hit the quota…
Was super stuffed after but not as bad as whenever I go for buffets.

Then we went to Balaclava.
It’s some really cool place I never knew existed.

Heavenly Wagyu beef cubes O_O
Took sips here and there (and grimaced so much) because everyone knows I don’t like to drink.
I also don’t dance.
In short, I’m an anti-party shithead.
Spent most of my time eating the block of whisky ice cube and staring at the illuminations of the mall.
To the extent everyone kept asking me “are you ok?”
Well, I’m ok-er than everyone in the bar being the most sober one.

Band’s really good though!

I really need to find something I like to drink so I can go to bars more often -____-
But really, no.

Friday’s lunch out with the interns was at Koo Kee Yong Tow Foo Mee!
Think they really should rename themselves to Koo Kee Steamed Eggs or something…

This is the best steamed egg I’ve ever had!!! (exclude chawanmushi please)
If you don’t see it, it’s in the steamer in the middle of the image…
Their eggs are sieved (omg chawanmushi step 3) and topped with sesame oil and stuff and it’s so damn good.
I honestly feel like having the eggs for lunch tomorrow.
I hope and pray they do takeouts!

Yesterday I went shopping again…
Had my breakfast/lunch/dinner (4pm) at Dean and Deluca!
Was gonna try some other breakfast item but then I saw truffle fries on the menu!
How will I ever shun you?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Got me the BBQ chicken panini which came with it and salad.
How disappointing though, when the fries had no truffle oil at all (not even fake one) and the panini was not amazing.
Then the title story happened when I was walking around Takashimaya!
There were 40 designs of chopsticks to commemorate Hello Kitty’s 40th anniversary and I wanted ALL but couldn’t afford ALL so I took the one in my birth year!
So cute!!!! ^___^

Crepe cake for supper at Paris Baguette Cafe!
Not bad but rather unfresh…
Prefer crepes with sponges to mille crepes because sponge is really what makes cakes cakes.
I can eat sponge over and over in one sitting but not crepe alone (I tried).

Also bought a bottle of cloudy apple juice that isn’t from Ringo Work just to see if I was raving about Ringo Work for no reasons just because all cloudy apple juice tastes that way…
(Actually I bought it because the bottle was so cute)
This one is just… ORDINARY.
Have to try Tsugaru Kanjuku Ringo apple juice one day cos I read it’s apparently better than Ringo Work???

Had the apple juice tonight with salmon fried bento and inarizushi from Isetan! :D
It’s not super yummy but so satisfying :D

Ok bye!
Can’t wait for Tuesday!

Ootoya Japanese Restaurant

Hello, so far I have very little to do at work…
Didn’t have OT for the first time!!!
On the other hand, Hazel is completely involved in this huge conference, on her birthday week lol…

Went to Ootoya Japanese Restaurant at Clementi Mall for dinner because Japanese magazines kept mentioning it and I remember it as a restaurant I always wanted to go to but just had no feel.
But now that I do have the feel, I really couldn’t let it escape right????

Wanted to sit on the tatami but it was really awkward because I was alone and I seated myself…
When I entered, no one attended to me at all!!!!
Except the cashier, whose service is really good, who was accepting payment from someone else then but she told me where I could sit.
Then no one else came to give me the menu until I asked.

Ordered oyako jyu!!
I’m not saying I’ve tried all the oyako dons in Singapore but this is by far the BEST oyako don I’ve ever had!

The chicken was tender and perfectly grilled so that there’s a really nice smoky flavour in it :D
The egg was nearly raw and slowly thickened to perfection from the dish’s heat :D
The sauce is simply awesome :D
Rice is yummy :D
A la carte $13, set $16!
The miso soup is really yummy too!

It’s a pity the chawanmushi came in a really small portion with hardly any ingredients in it and isn’t very silky at all.
I will probably make an effort to frequent this place whenever I need food and try other items on the menu as they all look so good!!!!
Oyako jyu will be reserved for broker days, being one of the cheapest items on the menu.

Went to school after that, to meet all my friends who were lucky to be SCs for BAOC!
Really miss being an SC!
All that people I saw at the atrium today could’ve been my acquaintances!!! I GUESS NOT :(
Yuxuan only introduced some to me :(
So happy to finally be a kid again, after restricting myself so much at work I felt like I haven’t truly laughed for a month :( (except after work and talking nonsense with Hazel)
My colleagues’ humour are of an entirely different frequency :(
Went around to different groups looking for my scattered friends…
Told Bernard Ho Hoe about the gong gong gong gong gong gong gong gong gong gong thing and oh my god how I miss looking at people on the brink of death from laughing!
Also, listening to Amirah try to speak Hokkien is so entertaining!
I feel younger already!!
I miss my friends so much T_____T

Yesterday after work, I met Don since he just came back from Boston!

Had fish and chips at eM by the River for dinner!
Thought it was so-so… Their eggs Benedict was way better! Or maybe breakfast in general.

Pistachio and raspberry at Haato & Co. for desserts!

He got this cornflake chocolate chip marshmallow cookie from Momofuku Milk Bar in New York and I ate it just now and it was so laohong but could’ve taste so yummy!!!!
I also bought the navy peach tee and some cosmetics from Sephora, both of which don’t ship to Singapore. :(
Couldn’t get that shirt out of my mind for a year or so ever since Joe showed it to me!

Ok bye!!
Anyway, I’m still super hooked on KPP after listening to that mix.
Listened to it while blogging too!

Hippopotamus Restaurant Grill

Ok, so I finished my report early and I guess I can blog about the week before I go to bed!

Thursday I went to The Ritz-Carlton to observe a set-up!
It ended much earlier than I was told so I decided to go to Parco for a Japanese dinner.
Who knows I found out Parco was closed after walking the whole length of the mall thinking I forgot where the entrance was! :(
So I went to Hippopotamus Restaurant Grill instead, someplace I have always wanted to try but have never because bitches be walking with me and go like oh Hippopotamus is expensive!!
So I naturally shun it unconsciously. But duh beef costs a lot everywhere!!!!!
To be honest, its price is like any other ordinary restaurant! -___-

Some bread… that was unusually tough but really yummy!
Service was quite good too!

And like something typical me would do, I entered a steakhouse and ordered grilled chicken with spices.
It was surprisingly good but it was really spicy and I had to drink so much water in between bites!
Very tender and flavourful!
And you know how usually steamed mixed vegetables that come with these sort of meals taste like unseasoned stones?
This one is so good! Tastes like soft vegetables with a very clean taste!

The next day, I was suddenly assigned so much responsibility at this black tie event OMG????

This time I had to follow the emcee around ALONE.
I foresaw what would go wrong and bingo!
As expected, I cannot hear words through the walkie-talkie clearly and always delayed relaying messages.
Bless my soul I don’t get scolded tomorrow at the meeting (who am I kidding) -___-
Third event in the first month and I was experiencing as much stress as I would before an exam.

Anyway, before the event, we were eating roasted meat standing lol…

Yesterday I woke up at 3pm and decided to cook myself some food because I haven’t in ages.

Tamagoyaki (cooked with depleting skills) and fake tako (if you can’t tell they’re chicken franks, I’m telling you now) and a pear!

And this afternoon I cooked myself some eggs.
I swear this #chefcasia thing is not gonna go far because I’m still cooking eggs only and it’s getting worse and worse???

Dinner part i was 10 sticks of Chai Ho satay, the least I’ve ever had at any one time here I think.
Dinner part ii was chilli crab and rice :D

Snacked because I was still hungry.
Right now, I’m really really hungry but I can’t eat because I’ve brushed my teeth and the only thing I will sacrifice for is pizza, which I don’t have.

Tamoya Tuesdays weren’t forgotten!!

Had the same thing again because the racks were cleared off of what I really wanted to eat and I waited a little longer but it wasn’t showing up :(

When Margaret went to get more tempura, she managed to get the karaage for me!!!! :D
Gonna try something new the next trip :)
Really love this affordable udon which tastes great!
It’s like the udon equivalent of Yoshimaru Ramen!

Remember the kouign amann I bought? THREE of them?
They tastes terrible untoasted :(
Anyway, the first one was a dream as I toasted it, the second was completely disastrous as I was too lazy and left home with it so I couldn’t even change my mind, and the last was a slight improvement but I was so traumatised by that cold and soggy one I didn’t really enjoy it :(

Anyway, I love sushi :D
I just want to eat Japanese food 5 days a week at least!
Can’t wait for eating out with my relatives at a restaurant where reservations were made!
I shall remember to bring out my neglected camera for proper blogging!

Ok, that is all.
Anyway, I was listening to this Kyary Pamyu Pamyu mix while writing this post!

It’s awesome!!!! :D
Gonna look for her album to buy now (that is if I can get it for cheap)(never forget that I am a broke person with huge wants)(sorry lor)!


Just passing by to make it known to the whole world that I need this jacket in my life.

T__________T It will set me back by $250 or so before even considering shipping T___________T

Ok, back to writing my report.
No work updates for this week I guess…

Menya Musashi

Today I woke up at 3pm (WHAT THE) and I was like dammit there goes my shopping time :(
Saturday is now my favourite day of the week more than before because it’s quite very the only day I get to choose the time I live awake and do whatever the hell I want.
So today, I decided to go shopping and eat (duh).

So I went shopping and bought 2 dresses…
Work has made me worship dresses which I used to steer clear of, because they’re very easy to wear and I don’t have to match tops and bottoms.
I simply have to throw on some outerwear and oh it’s a new outfit.
I totally want to buy scarves but those stuff are always so pricey I just cry looking at them.
Then when I decided it was late enough for dinner, I…
I made a detour to Tiong Bahru Bakery and bought 3 kouign amann.

You might think for a moment I’m crazy (I’m not gonna deny though) but there’s this 3 for $10 promotion and I just so happen to be at Raffles City I can’t just let it go, am I right????

I then went to Menya Musashi for dinner!
When I first walked into the mall I already decided to have dinner here if I don’t by then find a better restaurant.
You know why????

They were promoting this limited sakura tsukemen with basil nikudango!
You may find it hard to see but the noodles are pink!! ^_^
It looked super good on the board and because Singapore has no sakura and it’s hanami season and I’ve never had tsukemen so why not??

So I find the dipping broth way too thick T_T
But the noodles were good!!
Nikudango was very yummy too!

Also ordered enoki tempura because I really like enoki tempura and I thought I was very hungry.
It was too oily and halfway I was struggling to finish all my food T_T

Then I found a sakura in my broth OMG!!
(You can see the pink noodles now)
Honestly I didn’t know what I’m supposed to taste and it was ordinary so… this promotion is to cheat people one.
I think I’ll have to return to try their normal ramen to properly assess if I really like this place or not.

This week Hazel and I planned to wear maxi together on Monday!
Nobody told me how comfortable maxi skirts were so I never did try :(
It’s like the best thing ever and you can’t ever zhaogng at all!
Then I was like I need more!
But then again why would I need so many when I just really need one black one (cos I’m emo)(jk)

Had strawberries for breakfast because they looked good (tasted good too, except 2) and were $4.

Had Yoshinoya‘s gyudon for lunch with Hazel and Margaret!
Went to Orchard Road with Hazel to look for bento boxes (to no avail) after work.

Super late dinner at Tokyo Pasta Mario.
Had the chicken mushroom broccoli thing which looked really good on the menu but like the above in reality.
Spaghetti was really yummy though the sauce and ingredients were really sad.
I would eat here again if I’m on a budget in town.

Before going home we went to the handicap toilet to take selfies.
Goddamn ashamed because this is our generation LOL.

Tuesday’s moonface #ootd is 2 super worth sale items because COMFY T_T <3 <3 <3

Breakfast was a baby watermelon.
Had half of it and it was so bad :(
Not sweet and full of seeds!!!
Oh shit! The other half is still in the office’s fridge LOL!!!
I’d better throw it away on Monday before some crap grows on it or something LOLLLL!!

Lunch was the awesome wanton mee from Wei Ji Noodle House (335 Smith St #02-035)!!
The very first time I had it I thought it was strange because it was slightly more soupy than normal wanton mee…
But the noodles are so yummy and the wantons are so yummy and the chashu I have no comments and it’s $2.50 only!
Hazel literally worships this wanton mee and have had it for a few days straight what the heck.
This stall is more known for its sashimi noodles but then I don’t like raw fish :(

Also randomly bought this sittori choco from Daiso because it looked and felt (sorry I’m the asshole who squashed the packet on purpose to decide my purchase) so promising.
It was so yummy!!!!!!!!!!

(stolen picture w/o credits because I’m lazy and sorry)
It reminded me of the Apollo chocolate wafers I used to like when I was younger.

On Wednesday, only the interns were in the office lol…
A very productive day somehow…
Maybe because I work better alone and since I sit very far from the other two I attained my zen lol…

Awesome xiao long bao with awesome wanton mee and ahbeng fried carrot cake for lunch feasting!

Had some Koi ice-cream milk tea!
This was the day Hazel and I decided to converse in Hokkien and although we suck terribly at it, we do manage and we are still speaking Hokkien.

Sushi from Meidi-ya for dinner because we didn’t know what to eat.
Really came all the way here for Haato & Co.!

My favourite pistachio and hazelnut gelato ^____^
This time they scooped the pistachio gelato with a lot of chopped pistachios it was soooooooo yummy!!!! ^_^

Friday had me some messy as hell mixed vegetable rice from some Dragon stall at the hawker centre for lunch…

And had to cook my own dinner with limited ingredients cos I went home thinking there was food at home…
So I made taukee linguine with tomato and tomato sauce.
Yes, without onions and whatnot.

Ok goodnight it’s nearly 4am :(
What have I done :(
I should be sleeping :(
(I am also sad because I have to miss Free Cone Day again because I have work)


Today’s the start of the 3rd week of working and so far I find it really fun albeit exhausting.
Partially considering it child labour too, because as interns we are paid little and the industry naturally has OTs more often than not…
I’m just really glad I have Hazel working with me or else I would still behave like a stranger to everyone in the office.
What’s more, my boss is awesome and also has a very cute son that Hazel is crazy over.

One hour into the job, I was thrown into doing real stuff without any easing in.
Which took me by surprise because I really just suck at having jobs.
Every single day I OTed (and more, because I usually come early) but it’s ok, I’m young!

Had dinner the first day at Tiong Bahru Boneless Hainanese Chicken Rice!
So yummy!!! And inexpensive too!!!
And the Indian (I’m not even sure because she speaks Mandarin too) lady provides really good service.
Had this twice so far and I’ll have them again should I crave chicken rice.

Attended an event on the second day!
Prada D&D at Capella!!

Think I’ll be taking a bunch of pictures looking like this because it’s funny (provided that Hazel is there to take pictures for me lol)…
So grand!!
During setup and shortly before the doors were opened, a napkin was on fire at a table and I couldn’t see very much because I’m myopic and stubborn to wear my spectacles which age me 10x and I cannot afford contact lenses because I eat too much to have disposable cash.
The event was thoroughly entertaining with most of the guests dressed up, and some of them very elaborately!
Managed to capture a random Cai Shen Ye (Money God?) taking food at the buffet spread in the dark!
My favourites were a cross-dressing Britney, a pharaoh (the GM of Prada I think), Moses, Wednesday Addams, Sun Wu Kong, and so many I forgot.
Got to see everyone who went up the stage up-close because I was stationed by it!
Was also really envious of everyone who won Prada and Miu Miu bags in the lucky draw!
Guys who won ladies handbags were the biggest frustration because YOU DON’T NEED IT WHEREAS I DO :( BUT I DON’T KNOW YOU SO YOU COULDN’T EVEN WANNA GIVE IT TO ME :( :( :(
The managers also smiled back at me whenever I saw them (I would smile even more if you gave me a Prada bag, really) and the whole crowd was generally entertaining!
Super fun!

Had some of the desserts after the event :D

Celebrated Joe’s birthday in advance at Holland Village one evening.

Mediocre mushroom pasta from nydc because I was hungry and he wanted indoor seating for aircon. Dammit.
Then to 2am:dessertbar for desserts! :D
Finally got the comfy sofa seats :D

Had the Mediterranean and the chocolate tart.
Mediterranean was super yummy and kinda worth its $20 although nothing in this place was really reasonably priced at all.
It was a mixture of all sorts of textures and flavours!
Half the time I couldn’t identify whatever was in my mouth, partly because I wasn’t paying attention to the waiter giving us the descriptions of the dish because I really wanted to quickly snap a picture and dig in!
I would probably order this again when I return!
Chocolate tart was uninteresting compared to what I ordered…
The chocolate was rather rich though I thought it was really small a portion for the same price.

Then one day, Hazel and I discovered awesome xiao long baos for cheap!!!!!!

10 for $5.50 at Zhong Guo La Mian Xiao Long Bao (335 Smith St #02-135)
It’s a hawker and you’d best believe it’s good because I bothered to remember its unit!!!!!!!!!
It’s really delicious and on par to that of Din Tai Fung’s in my opinion.
For the lower price we are only giving up on aesthetics of the bao (DTF and its 18 folds that nobody really notices) and a nice atmosphere (because it’s a hawker and it’s passively dirty and all that).
Goddamn worth it, I tell you!!!!!!!!

So much so I had them for lunch again with some yong tau foo that was rather tasty just that I didn’t care enough to note where it’s from.


Took my first weekend to go shopping and for some me-time!
Bought only a skirt (on sale and my size and super nice) although I prepared to buy more…
Because everything I want is $100 or $200 or $300 or $500 or $100248921392742320573914021 :(
So far I’ve spent $400 on clothes so I wouldn’t be considered an eyesore at work as my usual getup is modelled after a sloppy heap of fabric fit for the Singapore climate and generally nobody likes how I dress except myself.
And $400 later, I am still in need of more clothes and more hangers.
But first, I’d need more money!
But then again, I wish to not touch any of my income from working to save for a travel because I want to go to Japan but then again it wouldn’t be enough T___T
(Also, I still do want to buy Berg’s Little Printer but I couldn’t fork out half a month’s pay for some novelty am I right?????)
After shopping I realised it was late and I was hungry and Takashimaya’s basement was packed with diners T_T and I quickly bought a chicken katsu from Romankan Yokohama and took a seat!

Have been wanting to try this for the longest time anyway!
Not bad, to be honest, but not fantastic either.

Sunday and had me some 20 cream puffs from Sunlife!
Wish they had more outlets because I love these cream puffs a lot and they are quite cheap!!!

Some chapalang dinner with Hazel (Bedok chwee kueh, some corner popiah, ahbeng fried carrot cake)

and of course the xiao long baos!
Have had them every other day or so because YUM!!!!

Chicken porridge for breakfast at Tiong Shian Porridge Centre because I was a little too early for work!
So yummy!!!! The porridge was pre-kiamed (salty? sorry I don’t even know what I wanna say) to perfection and it was the unplainest porridge I’ve ever had in my life!
Chicken was kinda fatty though I’m not complaining because chicken breast in porridge is lame (but yummy nonetheless).
Went out for lunch at Tamoya Udon!

Kake udon + kitsune + shiitake + kakiage!
Toppings are for you to add yourself so it’s great for people who hate spring onions (I love spring onions).
I wanna eat here again!!!!!!! T_____T
And hopefully when I go they don’t have empty tempura racks because the lunch crowd steal them all away from me.
Went to collect a parcel before going home because the Kumamon mitomein I bought has arrived!

While I love my stamp super much, I loved their service even more!!!!!

It’s a handwritten thank-you note on the invoice T_____T
I was so happy I spent an hour looking through the shop again hoping to get something but I didn’t find anything I needed.
So I hope you all could buy something from Kogyokudo (http://www.rakuten.co.jp/kogyokudo/) because they are so damn nice and because the service is so enjoyable.

Went to work and after half a day of designing, I was finally tasked with saikang (labourous stuff)!!!!!!
Everyone generally hates it but I love it because it’s so fun?????

Look!!! I was folding church booklets for a wedding!!
I was gonna go to the wedding (I wanted to) but then I was kidnapped into another job that day :( so I volunteered to go to another event instead so as to make up for it :(
Had dinner at Ramen Keisuke Tonkotsu King

Got the most ordinary one with all the toppings except fungus!
Price was okay but although it’s some super raved ramen, I was utterly disappointed!
Chashu was so thick and untender, broth was too salty, ajitama was just ridiculous, and hygiene is really low in the sense that cutlery were kinda dirty and the place was small and cramped and ya…
Or maybe it’s just me because why would I think of this as such a bowl of disappointment whereas everyone else is like woo yay best ramen 5eva worship u likka god!

Bought 2 slices of Lim Chee Guan bakkwa home because I felt like eating it.
I shouldn’t have.
Because literally immediately I was bestowed a sore throat and subsequently a baby flu and a partially blocked nose.

Had the xiao long baos for lunch the next day…
There’s a really nice wanton mee but I have yet to get a picture of it!!!
I shall feature that soon!!
It was a really fun day at work because I had to run errands and it wasn’t just a cheque down the road this time!
I had to go to collect gowns and deliver them to the hotel/church for them to do a rehearsal!
So much fun!!! :D
(Oh no I forgot to upload the picture of the ballroom setup which was very pretty and I’m to lazy to do it now!)

Herbal chicken because the wanton mee I wanted to eat was closed :(
Had dinner with Yong Chin and Jun Yang because everyone (ok, a handful of people) wanted to eat the xiao long baos that I just told you all about…

Also because Yong Chin wanted to pass me the birthday present a bunch of them shared for.
He was also an idiot because he added me into the group chat for discussing about it.

So Kukulakuku from the Mika for Swatch collection was sold out internationally because I only found out about it 2 months after its launch because apparently I’m not big enough a fan of Mika.
So I set out to buy the beautiful watch but it was sold out in stores everywhere and even after a staff contacted the Switzerland HQ, I couldn’t get hold of the watch :(
But my friends managed to buy it after all that.
God knows how they did it but thank them all and bless them all okay.
The only gripe is that it ticks so bloody loudly and I’m not one who can tolerate repetitive noises (except 10000000-hours nyan cat piano) very well.
But I’ll try! :)

Went to the office on a Saturday to help out for something that took me away from my attending the grand wedding and meeting the minister I recently learnt about.
They really shouldn’t have needed us because the office is now full of nonsense (not solely my doings).
And this is only some.

Went to Goodwood Park Hotel for NOV D&D in the evening!
Had prata from Far East Plaza for dinner before the event and OMG THOSE PRATA WERE YUMMY!!!!
Event wasn’t as entertaining as Prada’s but at least I got to do more in helping out this time around.

Yesterday left me absolutely drained and I slept 5 times throughout the day, whenever I had the opportunity.

Had Chai Ho satay for dinner although I’m feeling unwell.
Having a headache right now too and couldn’t do any work the whole day and instead past time reading Cheesie’s blog because I haven’t done so in a long while.

Ok bye goodnight I’m gonna have a hard time waking up for work tomorrow dammit

Shin Kushiya Japanese Charcoal Grill

Ok so in my one week of holiday I had some food (but when do I not?!?!)…
On Thursday I had dinner at Shin Kushiya because the entrance was beckoning me to get closer and closer and I was mentally coerced to enter despite its rather expensive menu T_T

Garlic fried rice!
I don’t think I’ve paid so much for fried rice in my entire life LOL!!!
But at least it’s fragrant and yummy ^_^
Since they seemed to specialise in grilled stuff, I didn’t buy other things like oyakodon and udon and stuff that I really wanted…

Enoki maki, sake ponzu, yakitori, nikuzune shiitake! :D ($3 ~ $5 all skewers if you exclude foie gras or other crazy premium stuff)
What I was eating was really just gourmet Tori Q or Wadori ok…
Enoki maki (pork slices and enoki mushrooms) was alright; yummy whoever cooks it (read me) anyway… and for $3 I thought it’s a no-no since I very kindly blogged a how-to recently, which is a tiny tiny fraction of the costs for the same amount of enoki maki.
Sake ponzu (salmon and ponzu and grated daikon (I think)) is REALLY YUMMY!!! :D
Very pupil-dilating and interesting and I just really like it ok?!?!!??! GO GET YOURSELF THAT BURST OF FLAVOUR! :D
Yakitori (chicken. just chicken.) was ordinary… Just go to Tori Q if you want to eat this (to be honest Tori Q makes it more tender and OMG THAT GRAVY)!
Nikuzune shiitake (shiitake stuffed with minced chicken) is… GODDAMN BEAUTIFUL IN EVERY WAY?!??!?!?!?!?! ^____^
I love mushrooms and I love chickens and this together is just so beautiful!!!
So juicy and all that T____T
I think I’ll try to cook this one day when I’m free!! :D

The previous weekend I was working with Lynette at the NATAS Fair and we spent a good amount of time loitering around the Japan NTO booths because I happen to love Japan a lot and Lynette kinda loves everything but she doesn’t have to yearn for travelling (like I do) because she does that twice a year without fail and to really nice places too T_T
Took a lot of brochures thinking I could do some fake travelling in my head (do I sound pathetic…?)
They were also handing out tons of cute plastic bags filled with brochures so yes, thank you Japan!
(I also put up a map of Japan above my bed LOL (not sure what for but it’s beautiful))

Okinawa and the really cutie pie memo pads ^____^

Nagoya and a goddamn generous gift of this beautiful pen and you can see how happy I am about having it in my possession because I took no less than 20 panoramas in an attempt to capture this!!!!

And in a (heavy) surprise bag with brochures I didn’t think much of while I was working, I found Hello Kitty magnets and chopsticks and notebooks and a keychain T_________T
I have a few more stuff I didn’t take pictures of but yea T____T I’m so happy T____T

Saw 2 Japanese men walking around dressed as One Piece’s Marine and Luffy!!!!
And we had to rob them of their costumes for a photo because I LOVE ONE PIECE (Lynette doesn’t know anything about One Piece and she thought I called her Luffy as a combination of “Lynette” and “Duffy” I nearly vomited blood)
I chose the Marine’s costume because it’s a legit legit Marine’s costume!!!!!!! ^______^

The next day I met with her again for a dinner because she wanted to pass me a birthday gift she has been hiding from me since her return from Japan (SEE WHAT I MEAN?????)

She got me the Duffy pouch I have always wanted T_T
Thank you x1000000 although it couldn’t even contain a cellphone <3333

We had truffle fries and even more fries at PS Cafe as if the truffle fries alone were not more than enough for two to share.
(We finished them all)
The waitress who took our order got a shock and we all couldn’t stop laughing HAHAHAHAHAHA

We parted ways after a double scoop from Awfully Chocolate.

Duck confit at Saveur with Joe some other day!
Not the best but is more than wonderful at its price :D

So after the last paper (OMG TOURISM LAW HAS SCARRED MY LIFE), a whole bunch of us went to Modesto’s for lunch on Fiona because she has a whole stash of vouchers HAHAHAHAHAHA!!

Not my mushroom soup but I took a sip and didn’t think it was very good…

Portobello and prosciutto pizza!! :D
I liked the portobello one more! :D

Penne alla bolognese which was not too bad…

and vanilla gelato!! :D
Then we went to some community club for karaoke HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
It’s just that it is so difficult to find people who listen to the types of songs I listen to to go karaoke with!
Like they were all singing Chinese songs and stuff but it’s ok HAHAHAHA (cos I was chanting along for fun).
After all, I got to solo Bohemian Rhapsody LOLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!
Then Fiona, Jia En, Yong Chin and I went to Tom Yum Kungfu for mookata although all of us were still super full!!
It was good but I thought the one at Golden Mile is way better!
Went to Oblong for desserts!

Baileys and lychee martini!
I love alcoholic desserts and everyone always slams me since I hate drinking alcohol???
Does no one hate the repulsive sting from drinking alcohol??????????
In desserts I get to taste it better anyway!

Some delicious chicken congee at Ghim Moh market from my broke days during study camp!
Study camp was a mixture of Starbucks, Costa Coffee and Smoothie King lol.

To date I have not tried anything other than Angel Food hahahahah!

Tried a grilled teriyaki chicken breast wrap and my is it delicious!! :D
The thick end of the wrap tasted like roti prata (2-in-1 wraps OMG)!!!

Love the chicken pie from Costa Coffee!!

I also prefer their coffee to Starbucks’ because I find it more consistent and aromatic.

Their passionfruit tea was lovely too!

Some day we had beautiful Chai Ho satay <3

Also wasted my last bindi on a random day because it was already slightly damaged so yea… why not?

Bought a lot of Ringo Work ^_^

Yummy cookies ^_^

Yummy sake gohan at Yoshimaru Ramen Bar!

The mini teriyaki chicken burger was really yummy too!!! :D

Moridakusan Hakata ramen on another day!
A lot of additional stuff I don’t really eat so yea, I wouldn’t buy this again! (Had this only on promotion)

The best crushed ice on earth from Jamaica Blue because a whole lot of my friends work there LOL such perks

Favourite pho ga at Ghim Moh market ^_____^ (a Vietnamese stall at the corner!! GO EAT!!!!!)

Ok that’s all and it’s like 4am now omg GOOD NIGHT!!! :D



So yesterday I tried baking myself my own birthday cake…
In the form of a deco roll, because it is soooooo cute and I spent so much time since my discovery of its existence watching videos of it and all that.

In the end I decided to follow Ochikeron’s tutorial since it was the easiest to follow (and in English)…

It’s really difficult to take pictures of any cooking/baking process; I can’t imagine how these YouTubers do it!!!
I’ve tried making a 15-second video (for IG) of Popin’ Cookin’ once and I was like “NEVER AGAIN!!!”
And… you’ll probably suspect my baking sucks since I have not even sounded proud throughout…

Like 50% of the surface stuck to my parchment paper and whatever’s left is wrinkly like a pug omg…
So I was piping (already gave up hope even before this stage) “happy birthday to me” and a bunch of strawberries everywhere and you could probably see I didn’t even try to make it pretty anymore HAHAHAHAHAHA

To be honest my cake pan was a little bigger than what the recipe was for and my cake was super thin lol…

But it’s beautiful inside!!!!
So I chilled it overnight and had it this evening.

The cake was super hard and what the hell…
Normally, I’ll be very lenient to myself and like everything I make but this… this is just edible enough to me… so I think this pretty much is erm no to the whole world LOL.
Thank god I didn’t try to bring some for my friends I met with tonight if not THERE GOES OUR FRIENDSHIPS.
I think I’ll just stick to cooking. And perhaps baking cupcakes (because I’ve made them before and it’s yummy)…

Anyway, mum’s friend got me some nutty bar and nama chocolates! :D

At midnight, Yuxuan stuck a lit candle into a banana and sang me a birthday song through Oovoo!!!!

Before meeting my friends for dinner I went to Tomica wonderland Let’s Play and who would’ve thought that small shop can be so packed because apparently the whole world loves Tomica or something ^_^

Got myself the Nissan Fairlady Z Roadster and Subaru 360 after browsing the whole store and pretty much wanting half of everything and mostly the vintage cars which are all around $40 each which is like NO!!!!!!!!!!!! :(

So now my fairly new collection is just growing cuter and cuter albeit small but shut up I have to juggle my money with food and clothes and CDs and my endless discovery of new hobbies which are all goddamn expensive?!?!?!

Also got myself a little Kumamon plush keychain and a Britto pencil case (on impulse but whatever, it’s my birthday)!
Thinking of going back to buy the little Kumamon pouch and cardholder (I hesitated T_T) because it’s $15 and goddamn cute and usable.

Dinner at Wild Honey because Joe was so bloody adamant about dining there he made a reservation all of a sudden and boom no one can decide against it LOL!

Tried the European breakfast which is well, eggs Benedict.
It’s all good just that one egg had yolk that didn’t run and I was kinda bummed out…
Had desserts at 2am:dessertbar to end the day!

Tiramisu was really yummy! :D

Chocolate H2O was even better, in my opinion, because while individually it tastes super rich (as all their ice-creams do) and overwhelming, the yuzu and dark chocolate and salted caramel complemented one another very well :D

Tahitian vanilla, sorbet du jour (apple) and valrhona chocolate!
Vanilla remains my favourite and, after having the desserts I think that the ice-creams were even more ridiculously priced than I thought so before…

Ok that’s all that happened today!!
I think I’ll work on another post right now for the food I haven’t yet blogged about! :D

My Fair Lady & SSO Pops Concert: Spirited Away – The Music of Joe Hisaishi

Blogging while my hair dries lol :)

So a day before Valentine’s Day I spent time with Yumiko watching My Fair Lady!

It’s probably a blessing we both like to watch musicals because without it I think we would cease to be friends or something what with her being busy forever and us never meeting up often like we intended to when we enrolled into the same course -___-
Really enjoyed My Fair Lady!! :D
It was really funny; much funnier than the movie!
The funniest part was the Ascot scene, which I never laughed watching the movie twice but cannot contain when I saw it on stage!
The spotlights didn’t follow well and the backdrops had some problems though :/
But I’d gladly watch it again if I don’t have to pay (because I am broke and intend to watch Fat Pig and Grease)…

First row on the circle and while it wasn’t too bad, my back nearly broke with me hunching over the railing so I could see better and also to rest my head on the cold metal lol…

A terrible photo this dude took for us that was blur, slanted and without a second shot!

Was wearing the socks Yuxuan gave me because it was her birthday! :D

I was early meeting her and spent an hour looking at the clouds go by.
Sitting by the museum only because it was a rare sight seeing healthy lotus in the pond hahahaha!
Had dinner at the food court because we were both scrimping…

Tried Ng Ah Sio Bak Kut Teh there because I’ve always wanted to try it but didn’t know where the two outlets were and it came as a surprise to see it at Marina Bay Sands!
The bak kut teh was pretty good both soup and pork :D
Costed me $14.90 for the set I shouldn’t have gotten because the sides were only so-so.

Was reading tips on Foursquare and many people said the iced tea was good so we both got it and yes it is good!
Really rich and creamy but too filling after my big meal for me to finish.
Thought it would be a wonderful ice-cream if it were frozen :D
On a side note, I bought 2 pints of Ben & Jerry’s because they were only $20 for 2!

Couch potato is really nice I think :)

Yesterday a bunch of us went to Pasarbella to celebrate Hazel Tan’s birthday!

Got the pulled pork sandwich from SeaSalt Caribbean Deli because the pulled pork were super yummy when I had the yaroa last time.
However, the pulled pork were only freshly cooked so they were rather tough and I didn’t enjoy it very much and it was a huge portion too!
Gave up eating halfway because I was really sleepy and I fell asleep and missed the birthday celebration LOL .___.
I was really tired because I got home really late after the musical and had a revision lecture at 9.30am that day!!
Went home and took a nap when we left and for dinner I stir-fried some instant noodles that was kind of tasteless…

Well, at least I made instant noodles look somewhat good, no?

Just now I went with my aunt to watch the SSO Pops Concert: Spirited Away – The Music by Joe Hisaishi! :D
Tickets were really reasonably priced and I LOVE LOVE LOVE Joe Hisaishi so when I found out about it in December I immediately made purchase, which was already a dangerous delay from when sales started in October!
There was literally zero advertisements about it and I only found out about the event when I was at SISTIC’s website looking for things to go to!
Was gonna pay for myself but my aunt offered to pay for me ^___^
It was a sellout too! Thank god I was kiasu and didn’t hesitate!
Would’ve gone alone if I had to too!
It is my first orchestra and it was nice :)
Felt a little sleepy halfway through with the dimness of my surroundings and Joe Hisaishi’s music hahahaha…
Departures, Kiki’s Delivery Service, Summer and the encore’s One Summer’s Day and My Neighbour Totoro sounded better than the rest.
I hope Joe Hisaishi comes to Singapore before I die or he dies because I’d willingly pay maybe even $300 to watch him :D

Studied with Fiona at a nearby Starbucks at noon…
Then I had dinner alone at Itacho Sushi before the concert!

Inarizushi and

roasted salmon sushi and tamago sushi and

tempura temaki and

crab meat chawanmushi and udon!
Shouldn’t have ordered the udon because it was so plain and filling!
I could’ve gotten 6 more sushis for the same price!
While Itacho Sushi has really yummy sushi at $1-$2, the bill always scares the shit out of me because I ordered noodles or other stuff…
(I’m so hungry right now and craving for these sushi and sigh… it’s 2am???)

Also had desserts from Awfully Chocolate because Amirah was working :D

Earlier this week..

Wore Lazy Oaf with Lynette and Amanda!
Had dinner at Dulcet & Studio with a bunch of people after the research exam before celebrating Yuxuan’s birthday!

Classic black pig bolognese fettuccine which I’ve had before…
Still yummy but the pasta was a little overcooked.

Tea time cake because it was $2 and the cream puffs I wanted were sold out!
Then we went to Chupitos and they all drank and I sipped some and it’s true I hate alcohol!

On Monday, Daphne Khoo, from the first Singapore Idol, came to school to perform two of her new songs!
She’s so funny! I never knew!! Sings really well too, though my memory of Singapore Idol is super faint.
Apparently Gayle Nerva was there too but I only knew after Lynette told me who she was.

Just joined in for a photo although I didn’t desperately need/want it like Lynette…
There was a little bit of Gayle behind me in the photo but it was cropped to a square oops…

Last week…
Studied with Fiona and had dinner at La Petite Cuisine (omg they do not have a website so I can’t add a link… anyway, it’s at Serene Centre and Thomson too??)!

Really warm hot bread that nearly burned me while I was tearing it -___-
Was yummy though!

Very yummy confit de canard although its portion was quite small!
The chef was super cute!!! He kept walking around and chatting with customers.
He also stared at us taking pictures of our food and demanded to see it! HAHAHAHAHA!!
He said my picture is good because it is shiny HAHAHAHAHA ^____^

The chicken wraps I had at Charly T’s which I was craving for after studying the day before!

Went to Little Diner one day after school for dinner alone! :D

Pan roasted salmon filet was a special that day so I had it since they took the effort to tell me about it.
I’d return to try the fish and chips I wanted to try!

Upgraded my fries to truffle fries at an extra charge :(
Very subtle truffle taste but I love handcut fries nonetheless!
Handcut fries are the best in my opinion because omg skin <3

Ok that's all for now… bye!
P.S. I hope my mother strikes the lottery so she can buy me a car

Recipe: Obimaki Enoki


Just cooked this inexpensive and super easy and super yummy stuff for dinner so I thought I’d share…
Because it’s my first recipe if you ignore my terrible bakkwa sandwich that surprisingly has searches for -___- Hahahaha!

So you’ll really just need these:
200g enoki mushrooms
6 slices streaky bacon
Some pepper

Step 1: Cut the gross parts off the mushrooms and wash them

Step 2: Slice bacon strips into halves (or thirds, if your bacon is really big) and run them under water too because I don’t know????

Step 3: Divide the mushrooms into bunches enough for the bacons and ROLIRAP (it means “roll it up” if you can’t be bothered to watch the embedded video)
Sorry but it’s so funny, I had to sidetrack!!

So I watched this video some time last month and I replayed it so many times and kept laughing I teared :D
Runnyrunny999 is one goddamn funny dude hahahahahaha

Step 4: Heat up your skillet or frying pan or something (USE TEFAL BECAUSE RED DOT HAHAHAHAHA AND YOU KNOW WHEN IT’S HOT ENOUGH)

Step 5: Place the bacon wrapped enoki mushrooms seam down (because I couldn’t care to seal them with toothpicks) on the hot pan and cook them, turning them occasionally, till it’s cooked or crispy even

Step 5.5: Pepper generously while cooking (I peppered them after the first turning)

Step 6: Put them on a plate and eat them!!!!!!!!

Costs no more than $5 and yields 12 pieces :D
It’s very filling too and it’s good for posting online in the middle of the night when everyone is hungry :D

Okay, bye and enjoy cooking :)


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