Founder Bak Kut Teh Restaurant 发起人肉骨茶餐馆

Thought I should write some posts before I get too busy and have a whole chunk of posts to write all at once.
That includes a post on my trip to Bangkok. And more.

So upon my return (midnight flight), I was immediately summoned to meet the new internship slaves for bak kut teh that night.
I had all hopes to sleep in after unpacking but I can’t really turn bak kut teh away.
Bak kut teh was the main motivation. Not my friends. I’m sorry.
But I care for you guys enough to cancel a prior plan so I have already redeemed myself okay?

Met them at Founder Bak Kut Teh Restaurant/Cafeteria (yes, it’s a cafeteria according to their name card but restaurant according to the sign) at 347 Balestier Road.
I grew up around Balestier and have zero memory of having any bak kut teh along the road of bak kut tehs and tau sar piahs. Bless my soul.
Meat’s quite tough but the soup is so good!!!
I really should consider bringing pails when I go have bak kut teh.
Endless refills, bring it on .____.
Not overly peppery and very flavourful; similar to that of Ng Ah Sio’s I had at MBS.
Bae soup.
I don’t know what size this plate of tau kee was but it was humongous and not soft enough for me to finish them all before the rest can prompt me to. LOL.

All the unprepared faces.
Except that what seems to be my unprepared face is basically my default face .__.

The very next day, I had to meet up again T_T
I really wanted some sleep.
No complaints, though!

THE PEW PEW OF LIFE at HomeTeamNS’s Laser Quest at $12 per pax for two rounds.
Very exhausting for a completely unfit person like me to run around in the darkness with bad music blasting.
[GOVERNMENT PLEASE TAKE NOTE LOL] I am evidently not suited for combat and suggests that the government takes a hint and stop sending me those career letters inviting me to work in the defence force because the recruitment would probably put Singapore’s safety in jeopardy.
(ok maybe I take that back, in case one day I remain so unemployed I no longer can afford to live…) (touch wood)

Went to Beans & Cream right after for some ice-cream!

Hazelnut and salted caramel!
I like the hazelnut one better :D

Then we headed to Yong Chin’s place for pre-school-reopen steamboat!
After that it was their drinking session with me in the kids corner and reading a book. Not that I got to read much… lul…

Ok end of post.

ChunkFest 2014 & the weekend

4 October, I met Lynette at Orchard at noon for lunch and shopping before heading to the grass patch of Marina Bay.

Bought some eyeshadows (341, 357, 329) from Inglot because I felt like it T_T
Takashimaya had a Japan Travel Fair and I am not one to miss stuff like these.

Some hokkaido soft serve for $2! :D
Very milky and in a very small portion :( Yummy nonetheless.

They were selling bentos!!!!
This shinkansen bento is only $8 and comes with a bottled drink AND A TOY OMG ^___^
Then we took a bus and made our way to Gardens by the Bay.
On a bridge en route to The Meadow, we spontaneously planted our asses on the planks and had a picnic .___.

The bento’s packed by Tampopo Deli!
The rice and chicken is goddamn yummy T_T, but half of the sides were not so yummy T_T
Thank you for giving me a toy to redeem yourself T_T

It’s a maneki neko and inu hariko ;___;
Apparently the collection has a sukiyaki and sake set too and I want it T_T
I love capsule toys T_T
Why am I crying non-stop on this post T_T LOL T_T

So then Lynette and Danish had media passes and free ice-creams (unlimited) goddammit T_T
But we benefitted too because they gave us the coupons for free scoops :D

Tried Scotchy Scotch Scotch and White Russian.
Not much comment for the former but White Russian is SOOOOOOO YUMMY!!
Wish it’d stay put in Singapore.
Thought ChunkFest was kinda terrible because the venue was so muddy after the morning rain!
They also didn’t have a wide array of merchandises for purchase, nor was it prominent in the whole area.
I didn’t even buy any faircoins!

I did have fun, though, playing this nonsensical sumo thing with Lynette.
Suits were smelly as hell but after this I felt a need to own a set myself (just for the sake).

There was a video of me winning LOL… They weren’t strict on the rules anyway, they just wanted people to get in and be fools HAHAHAHA

Then there was a cat named Coco or Cocoa or something like that.

It’s the fluffiest and softest cat I’ve ever touched.
Also this cat is the best form of a pet ever: doesn’t touch you but lets you touch it.

Do you believe I’m afraid of cats lol…

Left after a while because Joe was being a bitch and blaming me for bringing him to that hellhole that required us to pay for ice-cream.
He thought ChunkFest was like Free Cone Day!
We walked from Gardens by the Bay all the way to Dhoby Ghaut. Ghautdammit -___-
Afterwards, my legs were aching and there were no place I could sit after we parted.
Walked to Somerset to meet Lynette for dinner.

Thought I’d bring her to Ootoya because she had wanted to eat there last time.
There is this curse that ensures food to not be satisfactory every time it’s under my recommendation.
She ordered my favourite oyako jyu at this outlet I’ve not patronised.
It came with eggs so done I felt so sorry I brought her here T_T

Ordered miso tonkotsu and some of the pork was really tough T_T
I was so disappointed with this branch T_T (or the said curse T_T)
Even the gokoku rice wasn’t as nice T_T
Oh ya, the miso tonkotsu had a really long name on the menu, so much so I gave up while reciting it to the waitress HAHAHAHA!
It was something like ‘deep fried breaded pork loin cutlet in miso sauce’ or something like that and after the third word I just told her “aiya, you know what I mean!” because it was the only item on that page LOLOLOL

On Sunday, I went to my first concert ever.

Who would’ve thought it’d be a Chinese concert.

Everyone was thinking this was a getai because it looked like a very extravagant getai T_T
There were Hokkien songs too! -____-
Anyhow, I went there with no expectations of being entertained because WHAT DO I KNOW ABOUT CHINESE? LET ALONE THE SONGS???? FOR THE OLDER GENERATIONS???
Turns out I was quite wrong.
I did know about half the songs sang. I could anticipate the lyrics (somewhat) involuntarily and hit jackpot when they sang the line.
I don’t know for sure how that is possible when I can’t form a line of the verses even if I tried.
Really funny too how one was singing a song and suddenly blurted out that she forgot the lyrics, then continued with the song LOL!
Another lady was speaking and then she was attacked by thirst so she went to get a bottle and she kept hesitating for no reasons and was so flustered about it HAHAHAHA!
So this guy called Su Yong Kang was the last act.
Everyone loved him and I don’t even know who he was.
He began by asking if he should sing an English song too, as did the rest.
There’s a guy shouting “不要!” (“NO!”) for all four times he asked LOL and then the singer heard someone requesting for him to speak in Cantonese and there was a roar of applause so he did.
I understood nothing. I have heard before every song he sang. I don’t know to be proud or ashamed LOL.
Then he descended the stage to shake hands with the audience.
He must have regretted taking a selfie with one of them because everyone started getting up for a photo with him.
Then everyone, even those far from where he was mingling, started to prepare for the opportunity by rushing to the aisle where he was walking.

What you see here isn’t even the worse yet.
It was a mess and I kept on laughing, confused as to whether this was a concert or a stand-up comedy.
His last song was a really popular one (I’ve heard it SO many times) and my mum said this was a song not many people can sing, and he could.
When he announced his last song, this dramatic guy in my view (he was so dramatic the whole duration of the concert, I looked his way too many times) shouted “YES!!!!! YES!! YESSSSSSS!!!!!” with his arms in the air OMG!
And he proceeded to sing along really dramatically OMG.
Yea, that’s all about my first concert experience.
I hope Arctic Monkeys would come soon. T______T

Had this kway teow thing at PappaRich before the show.
Not bad!

Went to AMPED Trampoline Park on Monday.
$15 for an hour of jumping (with tons of restrictions), wasted on getting really tired and spending most time slacking.

Before that, for lunch I had duck rice at Sin Fong Restaurant while everyone else had kway chap.
It’s not bad but I reside so close to a better duck rice.
Went to Old Airport Road Food Centre for dinner.

Had really delicious chee cheong fun from #01-155!
Got chicken and mushroom because prawn and char siew were sold out.
These are so yummy, I haven’t had any so yummy since the one at Marsiling Lane Block 20 closed down!
This is to say, the chee cheong fun at Far East Plaza is a whole level below this.

Also had wanton mee from Hua Kee (#01-02)!
A different taste from that of Wei Ji’s at Chinatown but I’d say it’s on par.
There were so many recommendations for this hawker centre, I wanted to eat everything T_T
I think this confirms that I always appear to be sharing a table with my friends rather than eating with my friends because I always eat something of my own selection rather than share a bunch of food .____. what.

Yesterday was spent on my bed lying around reading a book or playing Puzzle Bobble because the few minutes of jumping gave me an intense body ache and a laziness I couldn’t shake off…
It remained today so I have spent no more than 4 hours away from my bed in these 36 hours or so LOL.

Last Thursday I went to Chinatown for dinner with Jia En and Yuxuan! :D

There were more food but they left to get their individual meals after I got mine…
So I was alone with all these food .___.
Twice, people came to ask the location of the xiao long baos! HAHAHA :D

I miss my friends T_T


Last Wednesday I made amazing hojicha kanten jelly!
Wanted to remake it the next day because I finished the whole batch -___-
I did remake it but it was SO humid, my sweat dripped into the mould while I was pouring them in, despite vigorously mopping my forehead with a handkerchief the whole time I was cooking.
I have yet to chuck it, but I ought to, soon, but I have no desire to touch it LOL.

Also made half-boiled eggs and seasoned them for about only 2 hours.
Dinner comprising instant tonkotsu ramen and the half-assed ajitama…
So darn yummy! The hefty price tag is really worth it!
I doubt I’d ever buy non-Japanese instant noodles.

Costed me about $45 from Rakuten T_T but I want more T_T

Ok bye :D

River Safari & Roadhouse

Photo 30-9-14 12 42 22 am
Went to River Safari yesterday to celebrate Michelle’s birthday!
Photo 30-9-14 12 42 43 am
This boat was really hot under the noon sun it could fry an egg (serious)!!
Photo 30-9-14 12 44 02 am
We were about to enter when someone stopped us for a photo but we handed our camera over and they couldn’t make our money…
Anyway, I thought this zoo was neat because it had a proper route so we could see stuff as we go without missing areas like the other zoo.
BUT the boat ride was closed for maintenance goddammit >:(
Photo 30-9-14 12 45 58 am
Used Jun Yang’s camera at times because he had an amazing prime lens!
I didn’t bring mine because I KNOW from experience that I wouldn’t like all if not most of the pictures I took…
But his camera was great… I need a prime lens T_T

Posting only pictures that I took ok, so this isn’t stealing.
(Yes, I remember which were those I took) (sexy brain aye)

One of the firsts living and trapped creatures we saw at the enclosures.
This was taken with my phone and throughout it will be very distinct which photos came from where with the vast difference in aperture :(
Anyway, the actual first creature we saw was an otter, which swam close to the glass.
Michelle was gazing at it in close proximity when it shat right in her face.
I watched as its dung was expelled with air bubbles, lumpy and looking somewhat like a muddy mutant raspberry on steroids, which was then scattered into little balls when the otter somersaulted and whacked its poop with its massive oar of a tail.
What a birthday gift!
Photo 30-9-14 12 44 25 am
Some fish…
I didn’t read the labels much.
I don’t usually do because it would take much too long for everything and I didn’t want to be stranded lol (since 1995)
Photo 29-9-14 8 42 17 pm
Photo 29-9-14 8 42 35 pm
Then as we approached the monkeys there were many excited visitors around because there was a monkey perching on a branch close to the glass and in a very unobstructed view AND carrying its little baby!
Photo 30-9-14 12 47 20 am
It was sticking its fist into its mouth, much like human babies O.O
Photo 30-9-14 12 46 50 am
Also sucking its thumb, much like human babies O.O
We are indeed primates.
Photo 30-9-14 12 47 44 am

Photo 29-9-14 1 03 57 pm
Some bird… crane?
(I really should read labels, shouldn’t I)
Photo 30-9-14 12 48 19 am
I have never in my life taken zoo pictures half as good as these.
Photo 30-9-14 12 48 29 am
Photo 30-9-14 12 48 53 am
Even if they were underexposed.

The panda enclosure felt like China in winter what with the bamboos and perfect temperature and all LOL.
Photo 30-9-14 12 51 31 am
A red panda on twos because it was feeding time LOL!
Photo 30-9-14 12 52 13 am
So cute ^_^
Photo 30-9-14 12 57 56 am
Kai Kai idling…
Photo 29-9-14 1 23 23 pm
with its poop…
Photo 29-9-14 1 21 37 pm
without Jia Jia because apparently she’s shy and in her den and only visible on a screen through a live feed.

Photo 30-9-14 12 46 18 am
Bullseye catfish or something.
Glanced at its label but I’m not entirely sure if that’s what it is.
Photo 30-9-14 12 48 16 am
Shot this picture and it looks like some aquarium advert! HAHAHAHA
Photo 29-9-14 1 34 02 pm
Photo 29-9-14 1 33 41 pm
Finally an active animal! :D
Photo 29-9-14 1 34 29 pm
How it is related to a “river”, I’ll never know.
Photo 29-9-14 1 34 30 pm
It was swimming around in a repetitive course with a kick-off at the glass.
Very cute :D

Photo 29-9-14 8 48 24 pm
Beneath us was a panda figure lol…
Photo 29-9-14 8 53 14 pm
Photo 29-9-14 8 53 16 pm
Bridge hogging!
Photo 30-9-14 1 12 05 am
Photo 30-9-14 1 12 24 am

This trip ended really quickly so we headed to Wimbly Lu for a snack.
It was closed.
So we ended up at Sunday Market.

A really bad picture of the skinny wings and truffle fries.
Not bad…
The others had some other food but I don’t know what they were.
Afterwards, we went to Dempsey Hill too early for dinner.
They played around until the shop opened -____-

Dinner was at Roadhouse!
Photo 30-9-14 1 41 26 am
Built my own burger!

This is more true to colour because white balance wasn’t set well or something.
Photo 30-9-14 1 42 08 am
Chicken thigh + romaine lettuce + caramelised onions + mozzarella + BBQ sauce and fries!
Very yummy :D
Also clean to eat because it cuts down without its insides falling everywhere.

Ordered a s’more ice-cream cake for myself because I felt like it.
Quite yummy but $12 is an absolute rip-off.
Photo 30-9-14 1 43 33 am
Michelle’s sticky date pudding.
I’ve never had one in my life and I don’t think I’d intend to.
No reason…
Photo 30-9-14 1 43 37 am
What is Michelle so happy about?
LOL Leslie’s taken! LOL

Went home and collapsed on the bed in fatigue and woke up at 11.30pm or so!
Was really tired after and I spent some time using my laptop and FaceTiming Amanda in Maldives and reading bits of a book and eventually giving in to my sleep-deprived soul.
Woke up at 4.30pm or so and after idling a while, I went to cook instant noodles!

Tsukemen and natchan! :D
It’s so yummy albeit plain as hell without any other ingredients! :D

I love natchan still <3
Not really yummy but it smiles at me :D
Ahhhhhhh all these packagings T____T

Had beer-battered fish n chips at Fisherios for lunch on Saturday!
The prices are higher now…

Bought the November 2014 issue of Vogue Japan because the cover shoot was so gorgeous!!!
Also got a copy of The Little Prince in Japanese in attempt to improve my Japanese.
Not reading it any time soon because I borrowed a few Haruki Murakami books from Marissa and I’m really slow with reading it because I have been watching some anime and Fruits Basket is super nice! Funny and sad and all that…

Mummy bought baumkuchen from Juchheim!!
Always wanted to try some but I never did.
Mummy sampled some and so did I and it is beautiful and she bought the plain one and the chocolate one.
The chocolate one is kinda meh compared to the plain one :D

Bought lots of stuff from Meidi-ya preparing for the apocalypse.

And really yummy suupaa sushi too!
Nibbled some of the salmon sashimi mummy got for herself and it was yummy but I’m still scared of eating it.
LOL I shall try again.
All these were paid with gift vouchers she got from her ex-colleague.

Meidi-ya had 1-for-1 Hokkaido soft serve and I got the melon one and <3 <3 <3 I LOVE IT <3 <3 <3

On Thursday, I mailed a parcel to Amanda in Maldives because she was asking me to send her food and so I sent her some instant noodles and Koala's March and some tea.
Now that I think of it, I sent really really little food, it might even be disappointing.
But that was all I had at home at that time!!
Had dinner at my favourite Ootoya and made it a point to try something new!

Chawanmushi that came with the set.
I still think this is really unimpressive given that everything else has NEVER disappointed me.

Moromi chicken!!
I’ve wanted to try this out because it sounded good.
It does taste good!
Moromi miso was so yummy with the super tender chicken, I wished the serving was larger T_T

Ordered white rice but came was gokoku rice.
It’s brown rice with barley and sesame and corn or something like that.
Who would’ve known the rice was so goddamned delicious T_T
I really love Ootoya T__T
I want to eat at Ootoya every day T___T
Or marry someone who can cook foods like Ootoya’s or something T____T

Very yummy miso soup T___T
I want to go to Japan again T______T
And seeing Don backpacking in Japan now… GRINDS MY GEARS T___T

Ok, that’s about it!
Can’t wait for ChunkFest :D :D :D
(Really just the merchandises lol)

W39 Bistro & Bakery

Spent the whole of yesterday caught up on the selection of timetables because the school’s system screwed up and caused so much trouble >:(
Today I woke up early too, to select an elective module.
So troublesome :(

Anyway, last night I walked to W39 Bistro & Bakery to meet Marissa for dinner and some catching-up! :D
The dinner part was mainly for me because I didn’t consider the fact that it wasn’t a Halal-certified place but then again she said she didn’t really wanted to eat although she could’ve.
That aside, going out with her is great because we talk so much and I feel like we do not have enough time to chat sufficiently…
We do not converse through messaging much either.
I love it man.

I ordered duck confit :D
Most of the items on the menu sounded great though, so I’ll probably return to try them out some time.

Thought this was not bad although there was one bit that wasn’t crispy at all but totally fat :(
Meat was very tender and considering French cuisine isn’t its specialty I think it’s alright :)
Flavour wasn’t very strong as compared to others I’ve tried.
Might I add that the mashed potatoes were the chunky sort and I like eating those :D
Didn’t eat much of the salad though…

Being the honest and totally awesome person I am, I reminded Marissa I owed her $28 for the pizza I had the last time we met.
She was entirely skeptical of it although she’s the one benefitting from this.

So I paid for her apple crumble and returned her the remainder in cash :D
I hereby present myself the Very Damn Good Friend Award ;)

Got myself the rainbow cake for aesthetic purposes although Marissa advised against it.
When I first discovered its existence in 2010, I wanted one so badly but nowhere in Singapore sells them.
My mum also refused to bake it or let me bake it so I watched as my hopes and dreams vapourised into the abyss of darkness.
Then a few years ago, it started popping out EVERYWHERE!
Everyone was eating it and raving about it and I still haven’t come close to any.
Then last weekend my mum saw a picture of a rainbow cake in a magazine and asked me where it can be bought.
Fast forward to yesterday, I saw the cake so I decided I needed a closure.

My verdict?
It’s horrid.
I don’t know man, after 4 years of yearning a slice (and losing hope promptly after the discovery), I never once thought about how plain it would taste in contrast to its very vivid and exciting exterior.
I remember looking for recipes back then and I know it’s a super plain cake except that it looks totally totally tripping.
So ya, I guess you either have to close your eyes to eat it, or eat it with a blocked nose and blame the blocked nose.
Otherwise, it’s basically a slice of disappointment coated in rainbow rice.

Bought a slice of crunchy hazelnut home because it sounded and looked sort of promising…
Ate it today and was so upset :(
It’s totally not crunchy and I couldn’t even taste any hazelnut very much if at all!
It’s all chocolate to me and it’s not even very rich chocolate :/
So maybe what I felt about the rainbow cake is all phony and I have to have another slice somewhere more renowned for it (recommend some if you know please) or something.

Before I ate the cake today I made myself instant noodles for lunch.
After yesterday’s dinner I walked to Marissa’s area and bought some groceries (which are about to be completely depleted soon).
Thought I’d give the Singapore’s CQYD a try to make sure the amazing made-in-Japan one that I had previously was amazing simply because of its origin.

Japanese one on the left, Singaporean one on the right.
One look and you know which one has a better tasting broth.
Don’t really know how much one packet of the Japanese one costs but I’m sure it’s more than the $2.50 I paid for a bundle of 5.
Taste wise, please splurge if you know what’s good for you.
(I mean that for both the noodles and the broth)
The kick is just not there T_T

Yesterday’s groceries include 3 russet potatoes for $1.
I had in mind to make some oven fries but then I found out I had no garlic nor parsley so I postponed that recipe for another time lol…

Had a go at Hasselback potatoes!!
It did not turn out as crispy as I’d expected…
It did not look golden either .__.
That’s thinly sliced potatoes, brushed with lots of butter (in between the flaps too) and some olive oil, salt and black pepper.
Baked it for 1 hour 15 minutes or so…
I shall try again someday .___.
That was my dinner and so all the food I had today was disappointing… Dammit.

Found a zillion photographs of me when I was little a few days ago.

2 to 3 years old and looking cute even with a drum handle up a nostril…

3 (or 4) years old and looking very happy doing nothing except standing on the swing .__.

Also might have killed a duckling at a tender age of 2.

Also had awesome face AND hair at 6 years old.
I absolutely resent my puberty.

Have a nice day :D

Sunday Folks

Today I woke up at 4.30pm or so…

Had dinner at Yoshimaru Ramen Bar with mummy :D

Traditional Hakata Ramen but no 50% off T_T
50% is so bae T_T I still have a week left to utilise it T_T

Sunday Folks for dessert because mummy likes waffles and this is so yummy (coming from someone who doesn’t adore waffles much) I had to bring her here!

Roasted pistachio with yuzu kanten and chocolate honeycombs!
She said the waffles were like those of A&W.
Why can’t A&W just come back to Singapore??? :(

Legoland Malaysia

Bonjournal: Legoland

While I was in Malaysia without the Internet the whole day, I did some offline mini-blogging at Bonjournal to keep track of happenings I couldn’t post on Instagram.
Quite a nice app to use with a very simple and beautiful interface but it sometimes distracts me from actually doing stuff while I’m out and about.
Not sure if I’d use it for my next travel but I really like the PDF compilation you see above.
My journal does lack a lot of information because I didn’t have pictures to accompany it and I didn’t want a text-only post.
So, a more wordy repost here!!!!!

Yesterday, I went to Jurong East to take a bus to Malaysia!
God knows when the last time I was there was.

Went to Isetan Supermarket to get me some sushi and a packet of Ringo Work for breakfast!! ^__^
Expensive as hell T_T
I was the second customer to enter Isetan too LOLOL :>

Boarded buses and went through customs and all that…

And we got to Legoland!
Reason we were all on this outing is because Yong Chin had free tickets :D :D :D
I think we took all the roller coasters!
Dragon’s Apprentice was smaller than The Dragon but it was scarier than the bigger one!!
Nothing here was near to as scary as those in Dreamworld though…
Hazel was really scared of roller coasters and didn’t want to take them at all but after the first, she went on everything and sometimes multiple times HAHAHAH :D
Lunched at the King’s Grill but I ordered the common kids meal of nuggets and fries.
The fries were crap but the nuggets were unexpectedly yummy???

The water rides were the fun ones, in my opinion.
Unlike many, the ones here actually drench the hell out of you, even if you were covered.

Dino Island was really boring during the start but the drop was steep enough and the splash was humongous I LOVE IT :D
My shorts and shoes were soaked -___-
Really fun so we didn’t leave the car and went on a second round ^___^
Except Ke Yang who claims that he dares to take water rides because his heart can take it… but left after the first, where he kept exclaiming that his balls were shrinking HAHAHAHHA :D
The other fun one was AQUAZONE Wave Racers!
Goes really quickly and it’s scary cos you might fly off cos there were no belts or anything!!
It would’ve been better if they built each car nearer to the others so when you drift you actually splash people T_T
Wanted to go to Boating School too but the weather was fluctuating and they closed it temporarily… :(

Before we left we went to the Big Shop to build our own figurines!

Really tough finding bits from a very limited selection around the table…
Finally found a decent sexy body for my sexy turban Lego man after I found this kid building an army of figurines that he probably isn’t going to buy so I took it (I asked ok I’m like really polite and civilised and all)!!!
About S$3 for this ^__^

Went to wait for the bus back but we had so much time before the bus comes so Hazel and I went to the empty space behind the bus stop to be nonsensical LOLOLOL

Just some!
Props to Michelle and Jolene for taking the photos :D

Before long we were at City Square for dinner!
Apparently the Japanese restaurant they intended to go to were under renovation or something so we ended up at Arashi Shabu Shabu!
It was goddamn cheap because they were like Singapore’s price BUT IN RINGGIT!!!!
Then Yong Chin said it was his mom’s treat so erm… this whole trip was nearly totally sponsored???

The best thing about this place is the individual pots because you get to choose whatever broth you want!!! :D
I chose miso .__.
Shared the seafood mix combo set with Hazel and ordered meat a la carte!
Quite yummy la :D
The crab balls and meatballs were OMG juicy and totally awesome!

Ok then we went home!


Was lazy to switch on this laptop to blog and add music to my iPod.
But I guess I had to because I wanted the music -___-

Anyway, was craving for Ootoya on Monday night so on Tuesday I went to have lunch there!
Udon + mini oyako set!
Udon is so yummy here ^___^
Prefered the udon to soba :D
And my favourite oyako don (why, of course I prefer the bigger one…)
I have always wanted to try the other items but normally I visit craving the oyako don so I haven’t strayed yet T_T
I will try my best.

Had the yummy duck rice for lunch today.
Bothered to check out the name of the coffee shop (for Grace ._.) and it’s called Clementi 881 Coffee Station!!!
The rice today wasn’t very nice… very beady and at times clumped together and dry.
Sad :(

Ok tata, gonna check out the “bonus enhanced content” of the CD now!

Tonkotsu Kazan Ramen

Was busy meddling with my blog theme so I put off blogging and now I have so many to blog about T_T
Ok I’ll do this reverse chronologically… so the title won’t make sense until halfway.

Friday I had Isetan’s bento for late lunch because I craved for it.
Went to Westgate to check out Tokyu Hands but turns out I didn’t much like it because it was too small and crowded.
Watched If I Stay and while the story is nice and all I think the movie wasn’t super good. Have yet to read the book though…

Went to Wala Wala for chicken wings with the Randolf Arriola fan club LOL
But guess what?
They left 40 minutes before his last performance cos they didn’t like his songs that day?????? -___-
And then they stood outside for super long without any plans (told y’all not to leave???) so I just went home.

Anyway, I tried the new (quite old now) core series and Hazed & Confused is so yummy!!!

On Wednesday went to Chinatown to find Jia En with Yong Chin and Jun Yang.
Chicken porridge from Tiong Shian Porridge Centre again!
After her hour’s break, we parted and I was stuck with the two most aimless people I now know…

Got lost a little, then did nothing for a long time and then ended up at Suntec City.
Where I separated halfway cos I don’t know where they went so I went shopping!
Bought nothing except ice-cream -___-
Dulcet & Studio for dinner!
The usual black pig bolognese because I have no propensity to try new stuff on the menu lol…
Also bought 5 cakes and 1 cream puff home LOL!!
Because I had a $50 mall voucher and didn’t know what to do…
Mini cream puff $2
Let my mum eat it cos I’ve had it before.
Peach chiffon $7
This wasn’t nice :(
Strawberry shortcake $7
Yummy like always :D
Kyoho grape chiffon $7
Yummy but sort of strange…
Anyway I have the same sort of grapes (not entirely sure though) at home I should eat them soon.
Fruit scoop cake $7
Yummy still and the orange slices were especially juicy and sweet then :D
Chocolate cube $8
Was yummy but one side was marred by the packer’s strange choice of arrangement :(

Tuesday’s midnight snack was Nissin’s CQYD instant noodles!

Sesame oil flavour and Japan-made and it is the best instant noodles I have ever had O.O
The noodles were springy and chewy and the broth is so tasty omg???
Are they all like this or only those Japan-made ones that cost no less than $2.50 per packet?
Also hardly cooked my egg and it was yummy O.O

Also received my box of Liberty note cards! :D
Bought this for the box but now I don’t know what to do with them cos they’re so pretty and I don’t want to use them .___.

Monday night was dinner with some who were leaving for NS and Amirah in a dress.
Also, dropped my outerwear without knowing and took me a good half an hour or so to realise.
Turns out Michelle saw it on the floor where I dropped it and said absolutely nothing LOL ಠ_ಠ

Brought everyone to Fisherios Fish n Chips for yummy fish n chips!
Got the mixed platter set that comes with beer-battered fish, breaded fish, nuggets, calamari and chips!
Very very filling and I still find that the fish is super yummy :D

Got chocolate ice-cream at Fiv五 Tapas Bar where everyone else was drinking beer.

Had a sleepover at Amanda’s without anyone (except Hilary) sleeping to send her off to Maldives the next morning!
Played mahjong most of the time after the steamboat!

Defenders of Changi Airport HAHAHAHAHAHA

Looking like I’m the one leaving (by accident) :/
Oman T_T I miss all my friends T_T so many of them are interning now T_T

And this one I can’t meet till March or something because I can’t afford tickets to Maldives, can I? (not yet, at least)
She tried to be sad and wiped at her eyes (they were completely dry I swear) before leaving.
Crystal was also crying like hell…
I don’t know why you guys are crying??? You guys are going to MALDIVES???? For 6 MONTHS????
More like hallelujah sweet Jesus???
Ok, so Lynette wasn’t allowed to stay overnight so she went home with the intention of returning the next morning.
She overslept and only reached 10 minutes AFTER Amanda, Crystal and Tabithan went to the departure hall.
Hilary, Nicholas and I went to McDonald’s for breakfast because we were starving and then Lynette came to join us and started crying cos she didn’t see Amanda off.
Then I burst out laughing and she whacked me OMG!
I swear she can look like a very gentle and kind-hearted person but when she attacks it hurts like hell LOLLLLLL!!!!
I kept telling her to FaceTime Amanda because they are still waiting to board the plane but she’s like NOOO NOOOOO and bawling her eyes out LOL…
Then I FaceTimed Amanda and found out she started to cry because Lynette cried HAHAHAHAHAHA!
Ok then loitered around Changi Airport with Lynette after breakfast!

Had gelato at Gelataria Italia in the morning…
What’s new when we go out together hahahaha!
Ok then I went home and collapsed…

Woke up to go to Liang Court for dinner ^_^
Went to Tonkotsu Kazan Ramen!

T___T I miss Japan

Hot stone fried rice
Quite yummy but I couldn’t fully enjoy it from how stuffed I was because we had way too much food for two!!!

Shoyu ramen was yummy and I liked the bean sprouts ^_^

Ebi fry and gyoza which were nothing special…

Kazan kaisen-shio ramen
Looks great but I’m not big on seafood so I don’t know…?
Tasted the broth and it’s good T_T
Should have gotten the kazan shoyu ramen instead of ordinary shoyu ramen because the place is named after their volcano ramen and if I don’t eat it then what am I doing .___.

This Emoda bag I pre-ordered took a month to get to me after I was just a few seconds late in buying it when it was launched.
Set my eyes on them ever since I saw Ena carry it in her pictures.
Love everything about the bag!!!! :D
Except the smell… I’ve been bringing it out for a week and the newish smell is still there :(
Also kinda worried the straps might give way because the kind of things that goes in my bags are always goddamn heavy for some reason??

Last Friday I went to Marina Bay Sands.
But first, I went to Orchard since I had to transfer buses anyway…

Of course to get myself a capsule Tomica!
Got the red Fairlady that I wanted ^_^
Was really early so I went to HY California for a snack.
Their mains sounded so good but I wasn’t very hungry T_T
Not hungry enough to blow $40 on a midday meal T_T

Truffle potato (・∀・ )
It’s alright…
What I thought was a small portion for $12 before taxes nearly killed me.
So darn full afterwards :(

I was still early so I headed to Zara to shop a little…

It fit however slightly big but it was the only one left so I took it (  ゚,_ゝ゚)

Don’t have a full-length mirror so I kinda died taking this picture ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ
Then also realising that my leg is removable…
Ze Ling said I looked like a “centower” and I couldn’t understand and he sent a picture of a CENTAUR.
CENTOWER. Bless my friend.

Drum TAO: Seventeen Samurai at the Sands Theatre!! :D
Wonderful show!!! Music, costumes, synchronicity and all…
Really hilarious too, even without speech! :D
If it comes next year I wanna go watch it again (。♥‿♥。)

Last Wednesday I went to Michelle’s house to learn mahjong and erm… get assaulted by her dog.
Normally I’ll be ok with dogs, but this one kept barking at me and kept licking me T____T
And it kept looking for me T_T
Never in my life have I ever said so many “NO!”s in a day T___T
That’s what they all told me to do so the dog would leave me alone.
It did, for a while, before coming back to disturb me T_T
why (*´д`*)
Ok then we went to Changi Airport to see Fiona and Adeline off to Phuket!

Just me looking like I’m the one flying. All the time.
When in reality I’m the most pathetic person who hardly gets to travel .__.

One day I was talking to Yuxuan and then she said she couldn’t draw her brows properly.
But when the morning came, she could because she was in a hurry.
So I came up with an idea for her to draw her brows the night before on tape, then stick them on in the morning! HAHAHAHA!

I tried to demonstrate how it follows actual brow movements to convince her.
HAHAHA very nice!
Thing is, I don’t need it because I do have brows (◡‿◡✿) *toss hair*
Didn’t sleep that night because insomnia .__.

Also cooked yummy egg sandwich for breakfast.
It was so good I ctrl+c ctrl+v for another.

Last Saturday, last last Saturday?
I don’t know… it’s the last day of Singapore Night Festival 2014.
I went to Orchard to relax, read a book, wait around.

That was where I discovered capsule Tomicas!

Not much details but they were sooooo cute!!
Michelle came and I was like “do you wanna buy me a car?” and she just said OK and bought me a car.
Fiona came and I tried it again and she was like NO??? IT’S SO UGLY???? but then she bought me a car too.
Oh ma gosh guys (⊙ヮ⊙)

^____^ <3

Band of Doodlers had boards up for people to doodle on and :D
I didn’t because I can’t draw much :(
Then we all went to queue for The Cloud of Unknowing!

Randolf Arriola!
How terrible Fiona’s first encounter of his music is live sound effects and not covers and she’s completely lost trust in my taste in music.
But then again, hardly anyone likes the songs I listen to anyway… (not that I know of)

Really cool display of a film with live music and special effects.
Don’t really get the story though.
I really liked the crazy trance music and strobe lights towards the end.
They all hated it (and to think they are the ones who worship clubbing).
And after we left, everyone looked at me and told me never to bring them to artsy stuff like that ever again.
Fml, I need new friends.

Ok, that’s about it!
Can’t wait for Friday because fun fun fun fun lookin’ forward to the weekends!

Fisherios Fish N Chips

Hello! :D
You know why I’m blogging another post when it’s already 4.30am?
Because I can’t sleep -___-
I literally got up at 4.30pm because I slept at 10am -____-
Ok I’ll talk about yesterday (?) later…

On Wednesday I had dinner at Fisherios Fish N Chips, the one at Takashimaya’s basement!!!
Why I’m not blogging it in order is because I want it to be the first image lol…
Shared this with Yuxuan although it’s a good portion for one and at only $7.90! :D
Normally fish n chips are so huge and makes me want to die after eating but this I feel is perfect (although I ate only half I CAN FEEL IT K)
Anyway, it’s like yummy la!
I mean we all know what fish n chips tastes like and you either like one or hate one… so ya THIS I LIKE!
And the price is so reasonable!!
So go go go get get it :D :D :D

Earlier that day I met Yuxuan at Chinatown to buy cloth (for sewing what I just posted) but before that we went to Smith St for lunch cos I was so hungry!!! :(
So we had the ah beng carrot cake and…
The amazing $5.50 xiao long baos :D
Yea we kinda shared all our meals (except snacks/drinks) that day lol…
Wanted to buy the wanton mee too but it was around 3pm then and they were out of wantons!!! :'(

Also bought new shoes because they were like $70 and I have been looking for nice and comfy shoes to buy for so long! The comfy part, I’m not entirely sure yet but when I was trying them on it sure was.

On Tuesday, went to school to meet my friends after their last paper!
I miss all of them T_T

So some of us went to Chomp Chomp Food Centre for dinner! :D

Sugar cane juice selfie ._.
This honestly is one of the better sugar cane juice around and better yet in XL

15 chicken satays for myself!
Every time I eat at Chomp Chomp I feel as if I’m merely sharing a table with the rest LOL
Because all the food they eat have crazy chili in them so I always settle my own meal LOL

Chicken wings came very late because the other stall was closed so every chicken wing order was made there…
Ended the night sitting at the rooftop and them drinking Bacardi with 7-Up and also eating crushed ice :D

Last Saturday, I went to Singapore Night Festival with my aunt!
But before that, I went to Sunshine Plaza to buy Tomicas :)

Got me an SLS :)
It was a crazy hot day too!!
I was sweating the moment I left home and never once stopped despite fanning myself the whole time (like I literally brought a fan out cos it was so hot) until I got home again omg…
Ok then after dinner, we went around and only stopping when there were very interesting stuff…
So at the National Museum of Singapore, William Close was playing his Earth Harp and it was really good!!
And thus crowded as hell but slowly we inched closer and closer till my camera could actually get shots like these lol…
Most of the time I just stuck my camera in the air (cos I’m short) and hope that he’s in the frame lol…
He made a harp with the building what the hell???
The guitarist who was playing too and I took a picture of him cos I couldn’t get a good shot of Close with the truss in the way :/
He didn’t just invent the Earth Harp…
He also invented the Drum Cloud!
The drummer played it for like 20s or something :(
And his percussion jacket!
Really cool performance :D
Then we also saw people constantly staring at trees on which there were projections…
They were buddhas and you could see them properly only from certain angles.
Weren’t interesting enough to me but there were people who kept staring and staring and wouldn’t move lol…
Could they be praying or meditating LOL
At Cathay Green, it feels most like a festival because there were food and music and all…
Basically a lepak corner…
But we weren’t hungry and all so yea we left soon and went to Armenian St because there were lots of music lined up.
We both liked Brass Nation, a roving brass band, and this street was really cool just that IT WAS SO GODDAMN HUMID?!??!?!
Also there was an alley with really aromatic satay but a long queue so we didn’t bother to eat it lol…
Anyway, if you’re reading this today, you actually still can make it for the festival’s last day to catch all that’s there.

Ok and that night I was hungry…

So I made plain pasta and tossed it with black pepper and ate with my fingers from the pot while watching Pokemon in the dead of night.
Hell yeah I love the holidays!!!

Also bought these super yummy (and so darn cute) seaweed because they were on sale LOL
Always wanted to buy them (for the tins mostly) but they were $11 EACH and I just couldn’t bring myself to do it…
So when I saw it was $3, I got one each for tasting and omg????
They’re so yummy????
I love the plain one (purple tin) but the aftertaste is kinda totally gross… but nice

Erm yes,
So yesterday morning, after completing sewing the bag at 5am, I started to iron all my clothes that were waiting to be ironed (for a month or so) cos the iron was in my room, I couldn’t let my laziness even beat that!
And I tried to sleep but couldn’t…
So I went out at 7.30am because I had a mad craving for McDonald’s hash browns…
I wanted 5!!!!
But I thought better…

So I got a filet-o-fish meal.
I was gonna settle for just the hash brown that came with it but the girl in line before me got TWO so I couldn’t resist… -____-

After eating all that, I looked back and saw that there was NO QUEUE and I… got one more hash brown.
I could’ve gotten about another 3 more but did you know it is $1.90 each?!?!?!?
Is it not robbery?!?!?!?!?
Ok then I went home and read a bit more and then I went to sleep…

and woke up for dinner that is the amazing Ghim Moh pho I got my mum to buy home for me cos I thought Ghim Moh closed down but it didn’t!!!!!!!!!

Ok, so it’s gonna be 6am soon…
And I’m not very sleepy yet if at all -____-
Ok, Imma go read a book!!!!!
Goodbye :D

DIY: Carrier Bag


Sewed this bag by hand over two days! (◕‿◕✿)
Really happy with how it turned out after staring at a plastic bag and figuring out how I could sew one.

Yes, this was my inspiration .___.
Spent more time than required (basically 90% of the time) trying to blind stitch my hems and seams down because I don’t have a machine…
So it looks great outside but its inside is a mess!
To be honest, I had no matching threads so I took the closests and had to use three different threads because I ran out of the first two…
(You could say I’m trying to like sewing but I don’t have the resources)
Got this fabric because it was beautiful, not too thin, and creases (and also made in Japan).
Because I’m a grand noob I always press my fabric so I can sew more or less in a straight line so the ability to crease is very important (lol).
But this fabric was even better because it had a very neat pattern on both sides and I followed that (as well as my creases loosely) to sew and this is the first time I’ve ever sewn anything (just the seams lol) so neatly!!!
:D :D :D
(Click for larger image)
Ok, so I just doodled this little template so y’all can make it too! (✿◠‿◠)
(But I’d be so pissed if y’all used it for money-making and I don’t get any (╹◡╹)凸)
You should also figure out your own way of hemming because mine sucks (because I didn’t have matching threads remember) (so I couldn’t even do a normal and neat backstitch)
And of course you could tweak the measurements to your needs…
The gusset is so huge I love it :D
Ok, that is all!!!!!