Zion Riverside Food Centre

Wazzup. I know I’ve neglected this space once again. But that’s because I love my job so much.
Recently snagged the mayorship of the said hawker on Foursquare (LOL nobody uses it anymore) and thought it should be my duty to fill here with pictures of repetitive food choices :D

When I first found out there was a hawker I was shocked la… Cos I passed this road for 5 months before and never once noticed its existence. What’s more, it was home to so many popz stalls.

Lau Goh’s CTK. It’s sibei yums. Then I found out the black one was nice too.

Boon Tong Kee’s duck rice. Ya, you thought they made chicken rice but this is good too.

This wanton mee is niceness. But it makes me miss the one at Smith Street a lot T_T

Ingredients gao gao char kway teow. Anyway, I brought my mum to eat this and she said it’s yummy. She is damn stingy with praises so it’s safe to say it’s damn good. I’m in no position to judge char kway teow because I seldom eat char kway teow.

Chicken chop took no time at all to prepare. It’s yummy but the chicken chop is more like chicken slice I’m quite sad about that :(

The one thing there that I feel I won’t eat again…

Damn good fishballs O____O

The one time I found the store queueless so I went to the display and saw CEREAL CHICKEN omg :D

No effort chicken rice set :'( I look at the vegetable and I cry.

Also the BESTESTESTEST iced Milo in all history of hawker iced Milos. Kenjo is 24 hours but it’s more like 24 minutes. Sometimes it’s closed :'( The uncle see Douglas and I coming then pull down the shutters or something LOLOL.
Anyway I don’t think you can find a thicker iced Milo that stays thick even after all the ice has melted.

Discovered the BBQ wings are hella yummy.

Maybe any BBQ wings beside some form of water body will always taste great i.e. at East Coast Park and stuff.

When I was buying the wings I noticed the queue at this prawn noodle stall was L-shaped… so I made it a point to have some when there’s no queue. It’s so nice T_T it’s like tonkotsu with prawns.

Addiction T_T

Hazel came to meet me for dinner one day. I then realised it wasn’t me she came for. It was the fishball noodles :'(

Bak chor mee and I figured the fishball noodles are still better because their meatball had the really porky taste :/

Ayam panggang here is actually not bad but it makes me miss the one in NP :/
PRO TIP: Be a guy or get a guy to order this for bigger bang for your buck because if you’re not an auntie-killer, the $4 you spend will yield much lesser food…

Told you so…


Another annoying thing I’ve been doing? Rotating between 3 meal options (actually 2) at Ichiban Boshi thanks to their mega value off-peak meal.
That’s like $6.90 after taxes for a mini donburi, chawanmushi, miso soup and tea. The word mini shouldn’t really be there because this $6.90 will fill you. Of course, at the expense of having your meal at a weird ass timing that is neither lunch nor dinner.

Karaage don. This is why the 3 eventually became 2.

Because 3 pieces of chicken is really not worth it in comparison to the others…

Yakiniku don. You see why.

Tempura don. They don’t let me change the vegetables though. The good thing is there are colleagues who don’t eat ebi tempura (why?!) and eat eggplants and lady’s fingers (WHY?!) so we trade tempura LOL.

On days I don’t feel like eating fried food I’d opt for this.

But this usually wins because the scrambled egg between the tempura and the rice is the MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM ;__;

Other food stuff with a little more variation (who am I kidding though):

Kid’s meal at Ramen Champion. Delicious. Why aren’t adults’ meals as comforting and assorted?

Also, it came in a car. Speechless :D :D :D

Tebasaki. Bae.


Omurice :D

The other time twister fries made a comeback for SG50, I ate few things else.

If they served twister fries in the morning, you wouldn’t see this on the tray.

Gone case.

Banana Nutella crepe at Ned’s Crepe. Think I need to figure out how to make my own crepes and eat them forever or something.

Yuzu honey soft cream costed me a bloody $6 or something as ridiculous at Isetan’s fair :/ sucker for Japanese food T_T

Usual cheese baked pasta at Eighteen Chefs


Châteraisé had an atrium pop-up and I saw it every single day. How could I resist???????

This mikan ice-cream is beyond belief. Unfortunately, it’s some limited edition thingy that the chef at Kuriya made just for this pop-up. Lagi unfortunately, Zihui and Jes who tried some on my recommendation didn’t like it .__. ACQUIRED TASTE AH.


Brown sugar castella!!!

Ramune ice!

Double fantasy cream puff!

The last day of the pop-up I went overboard ._.

Bento is life. Period.

Unatama for $8 T_T yumz T_T

Surprise pasar malam. Take my money.

Pisang keju???

Fried fish bee hoon soup at Chai’s Original Sliced Fish Soup.
You know, if someone names their stall after a dish, you should order it…
Because I gehkianged and ordered fried fish I had a terrible first impression of this T_T cos I was eating bunches of flour with no fish whatsoever T_T

Ok then this one got fish. Because I bought the dish the stall was named after. Rule of thumb.

Never trusting cereal fish that aren’t from Kimly.

Pepper Lunch lor…

Triple-Os has 0 customer for as long as I’ve seen the food court and I went and got myself a burger. Really nice fries but now I’m just really skeptical about the food because how long has it been there?? It was also the day my phone shattered I had to use my phone in a plastic bag so I don’t cut myself up using it excessively.

Tony’s Pizza. X__X

Truffle fries.

Shared this 18″ with Douglas. Is eating more than a guy a cause for worry? Anyway I died when I went home. 4 slices is no joke X___X

Potato soup :D
The other time Zhu Jun was like “is this an ant?” then she called for the waiter and went “THERE’S AN ANT IN MY SOUP!!!” and I just LOL-ed because I was watching my childhood joke books in person for the first time ever hahahaha turns out it was some herb from their bread that looks really like an insect!!

Breaded chicken leg :D

Fruit tart :D
Pepper Steakhouse & Bistro seems to be always empty and I was of course pleasantly surprised to learn that the food tastes great and the set lunches are so affordable :D

This is Mike’s croissant pudding. He asked me to take a photo of it for him and then I refused to send it to him and tried to sell it to him as if it were stock .___. he still doesn’t have this picture.

Tomato soup :D

Black pepper chicken burger :D

Praline mousse tart :D

Chicken hor fun at 品味新天地 (thanks geo-tagging, I’ll never have remembered this name without you) was yums.

We were sitting beside Krispy Kreme for a month and finally we decided to buy some. I’m not a donut person.

My first time at Kenny Rogers Roasters.

The chicken soup is damn nice la!! :D


Jes looks like a 35-year-old mother of Jasmine’s.

Shared this pint with Zihui. It’s damn yummy????? T_T
Anyway, I miss Zihui as a co-pilot now that she’s in UK. We didn’t even have a supper we could call successful yet! :/

Gastronomia‘s lasagne :D

New additions to my tiny Tomica collection. (I earned negative on this day thanks to the toy store T_T)

Nutella cake :D

Favourite salted caramel crodo :D

All the while I thought Don‘s logo was very sketchy so I never tried to give it a try. Mana tau the chicken pie is damn delicious T____T

Ducky at Poulet

Never really enjoyed Snickers because they always hurt my mouth since it’s a hard brick of dryness but Snickers ice-cream is something else.

Then there was once I shared this 1.6kg watermelon with Jes because it looked so good and I was craving for fruits :/
I totally loved it but everyone kept staring :( Why is it ok for you to eat Llao Llao while walking and me eating a watermelon is not?!?!!?!?!?!?!?

Jasmine & Friends. She turned 20.

Maggi goreng pattaya at Spize. It’s so spicy but it’s very nice la.
The sad thing is… the Milo dinosaur here costs $3.90 and isn’t even thicker than my $1.50 iced Milo at the hawker T_T

Other food stuff eaten when not being paid to be eating (hahahaha):

Had breakfast at Asanoya Bakery before I went to get myself a job. Yummy as before but I had to chow it down for I was almost late :/ When will I eat here without being pressed for time?

Crispy pork belly burger with fairy fries at Hambaobao. Really yummy and affordable. Except the place is really humid and dark…

Green tea bingsu at Binggojung! It’s like ice kacang on steroids!!!! Why is it that kakigori that I prefer and has been around for much longer never got its popularity?

Champignon red wine pork chop at Three Little Pigs. I felt rather upset that I spent half my day’s earning on something unsatisfactory.

Submarine baked potatoes wowowow!

Juchheim had baumkuchen ice-cream :D :D :D BAE

Red bean bingsu (hahahaha my caption then was “red beangsu” hahahahaha I’m so funniez) at Café Insadong which I thought was super expensive for its size???

Chicken wings at Farmart :D

VENISON!!!!!! :D

Cheng’s Seafood Village needs to be in charge of more zichar places man!

Is this love?

Went to Nathan Hartono’s charity gig with Lynette and flying Hilary :D

Strawberry hazelnut crepe at Max Brenner Chocolate Bar.

Gyoza-ya sells amazing gyoza at affordable prices O.O
(and this is too many gyoza for one person x_x)

Teriyaki chicken bento from Teppei Syokudo. They sell the bestest bento ever??? ;__;

Karaage bento ;___;

Xi Xiang Feng ??? yong tau foo. Who knows YTF can garner such a long queue man??

Hilary celebrated her 21st at The Refinery.

And the food’s so yummy!!!!!!


Ang kong siao at the Padang because SG50!!!!

My seat was awesome and the mobile column was :D :D :D

Rong Cheng bak kut teh afterwards.

I’m so boring I only drink the same shit at Koi all the time. Ice-cream hazelnut milk tea with konjac and pearls.

Teacher gave everyone Gudetama ^____^ hahahaha

The ultimate 损友 that is Chara.

Honey chicken bento from Kkul Dak. Very friendly staff but Korean bento < Japanese bento I'm so sorry…

Went to Dosukoi Sakaba after some time at Fiv五 .___.

损友 is 损友… Nobody liked sake but we got sake??? What the

But their edamame is hella good!!!!!!!! :D :D :D

Stingray .__. tastes like any other dried fish and I don’t mayonnaise.

Genius. We went to Chinatown at 10pm looking for the bae xiao long bao but forgot that shops usually are closed by then .___. So we ate the Tiong Bahru chicken rice. Soup remains damn damn damn damn good :D

Huay Kwang Thai Mookata for Fiona’s 20th :D

She was very surprised :D also bought her 5kg of russet potatoes X__X

Had my favourite Ootoya oyako don only to find they have changed the presentation.

And they reduced the size of the chawan and this one tasted like disappointment at its finest. You should all by now know that I worship this place and have high hopes for everything but tasting this was like learning that Santa doesn’t exist, etc.

Qi Ji popiah in the car.

And it’s yum!

Happy Mookata with the swagglez.

Because 梦kata is the dream. Also didn’t invite the GOH whom the event was named after .___.

Worked till 11.30pm at Changi X_X and then cabbed to freaking Boon Lay to Power with the supper club. At another table. Friends??? ;__;

Because I don’t like chilli and ikan bilis, my nasi lemak looks more like primary school mixed vegetable rice without zhap. It’s really yummy though. Or it could be that I was totally famished because I didn’t eat since starting work at 1pm? (Because by Jia Ling’s rule, sushi is a snack and I can totally agree)

Went to Ming Jia Korean Food with Jasmine after her class and had my first jjajangmyeon! It’s very nice!! :D
But you know what? I had a sauce stain on my face for an hour while shopping for dinner ingredients and not once did Jasmine try to tell me I have stuff on my face. Bitch.

Table-for-1 at Brewerkz simply because I was nearby after I finished delivering and craved my favourite soba salad :D $27 and got so many mosquito bites T_T

First time at Swee Choon Tim Sum because Chara was driving! :D

Har gow looking super sad. Since when did har gow come in twos??? T_T

This prawn beancurd roll is a ball of fire!!! Niceness.


Some #chefcasia:

Nutella-stuffed French toast and broccoli stir-fry :D

Tried baking cod but I have come to terms with my not having any affinity with the oven.

Went to Singapore Night Festival and caught an amazing performance :D

The full moon in the background makes everything even nicer.
I loved the display :) Also got an awesome spot :) Although if anything went wrong I was sure I would have died because I was constantly underneath the suspension LOL.

If you’re wondering if I made any profits at work… HAHAHA what do you think??? I spend on food as I earn T___T Just look at what I’m surrounded with T___T

Tsukada Nojo & more yums

Some time early May I went out to dinner at Tsukada Nojo with these 2 cutie pies :D They honestly are super cute :D
Travis’ friend was working there and she too was super cute :D

Bijin nabe looks like a pot of tauhuey.
So beautiful!!
All we had to do was sit and eat because the staff does everything for you!
We got free fries! They were so yummy. And to think that their loyalty programme gives you such a title even if you are jobless… it feels wonderful :)
Oh ya, when all the collagen dissolved, we found that in it were super tender chicken!
It was a delicious pot of fats.

When we were done we were given jellies with a super sweet message!

Now, for some food photos from when I returned from Tokyo till I ate there.

Prata Planet.

Some crazy huge watermelon I found very amusing.

Favourite Loong Fatt Tau Sar Piah :D
Glorious carrot cake from Whampoa Drive Market & Food Centre #01-34.

Michael Jackson from #01-52 :D

Hazel came over one day to cook stuff together :D

Odamaki-mushi for our Cooking With No Dog channel. JK. When there’s no dog, we also forgot to measure all our ingredients hahahaha :D
The chicken meat and udon we got sucks. Other than that it was good.

We then boiled shiitake and wakame and crab sticks to finish off some leftovers.
Learn the recipe from the pro:

Got this wonderful bunch of Hokkaido omiyage for only $25!!!! :D
After that, I bought another package for $50!
Then I think they found out they were making a huge loss and the prices of these now are back to almost normal retail price T____T
I was gonna spend $90 on another bigger package but I decided not to because I honestly was super broke for a while, thinking it’s gonna be there when things get better. Thanks for breaching my trust T___T

If you can’t yet tell, I love ham. Also I make amazing sandwiches because they are always overloaded. Tried to make a pocket and the bread tore LOL.

Niku udon with ebi tempura at Tsuru Koshi for only $9.90! What a wonderful promotion :D
Don’t get your hopes up because the promotion is likely over.

Shwen brought me to Guksu Restaurant for jeongol.
Looks like Tsukada Nojo’s hahaha.
Herbal chicken broth yums!
Noodles were good too, everything else ordinary, EXCEPT the bamboo meatball thing. It tasted quite chemically and ummm I tried to take more than one bite and it’s just no :(

My Instagram is like a mini time capsule. Mostly from the long time I take to blog about the food I eat lol.
Just found this and laughed at my caption:
There’s straight juice and then there’s…


I’m also an aunt now!!!!! She was born while I was having fun in Tokyo DisneySea and didn’t know about her existence until I left Tokyo Disneyland because Shwen took so long to tell me this baby was my new relative after sending me a picture of newborn her. LOL!!!!!

She looks like Elffie!

I got tickets to Kinder Bueno’s movie screening of Pitch Perfect and I asked Marissa to go with me :D

Got sushi for dinner and I was famished. Took 1.5 hours looking for the damned place because it said Gardens by The Bay but it’s nowhere to be found. Who knew there was a separate bit of Gardens at the other side of the sea?!?!?!?! T___T

Was an hour late for the screening after taking a cab there and tolerating this annoying driver. But all is well because I got a nice pillow :D

It was beautiful after :) and then we were lost. LOLZ took a taxi home.

Yummy bak kut teh for breakfast at Leon Kee Claypot Pork Rib Soup. I always liked the pepper one but this herbal one is good :D

Bunmeido’s Castella I got from Tokyo :D
I bought it because I remembered it was the shop I ordered my fake birthday cake online from and it was damn good. And also this packaging is soooo cute!!

Dinner at Ichiban Boshi with Shwen.
Salmon nitsuke. YUMMY!!!
Teriyaki chicken don.
Tempura Moriawase.
It seemed as though every time I eat with Shwen we never ever have a normal one-plate meal and we eat until we’re on the brink of death.
It surprised me how yummy the food was because I always had the impression Ichiban Boshi was a mega chain with inconsistent food. I am so sorry why did I even have that impression?? T___T

Sunday Folks again.

Then went karaoke and when we tried our best to sing Hokkien songs LOL the system shut down and couldn’t go back on HAHAHAHAHA.

Fiona was driving me home but we went to Happy Mookata for dinner first. We nearly died from the buffet :D

Went out with Pignette!!!!! :D

Tori karaage don at Isetan I love bentos :D

Also check out this huge ass tuna!!!!!!

Went to the Science Centre and found my next lunch. We left quite soon because it was quite boring T_T except for that liquid nitrogen show we went to and the whole thing exploded :D
Then we went to RWS. And settled for Chili’s.
We both got the same thing?!?!?!?!
Honey chipotle chicken crispers.
Lynette is awesome and I miss her T__T because she’s always abroad T___T
But it’s great that she can buy me stuff I can’t get in Singapore!!!

LIKE A JAR OF CASIA!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D :D
:D :D :D :D IT’S A ME :D :D

Hokkien mee from NTUC FoodFare yum.

Brought my mum to Happy Mookata and she finally said it was yummy after I tried to convince her that mookata is better than Korean BBQ, because she’s not had any mookata before.

Some dumpling noodles at Crystal Jade before I made the journey to the east.

I was early so I went and bought myself an ice-cream and then got scolded by SMRT for eating at the station. ??? But 7-Eleven is right there?!?!?!?!?!

Skating with Amanda in East Coast Park and found a chicken!
Didn’t know she was a slug!!! I had to skate and pull her because she was so lazy -_____-

And she spent lots of time sitting at the jetty and wishing she was back in Maldives. I wish I’d been to Maldives!!! -___-

Yummy beach fare! I miss eating BBQ foods by beaches T_T

We then went to Parkway Parade? Or something like that. The new stuff in the east are foreign to me. Then she went home and I waited for my mum to come pick me up.
Got her a piece of gold brownie for her birthday from Chalk Farm!
Then I found myself back at East Coast Park -____- because we’re in the east and my mum loves seafood and it’s her birthday so what better reasons do we have to not Long Beach? Actually we wanted to eat at some other crab place but it’s closed la… LOL!
Broccoli with scallops a must-have :D
Venison :D :D :D It seemed more like my birthday than hers??? -___-
Chilli crab!!!! :D

Don’t know if I’ve talked about this bae Kumamon Pocky!! I hope to find it in Singapore!!!!

Very nice prawn mee at ???? WHERE ?????? It’s at Little Road… opposite Old Street Bak Kut Teh… in a very dim coffee shop… then there’s this store. Yummy!
Then I went to Pioneer Junior College to look for Marissa at her art exhibition!

This is her piece called Weave.
She commented on my picture “nice edit!” but then I did nothing to it LOL. People I know these days literally take hours to edit one image to post online (I witnessed Yuxuan doing that) and I can’t even be bothered.

Used the cute little noritama I got from a random combini in Tokyo to make these cute little onigiri :D


Ok, I’m super hungry right now. My dinner at 6pm comprised a salad, 5 little piah balls and 6 slices of Sara Lee pound cake. T___T
What was I thinking to look through all my pictures of food in my state??? T_______T
I have not blogged about graduation and more food yet… So look forward to it!! (Although I don’t know when)
OH and also these really nice gyozas I made a few days ago!!! I will show all of you my beautiful gyozas!!!! :D

The Little Prince Art Collection & Two Wings

I found out on the night before the last day that there was this art exhibition at Fullerton Hotel featuring the artworks from my favourite book!!!!
All by Artheline PAJ Art Studio.
Those mobiles are great!
The holes are real!!!

He’s so cute!
But I’ve not seen this illustration before! I even looked through my copy of the book o.o

The Lamplighter’s got illuminated backdrop :)
My mum also casually called the King “ahma” LOL!

Only when leaving did I realise the giant mobiles above this piece.
It takes only 3-4 hours (maximum) to finish reading The Little Prince I don’t know why nobody wants to read it when I ask them to :(

I captioned this with #howdidthefoxgettoB612? Is nobody going to tell me lol…

Also behind the scenes LOL

Atap chee ice-cream duly missed :D

Went to Salute Kopitiam for dinner afterwards.
My mum got this prawn thing from Seasalt.
Didn’t fancy it very much because I don’t like cream sauces.
Mushroom soup from Stew Küche that was quite ordinary.
HAHAHAHAHAHA Two Wings but got six.
YUM but they’re super oily and I usually prefer my meat grilled.
Look how crispy!
Wedges yum yum :D

It’s also about time I go replace my stolen phone because I have no motivation to do anything at all and the spare Android is so laggy and frustrating to use >:( It’s been a month!!

GIVEAWAY!!! [CLOSED] What to Look Out For at the Singapore Favourite Food Village 2015: A Wok Down Memory Lane at Ellenborough Market

Singapore Favourite Food Village is back from 24 July to 2 August 2015 to celebrate the richness of Singapore’s culinary landscape through a variety of mouth-watering Singapore signature delights at Read Bridge, Clarke Quay.

Held in conjunction with the anchor food event, Singapore Food Festival, the Singapore Favourite Food Village is an annual 10-day local culinary festival organised by the Singapore Food & Beverage Alliance (SFBA) and supported by Singapore Tourism Board that celebrates and showcases Singapore’s rich and unique multicultural food heritage and pays homage to local culinary heroes all under one roof.

Date: 24 July to 2 August 2015
Time: 5pm to 11pm
Venue: Read Bridge, Clarke Quay

In celebration of Singapore’s Golden Jubilee, Singapore Favourite Food Village 2015 revives one of Singapore’s iconic and long-lost makan place – Ellenborough Market. If, like me, you weren’t born yet, you might not know that the 1800s – 1960s Ellenborough Market by the Singapore River was well-known for its fresh seafood and Teochew hawker fare, as many Teochews resided in that area. The market is also more affectionately known as ‘Xin Pat Sat’ or ‘Teochew Market’.

Taking ‘A Wok Down Memory Lane’ at Ellenborough Market will allow you to discover the stories behind the market nicknamed the ‘New Market’ and ‘Teochew Market’ and one of the authentic hawkers of the old Ellenborough Market along with other Teochew cuisine and local delights hawkers.

Top 10 Dishes to Look Out For

6 Traditional Teochew Food

  1. Teochew Fishball Noodles by Ming Fa Noodles House Pte Ltd
    With 42 years of experience, the fishball noodles from Ming Fa Noodles House will definitely not disappoint. Founder Lim Chye Kang started the business along the old Ellenborough Market (Clarke Quay) in 1946 to earn a livelihood as a pushcart vendor. In the 1950s, Mr Lim Chye Kang opened its first roadside stall within the vicinity of the “Xin Pa Sat”. His son, Mr Lim Gek Meng, took over the family-run business and expanded Ming Fa’s food offerings in 1973.Using the traditional recipe passed down from generations, Ming Fa’s fishballs are made daily with fish as the only main ingredient to retain its freshness and bounciness. Their menu has expanded to a variety of noodles such as minced pork noodles, chicken cutlet noodles, laksa and curry chicken.
  2. Teochew Steamed Pomfret with Preserved Soya Bean Sauce by Swissötel Merchant Court
    Chef Jason’s (Swissötel Merchant Court) Steamed Pomfret dish is based on a recipe which he cooks regularly for his own family. Aside from selecting a fresh Silver Pomfret, Chef Jason flavours the fish with sour preserved plums, fresh shiitake mushrooms and slices of ginger, carrots and tomatoes. Chef Jason’s addition of succulent shiitake mushrooms to increase the dish’s savoury notes makes it enjoyable for diners of all ages. In true Teochew style, Chef Jason also serves the steamed fish with a dipping sauce of fermented soy bean paste.
  3. Cold Crab, Teochew Style by Swissötel Merchant Court
    Cold Crab - Teochew Style
    For the Teochew Cold Crab dish, Chef Jason (Swissötel Merchant Court) keeps very close to the original recipe of selecting live market-fresh crabs, steaming at a high temperature with a splash of Chinese Wine and then chilling the cooked crabs before serving it cold. A timeless classic such as this, Chef Jason believes, should be preserved for the enjoyment of future generations.
  4. Lao Fu Zi Char Kway Teow
    Char Kway Teow is a noodle dish with humble beginnings. Originally invented as a low-cost yet energising meal for the labourers in Singapore, it was often sold by fishermen, farmers, and cockle gatherers, doubling up as char kway teow hawkers in the evening to supplement their income.With its long history and traditional recipe, it is no surprise that Lao Fu Zi Char Kway Teow is an old name that almost everyone can identify with when it comes to a plate of hot piping plate of fried kway teow. Stir-fried in pork lard over very high heat with light and dark soy sauce, chilli, belachan, Chinese sausage slices, fish cake, cockles, bean sprouts, chopped Chinese chives and egg, this fragrant noodle dish will have you begging for more!
  5. Teochew Braised Duck by Mr Duck
    Braised Duck
    Braised ducks or Lor Ark come in two different styles. While the Hokkien-style offers thick and sweet gravy, the Teochews specialize in making light and savoury ‘Lor Chap’ or braising sauce. The key to serving flavourful braised duck is in the braising sauce: a mixture of dark soy sauce, soya sauce, five spices powder.Mr Duck’s braising sauce also consists of unique blend of herbs for a healthier recipe that can fit into everyone’s diet. The sauce has been well-liked by customers all these years and the traditional secret recipe has been passed on from its previous senior head chef to the next generation’s chefs.

    The whole duck is then lightly pan-fried and stewed for hours in the braising sauce for a moist and tender texture. To ensure that the moisture of the duck meat is not lost, the art of chopping meat is also highly emphasized by traditional Teochew hawkers. Thin and wide slices of meat, accompanied by braised rice and soy sauce eggs, completes the hearty meal.

  6. Teochew Bak Kut Teh by Xiao Chen Gu Shi
    Bak Kut Teh
    Bak Kut Teh literally means ‘meat bone tea’ in English. In Singapore, there are two styles of cooking: the clear pepperish Teochew broth and the black herbal Hokkien version. Did you know that Bak Kut Teh does not contain tea as an ingredient despite its name? The ‘tea’ in the name actually refers to the accompanying pot of Chinese Oolong tea, which is believed to aid in digestion and to rid of the greasiness from this dish.In the early days, Chinese coolies formed the early backbone of Singapore’s labour force and were engaged mainly in hard physical labour. After a hard day’s work, the Chinese coolies would gather and have a bowl of Bak Kut Teh as their staple meal to replenish lost energy.

    Story of Chen (小陈故事) was inspired by the historical significance and presence of Bak Kut Teh roadside stalls and vendors along the Singapore River, and had then decided to open up a shop front with traditional fixtures and decor along the same vicinity to relive old times and the ‘birthplace’ of Bak Kut Teh.

4 Fusion Food

  1. Carrot Cake by Everything Foods
    Carrot Cake
    Fried carrot cake or Chai Tow Kway is traditionally a Teochew dim sum, made by mixing grated radish (white carrot), rice flour and water to form a paste which is then steamed in a rectangular pan. The resulting “carrot cake” is sliced into rectangular blocks, and then fried on a metal griddle till the outsides are crispy. The version served by Teochew hawkers are usually prepared by frying steamed carrot cake with preserved turnip, diced garlic, eggs, and fish sauce instead of soya sauce.Invented by the Teochew Sisters, Candy and Jenny from Everything Foods, Carrot Cake with Salted Egg Sauce combines the traditional Teochew recipe with a modern twist. Simmered with fresh crabs, the salted egg sauce is then drizzled on their rendition of the Carrot Cake to give it a light crab fragrance. Other Carrot Cake flavours that Everything Foods will also be bringing to the crowd are Tom Yam, Sour Cream and Onion, Hot and Spicy and Barbecue.
  2. Truffle Wanton Noodles by Bee Kee
    For the love of Wanton Noodles, Jo Ann, the founder of Bee Kee, was inspired to modernise Wonton Noodle with a special ingredient.Known as Wanton Mee locally, there are two variants of this Cantonese noodle dish: wonton noodles served in steaming hot broth; or noodles served dry with seasoning and soup on a separate bowl. Traditionally, the wantons – which refer to dumplings in Cantonese – are boiled served with soup. However, in recent years fried wantons have emerged as a hot favourite amongst Singaporeans.

    As Truffle Oil dishes have caused hype amongst the younger generation, Jo Ann decided to infuse it into their noodles. The Char Siew on the noodles is also torched aburi-style to caramelize the outside and the soft bone is braised overnight for the melt-in-the-mouth texture.

  3. Ondeh Ondeh Churros
    Suyi and Jeremy started their first concept café, Churros Factory, in 2014 at I12 Katong Mall. Upon starting up their pop-up cafe, they came to notice that there was a high demand and a potential opportunity to further expand their humble start-up. Since then, they have placed focus on creating more unique flavours to suit the local taste.Being situated at Katong, a vibrant Peranakan neighborhood, Jeremy and Suyi were inspired by the Peranakan culture and were inspired to create Ondeh Ondeh Churros, an East-meets-West recipe that eventually became their signature dish. The Ondeh Ondeh churros has since been a hit at their pop up stall and a sensational hype on both social and marketing media platforms.

    The Ondeh Ondeh Churros replicates the look and feel of the Peranakan Kueh, Ondeh Ondeh. It is infused with Pandan flavour and paired with a gula melaka dip, topped with coconut shavings. Churros Factory aims to be globally recognised as the Singapore brand of Churros with various adapted recipes.

  4. Honey Hoisin Orange Glazed Pork Ribs
    A modern take on the traditional Char Siew BBQ Pork Ribs, Fern & Kiwi fuses the western style with a dash of acidic flavour and the oriental method of roasting the ribs for a red glossy sheen that warrants a sweet glaze beneath.Fern & Kiwi originated in Christchurch, New Zealand featuring the best New Zealand food. Within 24 years, they had set up 21 cafes all around Australia, and Singapore is one of the first overseas ventures. Highly raved since its opening, Fern & Kiwi proudly brings New Zealand food closer to Singaporeans and constantly innovates by whipping up fusion dishes to cater to the local palates.

For Your Entertainment

Teochew Opera Porridge
Apart from savouring the rustic flavours of traditional cuisine, learn a tip or two from the award-winning celebrity chef, Eric Low, while he showcases the authentic way of preparing Teochew Opera Porridge.

Live Cooking Demonstrations by the various Teochew chefs are available every weekend from 24 July to 2 August 2015.

As the name implies, this porridge was sold in street hawker stalls during the heyday of Teochew street operas. They would travel with the performing troupes around the island and business was brisk as good performing troupes could easily attract large audiences. This porridge made an ideal supper treat as each performance ended rather late close to midnight.

While feasting to your heart’s content, you will be entertained by the traditional Teochew Opera, Tok Tok Chiang, which is co-founded by local celebrity Nick Shen Wei Jun. Driven by his passion for Chinese Opera, Nick Shen founded Tok Tok Chiang in 2010 to reconnect youths with their cultural roots and keep the dying art of Chinese Opera alive. With refreshing elements such as magic tricks and bilingual performances, Tok Tok Chiang remains relevant by reaching out to people of different races in racially diverse Singapore.

Be entertained by the traditional Teochew Opera every weekend from 24 July to 2 August 2015 by Tok Tok Chiang and Nam Hwa Teochew Opera Troupe!


SFBA is giving away a pair of Weekday Dining Ellenborough Market Cafe Vouchers worth $48 each!

To stand a chance to win, simply share this post or this event on any social networking site (Twitter/Facebook/Instagram/etc.) with the hashtag #SFFV15 and send an email with your Full Name (as per NRIC), NRIC No., Mobile No. and Email Address to casiachew@gmail.com by 19 July 2015, 2359h.

A winner will be picked at random. Good luck! :D
The winner will be sent an email to collect the vouchers. Prize redemption will be at the Information Counter at Singapore Favourite Food Village from 24 July to 2 August 2015, 5pm – 11pm daily.

Visit singaporefavouritefood.sg for more information and updates on Singapore Favourite Food Village 2015!

1 Day in Batam

#casiainbatam Flickr

I went to Batam with Marissa last week! She paid for my share of the Groupon deal as a belated birthday present LOL thanks BBG (no, it’s not babygirl (she’s turning 20 this year!), it’s Batam Bebek Goreng). For $40 + $20 ferry tax + $6.50 ferry tax, I find this trip a darn good steal! Which explains why so many people have gone on the exact same tour (literally the whole itinerary). Google it!

Even then, I won’t spare anyone of this stupid image of the store front of Chocolate House, which was the first stop upon leaving Sekupang Ferry Terminal.
Honestly quite boring and the whole bus (15 tourists) went in and out empty-handed.

Went to Maha Vihara Duta Maitreya Buddhist Temple!
It is filled with the Laughing Buddha.
There’s a whole stretch of super cute statues but I only took photo of this because he was in one of the most comfortable positions ever.
*can’t be bothered to straighten this picture or wait for the roads to clear*
At this point I was really hungry and lunch was hours away T_T
Found a sign pointing to a restaurant and, from the other end of the aisle I saw a signboard that said “vegetarian restaurant”! I nearly wept! Of course there wasn’t gonna be any meat in a temple T_T
But soon I found out why the Buddha was laughing. Or Buddhas were laughing.
My fondest memory of Batam when I was there a decade ago was their fried potato tossed in flavouring powders.
And while this takes on a new shape, IT WAS AMAZING AND WAS ONLY 50 CENTS A STICK!!!!!!!!!!! I got one more but that one was cut too thin and chip-like crispy. Still, I should’ve gotten all of them!!!

Next was boring shopping at ??????
Magnum was $1.80 so I had to buy it right? Not really… it wasn’t very yummy and I should’ve eaten other wacky ice-cream.

Lapis of lapis at Batam Layer Cakes. Didn’t get to try samples because it was so crowded and I just didn’t want to squeeze in. Bought a box of kueh lapis with prunes for my mum because she told me to buy one if it was below $30, and it was strategically $29 lol. It smelled really good but the layers were a mess of waves and they tasted ok, although I’m no big fan of kueh lapis… (I LOVE BAUMKUCHEN THOUGH)

FINALLY it was lunch time!!! This seafood lunch at Golden Prawn 933 is included in the package. Talk about value!!
It was not bad!
Except I limited myself to eating rice + calamari (yum) + this corn soup made of starch (unexpectedly yum). Because I don’t eat gong gong, sambal kangkong is coated in sambal, the fish was fried and bony and slightly spicy so I gave up trying, every prawn was stained with mayonnaise except one (so I ate that one), and I had nobody to help me with the crab and it didn’t have the giant pincer (the only part I know how to eat without assistance).

We were going around Golden City and we were at this stop for activities.
$6 for 15 arrows. Bullseye and I’ll get a free ride on the flying fox.
But I sucked T_T
So did Marissa. She also offered to pay $6 for me to fly through a jungle and over a pond.
Putting on my harness as I stared at what might kill me.
The biggest challenge was really trying to scale this tower on steep stairs with only one side of rails to hold on to. So I was grabbing on to dear life with both hands because I would plunge to my death if I were to slip. I should have been belayed before ascending lor T_T
Jumping off, it was quite lame and not exactly fast or anything…
Before I left I asked the dude how I was gonna get down and he said his friend is at the other end. So ok.
BUT when I was approaching the end THERE WAS NOBODY???? So I was like “OMG HOW DO I STOP? I AM GOING TO DIE?”
Then they slowly appeared and pushed a ladder to me LOL. Everybody was laughing? Sadistic as hell??? :(
First time on a zip-line and I survived! WHO’S LAUGHING NOW????
Sisters Rivlyn and Rivy (Ikr I thought my name was unconventional) were the only ones other than myself to do stuff here lol.

They give us shower caps to reduce the grossness of shared helmets but man do they smell terrible. Mine was damp and the face shield wouldn’t stay up nor down so it’s part smelly and part obstructed vision.
I chose the faster vehicle but they gave me a bloody slow one so instead of zoom zoom I was looking at people overtaking me and all .__.

Then everyone was going into a massage parlour and I decided to spend an hour in the vicinity instead.
Walking out they were like trying to sell me drinks and I saw coconut (ya they were all on the ground and literal roadside) so I told them “You sell coconuts? Ok. I’ll come back later. Maybe.”
Took a long time to cross the road to a mall and went to a smelly arcade (mostly adults smoking with like 5 kids around) and exchanged tickets for 2 erasers LOL. Really wanted to play basketball but the kids were hogging the machines and when I returned expecting them to be done, I saw that they have claimed a basketball and was playing soccer with it.
Took an even longer time to cross over again.
Got 10 sticks of chicken satay for $1.50 O__O
They asked “Rice?” and I said no and I still got rice? What are they earning??? O__O
Not bad but they’re so skimpy with meat (I understand completely)($1.50 leh, how to hiam) and most of them had only 2 chunks.
Went to get a coconut. They have pushed a punctured cart to the roadside and put some coconuts on it and called it a stall LOL. The flesh was so tender :D the juice wasn’t perfect but it didn’t taste bad. It was also $1.50.

Went to BCS Mall. Found an optometry selling frames with prescription lenses for only $18!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I also found a really cute frosted pink frame but it would take 2 days for it to be done and I was returning to Singapore the next day T_T
Was on the bus and suddenly the front burst into song because it was Rivlyn’s birthday and they had a cake LOL happy birthday Rivlyn!

It was 5pm when the bus left to take everyone to the ferry terminal or their hotels. I was really pissed having to sit in the bus for more than 2 hours when I really want to go to Nagoya Hills and grab some A&W for dinner! Why were we the last? T_T
21st floor at Nagoya Mansions.

Went out and walked in the dark to Nagoya Hills. It was 8pm >:(
Also had to witness something disturbing while I was trying to grab a shot of the mosque and I didn’t even have time to compose or focus anything and we left.
Got myself a kid meal because I wanted an A&W pencil case.
Also upgraded my root beer to a float and got curly fries.
Their chicken is so much better than KFC’s I don’t understand why A&W left Singapore!!!! :(
Bought a waffle even though I was already pregnant with non-stop feeding and was super full, because my mum swears by A&W’s waffles. What a disappointment having to bite into hard batter which only tasted good at the end when my ice-cream made it soggy…

Went to Hypermart on the hunt for mi goreng :D
It was a wall of instant noodles!! I got 10 packs of Indomie’s :D
Their Yakult was a tad smaller (why?) but a 5-pack was only 85 cents?!?!?!?! I didn’t buy it. Hahahaha. Why?????

Went back to the hotel by taxi. $5 is a rip-off but it was late. Bathed and slept to the monotonous voice of documentaries (one of the best ways to sleep even though they’re entertaining) some time around midnight after being awake for god knows how long?
I woke up the day before at 5.30pm because I was dreaming I was a Hogwarts student and was involved in a war and waking up at 2.30pm I went back to sleep to resume the great action LOL. Then I couldn’t sleep so I stayed up and only intermittently napped otw to the hotel. Basically I didn’t sleep for the whole of Tuesday and more.

Woke up and heard Marissa in the shower so I was like wth what time is it now? So I checked and it was 6am. Turns out Marissa didn’t know what time it was and didn’t even bother to check HAHAHAHAHA!
Hotel breakfast with Marissa’s colleague who was also staying at the hotel.
Sunnies on toast darn good :D (of course, I brought the toast to the egg station myself)

On the bus to Batam Centre I wanted to take photos of the ‘Welcome to Batam’ sign in the forest but I hesitated and missed everything. I should’ve filmed the beautiful roundabout. Why was my camera inside my bag and not around my neck anyway? :/

Had time to spare before boarding our ferry back and we crossed over to Mega Mall. Marissa wanted to eat KFC but then she was like “aiya we can eat that in Singapore. Let’s eat A&W again.” LOL!
Chicken soup was nice! Lots of chicken chunks and vegetables in it :D
God is real.

Back to Singapore.
The end!

Yesterday morning Fiona called me and asked if I had my passport. She wanted me to go to JB today to eat. OF COURSE I WANTED TO. But I have class in the evening and I don’t know how to return to Singapore by myself LOL.
The end (of sad story of the adventure that never happened)!

Spring in Tokyo (Part 11): Videos & TLDR Summary

Flickr #casiaintokyo
Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5Part 6Part 7Part 8Part 9Part 10

Day 8

Last day and Yuxuan wanted to sleep in. I woke up early and walked all the way down to Sendagaya to look for a unicycle shop. I was bent on getting one here because I have no idea where mine went and I’ve not even learnt how to ride one yet.
It was raining and windy and I was dying trekking from the apartment past Harajuku station T_T Checked the temperature to see if I was going to make it alive. 3°C. Nope. I decided to steal an abandoned umbrella if I chanced upon one. I found one!!! It was damaged T_T Continued my journey in the rain and finally found Sendagaya Elementary School. It was a miracle considering my atrocious map-reading skills.
I was too early and I needed a place to shelter myself and get breakfast. Apparently 8.30am was too early for shops to be opened -____- So I went into a combini and got microwaved bento for breakfast…
Slowly I began to feel at my fingers again :) 8 days and I didn’t manage to get a pair of gloves .__.
Went to look for the shop again now that I have found the street. Crap. I didn’t know how to read addresses. How shall I find the building?? Asked a passerby and in that absurd weather he kindly obliged (although I was absolutely clueless as to what he was muttering) and even shared his umbrella with me LOL! Ok, we were just a few units past it and then I found the place! Thanked him and I went up.
Became illiterate when I entered the office. Also found out they had only one model left in stock and I had to pre-order online for the model I want because it just so happens I didn’t have enough yen on me to buy what’s there -______-
Such a torturous and pointless trip T_T Anyway, it’s still manufacturing and I can only expect it to arrive after July T_T

Walked back to Harajuku station and concluded I would die if I continued on foot so I took a short train ride to the next stop and relished in its warmth. Went back into the apartment to find Yuxuan about to abandon me with a note LOL. Then she went out shopping and lunching while I snuggled in the duvet to get myself out of hypothermia LOL :D

Packed up and left for Shibuya station around 1pm to catch the Narita Express to the airport!
Like losers we had to give up our seats for someone who reserved it. It was super crowded by then and the train master came by and told us we had to exchange our stub for a reserved seat ticket -___- There was no such instructions on the stub??? T_____T
That aside, the toilet is a dream!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Narita Airport was not messy but we got lost for a while .__.
Found Traveler’s Factory and bought a bunch of MTN goodies for cheap!!! I mean to start on a journal but I haven’t touched it yet lol. I will soon (I last said the same thing 2 months ago LOL). It was here I exhausted all my yen and was left with no more than $2.
Ebi kakiage udon for late lunch I paid Yuxuan in SGD for because I told you I had no more yen hahahaha :D
Saw ice-cream in a vending machine and it was my last vending machine moment :'( so I found just enough coins to buy this Lady Borden one and it was yummy!!!!!! :D

Goodbye sakura land T_T
A siren sounded and the plane came to a halt .__.
With all these aviation disasters lately, I bought a travel safety omamori at a shrine and had it in my duffel bag overhead. Nothing’s gonna happen!
That’s right… the plane didn’t even take off yet!!! The flight was delayed for 1.5 hours.
Was thirsty as hell and asked for some water. Flight attendant was like sure :D but then she got her crew and started from the top and served EVERYONE water while I slowly let the drought in my mouth take me. You’re welcome guys… ;___;
Watched the sky turned dark as I weeped internally. There goes my chance at a glimpse of Mt. Fuji .__. In fact, both my window seats had been disrupted and I just :'(
The plane took off and I was dejected with the vast darkness out there so I promptly went to the toilet and removed my contacts before the meals came.

Bloody hell. I looked out after that and the night sky was sprinkled with the most magnificent glitter T____T I strained and strained by my myopia wouldn’t let me admire at the stars at all T_T
So I turned to my camera. Also used the blanket to block out the internal lights and reflections but…
What the…?
It wouldn’t focus…
And then the wing’s light started to fight for attention…
I just wished you guys could see the stars (jk I wished I could see the stars) with close to none of those city light pollutions.

The problem with blogging 2 months late is that I have no idea what these are anymore .___.
I just know the potatoes were awesome :D
So I reached Singapore after intermittent naps and movies… and since then I have never not complained about the humidity of this tropical island.

THE END. (Finally) (I thought this would never end) (YAY!)

TDLR Summary

Part 1:
Went to Meguro River to look at sakura but found it at the wrong end so walked in the cold for hours :( Also didn’t know night falls so soon and everywhere was pitch black…

Part 2:
Went to Imperial Palace and its surroundings. Sakura heaven ^_^

Part 3:
Ueno was one of my favourite places! Walked through a beautiful park strewn with blooms to see animals. Very funny animals. Afterwards, had a bunch of street food and rode in a pedal boat! :D

Part 4:
Quite a wasted trip to Tokyo Skytree because we wanted to go to Asakusa instead. Things turned out better when I found Gudetama Cafe and Yuxuan became addicted to gachapon :D

Part 5:
Caught in a sakura storm on the way to Inokashira Park :D We didn’t manage to get tickets for Ghibli Museum and I cri errday :'( Also took an hour to look for toilet :/

Part 6:
Went to Roppongi. Lost. Went to Shinjuku. Lost. Calves became cows now. Had wonderful yakitori dinner at Nanbantei :D

Part 7:
Shopped at Harajuku. Ate crepes. Went to Odaiba and rode on the Daikanransha. Went to the arcade after that because Yuxuan was an addict that I have created.

Part 8:
Had very amazing coffee. Or should I say koffee? Shopped in Shibuya.

Part 9:
Tokyo DisneySea!! :D It was really nice. Took photos with Duffy! :D

Part 10:
Tokyo Disneyland!! :D Between the two, I liked Disneyland more. If I had been to other Disney parks beforehand, this decision may be different. Found out I wanted to live in Disneyland.

Part 11 (which is this post):

I love Japan :D I want to go to every prefecture :D Where is my money :D

Spring in Tokyo (Part 10): Tokyo Disneyland

Flickr #casiaintokyo
Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5Part 6Part 7Part 8Part 9Part 11

Day 7

Had we planned earlier, we could’ve moved to a place closer to Maihama since we had to take this long route twice for two consecutive days. But no biggie because bento :D I want to buy every bento there is but I can’t :(
Saw this cutie octopus bowl at Gindaco somewhere in Tokyo station so… I bought it.
Although it was stained with mayonnaise and tartar everywhere T_T it’s too cute!!
It was a bowl of delicious lies. Fake tako (hotdog). Fake takoyaki (delicious potatoes). I swear both of us were fooled into thinking they were takoyaki!!!!! Very delicious soboro don nonetheless :D
Continued our journey to Disneyland after yummy breakfast of deceit lol…

We didn’t have to take a monorail to Disneyland but the walk was so pleasant.
The sky was gloomy and I think that contributed to a theme park that was surprisingly not crowded :D
Why am I still the only person in colour?? :/
Upon entering, some excited caucasian beamed and said “sumimasen!!” and we both just huh??? LOL he thought it was “hello” and Yuxuan (using new found knowledge) told him “sumimasen” means “excuse me” HAHAHAHA :D

First thing we saw was a queue to Mickey! In fact, the whole ground was sprinkled with mascots :D
Flowers everywhere :)
Took a picture with Fairy Godmother because she had no queue at all (poor thing) but of course!! Her face is immensely creepy T__T Still really funny Yuxuan cried (out of happiness) when she hugged her OMG hahahaha :D
Distracted by Tweedledum/Tweedledee… Don’t know how I managed to capture a shot with all faces looking totally high??
Who could care about the little pigs when there’s a little Donald Duck soooooo cute!!!!!
He waddled like a duck too! Not sure if it’s normal diaper baby walk or he’s really good at cosplay at such a young age :)
Why can kids get away with lying on the ground yet when I do it people ask me “hobo ah?”
Daisy didn’t give a shit about us T____T I really should have lied about my birthday, get a sticker and get special treatment :(
Disney marketing game strong.
The day just started and this princess already bought something? My childhood pales looking at the lives of the many kids here!!

(photo stolen from Yuxuan)
Was gonna pass my camera to Yuxuan but her mother offered instead. Yuxuan took this too!
She also knows she’s a princess. They don’t cosplay. They completely transform. Like that baby Donald.
Donald!!!!!!!!!!!! I like Donald Duck but turns out he doesn’t like me :( No photos for me :(

(picture stolen from Yuxuan)
Yuxuan was chasing him as he walked away and he looked into her camera!!!! I happened to photobombed her shot so… I had a picture with Donald! :) *delusional*
Pluto! He was about to walk away so we chased after him… He was like hi and all that then he got distracted by a baby in a stroller and ran away!!!! :(
But I finally got a picture with him lol. The cons of going to Disneyland when you are no longer a child by age :(

The bicycle piano!!!!
The pianist (in super cute Easter getup) also behaved like a rabbit, hopping up and down WHILE playing crazy happy tunes.
HELLA COOL!!!!!!!!

Hello MTV and welcome to my crib :)
All these people on my driveway!
Duck in my flowerbed!
JK but how wonderful it’d be if I could live here :D
Topiary win.

Beautiful mosaic walls retelling the story of Cinderella :)
I thought she ran DOWN the stairs though…
Entered this dazzling glass shop called The Glass Slipper, meant for filthy rich people to flaunt their wealth I think.

Was scorning at the crazy price of this castle model and a tourist heard me and LOLed. It’s crazy.

Hippity-Hoppity Springtime!!!!!!!!
They had raincoats on because of the wet weather LOL!
The song was really nice too hahaha :D
Marie is too cute!
Minnie waved AT me (I don’t care if there’s a kid behind me ok… it’s me she’s waving to) :D :D :D

Castle Carousel.
Thought of Julie Andrew’s carousel horse Jingles at the other Disneyland. I love Julie Andrews :)
I tried to take a mirror selfie but it was unsuccessful.
I LOVE the décor of the Queen of Hearts Banquet Hall, both inside and out!
The facade of It’s A Small World is so cute!
Walked past it again later just in time for the 15-minute interval :D
Wanted to take a video but I was too slow and naaahhhhhhh….
Gadget’s Go Coaster was surprisingly fun despite being made for kids :/

Impressive pulley décor that people probably pay no heed.
Intrigued by this little Goofy spinning popcorns :) It’s all the little details that kill me ^__^
Disney’s topiary really are the top :D
Space Mountain was really fun!! It’s super fast and seems to go on for very long. The lighting was cool but after a while I died X__X
Grand Circuit Raceway I found super fun but Yuxuan disliked it…
I think it’s because it’s my first time behind the wheel (albeit fake V___V) after 1 year 2 months 3 days since getting my licence -____-
This was my second ride where Yuxuan became a parent (like Amanda’s father lol) who takes photos for me hahaha :D
Reckless driver lol.

Haunted Mansion is one of my favourites :D We all know I’m a pussy at horror stuff and I was shitting bricks getting into the buggy. Turns out it was a joy ride with the most spectacular visuals nowhere near creepy! The buggy goes slowly and rotates you to the appropriate scene of focus. Holography everywhere!!!!!!! :D
My happiness doesn’t end when the ride does because it was even funnier at the exit!!!!!!
The funniest headstones EVER. We were the only ones laughing, possibly because the bulk of visitors are Japanese?
Ray N Carnation – Reincarnation hahaha
Rustin Peese – Rest in peace hahahaha
Sue Pernatural – Supernatural hahahahaha
I. L. Beback – I’ll be back HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I had a great laugh standing there regardless of all the stares :D

(photo stolen from Yuxuan)

6 Goofys. I don’t know how a group of friends can agree to buying a bright orange sweater and bright green beanie? Do they wear them only in Disney or…? Anyway, while I’m obsessed with bindis, the Japanese are sticking stickers on their faces and sometimes gems and rhinestones all over their faces haphazardly. I need to live in Japan???
Lunch at Pan Galactic Pizza Port!
Got a chicken? mushroom? tomato? calzone. It tasted ok…
No idea what these were but I bought them for the container #marketingbait. Yummy little mochis? with vanilla, chocolate and strawberry fillings.
I can’t remember if we took Splash Mountain (I have a vague impression we did).
Confused with Big Thunder Mountain where Yuxuan lost her week-old iPhone 6.
Anyway, after understanding how the lockers were not really useful as you have to bring all your belongings on board rides, I brought a tote bag to carry all my stuff on top of my super useful mackintosh. Yuxuan just put her phone in her pocket and her phone flew out mid-ride?
TIP: Don’t rent lockers if you don’t have to

Rode Beaver Brothers Explorer Canoes because I really wanted to boat. Please don’t. Arms would ache just trying to turn out -____-
Pirates of the Caribbean… great series, terrible ride. The most boring ride going at the slowest pace forcing us to admire the workmanship of the puppets… And smelled like chlorine -___-
By now you should also realise that my ride sequence is all jumbled up because we browsed in orderly fashion but the Fast Passes are a mess.

Woody! Bastard kept turning the other way avoiding my direction as I followed him about 300° before he saw me -____-
And finally accepted my presence :D

(photo stolen from Yuxuan)
Jessie was busy signing some kid’s autograph book and Yuxuan tried to stealth a selfie (with success) but she turned around and gestured us to wait (but she never did bother about us after that). See guys, all you parents please bring your children to Disney if you can because when you’re not a little baby you are nothing to them!!!!
Really wanted to ride the Mark Twain Riverboat but we gave it a miss as we were pressed for time…

We went to the visitor lounge area to report her phone loss and then to where she believed she lost her phone. Then she waited there in the ultra cold wind while they looked for it.
I went to eat at Queen of Hearts Banquet Hall. It was so bold of us to just part ways with literally zero form of communications (she had no phone and the pocket wifi was in the locker) but we reunited when I paid for my food.
Ordered more things than I could eat and Yuxuan refused to share!!!!!!!!!!!!
Roasted chicken! Not bad :)
At the end of the line the server asked if I wanted rice or bread. She didn’t say it like it was an optional thing. So I was like uhhh bread. -____- I wished I didn’t uhhh bread.
When I saw this, I burst out laughing (mind you, I was alone in the queue) and decided to get it since it wasn’t that big nor expensive. About 5″ diameter for like $13 or so, so why not!!! It looked and tasted super fresh too!!!!! It was really delicious albeit too creamy to solo without discarding cream (Yuxuan wouldn’t even take ONE bite for me).
“Happy Unbirthday” is pretty much the best phrase yet. I believe in celebrating EVERY day and with cake (although I don’t practise this yet (I will someday)) because every day is important, and Happy Unbirthday is just about the best excuse to eat cake on a day not your birthday!!! I love it :D

Hurried to get a spot for “Once Upon A Time“, the castle projection :D
We found a really good spot, everyone was seated and the view was unobstructed except for a stupid umbrella.
Then suddenly, there was an announcement that it would be cancelled due to the weather T________T
SERIOUSLY????????? Nobody gives a shit about the wet floor!! Then we left T____T
Yuxuan got a coffee and an announcement came again. It was a glimmer of hope in all the sorrow of the gloomy doomy night. The show would resume in 15 minutes if the weather improves!!!!!!!!!
Ran back right quick and everyone was standing T___T
!!!!!!!! Ganchiong cannot focus -__-
So I turned to using my phone instead. What a terrible idea to get all the grains .___. (also because my memory card of both cameras were on the brink of full capacity).
I was going to film the whole thing and somewhere around the Alice in Wonderland part, my camera beeped because it had no more memory T___T So I deleted the great clip I sacrificed my arm for (I held the thing up for a good 10 minutes at least) to make space for the fireworks.

You’re welcome :) Also thought the Beast scene was cool with all the lightning and I got lucky with some pyrotechnics although it wasn’t the end yet.
Everyone promptly exited the compound when it’s shut off. Amazingly orderly and quietly too.

How do people exit Disneyland T___T How do people leave this magical land of magic T___T
You can’t quite see me but… ❅❅❅ LET IT GO ❅ LET IT GO ❅❅❅
Yes, I like Elsa. Because she’s hella cool. I also like Rapunzel but… Elsa speaks Hokkien and it’s the best thing ever. Behold the best parody of that overplayed sickening song!!!!!!!!!!!!

I completely lost it after the part where she stepped on the ground and the snowflake appeared and laughed until I teared. Elsa ki chu show I died again. I love this so much.
Anyway, I think I See The Light from Tangled is an even better song that should have been overplayed on radio instead.

I wrote and sent a postcard to myself from Disneyland too!! :D

Received both a few days after my return ^_______^

I hope everyone goes to Disneyland/DisneySea and send me postcards just because I get a kick out of it and appreciate snail mail. I can dream on.

Ok. Then we went back and I should think Yuxuan got supper and I didn’t because she ate nothing and I ate enough for 3. There’s one more post left!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Spring in Tokyo (Part 9): Tokyo DisneySea

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Day 6

Went to Tokyo station to change lines and bought bento for breakfast!
Small variety where we were so I settled for a siew mai bento lol.
The sides were all delicious but the rice was hard :(
Bought café au lait from a vending machine because the can looked cute and said おいしい! But when I drank it, it was totally おいしくない :( Tasted more like diabetes-inducing coffee-flavoured milk.
Going to Tokyo Disney Resort is not difficult at all once you find yourself at Tokyo station. Just look for someone dressed up as a Disney character or is carrying a bag loaded with Disney plushies (mostly Duffy). It’s obvious. And following them will get you onto a train towards Maihama!

!!!!!! Bought the 2-day passport online before the prices went up!! First day we went to Tokyo DisneySea!!!! :D :D :D
My first time at Disney (sad child). Her first time at Disney (sad child). Parents can all of you please bring your children to Disney…
If I lived in Japan how broke would I be?
There’s this really cute but shy girl sitting next to us and at one point she was staring right into my camera BUT Yuxuan was blocking me and I mouthed to her about 30 times “move your hand away move your hand away” and when she finally did, she looked out of the window. Dammit :(

YAY!!!!!!!! Didn’t know where to begin so just anyhowly walked.
The whole place is intricate décor.
I honestly have never thought of Earth as water planet.
We didn’t take any transportation other than the Disney Resort Line so I didn’t know which Tomica to buy so I didn’t buy any :( That’s really unwise…

There was a crowd gathered round the Mediterranean Harbor for Fashionable Easter and we were at the backside so we just went as close to the waters as possible to check it out.
The floats were all so far away but this kite thing was crazy amazing!!!!
The reason for my terrible composition is that I wasn’t watching it through the viewfinder because I wanted to see it with my own eyes lol…
Fireworks in the day! Something rarely (or never) seen in Singapore.
We weren’t even intending to stay and watch but we wasted 30 minutes here because Disney-anything is so mesmerising???
Chip & Dale
Goofy and what’s that bird lol (ashamed Disney fan)…
Donald and Daisy and Stitch. Stitch cock block sia…
These flower balloons just inflated all of a sudden and it was so amusing!!!!
DUFFY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and ShellieMay and Mickey and Minnie! :D :D :D
You know what could improve Marina Bay? DisneyBay. It’d be bae.
Somewhere here, I spotted an e-ticket on the floor so I checked if it was mine. Mine was in my pocket. It was Yuxuan’s. OMG had I not seen it I don’t know how we’re gonna go to Disneyland the next day!!!!!

This was really cool! The 5 surfaces form a seamless image when viewed through the lens!
So I just had to do this hahahahahaha :D
Why don’t they have adult costumes :( I want to be Elsa!! :(
Got the FastPass tickets for Journey to the Center of the Earth and we had to return at night -___- Anyway, it was super fun!!!!! The ride was really fun :D It was worth the wait (or no wait)!

Everyone wishes everywhere. Not just wishing wells.
We’re in the queue for 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea because it wasn’t very long.
We were 20,000 leagues in a really slow roller coaster tricking us into thinking we’re in a submarine hahahahaha! Don’t go if you are not a baby.

The Japanese are crazy for Disney and also matching outfits. In a row here you can see 3 different outfits. I think one of them got lost because there shouldn’t be an odd number of people.
Even babies are made to match their mums. So this was how they were raised…

Mermaid Lagoon seemed promising but actually was made for little babies so we left really quick.
The lighting was so magical though :)
After we took photos climbing up here, so did everyone else #magnesia
It actually feels like travelling around the world walking around TDS, except without drastic temperature fluctuations or change in culture lol… The only change there is is probably the unique popcorn flavours available exclusively at each area.
We were queueing up for Caravan Carousel, which was a 2-STOREY CAROUSEL OMG!!!!!!
It looks exactly the same and felt no different… I think we chose it so we could brag about being on the upper deck of a carousel #swag.
Birthday princess!!!! I also conveniently DID NOT wish her happy birthday I’m so sorry but happy belated birthday you are super cute!
Lol :)
I thought Adele set fire to the rain… but she also set fire to waterfalls. Or waterstairs. What is this??? Anyway, she just never sang about it. It could be a pyromania she is hiding but we saw it in TDS.

Time for 2pm lunch!!!!!
I got myself a kids meal! :D They always have the yummy stuff no??
Look at what’s on my ebi fry :( why can’t people realise it’s really not that universally accepted :(

Went to the Magic Lamp Theatre. I think we got FastPass tickets for it? Or the queue was short.
Not entirely a wise idea because we both couldn’t understand anything they were saying -___- but at least it was funny!! :)
Was trying to get a picture of Daisy and I randomly shot this and it was so funny so I kept it hahahaha :D The kid’s such an ingrate though, being so whatever-Disney in Disney! Some of us only visit Disney for the first time when we’re 20!! Oh, there were many kids playing their Nintendo consoles like whatever-Disney. Omg this generation of kids…
I just LOL-ed at this because the plane’s C-3PO hahahahahahahahaha!!!!!

Japan is so weird no one flinches seeing a weird tourist.

Flowers are awesome.
Where are parents when you need them amirite…
I looooove everything!!!
This flower arrangement was crazy!!!!!!!
Finally got to buy the Duffy popcorn bucket.
But the design is getting worse T_T I really wanted the one that’s Duffy’s head but I’m years late…
It’s ok :(
The flavour here was (I forgot) milk tea? or something. It had a strange chemical smell and sometimes tasted like puke. The Duffy bucket was probably the only reason it could be sold.
Duffy bunting I want in my life T_T
The queue with the biggest suspense. Hiding Duffy in a nook so nobody can see him T_T
Was taking picture of this giant Duffy (I WANT T___T) and they caught me -__- then the guy hid behind it and the girl just burst out laughing LOL you guys are so cute.
Also saw (didn’t manage to get a photo of) Duffy with a Pooh shirt and I was like since when do they sell that??? then I looked around and found a naked Pooh!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA I have never seen a naked Winnie it’s like looking at Mickey without his pants or Donald without his top LOL!!!!!!
Hais… professional photographer got a blurry shot with my DSLR T____T
I bought the photo they took!
I want to go to TDR 100 times a year!!!!!! T______T

Then it became really gloomy…
Saw birds flying in formation 3 or 4 times it was amazing!!! :D
Minnie’s flower arrangement ^___^

StormRider. Super impressive effects. Must go!!! Everything at Disney puts USS to shame, I’m really sad that’s sort of the only theme park I have access to where I live.

Tower of Terror. Queued for more than an hour.
The drop was so sudden I nearly died. But the view was really good. Thank god it wasn’t those sort of endless drop that keeps me from breathing lol…

It was really really dark when we were queueing for Tower of Terror.
Went to Toy Story Mania after we were done but didn’t know what to do so we left… Lol.
This is how dark Tokyo gets at night.
My pictures become terrible.
Got a postcard to send to myself because Disney would put a commemorative stamp on it! :D
10pm and got to leave T_T
What I bought there… Went crazy with the souvenir medallions because 100 yen for that quality I’m in!!!!! Was surprised to find the set of bento picks I got because I didn’t even know I bought them??? LOL what a (not so) waste of 800 yen!

It was midnight when we got back to Shibuya and had dinner!! So famished!!!!!!! Went to Ippudo Shiromaru Base because Ippudo rocks.
It’s so-so…
That was sort of disappointing but I was starving!
Since dinner was supper we had no usual supper. I think…

Also had to ration whatever’s left of my money and not splurge at Disneyland the next day. Ok that’s all! Stay tuned! This ultra long series is coming to an end (finally)!!

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Spring in Tokyo (Part 8): Omotesando & Shibuya

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Day 4 (continued)

Technically, it’s Day 5 because we were loitering about Shibuya past midnight when we returned from Odaiba.
It was 2am when we were hungry looking for supper because our dinner was sort of lame.
There were quite a few stalls still open and we went into Sushizanmai :)
Ordering in Japanese a bunch of stuff was quite tough… especially for two separate persons… but whatever nonsense I spoke went understood so it’s ok :)
Tamago! The chef used a huge slab of tamagoyaki and wrapped it in the most peculiar style! Then he cut it in half, and put each on both our plates -___- #tiopian but the egg:rice ratio was good!! :D
Tako! Yum :D
I didn’t order sashimi like I said I would… it’s a branch from the super famous Tsukiji and what if I couldn’t ingest the raw fish T_T I was sitting right in front of the chef :( how can I spit it out if I couldn’t eat it????
Kani! Said we didn’t want wasabi but he just put a dollop on each. Wasabi looked really different than what we’re used to seeing. It was dark green!!! At first it tasted good (I usually don’t like the taste of wasabi) and it didn’t have that spicy thing that goes up your nose. When I ate the second piece, it went ALL OVER MY FACE. I nearly died it was SO spicy T____T Whatever I ate afterwards just kept tasting like wasabi T___T but it’s really awesome wasabi :)
Amaebi! Couldn’t taste this because it was like shrimp-textured wasabi… T_T
Very silky smooth and loaded with lots of ingredients :D

Walking back to the apartment and saw some graffiti getting done for the store or something.
Singaporean graffiti appreciation always much more because we only see commissioned ones .__.

Day 5

Wore the awesome scarf thing I bought in Harajuku!!! :D
Walked to Harajuku because we figured out the shortest route walking from our apartment! It was literally a straight road! We stayed in between Shibuya and Harajuku! Omg all that time wasted the day before because I suck at maps -___-
Walked around Harajuku shopping and finding lunch but for some reason there was no food place in sight…
Bought a watch on impulse (I should sell it), and was so amused they gave my paper bag a raincoat!!!!!!!! That’s so considerate and totally cute!!! Then I realised it was a norm and every paper bag in everyone’s hands was donning a raincoat. I love Japan!!!!
Harajuku’s tourist information centre is soooo cute!! Went in to ask for directions to a yakiniku restaurant and the staff was so friendly and helpful, even though I ended up asking a lot of other questions too, since she spoke English and I won’t know when I can find such assistance :)

Had lunch at Seiko-en, the cheaper one out of the two yakiniku restaurants in the vicinity, the other being Gyu-Kaku :)
Opted for buffet but we couldn’t eat a lot so it was quite a waste of money :/
This was the starter plate with a standard meat selection.
Those half-moon slices are gyūtan (beef tongue), which I’d wanted to try. They are actually really yummy!! :D Tender and more lean than other parts I think.

After lunch, we split up because Yuxuan wanted to look for boots while I wanted to look for some ulu coffee! Thank god she let me have the pocket Wi-Fi otherwise I’d be lost and meet up an hour later without any coffee -___-
One hour wasn’t enough time to shop at Omotesando, so I went to look for Omotesando Koffee with the map I got at the information centre.
On the way there, I was really lost because it became streets after streets of residences behind Omotesando Hills. So I asked a deliveryman when he walked past me, who so very kindly showed me the way, although he walked super fast while pushing a trolley loaded with huge stuff.
He left me at one street and told me to turn left.
So I found this crowd at this beautiful old house and I couldn’t tell if Omotesando Koffee was actually here. I tried to Google but the maps failed me every single time I tried to use it. So I turned to Foursquare and it was actually the closest location to me… So I just joined the queue :/
The queue moved a bit after a few minutes before I saw the shop’s sign. It’s so minimalist and small it was obstructed by the people in the queue -____- after seeing this, I calmed down LOL.
The décor was so beautiful!! I wasn’t bored standing in line for 30 minutes to order a small cup of supposedly Tokyo’s best coffee.
The little garden would’ve been so much more beautiful if it weren’t for the rain! But if it weren’t raining, I’d never get this shot because there’d be people on the bench right?
I’ve never been so into any shop’s décor so much! Or I could be really bored standing in line. I doubt it’s the latter.
Barista spoke fluent English and for the first time I didn’t have to try so hard and sound illiterate!!! :D
Ordered a Baileys cappuccino.
I should’ve ordered Omotesando Koffee -___- I mean it was named after the shop! Or the shop was named after the coffee?
I liked everything about this place!!!
I couldn’t get a good photo of it????
The coffee was really aromatic and smooth T_T even better than my favourite Oriole Coffee!! ;____;
The cup’s prints are also so nice ;___;
It’s coffee worth waiting 30 minutes for. Also, if I come here next time I’ll buy 3 cups for myself because the cup is actually really small.
Was thinking of getting a cup for Yuxuan after I tasted it but the queue was even longer than when I joined it and I had 5 minutes to walk back to our arranged meeting spot. I was a little late getting back :/
Passed this cool trailer (is it a shop??? It says open!) walking back to Omotesando Hills.

Walked along Cat Street back to Shibuya because the map says it leads us to Shibuya. What the heck, we emerged at the mosaic Astro Boy tunnel!!! We could’ve learnt about it sooner T_T
Bought this pair of boots from Scrapbook (Jeanasis) :D I walked in because I always liked the designs at Jeanasis. Finances stopped me from buying more lol…

I really like all these mosaic graffiti I see so often!! Found out the artist is Invader :D
Walked around Shibuya looking for dinner. Looking for Yoshinoya, which we somehow just cannot find anywhere although we’ve seen it before. Yuxuan asked some strangers in English while I was looking for non-busy people to ask for directions -____- I have failed. It was right across the street, just really inconspicuous T_T
I got the gyu-sukinabe-zen because Singapore doesn’t have it.
It’s damn delicious!!!!!! And affordable!!!!!!!! I want to live in Japan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Continued shopping till most of the shops were closed. We found GU at the very last minute and I liked everything there!!! GU needs to open in Singapore!!!!! There’s more than enough Uniqlo outlets in Singapore already please bring GU here!!!!!! Hurriedly tried on clothes and bought some before it closed!!

After showering we went out looking for 2am supper. Why do we eat supper every day? Hahahaha I think we are just obsessed with combini food :P
Bought mini ramen to try :)
Turned out quite disappointing :( Maybe Japanese cup noodles taste good only when you are not eating them in the country with even better food everywhere!

Ok that’s all for the Sunday shopping!! Can’t wait to blog about the next two days! Disney!!!!!!! ^____^

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Spring in Tokyo (Part 7): Harajuku & Odaiba

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Day 4

We were going to Yoyogi Park and with my very bad map-reading, I suggested we start from Shibuya station! :) Asked a stranger for directions because my map and the city map were both not very useful for a bad navigator. He pointed towards the street we walked every day -___- while uttering a bunch of Japanese that went unheard. So I thanked him and walked towards where he pointed. Of course, we were lost again. So I asked someone else and she, too, started rapping and pointing. But I roughly got it, so we made our way down. Passing where our apartment was. We wasted so much time!! :(
Saw the NHK Broadcasting Center (NHK放送センター) so I know we were on the right track. The directions she gave (and I interpreted) was wrong?? But we just anyhow walked (as usual).

Outside Yoyogi National Gymnasium (国立代々木競技場) we saw lots of colourful cars and tents around.
It was Outdoor Day!
Suddenly Yuxuan was like “eh Casia! Dippin Dots!” then I’m like !!!!!!!
So I bought a rainbow one :D even though it was so cold brrrrrrrrrrr anything for childhood!
The vendor commented that I was also rainbow!! Hahahaha!!! :D
Saw some really good-looking kebab! But I came here for Japanese food!!!! So I passed :/
I want!!!!
It was crazy steep why would anyone dare to test drive this on a small little ramp??
Nice view of the suspension roof on a bridge. On the bridge, Yuxuan’s empty cup flew down onto some tent and the vendors below were all very shocked by what seemed like an imbecile tourist. Said imbecile tourist ran down and apologised but the nice locals offered to discard it for her. Japanese are awesome :D
Wasted a lot of strolling time at this distraction of a fair!!! :(

We found Yoyogi Park (代々木公園)!!! With lots of street foods!!!!! :D
Omgosh look at this mass of chicken skin :/
It was already so crowded!! We also wanted to picnic but had no food and no mat -___-.
Found more stalls along the way and quickly went to get some food for breakfast lol.
Decided on an okonomiyaki although we had to wait around 10 minutes for it T_T
This is obviously not ours. Because of me.
Also got yakisoba while waiting for the pancake to be ready.
Our initial plan was to buy bento but Shibuya has none???? Especially early in the morning??? T_T
Tried to look for an unoccupied bench to no avail. It’s the weekends after all :(
Found this beautiful ulu sakura petal-lined pathway!!!! ^____^
Being so ulu, we sat on a tree’s root and started our weird botak-view picnic…
Plastic bags were our makeshift leisure sheets, only enough for the food. Even so, we dropped so many bits on the dirt. We picked them up when we were done eating ok!!!
Oishii!!!!!! :D Between the two I preferred yakisoba because okonomiyaki has a very complex taste lol. But they’re both yummy! :D
After eating, we propped up her phone and connected my remote shutter and started taking silly shots in the forest. Benefits of uluness :)
I swapped my brogues out for my trainers because my toes were busted from walking so much the day before. I also wore toe socks thinking it could prevent my blistered toes from further rubbing against each other. It really felt so much better with toe socks on!!!!!! :D I bought a lot more later, so I could wear them all for the remaining days :)
Wore my earrings out that day since I brought them. So not used to having earrings in my piercings for years, my ears bled and became crusty. Gross. No wonder it was so painful the whole day T__T
鱼xuan can swim anywhere.
So many selfie sticks on the floor LOOOOLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!
Bird me.
Bird them. The crows in Japan are really big!!! They contrast with the sakura a lot but it makes for a nice photo :)
The flowers in Japan are all so beautiful!!!! Would be so motivated to go jogging if Singapore had flowers like these and a temperature that doesn’t threaten heatstroke…
No time to sit and admire flowers ;___;
Found our way out! Asked strangers for directions like an illiterate but they actually could speak English -___- They were so nice, going out of their way to help us! But… they gave us the wrong direction -___- Luckily we discovered a map that was easy to read lol…

Meiji Shrine (明治神宮)!!!!!!!!!!
It looks really grand and mesmerising in person but it dulls in comparison in pictures :/
Really like this gate a lot. Don’t know why lol…
I like this place!!! :D
She never tried to tell me how bad buttoning my cardigan looks… It was really cold at Yoyogi Park ok??
Please forget about my cardigan.
You may keep this in your memory instead…
Why is everything so beautiful???
This led to Kiyomasa’s Well. We didn’t go in.
Well… (that’s my well face) (please get it or GET OUT LOL) it costed 500 yen to enter…
Immediate revenge cos I got dirt on my trousers from kneeling for this photo -____- Sorry Kiyomasa I bet your well is great… So if any of you can fork out the 500 yen, please go in and improve your luck. Maybe then your pants will remain clean :)
Sake barrels looking so cute and what they’re doing there explained.
!!!! Spy a cutie pie !!!!!!
That guy was just sitting there, blinking, breathing and,
being the unfortunate subject of every tourist’s attention.
Oh, and the little hearts in their roof wood are just so cute!!!!
Was buying some omamori and suddenly it grew really silent around us…
BAM! Wedding!
So beautiful!!!
The topiaries ^___^
Wedding photoshoot! I’m not the only kaypoh ok!!!!!! There were about 15 other people crowded around. I was just looking at the kimono!!!
Eh???? I took photo of the obi stuff at the back… Don’t tell me I deleted the photo to make space??? :(
Then I ran away from this area.
Also didn’t know where Yuxuan was… So, I just ran away silently because !!!!!!
If you noticed from the pictures above, they all came separately???
So pretty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
She was so sian and cheeky and superrrrrrrrrr cute!!!!!
It looks like Shichi-Go-San Festival?? But it’s nowhere near November!!
Sooooo cute!!!!!
The little one was making everyone crowding around laugh. Me included :D
She was really restless but sooooo adorable :D :D :D
Hahahaha I couldn’t delete any photos because it’s too cute! And my photos weren’t blurry at all!!!
Distracted by another wedding…
Then I found Yuxuan again!!
Kimonos are amazing!! Look at the swaddle man!!!
The toilets in Meiji Shrine are darn amazing!!!!!! Their cubicles were round and the door slides into the cubicle. Space optimising, gorgeous and futuristic layout!!!!!! And not to mention, spotless!!! Would’ve taken a picture of the interior but there were people inside and that’d be quite rude…

Walked to Harajuku to look for lunch and shopping!! :D
Gindaco is a popular takoyaki chain and I wanted to eat takoyaki so… this I had for lunch! :D
Best damn takoyaki I have ever had!!!!! Huge chunk of octopus within the crunchy soft batter that came piping hot ;___; Sweet Jesus ;____;
Can’t wait to have them again from the Singapore branch; it probably wouldn’t taste as good but definitely better than whatever else I’ve been having!
Aimlessly wandered onto Takeshita Street :D
They have 2 popular crêpe stalls adjacent to each other!!! How to choose when you only want one???
So I walked around looking at which wrappers more people were holding… cannot count T___T
Yuxuan said Angels Hearts had more wrappers so ok…
Strawberry cheesecake is usually my choice of crêpe lol…
Dayum!!!! :D Very delicious ^___^
Wrapper is so cute too!! I hope I visit Japan soon again and get to try Marion Crêpes (and stuff myself with lots of food that I did not eat this time)!!
Purikura centres are abundant and really cheap!!!!!! :D 400 yen per machine!
The good thing is they print individual copies so you don’t have to cut up the sheet into tiny photos you can hardly see! But not knowing what they’re saying while there’s a time limit is so stressful! That’s why the first one came out it a wrong format -___-
Look at Yuxuan!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA :D
Tried to swag but the machine tried to cute me back. I lost the battle. PS I don’t pose like that (left image) ok!! I was just copying the example because I didn’t know what to do…
I liked shopping in Harajuku. I was skeptical at first because I thought it would be very Bugis Street and I have difficulty liking anything there. Takeshita Street had very nice and unique clothes (not just the Harajuku girls sort) and I bought a crazy awesome scarf thing for $50 with hardly any hesitation LOL.
Browsing stores offer comedy too, because of the slogan tee trend and their use of random English words that are seemingly cool.
Out notice put. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
I’m discover! :D HAHAHAHAHAHA :D

Strolled around Omotesando for a bit, but rushed off because we’re always behind time on the itinerary…
Took a train to Tochōmae station, hoping to go to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building (東京都庁) and visit the South Observatory before night fell for a good view. The South Observatory closes at 6pm and we were just a little too late .___.
Walked to Shinjuku station without the difficulty we faced the day before. Still really pissed about that…
Went to Muji, thought of having dinner at the café but decided against it. Went on and played at the arcade for a bit because I’m a sucker for UFO catchers. I really have badly influenced Yuxuan.
Hehehehehe ^___^ Should’ve stopped at Kirimi-chan because I caught it with less than 500 yen. Gambling addiction? T_T
Bought a Pasmo because I was running out of value in my Suica and I wanted to keep the cards lol .__.

Headed to Odaiba, and the ride on the Yurikamome line was very pleasant because the scenery was so night-vibrant!
Odaiba is so bloody far we reached there around 9.30pm -___-
Alighted beside Palette Town because we wanted to go on the Daikanransha (大観覧車)!!!!
It’s so pretty! I’m still bothered by how dark Japan gets when the sun goes down and early.
Had dinner at First Kitchen first. Even its name told us to eat there first before riding the ferris wheel! Thank god because it was 10pm when we had this and they were about to close as we were finishing. If we’d miss it, that’d be no dinner till midnight???
Nuggets were yummy!
A slab of chicken, kinda fat, so-so…
Butter shoyu potato! Sounded so promising but tasted ok only…
Transparent car duh!!! 900 yen each :)
Yay! Check out the reflection of the ferris wheel on the building!
I was standing most of the time and it got frightening halfway through because it was kinda shaky?
The heart!!
Tokyo Tower?
Beautiful circuit!
So difficult to capture it not over-exposed nor under-exposed.
I tried…
Oh ya, can I just express my disappointment in the Rainbow Bridge? The whole time I saw it it was Green Bridge.
There’s also a bridge with a random stick poking out of nowhere and at first glance I didn’t know it was a bridge until she told me.
I think Odaiba is a place you have to spend at least half a day at, because there are so many areas I had hope to visit but we only made it to Daikanransha -____-
I’m a Hatsune Miku who can’t sing lol. Anyway, spent so much time in the arcade again… I had terrible luck and spent 2,500 yen on capsules and catching one small shiba inu. Thing about UFO catchers is, if you don’t catch anything, you lose! So you have no choice but to leave with at least one thing.
Then we left because it was 11pm zzz -___- normally at this timing we’re heading back to the apartment or heading out to look for supper -____-
Goodbye disappointing Green Bridge.
You can also see here that Yuxuan uses her phone a lot. 很有钱 man.

It was late but the day(/night) didn’t end when we reached Shibuya past midnight lol. Will continue in the next post!! :)

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