Tanuki Raw & Ya Hua Bak Kut Teh

Had lunch at Tanuki Raw with Hazel one day. Lunch prices are so affordable we bought 3. We weren’t very good at finishing them all though :(
I got the yakitori don because chicken and mushrooms :)
Delicious as always, although the name was misleading.
She got the chirashi don. I didn’t try some because I still can’t appreciate sashimi T_T
She gave me an egg slice though. I think she was trying to win my affection. Or it could be a birthday present. I hope it’s not the latter because I’d really prefer a whole tub of tiramisu instead.
This truffle yakiniku don was ordered because she was like “aiya I forgot I wanted to eat the beef too” or something like that.
Looked damn good and tastes great. But I couldn’t eat much because it was too raw for my liking. Same goes for the onsen egg. So I just ate my delicious chicken :>
I know it’s like Tanuki RAW but I thought that was because they had raw oysters .___. Or maybe not. I don’t know…
Surprise wasabi always surprises me but I love it. Anyway, the lotus root chip was yummy. I don’t usually try to put lotus root into my mouth at all.

Then we went shopping. Supposedly went looking for windows, but I got cosmetics because birthday month means 2X points .___. how to not?? I also made her buy stuff to bump up my points. Sorry. But thanks.
So Nars Gilda is awesome. I can just lightly tap a brush on it and it picks up quite a bit of powder, and when I put it on my face, I’m like shit! shit! too much!!! cos it really is too much. Then I’d look more like dying from exercise than healthy glowing. But it’s a pretty colour and now I know not to press it into my skin like I did other blushers.
Anyway, I love it plenty. I guess you could say it’s Baemax.

Dinner was at Ya Hua Bak Kut Teh, where I’ve been wanting to try ever since people told me about it but I have no idea where it might be (other than “it’s near Zouk”), especially when no one can remember its name and call it the one with the yellow and red signboard. Thanks ah.
Soup and you tiao is super shiok!! But the meat could work on being more tender. I mean I am using a Kodomo Soft & Slim toothbrush (for years) (they’re meant for kids 6-9 years old) (I’m 20 now) because it is the most gentlest little baby that doesn’t try to hurt anybody. Ya so I need my meat tender. But it’s good, and when I get older and have the feel for midnight bak kut teh, this is a total go-to :D

Days before I went to have dinner at The French Table because it looks good!!
I got confit de canard with no-chilli aglio olio linguine because looks and sounds good.
Portion is humongous
but I didn’t like anything on the plate T_T it’s just nah…
Truffle fries smelled wonderful. But eating it reminds me of Tenderfresh’s fries. No truffle taste.
The service was so darn good and reviews online for this place are sparkle sparkle. WHY???? T____T
Maybe one day I might give it another shot. Just maybe. T__T

Last 3 Months of Year 3 & Gan Yakitori

I don’t even know how to begin lol. Just gonna put all my Instagram posts here and some of those from my camera. Backwards too, so the sequence might be quite incoherent.
It’s going to very long. After all, 3 months is about 90 days and that’s rather long. Maybe you’d want to scroll to the part about Gan Yakitori. It’s delicious.

Watching One Piece while having dinner in school after studying lol.

Lou yu sheng with Ms April Ng one day because we bought her abalone as a token of appreciation for helping us with FYP, so she got us to lou hei together. I’m pretty sure she didn’t eat a slice of abalone at all.

This one she made was the most delicious yu sheng I’ve ever eaten, and for the first time I actually ate everything and not just pick out the crackers (I don’t like sashimi (yet)), because she left out all the crappy stuff that are usually found in the standard ones like ginger.
She made it very Japanese too so that’s a plus point lol. In it were lettuce, radish, carrot, seaweed, jellyfish, abalone, salmon sashimi, ebiko and sesame dressing. Everything is edible much unlike the standard ones. And jellyfish. Genius.

Bought these Hacchando reito mukan, which are frozen and peeled mandarin oranges, simply because the packaging was super cute and it was 2 boxes for $5 and a lot cheaper than its original price.
It tastes like dried apricot and then it became orange ice-cream and as it thaws it tastes more and more like crispy orange juice. (I copied this description from my caption because it is the most accurate depiction of this thing ever.) Anyway, I think I was supposed to let it thaw before eating it but I don’t know??? I still have a box in the freezer lol.

Had dinner at Gan Yakitori one day after studying, sometime in February a week or so before CNY. Was at the Star Vista one (in case there are other outlets) and the service was atrocious!!!!! Inattentive as hell and they kind of just forget about you until you walk up to them or something. I wasn’t even shown to my table. I asked for a table and this staff acknowledged and just turned and walked so I followed thinking she was bringing me to my table, but she just went to attend to another customer?????
So I just hovered around cluelessly until another staff made me sit at the counter. I was waiting for the menu then. I waited for 5 minutes with intermittent waving for attention. 0 attention. So I walked to the nearest staff who was like 1 metre behind me at the cashier. Wow. Thanks. So I got my menu and had to wait about a minute after I decided and called for many staff who all ignored me, before someone actually noticed me.
Then, I waited about 20 minutes for my food to be cooked. One of the items was served wrongly too. It’s not even full house yet so I don’t even want to imagine that scenario. If you are dying of starvation you ought to skip this place.
Except when you do put the food into your mouth, it’s like heaven. So if you don’t care so much about service then this place is no problem at all. I would return (with someone else paying for me because it’s goddamn unaffordable lol) just because the food is so amazing, now that I’m prepared to serve myself and bring some form of entertainment having been through this experience.
It’s like all the staff there know how good the food is that customers very well would overlook the terrible service, so they just don’t give a shit about the service anyway lol.

Tsukune (chicken meatball)

Momo (chicken thigh) (right? It’s thigh, right?)

Toumorokoshi (corn)
These yakitori were so darn delicious. Not overly charred, juicy and tender meat, super on-point seasoning and heaven sauce.

Also ordered oyakodon because 3 yakitori can’t keep me alive overnight (I think).
It’s nicer than at most places, but it didn’t overthrow Ootoya’s (thank god because I don’t have to wait so long nor tolerate being ignored there). What it lacked (that Ootoya has) was the charred and smoky taste of the chicken and the near-raw eggs that I fell in love with. This one had a distinct hint of ginger too (I kinda very hate ginger) so lol you lose.

Oh but they have this egg drop chicken soup that came with the oyakodon and it’s really refreshing and clear and shiok. Maybe it’s a tactic to wash away the bad taste from their service.

Was really sian of studying one day so instead of going home to studying even more I went loitering around and took time to explore Tokyu Hands. So many awesome things that I just want to buy for no reasons. Thank god I do not have the luxury to do things like that. Ok, I still do things like that but with a budget LOL.
Look at that brilliant (and cute) rice strainer I bought!!!! There’s a bigger one for noodles but it’s more expensive so I’m like nope. I don’t even cook rice often and I intend to use it for my noodles, which I always drop into the basin trying to decant from the pot lol.

The tiger mask which did not show any instant results because my face was beyond hope going through projects and FYP and exams. Very fun though. $15 for 2. Oh my gosh, I really really need to know the prices of regular masks before I splurge unknowingly on novelties.

Fuwatoro tenshin han set at Osaka Ohsho. Took a very long time to decide what to order because everything was those safe, familiar food that I am always inclined to order. So I settled on one of their specialties.

The egg was really fluffy (as promised) but what the hell? It’s crazily overpriced for mere rice (wasn’t even very nice) and egg drenched in some starchy soup!! Even the kaki fuyong in school tasted better at half the price!! with chicken and extra chicken!!

But you should really eat their gyoza. They’re famous for them and of course when the skin is so crispy and the insides are just mmmmmmmmmmm :) I will go there and get the big plate of gyoza next time lol.

My absolute favouritest thing about Isetan Japanese fairs is the Hokkaido gelato pop-up stall.

Because there’s this heaven fruit flavour better known by its common name melon. Even on saddest of days this would cheer your soul up man. But of course I’m always happy (even if my face don’t show) somehow (maybe because I’m always eating stuff without guilt unlike the many stupid people everywhere who find eating a sin (how about you guys don’t eat and die and tell me about it)) so it just further makes me smile lol you’re welcome, soul.
Anyway, it was already there days before so that cone was a repeat visit.

See? I had the awesome thing when I first spotted it. I also cherish it more because it’s not always there.

They laughed at me when I went back for more right after finishing the first cone. But I tried the Yubari soft serve since I’ve never seen it before. Gelato wins still (for texture) although the soft serve had a slightly stronger taste.

Also realised that they put up my Ringo Work shrine only during CNY period (otherwise it’s always in limited quantities in secluded shelves) mostly because they have this GXFC hamper thing (that nobody ever buys for me although it has equal importance to me as angpows lol).

Also saw super cute Hello Kitty tea!! But the price is so… I’ll have water instead.

And while I’m no fan of microwaved food, I absolutely love (unfortunately microwaved) bentos and most of the time I visit Isetan at night so they’re usually discounted and lol yummy.

Oishii baby senbei balls (I always forget its name cos it’s so long) I love.
Ok, I checked. It’s called Kotsubukko. Trust me, eat this.

Clementi 881 coffee shop’s awesome duck rice.

Redring wanton mee without the wanton but with cutlet rice and char siew because these two are so yummy.

Also, I don’t like the new design of the Ben & Jerry’s pints. It’s not ugly but I prefer the old one.

Ootoya forever.

Grilled horse mackerel was not bad but smelled kinda fishy. Worst part was the billions of bones I had to pick out because I forgot that fishes are full of bones (mega hate) since I only reduce my fish intake to fillets. Took a super long time to eat it and my fingers were cramped from prolonged use of chopsticks. I took so long that I was the last customer before closing.

Bae chawanmushi :D

Yummy peach parfait!! I only paid for the dessert because my loyalty card was filled with stamps and I was entitled to a free set meal!

First time I had the chicken pizza at Wala Wala. Really yummy although parts of the chicken bits were damn fat and ewww…

Truffle fries!! Their old menu potato stuff were so dry but it has all changed. With the sacrifice of the bae dory chunks, that is.

I honestly love the chicken hor fun at Makan Place. I’d go back to school when it reopens so that I can eat all these stuff.

Tried making tea jelly with English breakfast tea. Not as nice as with hojicha.

I wish for white bread to be banned from being sold in place of the pink and green one that’s meant to be there!!! :(

Watched Cats!!! :D My favourite songs are Mr Mistoffelees and Skimbleshanks, and they were both delivered so beautifully live! I thought Munkustrap and Rum Tum Tugger had super nice voices.

The lighting was amazing and at the beginning, when the cats all ran to the stage from the back, ONE OF THEM TAPPED ME ON THE SHOULDER AND STARED AT ME!!!!!! YES, AISLE SEATS AREN’T THAT BAD ANYMORE!!!!!
There was a run a few years back, perhaps 2002 or something, and when I saw the trailers I thought it was so creepy because I’m so afraid of cats (I still am, a little), but I knew nothing of the beauty of arts.
Practically no one around me had interests in arts because it’s viewed as those expensive, useless, no-future sort of thing. I yearned to learn piano and ballet and whatever everyone else was unhappily forced to learn by their parents as a kid, because I was genuinely interested but was never granted lessons. So now I’m this really useless person with no talent or support, who is encouraged to do something with my life (now that I’m an adult) but I have nothing I’m good at. Except maybe I’m funny and nice and friendly and (please fill in good impressions of me). Anyway, thank god I went to watch Wicked and now I so love musicals (they are so far beyond the quality of school productions).

Cabbed to West Coast Park after the show on very short notice to meet these people. MY FIRST MIDNIGHT SUPPER!!!!
It was also Wen Wei’s birthday and I knew. I wanted to wish him only before I left but I forgot -____- so I had to text. I’m sorry.

Because I spent $18 on transport, I couldn’t afford a meal LOL. But the twister fries with ice-cream pair beats any McMeal hands down.

Tenderfresh has a restaurant near school. It’s Halal. That is so important since one of my group mates is Muslim. I ate this same chicken penne on 2 consecutive days because it’s yummy and I didn’t know what to choose from its extensive menu.

The BBQ wings were so-so…

Met up with Marissa at Gastronomia before she left for Bandung to do some art stuff for a month.

Favourite salted caramel crodo!!

Soy latte! The coffee here is really good but slightly thin.

Slept over at Hazel’s the day before the FYP presentation, rehearsing and I don’t really know what we were doing staying over. I slept 4 hours, as usual. But we had the last slot (8th presentation) and I didn’t take a nap throughout because I’d wake up groggy and I wanted to watch the others.

We were almost late because the bus broke down on our way to school. So in desperation we hired 2 Uber Executives (they were the only ones available in the vicinity) and arrived in style (that is with the unnecessary expense of shitload of money) in Mercedes-Benz S-Class. We were carrying lots of stuff so I crawled in and out of the car clumsily. Hate pencil skirts.

I was the AV person because I was responsible for the slides (the clients loved it hahahahaha thanks a billion Keynote!!!) and when it was my turn, despite rehearsing perfectly an hour ago in a store room behind the lecture hall, I messed up for a while but I straightened up soon. Worst. Anyway, it was a terrifying experience and one of the first time I have slept so little in my life.

Saw this beautiful butterfly one morning. Think it just emerged from its cocoon. Nobody else noticed it though. Nobody notices things very much at all.

A security guard walked in on us taking selfies with the visualiser at a hijacked lecture hall. Because they had to lock it up at 8pm. We hijacked lecture halls every day closer to the presentation day because we had to rehearse. That was why I started hijacking classrooms to study in after this was over.

Clearance sushi at the supermarket.

Bolognese fries at school.

Hojicha kanten forever.

Best combo ever.

Very cute maneki Hello Kitty.

Found the whistle thingy at Daiso so I bought it again because I don’t know where my old one went.

Bought two dozens of Milo although I still had many at home because I could get a balloon.

Prata Planet taste better now than it did a few years ago!

Popcorn chicken from school. My friends didn’t even know school had them. And so yummy they were.

I bought myself a birthday cake from Japan online. I didn’t know online shopping has no limits anymore.
I ordered the cake from Bunmeido at Rakuten!!!
I bought it because it was personalised and came with free shipping and it was $10 off at that point.
The Castella cake arrived in about 2 weeks and would expire in about 2-3 weeks as well. That was way before my birthday then. LOL. So I ate it anyway. 2 people wished me happy birthday and I got such a kick out of it hahahahaha!!!

Cereal fish is the best thing mixed vegetable rice stalls at coffee shops can offer!! So delicious!!!!

School’s chicken hor fun really became an addiction of sorts.

Fruits prepared by Hazel’s mum when we stayed over to rush out a presentation for a project that was due the next day. Her mum picks the sweetest fruits ever!! I am honing my skills on that aspects lol.

Found these amazing faux leather culottes at Zara on sale!! I love them :)

First time encountering the new menu at Wala Wala and had to try their truffle fries.

Caption was “What’s your horoscope sign?” “Kuih Bahulu.”
I thought it was hilarious!!!!! (I still do) (please laugh) (it’s funny)

Went out to buy dinner one day although I didn’t want to because I was studying or writing report. Really had so little time then but I had to go out. What’s worse, my mum tasked me to look for some goddamn nasi lemak that didn’t even have a shop there. She didn’t even know which coffee shop!! So I darted around 6 coffee shops pissed off as hell before I ran home. Cos it was so humid and I really needed to do my schoolwork and was so pissed off with all the people walking around me at snail speed!!! Was having a lot of difficulty breathing too so the moment I went home I crashed in front of a fan and turned on the aircon. Goddamn country. I’d rather spend the same hour taking an examination than go through that again.

Cup meat sauce fettuccine!! Actually was drawn to it by Pooh, then I realised it wasn’t regular cup ramen! Genius and simple design for draining water (and also the different adhesive for each half) is just so super thoughtful. 5 minutes and doesn’t taste bad at all! Definitely better than my (palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy, there’s vomit on his sweater already) mom’s spaghetti. I think it was $3-4. It’s impossible not to worship the Japanese.
Accurate opinion from Instagram caption.

Giant pomegranate!!

When I got the book, I couldn’t read it yet because of schoolwork. I read it anyway and I’m still T____T because it’s sad and funny and so good!! For once, the movie follows the book exactly (except the ending, the movie brought it to a proper end that made me cry) and I think this is really what a good book and good movie should be: funny, sad, accurate, capable of messing up your heart. I just bawled when they took away the tree T_____T Go watch the movie, everyone!! You’re welcome.

Lynette was finally free to go out!! We went to have dinner at Yoshimaru, where she wanted to go since forever but she has a curfew!!

Tried the Madagascan vanilla cone at Sunday Folks and I didn’t like it. Flavour wasn’t strong and the dried flower chip tasted salty and sour, which I thought was like freeze-dried banana but rotten.

Had really terrible skin the whole of Year 3 because of internship and the overload of schoolwork and projects and FYP. This A* friend decided to be my concealer. Thanks brooooooo :)

Met Marissa after Lynette left because I didn’t know Marissa was working that day!! Then chatted with her parents and then she went to get her fortune read. My skin… omg.
Anyway, both of them were wearing the same thing!!! Grey pullover over a white shirt and black skirt. As if Singapore wasn’t humid enough.

1 plain 1 egg at Prata Planet. Any place that makes decent plain and egg prata can win my heart.

Many times I went to Blooie’s Roadhouse for dinner with Hazel and Keyang, as they used to work there.

Seafood pizza. Normal.

Cajun chicken Caesar salad was not bad! The chicken was really good :)

Ootoya. Again.

Egg was more overcooked than I’d like but still yummy.

Bae chawanmushi.

Anmitsu maccha was only $3 and so tasty!! :D

Teacher was so adamant about having a video recording. And he only accepted submissions in hard copy. Most difficult and optional teacher to me ever. Bought a new printer too!

My favourite version of me is when I look at the price tags and ignore them, and load up on snacks for myself!! :D

Spent extra money on Puccho because they came with Kumamon toys. Never thought they would turn out so disfigured.

I need a bento maker in my life.

Bought this onigiri from Isetan too and it was so yummy even though it was cold T___T I love Japanese food!

Loong Fatt Tau Sar Piah the king.

Plain Vanilla‘s always out of my favourite hazelnut cupcake so

salted caramel and

dark chocolate ganache.

Took food and culture as one of my elective modules. I really shouldn’t take something I love as a graded thing because it damages my relationship LOL. Should have taken forex so I can make money. Anyway, one of the assignment was a food trail. And we chose a damn difficult country to research on – Sweden.
Went to Fika Café as it’s the only Swedish establishment other than Ikea that we know exists in Singapore. Researching online was so tough because everything’s in a foreign language or they are just not enough information available. The relief teacher thought our group’s presentation was interesting.
Everything there was so overpriced.
Champis is the first soft drink in Sweden. This one tiny can costed like $8 if I’m not wrong.
Tasted like fizzy apple juice -____-
Korvstroganoff is sausage stew with rice.
Sausage was yummy. The salad dressing is so Idk??? Fermented???
Just like this tunnbrödsrulle. Before the waiter could set this dish on the table, I was like omg what’s that stench. So I went nearer to the stuff and sniffed. Died. Of course I had to try it for the assignment but I didn’t go back for more.
It’s a thin bread wrapped around sausage with Bostongurka. Bostongurka is the culprit of the smell and tasted like the kiamcai but worse. The rest got accustomed to the smell and thought it was acceptable after but I couldn’t feel the same even with one more bite.
Köttbullar och potatis is basically the well-known meatballs with potatoes. Meatballs were damn good but remember I said this place is crazy expensive? You’d be better off at Ikea.
Dessert is pannkakor med bär och grädde, which is pancake with cream and ice-cream but tasted more like crepes.

Bought Menicon Miru the day after I stumbled upon a little advertisement of it on a Japanese magazine. I checked out the lenses and was so impressed by the design and practicality of it, I bought it although I wasn’t a frequent user of lenses.
After trying it though, I wanted to sign up for membership but I have no money T___T and don’t use lenses often enough to have reasons to splurge like that T____T
It is so comfortable, many a times I forget that I’m wearing lenses and forget to remove them.

The design is so sleek and hygienic and so convenient to carry in my wallet in case I need improved vision. I love it. Please check them out.
I went to Paris Miki at Liang Court to get them and the staff there, especially Nisa, are by far the best service providers of all optometrists ever.

Roast chicken burger at The Rotisserie.

Prata Planet but uncle spilled curry on my prata :(

On New Year’s Eve, I had to go down to Brewerkz to take the videos for project. Yvonne so very kindly treated us to lunch although she didn’t have to.

Went to Starbucks to do up some work because I had time to kill before the countdown.
Liang Court’s atrium had some Japanese fair so on the way back from the restrooms, I went to take a look. And sampled some too because the staff gave me them.

These fuji apples were $6 each but so damn sweet and juicy T_T

Shizuoka mikans were at first sour but afterwards tasted like honey T_____T
I wanted to buy some but I wasn’t going home anytime soon so I cri.
I went to Robertson Quay looking for food. But as usual, nothing was going to open until dinner time. So I had to wait. I was also starving and late for the party. So I just went into the first restaurant I walked past that was already open because waiting 30 minutes would kill me right after I failed looking for a yakitori restaurant lol.
Beef kaminabe at Sugisawa Japanese Restaurant.
Yummy but it’s expensive T_T Probably because it’s dinner price T__T and the sad thing is that it’s not full of ingredients like other nabe dishes cos the paper is small or something T___T

Favourite pistachio loaded with massive amounts of pistachio chunks in the middle of the scoop (◕‿◕) Was thinking if I got run over by a car while crossing the road I’d cry not for my injury but for the loss of my ice-cream.
My Instagram captions are usually better than those on my posts. Ok, not always but they are real-time and accurate. I love Haato & Co. so much.
Then I went to Keyang’s house. As I’ve already had dinner, and everyone else was having theirs when I arrived, I fought using lightsabers with his youngest brother. It went on for 2 hours T____T I was never that tired the whole year I think T_____T But it was fun.

So I finally got a chance to rest when I sat down and played mahjong LOL.

Countdown with the TV. And drinking games. I joined Amirah with green tea LOL.
Then after the drinking games were over, we continued with mahjong until late. Tried to sleep at 3am or something but I was the only one who couldn’t get to sleep. We left when the first buses started operating. But we shared a cab to MRT stations convenient for us instead.
Of course, I was famished at 6am when my last meal was at 7pm.

Went to get myself a McMeal. And bought one more hash brown for the trip home. I really would have gotten 10 if they weren’t so expensive!!!

Loved this the instant I saw it. But I didn’t buy because I sensed a sale coming and it came a few days after. That’s when I bought it. Yay.

Roasted chicken crepe at Marché with Marissa. Yummy but small T_T Also, we were sitting in the dark T_T Cos it was very crowded and bad seats were all we have.

So I got one chicken wing to make up for the smallness of the crepe and the guy was like “I give you one for free” then I said I only wanted one and he said “never mind, just take it” so I thanked him. It’s normal. And it was late. Maybe the reason for his charity but I doubt so.

Awfully Chocolate. I hope they don’t ever change. I’ll be so devastated if their standards were to drop due to expansion.

Shabu shabu gyuniku ramen at Yoshimaru with Edna on very short notice.
Because I could get 2 bowls at the price of 1. I was just dialling everyone on my contact list, until Edna woke up and accepted my invitation LOL.

She gave me KitKats and unsheathed the peals of laughter buried within me.
Edna: I went to church and the pastor (I heard pasta) was like tsk-
Me: Why? Not nice?
Edna: He is like so aggressive…
OMG ;____; ROFL
Edna: eh this construction site… What are they building here sia
Me: *thoughtfully* oh I think it’s a building
;_____; omg laughters I miss because of stress in school.

Gyudon at Yoshinoya. Overheard a foreigner exclaiming outside Yoshinoya: “Wow! This is like McDonald’s but Japanese style!” :D

This is the super delicious tiramisu Hazel made for me. I love it to bits ;___; It’s not even a biased judgment, it’s really damn bae.

Kushiyaki bento with takikomi gohan at Tampopo Deli.
Microwaved bentos always taste great.
Godiva‘s soft serve!!
Tastes like super rich and thick chocolate milk but better :)
Yummy baumkuchen from Juccheim :)

I love the biscuits they give because they’re cute and yummy and seasonal :)
Bunch of cakes from Flor Patisserie! I think the mushroom one (I forgot what it’s called T_T) was the yummiest.

Nabehide for Christmas dinner!! :D
A la carte buffet with shabu shabu items and others like ebi fry, gyoza, shishamo. These were so-so.
The mushrooms were huge!!!!
Not kidding at all.
My mum was like “Can I have 10 prawns?” because when it first came it came in a pair and she was like ?????? (She loves seafood and prawn especially lol)
Making a reservation on hungrygowhere entitled me to a free plate of Wagyu beef. So fat till I had to pull off some bits before I ate them.
Milk pudding.
Overall really yummy and affordable for a buffet I’d say.

Tried making lasagna but boiling it wrecked it like hell so it looked more like German pasta. T_T

XXL chicken from Shihlin.

Bae strawberry cheesecake parfait from Snaffles.

Cutest Gudetama stamps on Line Camera but they’re hard to use lol.
Beef udon at good old Tamoya. I think it’s better to get the normal ones because it’s more economical and the broth isn’t too masked by the meat’s flavour.

Frequented Brewerkz so much because we were doing a project on them.
My favourite food of all time is this soba noodle salad with chicken. Everything is sooooo yummy in this humongous bowl!!! ;____; I loved it so much, I ordered it every time I had a meal there. Yes, so I didn’t really eat anything else other than the sides.
Truffle fries were not bad! I literally love seeing potato skin on fries. They tend to be the best parts too :)
Was at the kitchen taking photos and omg this burger looked sooooo good!!!!! I still ordered soba salad lol I’m sorry it’s really so yummy.
Got a brewery tour :D
Hobs look like terrapin feed.
I don’t like beer :( but many people love the beer there so go if you love beer. Or dislike. Because you can eat soba salad.

sparkle sparkle

Went to a charity gig at Blu Jaz Cafe.

Photo with Daphne Khoo!!! :D

NATHAN HARTONO!!!!!! I’ve been loving this man’s voice since about 10 years ago!!!

Bought my dream mackintosh! The most expensive garment I’ve ever bought yet. Even though it was the cheapest one I could find online!!! And it was too big for me -___- But it’s ok.

Dimsum from Hong Ho Phang Hong Kong Tim Sum. So yummy!! Good chee cheong fun like these are hard to find now :)


I love the Abacus workshop and I got a certificate :D

Yup. You know where. But it’s my first time having lunch there.

So I got the Ootoya lunch set (which is also available for dinner), which is a pile of karaage and croquette and I’m not entirely sure. What I’m sure of is that it’s so yummy!! Literally everything the chef makes is a beautiful thing.

Chapalang miso-tsuyu spaghetti with super yummy Tatsumoto pork sausage and surprise furikake. This #chefcasia is literally so chapalang. A little too salty but not bad :D

One day they ran out of hor fun so I had to eat mee kia.


Sorry not sorry.
Huge fan of One Piece who watches new episodes every Sunday and curses when it’s postponed. McDonald’s had this thing and I’m like !!!!! so I got many people to help me buy and I managed to only eat 1 meal completing the collection.
I put them up on the Christmas tree at my grandma’s and the week after, my aunt just kept them in some box with the tree and I’m like T____T

The first time I found these, I said I live in a well and didn’t know that school sells pizza fries but Grace was like I think i live at the earth’s core where is this FROM. Hahahaha I love Grace. Internet crush although we’re first real life acquaintances but the friendship never progressed further in the Outernet.

I can’t cry over spilled milk cos I don’t drink milk. But I spilled my darn cereals and it was so hard to wipe all the sugary bits off cos they’re naked to the eye T_T

Crammed hell a lot of Japanese in 12 hours over 6 weeks thanks to Yōko sensei who raps her lessons, so if we didn’t pay attention for just one second, we’d be lost forever. She said my handwriting was very pretty HAHAHAHAHA everyone kinda says that but it’s the normal hand???

Overslept on the day of my examination. Maybe cos I was scared that I’ll oversleep. So I did. :( After all, it was in the midst of the hellish semester in which I slept at 4am and woke as late as possible to make it in time for school every day. The morning paper was asking for it. T_T Completely deaf to my alarm.
Went to Menzo Butao for lunch after taking JLPT. All of us were like aiya die liao die liao maybe can’t pass. I got la but N5.
Got the aburi chicken. It was mediocre.

Ordered a Gudetama luggage, which was supposedly sold in Taiwan. SO CUTE.

It’s a tamago nigirizushi!!!!!!!! The quality is terrible though. I have brought it overseas as a carry-on once and it was already scratched from god-knows-what! I can’t imagine having to check it in T_T

You’re probably bored of me eating here.

That is if you made it this far down this draggy and boring post.

Bought yumepirika and it is so delicious!! You really pay for the quality!!! :D Eating this with tarako furikake is bliss.

Leftover rice for ochazuke is lazy bliss.

I miss my childhood so much. Especially those in Japan.

This cow plush. Not soft nor cuddly but I loved it all the same. Kids.

I love this boring as hell playground below the apartment! It’s so boring cos there’s like this slide and a seesaw and that’s pretty much it. It’s also stupid because everything is metal and then it was winter so it’s goddamn cold so max play was 5 minutes.

Miam Miam has terribly huge portions, I wish someone had warned me. My mum and I had to finish what was meant for about 5 people.
Miam Miam spaghetti. Don’t remember how it tasted but I know it wasn’t much.
Arrabiata was very salty.
Caramelised banana pancake reminded me of After You Café.
Finally something delicious although I was stuffed from the pasta T_T
Valrhona chocolate soufflé was disappointing in comparison.

I bought FlashAir and everything’s great except for the unstable connection and ugly application UI.

Tested it out on some of my Tomicas since I could use the pictures for my show & tell for Japanese lessons lol.

The car that started it all ^___^

Also got new ones the day I ate at Miam Miam. I want to live in a Tentmushi!!! It’s so cute and cute and cute.

Song Fa Bak Kut Teh was nice. Actually all bak kut tehs are more or less yummy. I still think Ng Ah Sio and Founder are my favourites.
Taking this picture can either mean it was very nice or I gave up on taking photos of the others. I no longer recall what is true .____.

Saw this Singapore Poos and I laughed so loudly in the bus my friends told me everyone was staring at me. What’s new?

Had lasagna with meatballs at Gourmet Pizza to Go. Too much béchamel for my liking and I didn’t like it very much at all.

This chicken hor fun at Harbourfront Centre’s food court was not bad. It’s also Halal.

McVitie’s Victoria diabetes.

When Don was in Tokyo, I asked him to get me Gelatoni, who was quite new then.

Story: Duffy dropped his gelato on the ground while taking a stroll with Mickey. Then Gelatoni appeared and told him it’s ok and introduced himself. Then he used the gelato to paint. And then they painted together.
That’s what I managed to read with my limited Japanese knowledge, aided with the illustrations. The story I first read online when it debuted sounded much more touching.

It’s so cute :D

Toffee nut latte and they shouted Car 虾 so loudly because I didn’t know it was me T_T

Calamari at Brewerkz for project.

Tried it with salmon and Hazel preferred it. I didn’t because it was so little and more expensive and not very flavourful on its own. The chicken was teriyaki-sauced and can be found in every other bite because they add chicken like it’s free :D

Haato & Co. It’s now priced at those gourmet ice-cream prices. I remembered it to be much cheaper!!!

Hawaiian chicken thing at Breko Cafe. Without cheese.

Pistachio at Sunday Folks. Sorry for being boring.

I love cereal fish this much hahahaha :D

This thing melted and stuck together but was so yummy!!!! Have no idea where it’s from but it’s some egg wafer coated in chocolate. Amazing!!!!

Mid-November and my complexion was this bad.

Bazhang from Daun Pandan Rice Dumpling. Yummy!!!!!!

Wasted an hour in lecture making this banana chocolate thing. I really don’t know why this teacher can be so strange. The funniest one was this ice-cream making thing before lecture. Took 1.5 hours to prepare everything before the shaking while he conducted the lecture. When you shake ice-cream in a bag of ice, it’s going to be really noisy right? He told us to shake the ice-cream non-stop and when we obeyed, he was like SHHHHH. What the.

School has this waffles and ice-cream place called Creamy Duck. What.

Hey Jude in my Lazy Oaf shirt.

I love origami.

Celebrated Marissa’s birthday at Hard Rock Cafe again. Before that, I went to Paragon to get her the Nutella cake again. Also 19 candles. I don’t think they put them all on it because it wasn’t as flaming T_T I walked the whole stretch in terrible rain T_T

Fish and chips

I love my face here hahahaha

Do I need to say where?

Kasan set!

Breaded chicken with vegetables in some broth. So good although I scalded my tongue T_T

My group planned on black and so did the other group -___- So it looked like a funeral.


First time at Brewerkz to discuss about the project.

First time I fell in love with anything that has ‘salad’ in its name.

Hazel got really high from drinking and the cab ride home was so funny!! Uber driver also said we were his happiest customers ever!

Keyang was wearing this jacket with a detachable hood LOL and he detached it so LOL.
Anyway, I was later than my group in going to class then they told me that when they saw a figure behind them in the reflections, Hazel turned and screamed at me. Except it wasn’t me but some random stranger LOL!!!

School pasta with amazing meatballs that I never got to eat again because they were always sold out T_T

I love broccoli.

Fish & Co.

Went for the inaugural Hello Kitty Run because so cute!! It was supposedly 5km but ????? and it also rained and ran out of medals for the 15k turnout. Luckily I wasn’t those lazy asses who go to fun runs to fun walk.
Bought a towel for $15 and 5 minutes into running, it vanished. So I bought another after that because I’d rather buy a $30 towel than drop $15 on the floor lol.

This bunch of Japanese guys were sooooo cute!!! They made their own shirts for their corporation and followed the template of the given tee. It was SO cute!! And balloons around their waists!!!! But when they started running, a bunch of them tangled up and they were stuck together LOL!!!

Went to a workshop at school right after the run decked in my Hello Kitty jinbei. Everyone made fun of my jinbei. I literally don’t get it. It’s really nice. I’m still actively wearing it out because people always talk about the weird outfits I love anyway.


Katsu jyu

Delicious as always but I prefer the chicken one :)

Peach parfait that was new on the menu. The banana parfait that was super good is no longer there T_T But this is nice too :)

Chicken chop at Platypus Family Kitchen and the chicken was yummy!!

Hazel (Liem) got me a Hello Kitty EVA Air model :D I love it soooo much!! :D

Farmer day LOL


Had to send Sentosa photos for our membership card application so we agreed on doing this awkward smile. HAHAHAHA!

Our Sentosa Islander cards!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA! We received free fun passes as well. It expired when we finally found time to have a day of fun after the major school stuff were over. Nerds. All work and no play. T___T

Always asking people to have a picnic on their gingham shirts and for the first time anyone entertained me LOL!!!!!
Thanks Seng Tiong. You’re my best bud.

Congratulations. You have made it to the end of this post. I took days to write it. I’m so glad it’s done. If you cheated and scrolled to the bottom (don’t know why you did it when you can just close it), then I understand you completely because I’d have left LOL. Thanks for reading and that’s all for my last memories of school.

Recipe: Zaru Soba


This is so easy to make, I’m really just posting this as a filler. It’s also really affordable.

Things you’ll need (that you can all buy from Daiso if you don’t already have):

  • Soba (buckwheat noodles) – that’s like $0.50 per 100g
  • Mentsuyu (noodle sauce/soup) – I got mine elsewhere
  • Shredded seaweed – this is so important, it makes the dish so flavourful
  • Zaru (strainer) – you don’t really need this but it looks good in photos (especially if they’re not plastic ones like mine)
    and water, pot, chopsticks! And ice?
  1. Boil water, put soba in, cook for 3-4 minutes or as instructed on packaging.
  2. In the meantime, put 1 part tsuyu 2 parts water into a bowl for dipping. I don’t really measure them out, I just estimate and taste the dip. Also, I used cold water.
  3. Your soba is cooked! Drain them (decant/strain/just pick them out with chopsticks) and run them under the tap or shock them in iced water.
  4. Plate your soba and top it with shredded seaweed! Don’t keep the packet yet because it won’t be enough. You can also add furikake!
  5. Grab some strands, dip them in the soup, put them in your mouth. Repeat until gone.

I don’t really know why some people put ice on their soba or in the soup. Maybe you can just cook this in Siberia and not bother about it.
Anyway, it’s a food often consumed in summer to combat the heat.
I eat it because it’s delicious and takes very little time to put together.
If this recipe is wrong, I am sorry. I’m not Japanese. But it works for me and I love it :D

Tried overpriced Ichiryu apple juice. It’s not bad but I still think Ringo Work is the king.

Thank you for reading!

Monochrome Fusion Bistro

Wow what is this blogging about a day on the same day :O
Wow! That’s mainly because I wanted to upload pictures on Flickr to facilitate blogging then I just K.

So I met Don late evening for not lunch not dinner at Monochrome Fusion Bistro. He had motives being so bent on going to that rather new place. LOL.
Shared this snapper loin cha soba! Thought the soba was way too overcooked. Bonito flakes smelled damn good though!
The fish is so yummy!!!
He ordered a slice of black velvet cake.
Tastes like Oreos. I’m no fan of the whole red (now black) velvet thing really… There are so many nice flavours out there.

Right after leaving the place, we went for xiao long baos!
10 for $5.50 hell yeah!!!
Presentation < DTF
Taste and value > DTF :D
Went to VivoCity and watched Cinderella spontaneously and omg stupid prince can’t even remember her face?
Chatted more over Carl’s Jr’s fries and then went home.

Ok, and here are the original non-square photos of yesterday’s post!!!

Lam Bee Restaurant:

Itacho Sushi:

By the way, I totally love tang hoon but I forgot about them while I was busy eating the other stuff then it disintegrated and I cri.

The Assembly Ground

New Udon Thai Food:
None of us ate liver so we swapped it out for more chicken!!!! Ch1ck3n 4eva \m/
The whole thing costed about $65 or so and Amanda’s mum insisted on paying despite Cheryl and I throwing money into Amanda’s bag -___- then kena caught -____- Thanks auntie :(




Asanoya Bakery:

Ok the end :D

The Beginning of Schoollessness

Hello. Just sharing the recent stuff because I have been hibernating and I’m just trying to blog stuff before I spam Instagram in Japan and have to scroll more to find outdated Instagram pictures.

After the last paper, my group mates were finally free to go out together. Everyone except Keyang and me are super busy with leadership stuff or whatever the whole time. Even Keyang has friends to hang out with once in a while. And the whole time I’m just like “yes” to any of their “are you free”s and I realised I have turned down many notions of socialising because of school projects and also because many friends were then busy working.

Anyway look at everyone looking really happy because school’s out! Except me. I look like death.

Hazelnut and pistachio gelato! Finally tried these from Alfero and while it’s super smooth and rich, I didn’t think of it as highly as all my peers did because I really prefer some texture to my ice-creams/gelatos.

So the day after my last paper was CNY eve.
I was really sad because after the tiring semester I couldn’t hibernate yet. For a week.

Steamboat for reunion lunch!
That huge plate of taukee is obviously mine. Pity I didn’t finish the whole thing T____T If I remember correctly only half the plate was added into the pot.

Dinner that night was Domino’s pizza because I was craving for pizza terribly for a few days lol.

They have this new chicken thing so I tried this golden Mexican chicken. The concept is definitely bae because they replaced pizza dough with chicken, which is totally genius.
Except it was sooooo tiny!!! I know, it’s a side. But they really should consider making it a main because chicken.

Then the day after CNY, I went to Hat Yai as covered in my previous post.

I put on this Isshindo Honpo animal face pack I got from Tokyu Hands! Really pricey though… $15 for 2 sheets!! :(
I believe this is the first ever facial mask I’ve ever put on. Trying to resurrect my complexion but I think it’s too late.

I have never taken so many selfies on my own phone before. Usually I take 1 or 2, in the rare occasions that I do. When on others’ phones, the numbers can range from 30 to 400. So ya, don’t leave your phones unattended.

Ok backstory. I finally bought a FlashAir. It’s great that I can now post photos on Instagram with high DOF instantly. Ok that explains some pictures you see here. Sad thing is because I’m lazy and grab these pictures from Instagram, they’re all in squares and lower quality lol. Ok end of backstory.

I tried to look for a job. I’m terrible at it. Why???? Anyway, I didn’t get the job.
So when I went for the interview in the eastern side of Singapore, I had to eat something I haven’t tried.

Seng Yang once said there was this “best chicken rice” in MacPherson so of course I had lunch at this Lam Bee Restaurant.
I always check-in on Foursquare so I see tips too and apparently everyone thinks the char siew here is the bomb. Seng Yang never mentioned char siew at all by the way. So I added char siew la.

What the shit. The char siew here is so yummy!! It’s not tough/dry and has the awesome smoky taste. The chicken was not bad but not better than Wee Nam Kee though. So, don’t trust your friends, trust the Internet.
Then I had nothing to do, and no friends too. I wasn’t going to waste a trip in the east like that, going home right away. But it was really humid that day.

So I went to Changi Airport. Mostly for the aircon. I should’ve gone to Bedok instead on hindsight, since there are many yummy stuff there. Dammit.
Sat at the gallery of T2 and read a book then went for dinner. At Itacho Sushi. I thought I was looking for new stuff -___- but it’s ok.

Favourite must-order kani chawanmushi!

Ebi tempura handroll. Their handrolls are always so crisp. BAE.

Tako and inari. (I put these two on a plate myself) I was just hoping they’d serve all my sushi on a plate.

Tamago. They wouldn’t.

Aburi salmon. I asked for without mayonnaise but look! I ate it anyway because it was little. I’ve had them here before but what I’d do is eat it really fast before I taste anything horrid. The semi-raw fish already encourages 1-chew eating. I really gotta do something about this before going to Japan lol.


Bought my favourite cereal. If you’ve not eaten Post’s honey bunches with oats then please do. You’re welcome.

Saw these at FairPrice too. When I’m in Japan I will allow myself to splurge and indulge in strawberries. Just once this one time. Can’t wait T___T and also need lots of money to go repeatedly (dreaming) but I’m jobless remember.

I need about this much. Not dried cuttlefish. I need money. Then I can go travel the world :D (cries)

Was going around Orchard with Yuxuan before heading to Serangoon.

Lunched at Watami and set lunch prices are something I really miss!! I really ought to head out for lunch more often because dinner prices stink lol.

Gyuniku sukiyaki turned out way too filling and I couldn’t finish it. And dinner was only hours away.

I got lost in the wild on the way to the steamboat dinner.

I found my way. Very swaggy.

Steamboat after louhei! Funniest having a Muslim at a CNY dinner because one pot was to be kept Halal and the unfortunate gluttons there had to eat meat with a pork basket, in which we delivered pork to the other end of the table LOL.

Anyway, I brought these lukans to bainian. Then when they returned it to me, a bunch of us started to eat it. Because it was wrinkly and airy and everyone was curious. Is this the terrible future of CNY for the younger generations or what.

Then the next day was hopping around Singapore visiting. I forgot to bring oranges LOL.

The next day, Amanda was returning from Maldives!!!!!! Missed her so much :)

Went to Hard Rock to look for Yuxuan before going to the airport together.
That’s where I blogged one third of the Hat Yai post. I was a total freeloader that day.
Used free Internet sitting in a free private office (business centre lol) in Yuxuan’s hoodie because it was really cold in there.

I paid for these awesome chicken wings at the Rock Bar. Really fat though. But yummy. Ate the whole plate till I nearly died. Then Yuxuan came and said she was dismissed early. I wanted to leave her some wings but it was 30 minutes ahead of time and it would’ve turned cold! Darn.
Then I shared a cab ride paid by Yuxuan to the airport and then drank tea (and was forced to eat some) (even after soloing a plate of wings) with Amanda’s family. Also got the cutest angpow ever! I don’t think I even said any gong xi fa cai to her mum because I was too surprised. We weren’t there to bainian. I’m sorry lol. Belated gong xi fa cai.

I tried to make cup udon and for the first time I couldn’t. The pictures wouldn’t even help me because they had microwaving instructions. I don’t have a microwave oven. How. So I freestyled and it turned out not very yummy T_T I can’t believe I’m saying this of JAS-marked food. They’re always yummy T_T why not this T_T

In the same week, I met Amanda again. Her mum too! Hahaha and Cheryl. There was supposed to be 3 others but they lame.

Mookata at New Udon Thai Food! I’ve not tried many mookata places around Singapore but I can say this is the best I’ve had. Don’t know how they marinate their chicken but OMG take me now! I mean I suggested this place when Amanda said she wanted mookata. Omg I miss this…

Amanda gave me Maldives sand and an anklet/bracelet/string thing :D I wanna go to Maldives too. Hearing her talk about snorkelling there is soooooo bae.

Then went to brunch with Hazel and Keyang at The Assembly Ground. I was late. I’m terrible. The last semester really destroyed me.

My brunch after the two finished. While at it, another Hazel joined us.

We shared truffle fries and it’s really good!!!! There are only a few places I find the truffle fries good and I haven’t stumble upon any since Au Chocolat but this has made it into my mental list :D
They were trying to celebrate my birthday in advance. Under Keyang’s wallet was a pack of candles which stuck out like a sore thumb it was the first thing I spotted when I got there. The first Hazel snuck out and got a slice of tiramisu really neatly, at that I was surprised.
I don’t have a picture of it lol. Truth is, the tiramisu couldn’t compare to the one the second Hazel (Liem) made for me once. Honestly, she makes amazing tiramisu. Don’t know how to describe. It’s like a tiramisu benchmark. Hope she really opens a café and issues me the “Platinum Casia card free food 4ever and even a special table” she promised me. She sent me this two-iPhone5-screen long birthday text and it was so nice ;___; It was so nice ;___; It was a digital hug plus many memories ;___; so nice ;_____; “Platinum Casia card free food 4ever and even a special table” oh my gosh!

Bought some mt wrap because they were 1-for-1 and finally reasonable. This is genius. Really.
Let me show you a video of it:

I love the parfait from Snaffles. But Lynette had to call me just as I was about to take a picture of it so it melted so much before I could. I have a fresh one on my camera but I didn’t use that. It will go into another post.

Went to Sentosa with Amanda and Lynette for dinner. That’s Amanda thinking she’s still in Maldives.

Dinner at Trapizza and they have changed somehow. They are now off my mental pizza list. By the way, the Pasta Fresca at Rochester is gone and I’m sad!

Lynette bought me the black tote when she was in London! She brought it in the huge paper carrier. Not entirely sure why but I think it has to do with a conversation when I was trying to guess which tote.

Birthday cake is Berry Berries from Flor Patisserie! Love their cakes a lot because the cream is never too heavy and their fruits are never covered with the jelly film thing.
Got a letter from JCSS days before and saw my N5 results that I checked online months ago lol and the day after my birthday was the day I could collect my certificate!!!

This is like a birthday present. Actually am appalled that I got A for all three sections although the scores are kinda meh. Anyway I should revise and study for N4/N3 or something.
Was out changing currency and collecting this before meeting Jiaen and Fiona and Nicole. I overslept 4 hours and was terribly late LOL given the errands I had to run before meeting them. Goddammit please revert.
They sort of coerced me into those room escape games. I mean it’s really fun online but paying $22 for a real life one is really a rip-off and they paid for me as a birthday gift. The props were really lame and we got all the keys anyway.

Dinner at Wala Wala and I don’t think I can ever be sick of this place.
Yuxuan is head over heels in love with 53A’s guitarist Alvin and that was the first time we heard him solo a song and omg the voice and the riffs and omg he followed me on Instagram and LOL Yuxuan was so envious. I can’t wait to wala again :)
By the way, the chicken oregano pizza is yummy but I hadn’t known because I was blinded by the chicken wings. Also, they changed the menu and the dory chunks are gone!!!! :( But they have truffle fries now and while it’s not super bae, it suffices.

(over)Cooked spaghetti and tamagoyaki sausage. Going back to the kitchen after so long and I’m just like ?????? and I don’t think I want to cook again. That’s what I always feel after cooking and then even more when washing, but I will still cook sometime after.

Some day’s dinner at favouritest Ootoya.

Don’t know if I’ve mentioned because I haven’t blogged in so long but their chawanmushi is really so yummy now after they changed something – so smooth so sweet so better. Before that I used to consider ordering sets only when I am not eating a riced dish but now I have no choice but to order sets.

Musi nabe! Just a concoction of oishii :D

Zenzai milk. I love everything I’ve eaten here omg.
Went to Jurong East to stroll because I was bored after dinner.

Went to take a cheese tart from Flor, which I was supposed to collect together with my cake but didn’t. Yum forever.

Went skating and ended up at Buona Vista. Fell down uphill. LOL.
Caught up with Marissa who was off work sick and had an unpleasant dinner there.

Met her again the next day when she was working because I went out with Joe and he forced me to buy him a birthday cupcake. PLUS COFFEE. Bitch.
I’m almost certain he suggested going out only because he wanted a gift, which I conveniently did not make for him yet. (SO I GOT HOME AND STARTED MAKING IT LA. My fingers hurt and it’s 2/3 done as of now.)
Anyway, Marissa gave me free coffee supposedly wastage lol.

Before that, I had Sunday Folks‘ pistachio cone and THEY CHANGED THEIR CONES!!! I’m so sad! :( It’s not as nice as it was before :(

Then I went to SAM because there was a Kyototo workshop at Supermama with embroidery patches so I went to check it out.

Got this picture off their Facebook hahahaha I was blinded by the cuteness and spent $17 on making some earrings! That’s me ironing the patches on felt.

I was way too early so the place was relatively empty but when I was letting it dry, the whole place was so crowded!!


Had my dinner at Asanoya Bakery.

I was really sad after when I realised how little and unmeaty my day’s meals had been!

Anyway, this place is awesome. Really neat and pretty. Seems like a chill place to past time.

Melon pan is yum :D

Think I got this loaf for $1 or $2. I’m not sure. All I know is that it’s so soft and yummy and it’s wholemeal! Can you imagine if it were white bread!!!!! I really wanna have some bread from here again. It’s just that I don’t know when I’ll have the mood to sit around with bread. I don’t know, maybe a book day.

Anyway, look at these giant grapes!

Ok the end. It’s 6am. No wonder I’m always oversleeping. Goodnight!!!!!!!!!

Hat Yai

I’ve spent the past week doing up the video and sorting out photographs from when I went to Hat Yai.
But of course I took 3 or 4 days doing Chinese New Year stuff and other stuff…
So I’ll just start with a snippet and end with the full video (I couldn’t add some footage in because my computer is all out of space, but it will do…)!


Flew on Tigerair to HDY and while it had ordinary coach legroom, the aircraft was impossibly unkempt (maybe because I haven’t flew on low cost carriers in a decade it came as a shock) and I thought the seats were really hard T_T
Thank god the flight was merely within 2 hours.

Stayed at Hi-Season Hotel, which is out of the city because it was a rather last-minute trip and most hotels had no vacancy during this festive week.
It was a short ride to the city via tuktuk but at least the place wasn’t very packed or noisy.
BUT, the bed was practically a stone plateau with a mattress protector on it, or at least it felt like it… To think I thought the plane seats were hard!!
Anyway, I woke up with a terrible backache every morning and even now, back in Singapore, with my comfy bed, I still wake up the same way. I think my spine is in trauma lol.

Day 1
It was around late afternoon when we arrived, so we headed to the city (all we did is tell the driver “Lee Gardens Plaza” and we’d get there).
At a glance I knew I liked Hat Yai much more than I did Bangkok.
I wasn’t any good at shopping in Thailand anyway, so I was pleased that there’s a larger variety of street food around here.

Their stalls are on little pushcarts or trishaws or something like that.
Cuttlefish? getting crimped? (Idk man, people learn stuff when they travel and I’m here guessing stuff after I’ve taken photographs hahahaha)
There came another cuttlefish stall (on wheels) while I was attempting to shoot better pictures of the above, and the lady was like shouting something to get people to make way. I did, too. But guess what? She went on and RAMMED me with the pushcart OMG LOLLLLLL. Didn’t hurt much but just omg… I mean, there was plenty of space behind me?????
Isn’t my life exciting?
Ok, I didn’t eat them because I didn’t felt like it.
It has nothing to do with grudges, if you’re wondering.

Mango sticky rice!!!
These mangoes were really sweet, too!! ^_^
This was my first food in Hat Yai and I loved it ^____^
While eating it, I already felt my throat give way because it was so heaty hahahaha!
This was the only mango sticky rice I got during the trip V___V pity…
Another stall. They had many duplicates here and there, by the way. But definitely a larger array than you can find in Bangkok (unless I went to all the wrong places).
Hat Yai is in southern Thailand, very close to the borders of Malaysia, that’s why you see a lot of Muslims around.
The somewhat strange thing is that you can hear people speaking in Thai, Malay, Mandarin, Hokkien, English, etc. and I guess in that aspect it’s kinda similar to Singapore… Everyone sorta understood everyone regardless of the language they spoke in.

I didn’t eat many things I took photos of, mainly because of the massive amount of flies around them.
I do grasp the opportunity to try delicious-looking stuff when the flies seem sparse or when my mum orders them (so I have no idea)(ignorance is bliss, isn’t it?)
Skewers and even though they’re in a cabinet, there are flies. T_T
The tuktuks here are cool. They have the mini lorry front, unlike the motorcycle kinds in Bangkok!
They can fit about 8 people in the back and I saw one carrying 12, with 2 of them standing while grabbing onto the poles LOL!

There’s this mountain of deep fried foods along the street…
Whole quails…
I thought it was horrendous.
It looks amazing, but there were so many flies (for some reasons they never ever appear in photographs lol) and there’s no knowing how long the stuff’s been stacked there for!
But they do quickly deep fry them upon ordering so… you know, germs are killed…
But then think about the oil!!! X___X
And at the end of the stacks of meat and seafood, there were mangoes and other fruits.
The cross-contamination here is pushing the limits LOLLLLLL!!!
There’s a coconut stall right behind it and the area had this… stench.
I didn’t get any coconuts during this trip because I had a hunch I won’t like any.
I tried a sip from my mum’s every time she bought one and… I think I could’ve been a prophet.
I’m sorry to dash all your hopes and dreams for Hat Yai like this, but it’s for your own good.
There are nice stuff, too, that I will share about below lol :)
Also, if you want a laugh amidst all that stuff, just turn around and look at this neat modern room on the second storey.
It has a door leading to… NOTHING?!?!?! HAHAHAHAHA

I was looking for green orange juice but I couldn’t find any T__T
I didn’t see any juice freshly pressed either.
That’s probably a reason why you saw in Instagram that I bought no drinks and had no #sawadeecup
Then I saw a guy grilling a crab!!
It was so cool!!! (It’s my first time seeing it done like this)
No flies too! But I couldn’t eat it because my mum was already dashing ahead T_T
I wanna travel myself so badly T_T

Saw this dude outside Odean Fashion Mall and…
These are some kueh things that look super cute!!!!!!!!
Just look at that!!!!!!
My mum said she’d get them on the last day to bring back because it would spoil fast (she didn’t buy it in the end).
I really wanted to try them T_T
Idk man, I think 肉骨茶 (bak kut teh) is the most important Chinese phrase ever.
So I was scrutinising the hung up meats and I was so appalled that they were greyish, from being covered in dust and grime and whatnot. Gross!!!!!!!!
Turns out they were rubber -____- and the real stuff were below…
It’s not even April yet ;___; Why would anyone do this to me ;____;
I think I had this in Tara Seafood (according to the sign in the picture)(don’t trust me so much on non-tourist-attraction-establishments’ locations because I have no clue about Hat Yai at all prior to the trip).
I love it ^____^
I’d like to have it again someday :D
Broccoli is one of my favourite vegetables and this here, is soooooo tasty!!! They were so soft (yes, I love my vegetables super soft, the softer the better, also because most of the time they turn out sweet too) and the gravy was so babe.
I actually skipped taking photos of the other dishes that weren’t bak kut teh but after eating the broccoli I couldn’t not share it!!!! <3

Looked good, but I was stuffed from the lunch/dinner/not-sure-what-meal T_T

Then I went to Central to take a dump (perhaps the hygiene here is of a whole another level that the results are immediate)… By the way, the toilets at Central are great! :) (ya, better than my hotel’s)(heaps)
On my way into the mall, there was a huge lion dance thing going on. Really fancy. But that’s not all.
When I was done, about 15 minutes later, I was greeted with this magnificent LED dragon dance!!!! :D

Teh tarik (pull tea)!!! Coolz :D
Roti prata (I think they were a pop-up from Centara)
Very cute how they chop it into bite-sized pieces, because in Singapore we have to eat the whole sheet with our hands or fork and spoon :( This we could do with picks!! (I used my fingers lol)
I wanted to record the tossing but I was always unprepared until she was done tossing. T_T

So I recorded the amazing dragon dance instead.
I really want to share the video but iMovie couldn’t even contain them in the library for me to piece together T_T
I’ll put it here (and on YouTube) if it ever surfaces from the depths of the SD card.
[imaginary video]
So after some cracker sparks flew out of its mouth, it started to spray water in all directions.
I just about died HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Ok, I don’t know if there’s any significance to it but I thought it was fascinating.
I’m usually bored by these stuff.

Ok so that’s pretty much how the first day was like…
I liked it :)
But I was gonna like Hat Yai even more. To the extent I was so exasperated when my camera was running low on battery T_T

Day 2
Explored (slightly) the hotel’s vicinity before we had breakfast.
This is the little café below the hotel where we had breakfast.
This set was like really cheap. The eggs were yummy and cute too (but the eye was broken T_T)(or should I O_T)

And we sort of bargained for a “chartered” tuktuk for 3 people for 3 stops for 1,000 baht ($40), which is really worth it so I advise everyone to do likewise on a touring day.
And after driving for quite a bit, we arrived at the first stop!

Chang Puak Camp!!!!!! :D
If you want to ride an elephant then you have to insist on visiting Chang Puak Camp even if it would bore everyone else shitless.
Rates for your reference lol. And you can buy bananas to feed them. I didn’t because (while I love elephants; they are my favourite animal, sort of, idk) I was scared. And watching what happened to others who did, I was thankful that I’m timid.
They have an elephant show and for 1,000 baht you could do every single activity there is there but my mum was like NO and she was so bored with that place while I was the complete opposite T___T
So for 500 baht ($20) I went to ride an elephant ^___^
!!!!! (I was the rare few who rode alone lol)

When I went up the elephant, a little girl gasped and said in mandarin: “You are riding by yourself?!?! You must be careful!!” LOLLLLLL ty
He said his name was Sompong and the elephant’s Kamsen. Don’t trust my spelling or memory on this. I was so confused.
When it walked into the pond, it was so shaky T____T
And you know how everyone kinda has the metal pole as a seat belt? Mine was literally a seat belt knotted on both sides of the seat T________T
I was holding onto my dear life while trying to take pictures with both my camera and phone T_T
You can also spot elephant dung here and there…
And I asked him “Is that the elephant’s shit?” and he was like “Poo poo.”
Yea poo poo is shit. I have used “shit” so much I have forgotten it’s a crude word.
So they have a village in the middle of the jungle.
He stopped to get a drink from a lady. Apparently he lived in one of those huts.
I was looking through my videos (some footage at the end of this post) and if I hadn’t, I wouldn’t have remembered that he told me “I live here.” to which I replied “huh???”
Thing is, when I was watching the video again, I was also like “huh????” and I played it about 10 times or so before realising he was speaking English and he said “I live here.” T_____T I’m so sorry T____T
But LOLLLL I am such a terrible person.
The lady who passed him a bottle offered to take photos of me lol.
Then he suddenly stopped in the middle of the jungle and… pulled out a box full of ivory charms and pendants.
You know, I felt compelled to buy some because he could very well just abandon me and I’ll be lost in dusty elephant dung ALONE.
I was keen anyway because they were uber cute! But darn it, it was such a rip off!!!!!!!!!!!!! T___T
Even after bargaining, which was confusing too because he kept changing the figures and ???????
It’s like an unspoken rule that you have to bargain for every purchase you make in Thailand.
But if you’re like me, who is an absolute failure at bargaining, this kind of poo poo happens to you.
I paid 800 baht ($32) for like a little necklace (for gifting) and a tiny tiny elephant charm.
What the heck?????? T_T It’d better be real ivory but you guys are also faggy for hurting those babies T_T
Apparently it’s illegal to buy any ivory or products made from it BUT I got it through so… I don’t know man.
The fine is god-knows-how-many baht. Or should I say “bath” because it was spelled that way. Not trying to brag but I take a minimum of (more than) 365 baths a year.
Then he got off and offered to take photographs of me on the elephant.
I had no idea what he was trying to say at first… I thought he wanted me to sit on the elephant directly like he was, and I was like ugh because my slippers were a whole dusty mess just by touching its skin…
(OMG I think my elephant pet dream is not going to work out)
Anyway, it was awesome because I wasn’t entirely sure if I would buy the photos taken by them because the photographer was handling the camera so recklessly I wasn’t betting on any good photos…
Then we stopped by the side to let them be fed!
So… about the why I didn’t want to feed them, while I was up here, I saw people backing away and saying that the elephant was salivating from its trunk???????
Don’t know how much is true because that isn’t its mouth and it’s probably water… but… scared. Maybe another time.

So I bought two different ones from them because it wasn’t so bad although the composition could’ve been so much better.
The frames are so smelly though :( Have to wash my hands each time I touch it lol
So when I first got here, someone was rudely trying to photograph me the second I stepped out of the tuktuk…
It was so windy and sunny and hot and THEY JUST PRINTED THE PHOTO LOLLLLL I look like a wreck.

Then we headed to Municipal Park, which was nearby.
Pikachu bus thing! Hahahahaha
Spectacular view from the top! No kidding!

It was really hot at noon but it’s worth sweating :)
It’s the most peaceful-looking Guan Yin Ma ever.
She’s also jealous.
“ugh whatevs”
Then it was like GONG GONG GONG GONG GONG GONG GONG GONG GONG GONG non-stop when people paced the entire circumference of the Guan Yin Ma ground striking bells.
Then there are people who go to this giant bell and GONG GONG GONG and pray a little something…
Then there’s this swaggy gold photobombing buddha (see some of the previous pictures), which was photobombing even when I was in the tuktuk on the way to Chang Puak Camp.
Photobomb level: Buddha
In fact, this whole place was photobombing or earbombing or just bombing.
This area was where crackers are set off. I’m not sure if it’s solely a CNY thing or an ongoing temple thing.
But I heard this while I was in the jungle with the elephant. And that’s far.
So you can buy your own pack of crackers and let this guy hang it up for you.
No, it’s not autumn.
These crackers were meant to scare off the demon Nian. But every time it fires, I get taken by surprise and am momentarily frightened. I think I might be Nian.
So when the last shell explodes, a red cloth will fall out and you can hang it on a tree like others do.
So, I saw these papayas on a tree.
And after taking photos of them, about 4 strangers came and did the same. #magnesia
But nobody bothered about this dead tree.
I thought it was cool because every other tree is just fine and this one here’s like dead. Just like me in school at 8am.
Thought the ice-cream stall was a mirage in that heat. It wasn’t. So I got a vanilla cone. It’s really yummy if you ignore the way they handled the cones and scoops so unhygienically.
And then, we were leaving.
Without walking into the dragon’s mouth to look for the photobombing buddha and friends!!! T____T
Next time, buddy T___T
I mean, we were like 3 hours too early for the next stop!!!!

Was gonna delete this but the swallow’s just so gorgeous!! It’s as though it’s being conjured by the lamp dude.
Intricate lamp post!
So we went to this lame shopping mall called Big C. It’s actually Small C. I was so bored, I went to the furniture and homeware store.
Had lunch at MK Restaurant. It was ok… :/

Their supermarket was big, probably the Big C. And these fried stuff were put out for 5 baht ($0.20) each!! Of course I didn’t get them because flies.
We were getting restless and called the tuktuk driver to get us to the next stop but he took a while and we had to sit around for a bit.

Got this amazing almond choco lava kream ball from KFC Krushers, which is just a dessert counter for KFC, and for 29 baht ($1+), this is incredible!! The best part is the crumbly tiny tiny micro-cookie bits at the base!!

Then we headed off to Khlong Hae floating market!
They open at 3pm, and although it’s crazy hot with the sun overhead, I’ll advise you to go at 3pm because it would get so crowded later, you might give up exploring entirely.
There are many strawberries in Hat Yai but for once I wasn’t drawn to them at all because they look really dirty and unsweet (I’m really picky about my fruits).
And it’s the floating market!! It’s quite disappointing because I’d expected it to be really long and packed with sampans.
The Lost Sampan. Coming soon to a theatre near you.
Spotted the Singapore flag and the 9 other countries’ and ASEAN’s flags.
For some reasons, Thailand is really into ASEAN or something, to the extent some mall in the city had ASEAN flag buntings as decorations.
They have a very sad-looking carnival wannabe. It was operating when it approached evening but they had a total of 1 customer.
The abandoned pedal boats at the other end looked so much more fun.
This stall had one fly. So I bought 2 sticks. I had to order in Malay because they didn’t understand me when I ordered in English! I never knew I had the ability to “satu ayam satu udang” HAHAHAHAHA!!
Turns out it wasn’t very delicious -____-
It’s around this time that I found out that my camera’s battery was dying T_____T and it was only 3pm!!!!
I had so many things I wanted to keep for memory but this camera just T______T I need an extra battery, or a new camera, even though this Olympus PEN E-PL1 has been such an awesome bro for years, it never hurts to have more cameras!
This thing was super cool. But this stupid girl kept walking to stand in front of my camera while I was trying to take a video. Thanks a billion, bitch, I now have no videos and lesser battery.
I tried to take a selfie with the floating market in the background, but I deleted it because my complexion was horrendous! T_T
See, when you come here before 4pm, you can actually walk along the plank without people in your way.
No flies twist potato!!!!!! For 20 baht ($0.80)!!!!!!
I so love fried potato of any shape tossed in flavouring powders because they’re just awesome!! And I’m not talking about McDonald’s shaker fries. It’s something I loved when I went to Batam! They’re really cheap and crazy delicious and absolutely bae. So I got a seaweed twist potato here.
This is how they handed me the food and I paid! Super cool!!!!! (Ok, it’s not super, it’s simple but genius)

It was yummy!! But really oily and hard to eat near the skewer because the potato wouldn’t budge!
If I weren’t so full from lunch at MK Restaurant, I’d have gotten more! And also try the other food stuff which had no flies!
Stray dog found a quail egg!

Got this cup of ice snow, which tasted like unflavoured ice kacang, but bespoke. LOLLLLL but it’s not bad though!!
There’s this fruit stall somewhere opposite the ferris wheel and toilet. Buy the jambu. They are super yummy!!!!!
Have not tried the guava yet (it’s at home) but I’m pretty sure it’s gonna be tasty!
Their mangoes too. BUY. Buy as much as you can carry. Don’t let them cut it like that if you’re concerned about the flies, though. But I ate them anyway and they were so good ^___^
Was going back to look for the tuktuk driver and… HORSES!!!!!
They really put the 马 in 马路 HAHAHAHAHA!!!
They made their pandan leaves??? into bouquets!! Super cute!!! Is this how people propose in kampungs LOLLLLL…
If you ever visit Hat Yai, you gotta go to Khlong Hae floating market. Except, wear as little clothing as behaviourally acceptable and do not wear black. I defied both rules and was dying half the time. Take my tip.
We had to share a tuktuk with this family that was already onboard. But I’m not complaining at all!!!

I got to feast my eyes on the cutest little boy ever!!!!!! For more than 10 minutes!!!!!!!!

He had grey eyes and food-stained cheeks!!! And he kept giggling omg!!!! :D :D :D BABY :D

So we went back to the hotel to unload, before heading out to another market.
I didn’t have time to charge my camera at all!!! T_____T
Ok so we’re on another tuktuk heading to Asian (or ASEAN, I’m not sure) Trade market, which is simply “night market” and is understood by that term by I guess everyone…?
Some watermelon dinner table set I spied on the way there.
Had to walk past this four face buddha from where we alighted to get to the market!
This thing is so cute because it waves!! :D
This place is a fly festival. Literally every stall had their own colony or something. They might even have names, who knows?
They always look really delicious until you think about the flies zzzz…
You’d think this stall had butterflies but no, it’s still those houseflies.
There was one stall that had no flies.
The boiled corns. It’s easy to find… it’s the only one with a strainer. I think.
Absolutely no flies. So I had corn and only corn for my dinner. This place literally had TOO much flies.
But these were super yummy!!!!! So sweet and juicy and hot!! :D

One cob’s like 15 baht ($0.60) and I got another to eat for when we return to the hotel.
There’s also another building beside it which has a whole lot of retail shops, something like Bugis Street.

Day 3
Got up goddamn early to go to a market. It really wasn’t necessary. 7am at Kim Yong market.
And I thought catfish was poisonous!!
Someone on Instagram told me this blue rice thing is called nasi kerabu in Malay and I looked it up and it’s a herbed rice salad! Pretty cool!
Think the lady was telling me off for taking pictures without buying or something… No idea what she said except “photo”… but I went ahead and took videos anyway LOLLLL
I really wanted to eat these pork skewers but they sold them only in bags of 10, and I wanted only 2.
They looked so delicious and had no flies!! I really should’ve just gotten 10 T___T It’s cheap and it could’ve been the most amazing thing I’d eat there but I’ll never know now V____V
These youtiaos are soooo cute!!

And this is 2 baht, which is like negligible. Yummy too! I wonder how they make a living!!
Looks really delicious, but… flies.
Such a cute way of carrying the coffee and tea! :)
Went to have breakfast at a store along the streets.
This porridge goes so well with the youtiaos!!
Mummy ordered this for me and I think the vendor conveniently forgot the order because I waited 20 minutes and it wasn’t coming at all!!
It was yummy though!!! All the street foods are all so yummy, if there weren’t flies at all, this place would make me gain like 10kg in 3 days.

Here’s a tip if you go to Kim Yong market. Do not drink the soya bean milk. It literally tastes like Bata shoes!!!! No, I have never tasted Bata shoes but I think I did when I took a sip of this.
That’s right, cockroaches. My grandmother told me those are cockroaches when I showed her the picture. It could’ve been any other cockroach-looking bug though…
Of course I did not buy it! I have to catch them in the kitchen at home and I wouldn’t even put it in my mouth for free!

Went to the city, which was nearby, and it was 9am.
The malls are not gonna open till 10.30am!! So I went to McDonald’s and did nothing for the whole while, hoping I could nap but it was so unsafe because I was there alone.
The minute the malls were open, I went in! Lee Gardens Plaza had a floor with a little bazaar of sorts.
Really cool handmade leather goods but I didn’t like any.
Was shopping at Central when my mum demanded I meet her immediately to go for lunch. WTH??? I was just about to make a purchase!
So we rode on a tuktuk to god-knows-where to find that the famous store was closed for CNY. Great.
Nearby was a restaurant that was packed, with people and flies. There are about 10 flies hovering over per 6 tiles. It’s ridiculous. There has to be a corner of the place breeding maggots or something. But we ate there anyway.
Bak kut teh. It was nice but I preferred the one I had on the first day.
My noodles. It was so yummy!!! I stopped halfway to drink some bak kut teh because I wanted to end my lunch with the noodle soup’s sweetness.

Was about to go back to it but I saw a strand of hair T____T I THOUGHT A BOWL OF HAIRED NOODLE SOUP WAS DELICIOUS OMG T_________T I mean, it is, but GROSS!!!!!

Then we went back to the city where we were. This detour was so pointless.
Went back to where I was shopping.

This shirt was so cute but the shoulders had a totally unflattering cut. So I got two other items from the same label that I was about to buy right before I was called out for lunch. It’s crazy. People go to Thailand and get like a billion clothes for $100 and I get 2 for the same amount.
Anyway, if you love Sloggi (and Triumph and Wacoal and bras in general), you’ll love it here. They’re like half Singapore’s price at the sales rack and that’s including panties.

Walked around the area for a bit, not knowing where I was most of the time.
There’s a restaurant full of sharks’ fin.
More cocks.
Then at T-ZA Chapakyoon or something idk…
I spotted these mammoth drinks. They were humongous!!!!
I bought the giant iced milk tea. It was below $2 only!! And it tastes so refreshing! :D

It doesn’t look huge in pictures but it is!!!
He’s selling peanuts and barbecuing eggs on his shoulders!!

Then we wandered to some area and stumbled upon some CNY ritual thing that was kinda huge.
I took a bunch of videos, some of them setting off fire crackers and debris fell on me (and it hurt) but I sacrificed for the videos. Too bad this MacBook couldn’t contain anymore or anything…
[Imaginary video] (or maybe a combined one with the one above)

Then we walked back to the city because my mum’s friend was exhausted, and she spent the whole day sitting around.
Day 3 was sooooooo boring. Thank god there was Kim Yong market to make it better.
Went to Sanrio gift gate at Central level 4 and omg they are still ridiculously priced but much cheaper than in Singapore!!!

Got a Little Twin Stars plate for 99 baht, a Pompompurin washi tape which costed more, and a 100 baht gachapon Hello Kitty sushi. In that moment I didn’t realise I was paying $4 for some cute nonsense but whatever. The others are all my purchases from Hat Yai. How pathetic.
Anyway, I went back to McDonald’s to sit around and wait for dinner time. Omg Day 3 was such a waste of energy.
Then, the CNY parade came back around to where we were.
And I finally got to take pictures of Fu Lu Shou (sorry I have no idea who’s who)
But it was so darn funny!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I literally chased them down with my mum for a photo!!

I died when I put in some cash into their donation box and Shou just muttered some Thai words to me!! LOLLLLLLL they’re supposed to be Chinese things!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
They are trying to chase Nian (me) away.
Saw this cute little girl in traditional garb!! Tried so hard to sneak a picture while I was blocked by McDonald’s things.

So I found out about this Sky Buffet at level 36 of Lee Gardens Hotel through FourSquare.
Went up to take a look before deciding we’ll have dinner there.
You know why? Adults pay like $8 for a buffet. Legit. Children and senior citizens pay even lesser. WHAT.
Windows are really dirty but they might not have cleaned it because they open at 5pm.
You know, when a buffet is $8, you better show up before 5pm. I wanted to but my mum was like naaaahhh… So the restaurant was also like naaaahhh… because it was crazy full.

So from level 36, we were transferred to level 10.

They windows were a little cleaner than the other one but the view was so discounted.
Oh, they didn’t clean the windows, by the way.
I remembered driving past this temple under construction!!!
The food was quite little in variety, and I didn’t take anything spicy… but it’s good!!
This herbal chicken soup was great but I couldn’t go for seconds because there was a queue and I’m not into queuing.

Went back to get more of the better stuff like: BROCCOLI (these were good man), chicken drumlets, keropok.
This place is great for a cheap buffet. My god, $8!!!

After dinner, the little girl was still there!
And she was about to perform!!!!!
Yea, I’m terrible at taking photos of moving things.
Not so swaggy a dancer but she’s so dolled up!! Cute enough!!!

Went to look for a tuktuk back to the hotel.
Crazy oily!!! (I was full from the buffet but these looked good)

Day 4
Slept in. Woke up for breakfast nearby the hotel.
That’s the road it’s at, if you wanna eat there.
Not as nice as the street ones but these would do…
Walked back to opposite the hotel and had some drinks.
I ordered Milo but they had free tea too! The owner has a super cute baby that kinda reminds me of Terk from Tarzan! Lol…

Then we went back to the hotel to pack and headed for the airport.

It’s a terribly boring airport, both before and after checking in and security checks.
It was there when I realised what an amazing airport Changi Airport is, that it deserved all the awards it’s received and stuff like that. Even though I haven’t been to many airports and don’t remember much of where I’ve been. Perhaps studying tourism has changed me.
It was so boring, I had lunch at the restaurant there although I wasn’t hungry at all.
Crazy oily omelette. It was oily even after blotting with half the napkins on the table!!!
Got some thai tea ice-cream hoping it would taste like the mammoth one. It didn’t.

The windows are still so dirty.
The sea was gorgeous. I spent almost the whole ride looking out of the window!!
I saw 3 other planes flying towards mine. Scared the shit out of me!!! But they were those cloud seeding planes and are far.
I think it was around Marina Bay when I noticed the raincloud above the seas.
It’s amazing looking at it rain from a distance like a god!!!!

Landed and went to DFS to browse since I had nothing at the belt.
Like thank god I did, because I found this!!!!!!
Airbus Kinder Surprise!!!! Although they have completely lost the ability to surprise kids by telling us what’s inside, it’s ok!!!

Ok, the end!!
This is the full (not exactly, seeing that I had to leave out many clips) video of the trip:

Please appreciate this post. I wrote it twice between “But I heard this while I was in the jungle with the elephant.” and the first mention of McDonald’s. Because I spent hours writing the post and when I restarted my laggy laptop, the draft wasn’t saved. I was so pissed but I had to finish this post fast!!
I have to plan for Tokyo and also write all the other posts I want to.

Ok, thank you for reading. Goodnight!!

Peacocks at Sentosa

Hello everyone (who is still reading my blog)(despite a hiatus suggestive of my passing)!!!
I have so much to blog about T_T and I don’t know where to begin T_T so I’ll just shove some pictures I took of some peacocks at Sentosa some time back, just to let everyone know that I’m free now!!!

I believe it’s my first time seeing a peacock fanned out, by the way.
It’s really mesmerising…
I was actually out about the island looking for candidates to do a survey for our final year project. Actually, I could have been out for a site recce. I’m not sure anymore. This all seem too distant.
Anyway, at Siloso Point I caught sight of peacocks up close and one of them fanned out. So I had to halt whatever I was doing since I brought my camera with me that day. Thank god.
This is what the butt looks like, if anyone’s wondering (I was wondering).
Peacocks are great.

Ok, so I just returned from my Hat Yai trip that I am very excited to blog about and am thinking of creating a video of.
But, I also have tons of stuff from the past 3 months to share: lots of food, USS trip, Swedish food tasting for an elective module, fun run that I signed up for and shocked a million people, I don’t even know what else I have…

I spent the whole of today laying in bed with a sore back (honestly, the hotel bed for the 3 nights in Hat Yai was like stone with a mattress protector, I felt like a pampered lion sleeping on a cushioned plateau) and a headache, occasionally looking through the pictures and videos I took and feeling lost about how to resume blogging.
I finished my last paper of polytechnic last week, and the day after I had to go have reunion lunch and the next day was CNY and then the next day I was travelling. I couldn’t possibly waste my trip sleeping when there’s so much to see!
So for a whole week I couldn’t hibernate like I’d hoped to T_T

I’m literally so exhausted from school T____T
When I was a toddler I cried because I couldn’t go to school yet. Man, I have no idea what I was in for…
Polytechnic has changed me. For the worse. I am now a total slob.
A few years ago, I used to be someone who rise at 9am to go to town before noon to enjoy nothingness before meeting friends past noon. I was never late. Ever. In fact, I was always an hour early.
Now, if I’m lucky I’ll be on time and on rare occasions I’ll be 10 minutes early. Anything too early, I’ll just not give a damn and be late without a care. (Ya, I cared a lot before, like I cried the few times I was late for school.)
I was really repulsed by one lecturer in the last semester of year 3, I literally slept through all but one of his tutorials to ease my life, never listened in all his lectures as hard as I tried to pay attention, and only ever did one tutorial.
Sounds like I’m describing someone else, but much to everyone’s horror, it’s me.
But even with such a terrible attitude, I managed a good score for the common test (thanks Casia, I can always count on you) and I’m just hoping the same sort of miracle happens for my finals.
I was so distracted from studying I really had to adopt the yolo thing I once thought was stupid.
But sometimes you get so hopeless yolo is the only way.

Ok I’m tired…
I’ll do the video tomorrow (hopefully) and write a post on Hat Yai real quick so stay tuned!! :D


So like 3 months ago, I went to Bangkok…
12 October to 15 October to be exact, except that I didn’t have the time to blog…
I even tried to blog before the year ended but I had to stop after 5 minutes because I just didn’t have time. Damned school lol. But here goes!

Maybe I should begin with the whole intention and highlight of my trip: #whereisthecup
They are basically selfies with sawadee cups and I was cracking up every single time.









#sawadeemug (but I pretended it was the #sawadeecup because it was one of my last meals)
Was really looking for a personalised mug maker dude so that I could end my trip with a legit #sawadeecup but that’s ok. One day I shall.
This is the sort of humour I have tbh, and maybe in a decade I would look back and cringe.

Ok, now to the actual trip.

Singapore Airlines was cheaper than budget airlines so thank god ^_^

Airplane food was not bad! :D
Chicken noodles were nice, the macaroni drowned in ham seemed made for me (look at the amount of ham!!), and the sketchy shell pudding was good!!

Arrived at Suvarnabhumi Airport in the evening and as it was the only weekend of the trip, we went to a night market which was close to the airport.

Talad Rod Fai which is train night market or something…
Was lugging my luggage around and was judged thoroughly by everyone.
Wanted to explore more but my mum hated it and said we were easy targets as tourists.

Dinnered at some random spot I think was opposite a hair salon if my memory isn’t failing.
These spring rolls were super yummy and super cheap (actually everything was cheap)!
Roasted chicken. It’s ok.

There were tiny puppies unleashed around.
Damn near stepped on one!! Luckily I did not or else I would be branded a demon.
Also, their pet shops had animals like cats, dogs, rabbits, sugar gliders, PIGS, and whatnot.
I’m serious. And they were all in tiny cages T_T I hope everyone buys them into a better place. But then again it fuels their business. Man…

Went to Sweet Wow Station for desserts before leaving for the hotel.
This is witch ice-cream. It’s ordinary except that it looks like a cauldron.

If you’re afraid of ingesting the green liquid, it’s just water with food colouring.
We were shit scared when we spilled the green liquid on our ice-cream .___.

Accommodation was The Berkeley Hotel Pratunam.
Quite strange because staff shared the same lift and the building had two towers and we were unfortunately put in the other tower which was far away and required a transfer at the dining lobby -___-
Also, to get to the malls, we had to jaywalk, or walk thrice the perpendicular distance for safety to get diagonally across.
My legs were severely overworked this vacation and I now have calves like Chun Li.
There was a night market along the adjoining mall. It’s called Palladium or something…

Got this put name free keychain but to date I have not found a use for it.
(I’m a total sucker for personalised stuff (like the birthday cake I got from Japan not for my birthday (I will talk about this another day after I am done with school)))

Also bought a decoupage clutch cos it was sooooo cool but I have only used it thrice thus far omg…
I don’t think I’m made for the Bangkok shopping… You’ll understand why at the end with my haul picture.

Breakfast at the hotel!!!
First one is to sample all and then subsequently select the nice ones only.
Their chicken noodle soup thingy was super good!!!!!

Somewhere along this ulu-looking building houses the awesome wanton I will talk about later.
I honestly don’t know how to take nice landscape photographs and I’m beginning to worry for my Japan trip lol…

Pomegranate juice time!!
Was desperately taking a few shots but each time the vendor’s face was accidentally silly mid-talking T_T
So I chose the one with the best composition lol I’m so sorry.
Yummy :D

Went to Erawan Four Face Buddha
It was SO smoky and crowded and warm and my nose started leaking and I was so pissed!!
Shades were falling off my face, candle flame kept dying, kept getting burnt by joss… T_T
Brought to you by Coca Cola.

Went to Chinatown.
I couldn’t understand why we went to Thailand to go to Chinatown O.O
We have one in Singapore and there’s also another country called China we could’ve gone to…
Saw so many street fruits that looked so good but then it’s so unhygienic cos they’re pre-peeled!!
Had some desserts…
Not entirely sure what I was eating though lol.
Saw a bunch of pork things I do not like eating but oh this was what my mum came here for!
Apparently this is Thai kway chap, which is a whole different thing from Singapore’s!
Tastes very much like pig intestines soup! Yummy!! :D (Of course I only drank the soup and ate the noodles)
Their kway chap is curled into a spiral lolol so cute…
This crispy pork thing looks really good but I didn’t eat them because I am a lean meat person T_T
I want a stainless steel cup…

Took a tuktuk back!!! :D
Seriously fun!! :D
Until you think of all the dust in the air lol…
Tuktuk is bae.

Went to Siam Paragon!
Stickhouse’s display looked sooooo good!!
Mine’s a trio nuts gelato with chocolate and chopped pistachio. SO GOOD T_T
It’s in Singapore too but I’ve yet to try it!!
Mum’s is strawberry cheesecake.

This mall’s name is actually my only memory of Bangkok from my childhood lol.
Wanted to play but I didn’t know how to get to the compound :(
A limousine tuktuk!!! OMOSHIROI LOLLL.

Terminal 21 is my ultimate only favourite place in Bangkok.
Unfortunately, it was darn far from where we stayed and also the ultimate bore of my mum.
And because I’m not the adult with a say here, I could only long for a solo trip to this mall alone in the future.
But oh no there is gonna be an accident or something cos a car is driving the wrong way???
Pier 21 was also a genius food court.
You can rinse your cutlery when you get them!!!
Décor was so cute too!
My first ever mango sticky rice and OMG it’s soooo yummy!!!!!
T_T I miss this so much right now!
The mango is perfection T_T
Some duck noodles my mum got.
I didn’t like it.
I mean, that slab of brown thing is blood. :(

Took a boat to Asiatique!
I liked the place but once again my mum hates it and kept giving the vibe that we ought to leave instantly and I was just damn sian… Didn’t even get to see anything while we walked around ZZZZZZZZZZ
And she’s so against me travelling on my own??!?!?!??!?!
Ugh stranger’s forehead.
Got a kebab.
Then it began to pour and we went back…

Walking along the said ulu-building opposite Berkeley Hotel…
Their youtiao is darn oily but very yummy!
Wanted the soya bean milk though…
Then here is the crab claw wanton mee!!!
I took about a billion pictures but the aperture wouldn’t set to focus on both crab claw and meat T_T

Then I resorted to my trusty phone camera lol.
The char siew and shrimp wanton is sooo super good!!
You should buy it without the crab claw and also without the noodles if you can!
The char siew and wanton is what char siew and wanton ought to be :D
Portion is for baby though :(
I understand that Singapore’s food portions are actually meant for two and we’ve been eating for two all our lives but this is just so small :(

Woke up real early looking for Pratunam market but it was gone despite my top-notch Google maps navigation skills.

Went back to sleep after breakfast.
Woke up and went to the famous wanton mee place near Glow Pratunam! Soi Petchburi 19 Pratunam??
Gotta enter a street and find this bandana man

Packed with lard :(
What’s this anyway?
Soup and noodles are so yummy but the others are ok only…
This and the previous one should just merge and make the bestest wanton mee ever?

Outside the overhyped store is something that deserves the attention though!
Freshly juiced what??????
Green oranges. (I asked him what the fruit’s called and with the language barrier he managed an “orange” .__.)
It’s the colour of a lime, size of an orange, taste of a pomelo, and makes an amazing and refreshing drink!

Platinum mall had a crepe stall!
Yummy!!! Lol can’t remember what I ordered…
Thank god for Instagram!!! I ordered a chocolate banana soft crepe with vanilla ice-cream! And the stall’s called Penn Crepe! God bless social media.

Was at Central World because mummy said Bar-B-Q Plaza was yummy.

Pardon the yellow I really don’t like editing my photos lol.
Apparently it completely changed from some other thing into mookata and I must say this place is not very nice at all.
The moat is so darn shallow and narrow a spoon couldn’t even fit!!
Really ordinary otherwise.

Street corn! Yummy!

The chicken sausage is really nice lol.
Check out the ham in the background hahaha!

Went back to the green orange juice guy for some more!! Bought the fruits too (from somewhere else)!! :D
Finally, for the first time in my life, I was then allowed to roam a foreign country by myself. I really don’t get what the deal is because we all have cellphones now??? T_T TY

Went to After You Dessert Cafe
Latte? Vanilla latte? Flat white? What on earth did I order???
Oh thanks Instagram, it’s flat white!
Shibuya honey toast!!
Delicious but it’s not something so wow!
I thought it was like a bread form of waffles!

Got the really cute toast pouch though! :)

Walking to the malls I saw this dude doing some arm exercise or something and on the way back (2.5 hours later), he was still in the same position doing the same thing omg???

Check out time!
My luggage had some space left. My duffel was half empty and meant to throw in any shopping bags. I am a strange female sub-species, am I not?

Jackfruit time!

At Suvarnabhumi Airport, I saw Mark Lee. We took the same plane. Lol.
Had pineapple fried rice before boarding!
not very nice.

Found my shop hahahahahahhahahahahahahahahhaha

Two favourite flavours from TWG – Napoleon tea and caramel, Camelot tea and praline :D

Not a huge fan of Oreos (I’m so sorry) but this tin was too cute!!!!! :D

Before the flight took off I saw this stewardess giving this kid some toys!
OMG I nearly forgot that plane GIVES toys to kids!!!!!!!!!!! :((((
I was 19 :(((( OMG :(((((((
Then while I was begging my mum to ask for it for me, this pair of grown ass adults behind me asked the stewardess for the toys and having been replied positively, they brazenly asked for two!!!!

*heavy breathing*

The spoilt kid who first got them was such an ingrate though!!
She just took them, stuffed them into the magazine pocket, and plugged in her phone to charge it and starting playing games on it.
You are the reason these free toy services will cease to exist in the future.

Beef buttered noodles on the plane was so yummy!!!
The coconut jelly thingy too!
Wow airplane food :D

Home and unpacked

I tried my best to fill my bed with my haul like many others who also went to Bangkok this holiday.
They do it with everything folded and here I am desperately flaring all the cloths to cover any gaps lol.
Ok, that’s all.
Sorry this post took so long and in the end turned out really boring :(
Once I’m done with exams I’ll post 4 months worth of food and then continue being active on this blog again! (Lol I’m really trying!!!)

I just booked tickets (◕‿◕✿)

TO JAPAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
FOR SAKURA!!!!!!!!!!!

About my money, I’ll probably have to feed on grass and maybe flowers if I want some pampering… (◡︿◡✿)
(although it’s not something I can control)

And I have yet to blog about my Bangkok trip (◡△◡✿) but I will soon when I have the time and I should really start on the 3 assignments due tomorrow yet are hardly near completion.

School is killing me but I won’t die until I go to Japan again.

The Missing Pan

Went to The Missing Pan on Deepavali because mummy suggested it and I’m not turning down free brunch :D
The other time we were here we missed the brunch menu T_T
But now that I’ve eaten this, I kind of need to return.
Soy flat white!
Coffee smells great but with soy it tasted quite strange.
I shouldn’t randomly soy my coffees next time…

I didn’t want to post my food on Instagram until I had the photos from my camera but then the plate sort of instructed me to lol…
I ordered the French toast salpicon and it’s the most splendid fusion of savoury and sweet in a dish ever.
Fruits were all really fresh and they had goreng pisang (they call it banana nuggets awwwww ^_^) to win my heart over lol…
Strawberry-smoked maple syrup tasted unboring and it’s not super sweet and super thick like other maple syrups. LIKEZ.
French toast was great!! I hate those places with French toast with barely-there eggs man.
Inside I found chicken, spinach and mushrooms and they’re so tasty ;___;
Couldn’t taste much of the spinach though… but the others more than make up for it.
Omg the chicken.
I want to eat this every other day man…
The boss, Grace (whom I remember from a birthday party during my internship) asked me about it and all I replied was “It’s good.”
Lol I am so sorry… I think she expected more but here’s the more now…

Then she recommended the rosemary focaccia which I was staring at a lot.
Bought it and it was humongous.
Tossed the last third away today because it’s been 4-5 days and I don’t know how long it’d last.

Smells really good and it’s a pity I was too… lazy to heat it up before making my sandwiches.

One day I made a sandwich with eggs and only eggs because I had no other stuff at home .___.

Another day I made a sandwich with ham and tomato slices :D HAM :D
8 slices :D

And this morning, I recreated the sandwich but with the normal plain loaf.
8 slices HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I should try more next time.

Also decided to clear my jar of Nutella since I had bananas at home.
SO YUMMY but I was so stuffed after.

Today’s small dinner part ii was Nissin’s seafood noodle but the Japanese version.
This $4 cup tastes better than the $2 ones in terms of broth flavour and noodle texture, as always when it comes to Japanese instant noodles.

On Thursday night, I went to the Shiseido sale after school and watched my money leave me T_T
And then I was craving for Japanese food and then I saw some Japan exhibition at Orchard Central so I took a look.
A really nice Japanese dude started introducing me to the stuff laid out and I wanted to buy some of the socks but I just blew $75 I couldn’t spend more on something that isn’t my dinner… T___T
So while I was hunting for my Japanese dinner, some lady thrusted a flyer at me and I looked and omg it was hotpot for $9.90 and I was all like WHY NOT!!!!!
(I should know $9.90 was a great reason to NOT, since it was a good gauge of its quality…) (I regret this)
So I headed to Shi Li Fang (a restaurant whose name I can’t even pronounce was another good reason to NOT).
I like the concept of personal hotpot because it’s very me – table for one LOL, share table with friends LOL, etc.

So I ordered the beef tenderloin set for $9.90 and an additional shilifang specialty chicken thing since meat and seafood were 50% off…
I shouldn’t have. The chicken was spicy.
Anyway, that’s not the point.
The broth I got was tonic chicken soup or something and it’s just does not taste as nice as its name suggests.
The beef looks terrible, just bad, like it’s not beef, I can’t describe it well.
The thick bee hoon was a very strange white and had a strange texture and a strange taste and it just breaks and it’s just no.
Nothing made me happy except the price.
I guess it’s like a hotpot version of Saizeriya…
The whole while I was eating it I was facing Tonkichi, which was just a store away.
Can you imagine my plight?!?!?!?!

Friday had a meeting with the client for our final year project T_T
It’s only the first week of school and we’re actively staying back after school to discuss stuff omg T_T

Anyway, I tried a new wanton mee stall in school, RedRing Wanton Mee.
It’s a blogged store LOL so I tried LOL and…
The char siew is so yummy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The wanton is ok only…
And I went home. And then I went out again because Yuxuan asked me out.
She was craving the pistachio ice-cream from Sunday Folks, which the other day she told me she disliked because it was too strong and she didn’t fancy pistachios in the first place.

I, too, got my favourite pistachio cone ^_^

Also took a picture with this wall, which Yuxuan first laughed at T_T

Yesterday I went to collect my race pack, which you, if you don’t already know, will soon see that it’s really lame.
Me? Running? 5km? Please.
Then I went to L’Entrecôte for lunch with Lynette!

Le poulet with steak sauce :D
Yummy enough. I love the fries :D
I should return for their steak and fries (and with my camera). They’re called the steak and fries bistro after all.

Also, I should bear in mind not to give in to the $9 bottle of Evian because my finances do not support any lifestyle inclusive of expensive drinking water. Yet.

Then I headed to Sentosa for site recce with my group!
So hot T_T

Discussed work over not-very-yummy pizza at Bora Bora Margarita Bar (which has a sign that says Bistro 42 and it’s so confusing).
Then we left…
And I met Lynette again -______-
And we had dinner at Poulét because we couldn’t think of anywhere to eat???

I ordered the duck au vin.
Yummy! Meat slides right off the bones too :D
To be honest, I find it better than the poulet roti which is what most people eat there (right?).
Then we went to Carl’s Jr for fries :D
Then we had to go home because Lynette got a call and anticipate scoldings lol… Typical curfew prisoner ;_;

Ok, the end.
2nd week of school’s tomorrow.
Bye :(