Spring in Tokyo (Part 5): Mitaka

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Day 3

Got out of our apartment and went to look for
We have yet to take a tourist shot with Hachiko so nobody really knows we’re in Shibuya. So we took advantage of the not-so-crowded early morning with good lighting.
Was gonna grab onto Hachiko’s leg and be a bro but when I got there, there’s bird shit everywhere. So I’m just grasping onto stone (it’s not easy when you’re not a goat) so that I don’t fall off the ledge.

Don’t know where this was taken but ok!!
We were headed for Mitaka and because I was a lazy ass and found out there’s a line that takes us to Mitaka directly, we took a train towards that direction (bad planning).
We alighted at Mitakadai station!!! :D But it was wrong :D It has Mitaka in it but it’s not anywhere near where we were going LOL so we’re like total losers waiting for the next train to alight at the next stop. Sorry…

Getting out of Inokashirakoen station was awesome!! It’s a residential area so the surroundings had a very different ambience from the busy cities we were frequenting.
So many petals on the floor!!!! ^___^ There were strong winds every now and then too…
So I was busy filming the ground :) but every time the wind picks up, a plastic bag starts trying to blend in with the petals T_T it doesn’t.
Super cute dog!! Have a video of it chasing the plastic bag hahahaha :D
That Japanese man behind is totally not impressed. Must have had seen it every spring for decades.
Everyone needs to get caught in one at least once in their lifetimes :D
Students came out from the station and did the same thing #magnesia

Started looking around for breakfast.
It was too early or something, the only shop sort of opened was a florist.
And can I just say $2 for a pot of beautiful blooms is so affordable?????
Retirement plan: move to Japan and build a garden + pond + everything
So there really was nothing other than combini breakfast.

Bought oden and onigiri before walking into Inokashira Park (井の頭恩賜公園).
Very beautiful and relaxing place with very few people around.
Love it!
It’s so uncrowded that we managed to find a vacant bench on which we had our breakfast.
Benzaiten (弁才天) Shrine
The whole place is really so gorgeous ^__^

Finally found Ghibli Museum and I cry every minute I accept the fact that we didn’t manage to get tickets the day before T_____T
I think everyone knows that I’m a huge Studio Ghibli fan and have watched every film (except My Neighbors The Yamadas) and some of my favourites multiple times.
The amazing rooftop garden with all the Laputa stuff T__T
Totoro T___T
Susuwatari T___T
The décor was so elaborate everywhere and I’m still weeping over this tragedy.
A glimpse of the Laputan robot T_T
Straw Hat Café T__T and the special beer inside (that I wanted to buy to not drink) T___T
Saw people exiting with souvenirs and I remembered that I wanted to buy the Studio Ghibli collection box set if there’s one T___T OMG T______T
The T______T mainly comes from only me because despite repeatedly asking Yuxuan to watch their films she only watched one so she doesn’t really feel the T____T. Good for her I guess… :(
Even the bus stop sign spoil market.
So we took a bus to Mitaka station.

Circled the area FOR AN HOUR trying to look for a toilet.
It’s something I’m really not proud of. 有钱也不是这样花的 is our motivation to never waste time in Japan but then this toilet thing. Walau…
Found one with a bidet so it’s not that bad. The one below the station was kinda rundown and only had squats!!
After that, we realised we should’ve just tapped in because there are always toilets inside stations -___-
Got this lemon, white peach & apple juice. Their large is our usual small :( It tastes quite nice except there’s way too much lemon :(

Look at this cool stairs-climbing machine!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, abrupt ending to this post. Day 3 was a really badly-planned day, mainly because we didn’t get tickets to the museum and the itinerary had to be rearranged -___-
Next post would be all about us getting lost everywhere and finding really great dinner :)

Spring in Tokyo (Part 4): Tokyo Skytree

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Day 2 (continued)

It was 8pm when we were heading to Asakusa to see Tokyo Skytree because it was dark out and it’s lit, isn’t it??
Look at the cute wiggly stair rail!
Transferred to Tobu Skytree line to get to Tokyo Skytree station.
Now, I think that was really dumb T_T because if we went into the observatory, all we’d see is darkness and little blotches of light, and if we stood outside, we wouldn’t have a good view of the tower. We should’ve gone to Asakusa instead!! There’d be more to see I presume.
Yup, our point of view.
It’s nice and all but… :'(
Didn’t go up because entrance fee was close to 3,000 yen per pax so we’re like NOPE.

The trip here would’ve been a total bummer if it weren’t for the shops in Tokyo Skytree Town!!
There were lots of toys everywhere and a Tomica Shop and…
Wanted to eat everything but Yuxuan didn’t even want to eat so we couldn’t buy a bunch to share.
I was quite full from the street food although we didn’t even eat much T_T why T_T But for Gudetama I grew another stomach!
Sooooooooooooooo cute!!!!!! ^___^
ぐでぼう! Egg stick was very oily and not super yummy la… But cute!!!
ぐでむすび! It was delicious until I bit into a ball of mayonnaise T___T Why does everyone keep hiding mayonnaise everywhere T_T I hate mayonnaise!!!!
Good time to use the Gudetama Line stickers ^___^

Lots of gashapon there too, so I got some Gudetama keychains. Was a little sad I couldn’t find the first series because I really liked the Gudetama man.

I fell in love the first time I heard this song after a Gudetama clip.
Anyway, I was a bad influence to Yuxuan and she spent a lot of money (more than I did) on toys. Every day.

Then we went back to the apartment.
Can’t get enough of mosaic Astro Boy.
Eh????? We didn’t have supper that night??
Erm… well, this post was boring… Sorry :(
OMG found it!!!
Got some oden from Family Mart! We found this place from aimlessly walking nearby our apartment late at night because 7-Eleven was sort of boring. There were Muji products and plants and cool stuff at this combini! :) Loved it!!!
Anyway, the oden was delicious ^_^ Yuxuan was initially afraid of it. What??? -___- But she fell in love with it soon.

Ok, that’s all for now. Sorry it was still boring after the update lol…
Next post will be filled with pictures from a really beautiful relaxing stroll in a park and also a bunch of sadness that was inevitable ;__; yea…

Spring in Tokyo (Part 3): Ueno

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Day 2 (continued)

Reached Ueno! Hungry and looking for lunch at 2pm.
Rad geta! I want to wear geta too!
I was sure I had the name of the shop somewhere (photos or check-in) but I can’t find it now??? Ok it’s just across the station and has a huge steamy bowl of not-food at the entrance.
The vending machine for ordering! So I went out to look at the menu and back in to read the buttons for about 10 times before we could choose what we want lol.
There’s also no chance to take photo of the cute little ticket every time because there will be a highly efficient staff ready to retrieve it and feed you ASAP.
Everyone who says food in Japan is expensive, NO???? Lunch is usually below 500 yen!!
Kakiage with udon! :D Forgot what it’s called on the menu. Explains why I had to take so long to order -___-
Pity the tempura got soggy really quick otherwise it would’ve been so tasty.

Crossed back and ??? where is the zoo??? So I approached and asked a stranger while everyone was waiting for the green man. She told me the way there and then said my Japanese is good HAHAHAHAHA after that I don’t know how to reply. I think she changed her mind right then. The green man could’ve come sooner!!
So while walking through Ueno Park (上野公園) we saw potted flowers on sale! Of course I wanted to bring home some sakura. But of course I didn’t want it to die and become a potted twig…
Also cute bonsai! Ok we continued walking. Me to avoid heartbreak, Yuxuan to faster get to the zoo.
Wanted to go to the temple because it’s so gorgeous!! Also, we haven’t gone to any yet. But animals first.
It’s quite a long distance to the zoo, not that it bothers me. Ok, it bothered my calves and ankles because my calves were growing into cows and my ankles were just not used to intense usage…
Nonetheless, walking amongst flowers makes walking around tenfolds better.

Yay! We reached Ueno Zoo (恩賜上野動物園)!!!
It was already nice before we stepped in. Because entrance tickets were only 600 yen. It’s free for children 12 and below. Can’t initiate educational zoo visits better than free entrance!! Public holidays it opens free for all. Amazing.
Five-storey pagoda :)
A swan lepaking under a sakura tree.
Omg its leg is coming out from its back??
Don’t know what kind of monster I am but I look at this and think of chicken wings…
Not sure what our plan of route was but we missed the main section of the zoo (panda, tiger, gorilla, etc.) entirely. It closes at 5pm, and we had about 2 hours left T_T
The sign said there’s another species of deer and I was hanging around waiting for it to emerge from who-knows-where. The other deer on the sign is a super fluffy one! Almost a yak!!
Then there’s this bastard crow. I thought it was those non-parasitic friend kind of thing, like helping it to get bugs off its body and stuff like that…
But no! That bastard crow was like plucking its fur off???? For what?? Bird nest ah???
Then the deer was like sad.
The video embedded below will have a snippet of the intense deer battle lol.
Cutie pie magpie :) posed for me and all that and flew away only after I was done. Thanks bro!
“Should I jump?”
“When is someone going to bail me out?”
“I guess… never.”
Prairie dogs are so not dogs. They’re so rodent.

Cool monorail thingy that had queues forever so… we’ll walk.
Omgosh imagine having this sort of things going around a country, any country, at slow speeds like sightseeing board-trains, kinda like land-cruises. That’d be so awesome!!!
What… the birds have real estate.
Such pretty birds.
Sparrows so plump :)
Omg pelicans killed me. They were just idling around and trying not to move as much as possible. The second from the left is the ultimate derp!!!! Hahahahaha :D
Got some ice-cream and yummy ice-cream in almost ice-cream-temperature weather is bae.
Crossed the road and suddenly there was a lady shouting a bunch of things in Japanese and gesturing us to move aside. The only thing I caught was “うま” and I was like horse? horse? what horse??? Then after a few minutes…

Walked to the Madagascan area and they had so many lemurs.
There was some pro photographer beside me and he pointed and said something something “こども” something “あそこ”. Japanese is awesome. I just needed keywords to comprehend. There’s a kid!!!!
Sooooo precious!!
Suddenly forgot how to reply. Wanted to say I saw it but I forgot how to. It was weird to say thank you also. Zzzz… So I just “うん!” and made positive-sounding sounds.
Then I moonwalked out of the scene…
Sorry man, I was really grateful for that because I hadn’t notice it and was about to walk away! So thank you so much!! and positive-sounding sounds. :)
Is this a camellia?
Whatever it is, it’s a beauty.
Stumbled upon this and I was like whaaaattt!!!! I WANNA!!!! But it was not a part of the zoo. The fence says it all.
And how amazing are cherry blossoms? They sprout from wherever they please!
Walked back through the lemur land again…
LOL a bunch of them were huddled together on a tightrope???
And a few were having a relay race??? Hahahaha animals are so funny :D

These flamingoes pretty much made my day.
Also noticed that they were really pigmented.
In Singapore, the flamingoes I recall were mostly closer to a pale pink machiam laksek. Not sure if different species or different age or just laksek.

Ok that’s the video I have. Didn’t film much in the zoo.
Watch with the subtitles if you don’t understand why I find them so funny :) Omg the flamingoes.

Tried to take a stealth shot of a super cute sleeping baby with rosy cheeks but it turned out so blur ;___;
Armadillos are energetic as hell I didn’t have a single clear photo of them! And they’re darting about without purpose whatsoever hahahahaha :D They did remind me of cockroaches though, with a stiff back and tiny limbs scuttling about lol.
If this isn’t a fruit bat I don’t know what is.
It’s clutching a piece of fruit, if it’s not a fruit bat at least it’s fruit and bat.
The giraffe is so cute!! But its enclosure is really small T_T
And this is an okapi!! OMG I’ve never heard of an okapi before and it’s as cute as its name!!!!! It’s like a hybrid of giraffe and zebra.
Don’t know if I go to a zoo to look at animals or plants -___-
Falcon…? Sorry, I’m just guessing.
Then they were playing music and getting people to exit over PA. There was another exit closer to the end we were at so we left through that gate. Also because that’s the direction of the pond!! :D

Street food galore!!!!!!
Oden! Was tempted to get some but the vendor was smoking right there so nope.
Got some yakitori :) Not bad. Tsukune was better than momo.
Literally tako yaki. Like the octopus is getting grilled.
Don’t know why it seemed so appealing but it was nice.
Darn cool way to grill fish!!!! Was all set to video it but the vendor kinda gestured a no-photography-pls then I took a picture anyway. It’s too fascinating!!
People who were eating there just before the picture were sitting around the charcoal square. So campfire!!
More yakitori.
Dango! I still remember hearing 団子三兄弟 from way back when I was in Japan as a kid.
Felt like buying but I didn’t. I’m kinda regretting not feasting non-stop while I was there.
Takoyaki!! My appetite wasn’t its usual humongous while I was there. Dammit.
Yakitori again.
That shoulder made me miss the smoke shot! :(

Google suggests that this might be Benten-do Temple (弁天堂) but I could be wrong.
Found the boat pond of Shinobazu Pond (不忍池)!!!!!!!
Don’t know how ticketing works and it seemed like it has closed.
So I tried to ask a person. Of course I had no idea what he was trying to say. All I understood was that there was not enough time. BUT WHY WERE OTHERS ALLOWED TO JOIN THE QUEUE????
So we’re just standing there and umm… what…. and then suddenly he said something something “15分” and I was like 15 minutes??? We can go for 15 minutes???!?!?! Don’t know how to say all that in Japanese so just said “OK!” and we got the tickets!!!!! :D
Walau… if I understood from the start we probably would have 10 minutes more! T_T
Hanami on water is so much better!!!
I was all pro-rowboat but Yuxuan wanted the pedal boat and then I remembered I needed my hands for the cameras.
Was gonna type some caption on Instagram and after typing “Boat” I was busy taking pictures and somehow a bunch of exclamation marks were typed and it posted on its own??? But LOL so I left it that way.
After a while I started waving at strangers walking along the pond. Because you can’t do that in your home country… And there were people who waved back! :D Hahahaha :D One lady even paused walking to bow!!!!! :D kawaii :D
Ueno is great <3
Some petals falling :) Everything is so pretty I love it alllllllllllllllll!!!!
Ok time to go back because they were closing.
Pedalling to dock is so difficult!! Because when we had to leave, so did the whole pond! Knocked into many people and also had to bastardly push another boat away because we were trapped in the wrong section -___- sorry man…

Awwww :)
I want to live in Japan!!!! T___T
Only person wearing more than 2 colours.
See you, bae pond!

No idea what this is but it looked delicious!!
Asked them and I heard things like “豚” (pork) and “お好み焼き” (okonomiyaki) and I’m like ok!!
K I honestly thought these were real crab meat!
Then I got distracted by the next stall with ice shot glasses and candies??
Then I went back to the crab sticks…
It’s not crab lor…. It’s fish cake T___T #tiopian
I have snippets of these food in motion, by the way. I will edit the videos soon and upload on the last post of this trip.

Walked back into the park and…
Such a majestic Kiyomizu Kannon-do Temple (清水観音堂) before me!!! Framed with sakura and lanterns and all.
This is probably my favourite shot of the day. Although it’s like… blur…
Ummm… night fell really suddenly???
Ok, that circle tree. It’s circle. !!!!!!
Confused, don’t know which hand, but chinchai…
The view from the stage is really breathtaking. Even when it’s dark.
This tree is really fascinating.

Ok then we left and headed towards the station.
Went into L’Ueno to use the toilet first.
YESSSSS BIDET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Finally a bidet!! *takes selfie with bidet*
I used to despise it because I accidentally pressed a button while getting off the toilet bowl when I was a kid and a jet of hot water just shot my ass and it was boiling or something OMG. I love it now. It’s genius.
Had to eat cakes in Japan!! Ginza Cozy Corner was right there and they had sakura specials :)
Yuxuan’s strawberry mille crepe! Yummy!!
My sakura shortcake. Maybe that’s not its name but it sounds about right lol. Yummy!!! Prefer this because I love sponge cake :) There’s also a layer of mochi and it gave the cake really interesting flavour :)
On hindsight, I should’ve eaten a slice of cake after every meal. T_T

Ok then we took a train to Asakusa and that will be in the next post because it’s 5am now and I need to sleep lol.

Spring in Tokyo (Part 2): Chiyoda

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Day 2

I woke up early and it was so cold. So while I was getting ready, I thought of taking a soak in the tiny ofuro because I was up so early. It was very shiok but I came out after a while and Yuxuan was like what were you doing? What T_T I thought you were still sleeping what T_T
Combini breakfast from the 7-Eleven just below our apartment.
Hojicha and karaage and yakionigiri and I had to give Yuxuan the egg one because mid-eating I encountered a mass of mayonnaise :( Onigiri was yummy though, even the one I couldn’t eat.

Then we made our way to Tokyo station! :)
Grand ceiling caught my eye the moment I stepped out. You have to see it in person because this picture is so cropped even at 18mm. Also only realised there was a netting when I zoomed in on my computer.
Tokyo Station Marunouchi Building. Gorgeous!!!!!!!
Bicycle lanes that the whole world ought to adopt.

So we were heading towards the Imperial Palace Plaza (皇居前広場). The map wasn’t of much help but there were signs guiding us along. The signs were huge too.
Halfway through, the signs will disappear. But all you need to do is follow tourists (they are easy to spot).
Somewhere around here on, I started to not know where exactly I was because everything and everywhere was so pretty.
We weren’t even there yet but wow, anything could be the Imperial Palace.
Sakura everywhere!
A lot of backlight and I don’t know how to make it better without reflectors or anything :(
*starts building home under tree*
Took a selfie, looked like a drag. Selfie workshop somebody please…
If I lived in Japan, I’d probably jog too. But all of them were looking down at their phones. Jaded by sakura???
Then we moved on because I was spending too much time without having reached the destination.

Thank god we moved on because I fell in love with one tree.
I gazed so long in awe of such beauty.
Same tree. Can’t get enough.
It’s a forbidden love. They had a fence around this garden just like a chastity belt.
Don’t go sightseeing with me if you can’t stare at just one thing for long. Coming from someone with short attention span lol.
Took a selfie. Petal on my chin.

Ok I started walking again.
Cute stuff! Want to study horticulture now.
Don’t know where I am…
This could be Nijubashi Bridge (二重橋) according to the map. Who knows? Google does. Let me Google it.
Erm… Looks like half of it. Anyway, it was a dead end so we went to look for Otemon Gate (大手門).
I gave up reading maps because I discovered I had no flair for it. I preferred asking people and letting them point while rapping in Japanese I only partially understand, then thank them and walk towards where they pointed.

Otemon gate really means big hand.
I want to wear kimono too!! But money!!!!!
Here it is! From the inside… and construction works all around it.
Not sure where I was, but it’s highly likely the Imperial Palace East Garden (東御苑). LOL touring or losting?
I really wished I hadn’t planned the itinerary so ambitiously because I wanted to spend a full day on this patch of grass but we were already behind time -___-
That suit guy is always in the frame. Photobomb goals!!!
I’ve told some people that I hope that one day I can follow a family around a theme park and keep appearing in their photos with the same face. Not in the form of a ghost la. Also hope that they’d send me all their photos LOL :D
This was a stupid thing to do, especially with knit on. Yuxuan started saying omg Casia you become hay Casia T_T It was enjoyable while it lasted.
Why can others do it without becoming hay :(
Can’t read this but all it leads to is just an elevated rest area.
Very nice view but if you actually rested on the benches in the centre, you get to see sky is all.
Drowning in sakura because they are everywhere.
So pretty everywhere :)
Don’t know what this is but the mosaic is ultra neat!!!
Kita-Hanebashimon Gate (北桔橋門) was for exiting and ??? we thought we were lost ??? so we turned back around.
Wanted to take a panda selfie amongst these bamboo but the area was sort of crowded and it would’ve been awkward.
Then we realised that we weren’t lost and we were supposed to exit so we walked back there again. At least we got to see more pretty flowers :)
#ootw #outfitonthewall because the wall looked really nice but unclimbable. Also check out my calf muscle (it was only day 2 T_T)! It was transitioning from a calf (leg) to a calf (cow). Can you not…

Walking towards Kitanomaru Park (北の丸公園) and Chidorigafuchi (千鳥ヶ淵).
We were very behind time – it was about noon and we had plans for Ueno and Asakusa on the same day!! So we chose to visit Chidorigafuchi out of the two adjacent places.
Here we were rushing around (in a stroll) because our days in Tokyo were numbered and then there’s this man leisurely painting the scenery. I need to learn to paint too, to prepare for future awesome retirement.
Climbed a hilly terrain of sorts with some difficulty because it’s steep and rooty. Also saw elderly walking around like it’s nothing.
Why are we opposite Chidorigafuchi???
Beautiful but far T_T
Yuxuan was worried we wouldn’t have time for Ueno if we continued trudging without a guaranteed route so we turned back.
Walked and asked for directions to the nearest station and took a train to Ueno from Takebashi station.

We were also rather hungry by then. Have I mentioned I constantly disregarded time and had to have Yuxuan remind me about lunch and dinner?? I know right. How unlikely when all people think of me is food.
Next post will be about Ueno. Can’t carry on here yet because I’ve not made any videos and I really want to put the LOL flamingoes in the same post :) Will do soon!! Stay tuned :D

Spring in Tokyo (Part 1): Meguro & Shibuya

Yes, I’m going to blog in parts (finally) because I have to – 8 days and 1,000 pictures (after deleting hundreds). All my pictures are up on Flickr and for once, #casiaintokyo is quite useless because 1) I had a hard time connecting my phone to FlashAir and 2) Why would I want to use my phone when I’m in Japan with so much more things to see?

Day 1

Flew on Delta Air because round trip tickets were $623 a.k.a cheapest direct flight to Narita on a full service carrier, which was also cheaper than low cost carriers. TAKE.
Actually, there was this SQ promotion going at $700 but the travelling period ends just one day before we intend to depart. T_T
Scrambled eggs for breakfast.

(image stolen from Yuxuan)
Travelled with Yuxuan and I had to plan the whole itinerary because I read a lot about Tokyo (and Japan in general) and she doesn’t know a thing other than Hachiko. My bucket list has things like going on some African safari tour and climbing Mt. Everest, and hers is like see Hachiko. ;___; Am I being too unrealistic ;___; of course not…
THIS JNTO TRAVEL GUIDE FOR TOKYO was a total life saver because it has maps and descriptions and it’s all in English! Loosely followed it because WHERE GOT TIME??? I totally underestimated the time we needed and I was so ambitious thinking we could hop about 3 areas a day comfortably. As if T___T

Touched down and omg sakura omg sakura!! It’s like that in most places – forest forest forest sakura forest.
The pilot then casually announced that we had to park at a deserted area and take a shuttle bus to the immigration area HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA DESERTED.

(image stolen from Yuxuan)
Anyway, it was raining when we landed and my eyes also started to rain because the weather forecast for the week was mostly rain.
Panicked when I found out my Olympus PEN had locked my SD card and I have no idea how to salvage it. Luckily, I brought an extra SD card and that it was my secondary camera lol.

Bought a N’EX Tokyo round trip ticket because 4,000 yen (S$45) for a direct train to Shibuya with luggage space and guaranteed seats is so worth it.
Taking trains turned out more complicated than I thought would be because I have no idea what the ticket is saying lol. God bless station masters.
The Narita Express was awesome!!! Too crowded at boarding for me to take clear pictures of the luggage area but the locking system is genius! Seats were so spacious and all… and windows were huge and clear :D Except I didn’t sit by the window ;__;
Many blurry photographs were taken.
It was going fast and I had to zoom in, so motion blur is inevitable :'(
I got so excited whenever I saw cherry blossoms amongst the other foliage.
Although pictures mostly turned out like that.

Shibuya the moment we stepped out of the Hachiko exit.

(image stolen from Yuxuan)
The Hachiko bus is so cute!!!
This is how dark 6pm in Tokyo is. What!?!! Singapore turns this dark at about 8pm!!
I love this mosaic Astro Boy! Good thing I got to see it twice every day :)

(image stolen from Yuxuan) (I should get a new hairstyle)
Got to our Airbnb apartment. (Ya, sign up through this link and you can get S$34 credits, which I didn’t have because I signed up without referral zzz)
I am 160cm tall. I have friends who probably can’t stand up in this apartment… The room was unexpectedly tiny but it suffices. Perhaps it’s a standard Tokyo-sized room but I wouldn’t know. The owner was really helpful though! Free pocket Wi-Fi was provided too :D
Headed out after leaving our luggage and reoutfitting for the weather, which was about an awesome 10°C.
The ever so popular Shibuya scramble crossing. Bad angle but whatever. I don’t understand why it’s only this one that’s super popular because scramble crossings are sort of everywhere! I love it plenty because waiting twice to cross diagonally is so pointless :)

Bought a registered Suica from the machine!! You can buy it from a ticket machine (in English) without talking to anyone and you can put your name on it (My Suica) :D Forgoing the 500 yen deposit to keep this card with a 10-year validity is a complete duh. Just found out about ic Card Wear for you to vamp up your transport passes and LOL at The Last Supper Suica hahahaha!!
I’m still waiting for the world to embrace mascots like the Japanese do because they’re super cute and a great avenue to earn money from people like me…
By the way, if you’re not travelling out of Tokyo, don’t splurge on the unlimited access JR East Pass that’s supposedly affordable, because it only is when you travel across cities. I charged only 6,000 yen (S$68) in total on my IC cards for my 8-day transport and some convenience store purchases.
Also noticed that many stations leave their gates open, so that it hastens the traffic flow during rush hours, but NOBODY ever tries to sneak a free ride or anything. Amazing.

Disclaimer: I take better pictures than these. Wait for the next post.

Took the JR Yamanote line to Meguro station. I had no idea it would be this dark so early in the evening but we went ahead with the planned hanami (cherry blossom viewing) anyway.
I was so afraid all the sakura would be gone because we were there 1 – 8 April, which is the usual full bloom week, but this year it came early on 29 March!! T___T What if everything is on the floor T___T
Getting out of the station and looking at the area map was no help. So I went and asked a security guard nearby for directions to Meguro River (目黒川) and followed it. We walked for maybe 20 minutes and kept doubting the accuracy of our route the whole time!

But yo!!!!!! Lanterns and sakura and WATER! It means we’re at the river hahahahaha!
The area with more life is actually nearer to Nakameguro station. We should’ve alighted there instead T_T
The lanterns read “Meguro River Sakura Festival”.
Uhh… what festival? There was hardly anyone there to see sakura (at 7pm you really can’t see much with so little light) and people were using the pathways as a medium for crossing from one end to the other.
I think she was way sian because the whole time I looked like:

All my pictures were blurry because it’s really very dark.
I have no tripod nor shutter release and I was shivering like mad when it was about 8pm.
Upper body was frozen despite 3 layers of tops…
The lighting wasn’t helping.
The wind wasn’t helping either.

Breathtaking even in the dark and photos don’t turn out well.
I wasn’t kidding about the wind. Look how much the branches shook!
I thought this was bad.
Then this happened.
Oh ya, this was what I was afraid of seeing. But it wasn’t so bad because the trees were still in bloom :)

This is how dark it was.
This is perhaps the brightest picture of me at Meguro River but I look like I’m scared of heights standing on this ledge and am trying to keep my cool so you wouldn’t know.
Then I’m happy again to be closer to the ground.
Also found out I have very bad posture.
And I’m capable of vanishing.
Could’ve been an #ootd but it’s too dark and you wouldn’t know what I was wearing.

If you’re wondering why I stole so many photos of us from Yuxuan, it’s because I suck at selfies.
When I tried, I looked like I was in prison.
When I tried again, I looked like photobombed my own picture to annoy myself. ???
So Yuxuan is the selfie master. But I don’t know whether it’s my camera or her that makes my photos very blur when I’m in the frame.
I took this.
Then I got in and it became like that.
It was also raining and the temperature was maybe 2°C so my fingers and nose were numb and frozen.

We probably trudged for an hour and were nowhere near Nakameguro.
We nearly gave up and walked back, but we kept walking straight down, without being sure that we were walking towards the right direction.
We were quite yolo in that aspect.
Anyway, Yuxuan has a wonderful sense of direction, which also made me realise that my body-compass is spoiled and I’m now worried for my globetrotting dream lol.

Went through a beautiful tunnel seeking some warmth but NOPE, cold as ever :'(
Look at all the petals on the river!!!!
Was trying to teach Yuxuan how to say “excuse me” in Japanese. So she kept repeating “sumimasen” quite loudly zzz… Then a passerby suddenly stopped in his tracks, and very seriously responded: “hai!” and I just about died HAHAHAHAHAHA!! At that state I couldn’t think of words to string together so both of us were just waving it off and apologising LOL :D
Don’t know how many kilometres we walked but we still weren’t there yet.
Lesson: It’s easier to transfer trains at Ebisu station than walk along an endless river in the cold without gloves.

Yes rain, go ahead and ruin my lens because lens flare is awesome (I don’t even know if I’m being sarcastic or not because dammit lens flare and woohooo lens flare).

My Chinese is really bad but is that xiao long bao???? I love xiao long bao man.
Love thunderbolt? What????
Thunder stand??? Ok, seriously, can someone explain these lanterns to me??
Anyway, it was so much brighter and livelier here, I totally regret alighting at Meguro station. Please learn from my mistake.
Even my pictures are so much less blurry here!

It was 9pm when we found civilisation.
Of course we were famished!!!
Went around assessing places to dine at.
Spoilt for choice, much unlike a few hours before where it was barren everywhere.
Settled for ramen at Ittetsu because it was too cold to continue looking for anything else and Yuxuan wanted to eat ramen.
Ordered from a vending machine!! Really difficult because I took like 10 minutes to read and match the menu to the buttons before we can finally order… Gave the ticket to the guy and because there are options for noodles and stuff, I had to try to understand what he was saying with gestures.
Some normal ramen with ajitama. It was delicious, especially when I mixed in the red stuff (near the eggs)(I think it was some onion concoction) with the broth. Chashu was thickly sliced and quite fat. The little shop had us and 2 others for customers, and it was so yummy. I wonder what those of stalls with very long queues taste like!!
Frankly, I really didn’t want to have ramen for my first meal in Japan because it’s so typical. Everyone thinks Japan is all about ramen. No, Japan has so much more. In fact, ramen was borrowed from China and as with many other foods, Japan made it its own. It’s ok.
HAHAHAHA this is a shellfie. Please laugh. I’m still laughing at this 17 days after this joke. HAHAHAHA :D
Walked back to Ginza Taiyaki Sakuraya, which we passed by while looking for our dinner. They didn’t have red bean taiyaki anymore T_T so we got a custard taiyaki. The batter was nice but the filling was too creamy for my liking. Yuxuan said it was nice though. I think she did.

Then we headed to Nakameguro station because it was getting quite late. Guess what? There was a direct train between Nakameguro and Shibuya!!!!!! T_______T If we didn’t spend 1 or 2 hours walking from Meguro station, we probably would have time to explore Ebisu too!! T___T I’m so sorry…

(image stolen from Yuxuan)
At Shibuya station, we saw this giant wall mural of a cat. A REAL FURRY 3D CAT!!!
As if that wasn’t cute enough, a man who was sitting beside it (I thought he was just a random person sitting around) stood up and STARTED BRUSHING ITS FUR WITH A HAIRBRUSH!
He very proudly announced “He is my friends.” How much cuter can this get :D
Of course, it belonged to Yamato Transport because black cat. They had many advertisements in trains and stations and they’re all so cute!

Also saw a stylish old man with a kick-ass jacket. Honestly, he was the only other person in Shibuya who isn’t confined to beige, navy and black.
That is me on the morning of day 2 at the scramble crossing, the only person in colour.
Hachiko is still waiting for his owner.
Statues being cute as heck.
This one especially.

Walked around, with most malls closed but lots of eateries bustling with life.
There’s a pharmacy that was like Smile Everyday and it was so funny every time we walked into it. My favourite toothpaste (Ora2 peach leaf mint) was like S$3 there and S$7 in Singapore. I bought 3 tubes lol.
There’s a club called Gaspanic and Yuxuan bursts out laughing at it every time we pass it. Walau, what if it was named after the Nazi massacre of the Jews? HAHAHAHA there were also some drunkards here and there when it’s late.
Found Don Quixote and omg they have everything. I saw packs of Shiroi Koibito for super cheap, about 500 yen per box and I was going to buy it closer to departure because they have expiry dates. When we came back days later, they were gone!!!!! I even asked the shopkeeper and he said they don’t have them. How do people live life with no regrets????
It’s a very interesting store, and the toys section at the 3rd floor was awesome, but I didn’t get anything except 2 Tomicas. Luckily I didn’t because I’d have ran out of money before the last day.
One of them is not real.

End of Day 1. Sorry for a post loaded with bad pictures T_T
Stay tuned for Part 2, which will have nicer sakura. And maybe animals and street food.


No man, I didn’t go to Ito-Kacho for yakiniku :( I went there for a $30 lunch bento because I was hungry and it looked good. I entered minutes before lunchtime ended and took a long time to eat the huge ass filling meal. I think that’s why the staff were somewhat unwilling to serve me or something.
Salad. Lotus root chips yum.
Chawanmushi but with some starchy stuff on top. Not bad actually, but the camera can’t focus on it lol.
That’s right. Tori karaage!!!! Tempura!!!!!! WAGYU BEEF!!!!!!!!!!!!!
YUM!! Prawns + shiitake mushroom + onion! The onion is surprisingly really good, although I’ve not seen it being tempura-ed before.
YUM!!! This was mildly spicy but goes really well with the rice! The rice was kinda strange, actually. It was hard and like… wrong. But the dishes made my $30 totally well spent. Non-beefers can opt for kurobuta too!
Miso soup was almost cold by the time I finished everything and got to it. Quite ordinary.
I’d love to return for yakiniku someday!! Hopefully someone pays for me… I glanced through the beef pages on the menu super quickly because I didn’t want to look at the prices. It cannot be affordable for peasants in any way looking at the marbling on the images.

Went out with Yuxuan the day after. Brought her to Ootoya!! -___- I’m sorry I can’t part with this place. It’s like an oasis in Sahara. HAHAHAHAHA Sahara. That was how Yuxuan completely misspelled “hahaha” :D
Chawanmushi photo for the nth time.
I think I don’t glorify their miso soup enough. There are so many ingredients in the miso soup it’s pretty much the most flavourful one I’ve had in Singapore.
Oyako jyu. Again. I eat this too much. Just not enough to make me sick of it. I don’t think I ever will be sick of it. It’s too perfect.

Right after that, she was still hungry and so we headed to Sunday Folks to satisfy her cravings. I think I make her sound rather pregnant. She isn’t. Unless… *gasp* jk
Usual roasted pistachio ice-cream.
Just for once, not in a cone. They changed it to one that tasted not better than the one I love. Tell me if I’m wrong T_T I really enjoyed the cones T_T

Then we went to Orchard for fun. I must’ve looked a sight dressed in my jinbei and flip flops but who cares? I love it. At Muji, we found these bean bags made of figurative gold. However you plant yourself on it, it cannot be uncomfortable. Sat there for a good 15 minutes or so. I want it :(
Dinner was some takoyaki from Wow Tako. Let’s just say it was far from wow. Especially when it’s to do with the tako. The first ball, was EMPTY. Then I had another to confirm that the first was really empty and not just small. The ones that had tako was disappointing. Puny. I don’t even want to talk about the batter man. Should have taken it as a cue to not order when they weren’t even actively making any balls, having a few stacked up ready to serve (cold).


Hakata Men-Oh Ramen (Isetan Scotts Supermarket) for lunch.
$10 only but more delicious than several raved-about ramens which are easily 1.5x its price. The broth is very rich and fat but not so fat that I’d be repulsed.
Picked this box of Kumamon Castella up at the Kyushu fair because I love Kumamon and I love Castella cake :)
Out of the three flavours, custard is the nicest. Anko made it taste like mini dorayaki.

Then I met Joe to pass him his birthday gift, which he pestered me non-stop for. Making this really hurts my fingers because hello 1,000 knots or something.

Spent so long making this for him, who demanded it full of beads, as a birthday gift in exchange for I DON’T EVEN REMEMBER WHAT but he gave me a tie-dye bag. I honestly wish I didn’t say ok to his request. Some people are willing to pay me to help them wrap theirs but I declined. One of the biggest regrets of my life.
Then I showed him the said bean bags and we brazenly sat there for more than an hour chatting.

For dinner, I went to Wala Wala to listen to Randolf Arriola and eat the wings I’ve not had for a long time.

Every time I go there on Fridays, the crowds just talk really loudly and drown out Randolf Arriola. Sian. Should have left after the 1st set.

Chicken pepper rice at Pepper Lunch. Last time I had one was more than a year ago!! :O

By the way, scheduled posts are awesome.

Tanuki Raw & Ya Hua Bak Kut Teh

Had lunch at Tanuki Raw with Hazel one day. Lunch prices are so affordable we bought 3. We weren’t very good at finishing them all though :(
I got the yakitori don because chicken and mushrooms :)
Delicious as always, although the name was misleading.
She got the chirashi don. I didn’t try some because I still can’t appreciate sashimi T_T
She gave me an egg slice though. I think she was trying to win my affection. Or it could be a birthday present. I hope it’s not the latter because I’d really prefer a whole tub of tiramisu instead.
This truffle yakiniku don was ordered because she was like “aiya I forgot I wanted to eat the beef too” or something like that.
Looked damn good and tastes great. But I couldn’t eat much because it was too raw for my liking. Same goes for the onsen egg. So I just ate my delicious chicken :>
I know it’s like Tanuki RAW but I thought that was because they had raw oysters .___. Or maybe not. I don’t know…
Surprise wasabi always surprises me but I love it. Anyway, the lotus root chip was yummy. I don’t usually try to put lotus root into my mouth at all.

Then we went shopping. Supposedly went looking for windows, but I got cosmetics because birthday month means 2X points .___. how to not?? I also made her buy stuff to bump up my points. Sorry. But thanks.
So Nars Gilda is awesome. I can just lightly tap a brush on it and it picks up quite a bit of powder, and when I put it on my face, I’m like shit! shit! too much!!! cos it really is too much. Then I’d look more like dying from exercise than healthy glowing. But it’s a pretty colour and now I know not to press it into my skin like I did other blushers.
Anyway, I love it plenty. I guess you could say it’s Baemax.

Dinner was at Ya Hua Bak Kut Teh, where I’ve been wanting to try ever since people told me about it but I have no idea where it might be (other than “it’s near Zouk”), especially when no one can remember its name and call it the one with the yellow and red signboard. Thanks ah.
Soup and you tiao is super shiok!! But the meat could work on being more tender. I mean I am using a Kodomo Soft & Slim toothbrush (for years) (they’re meant for kids 6-9 years old) (I’m 20 now) because it is the most gentlest little baby that doesn’t try to hurt anybody. Ya so I need my meat tender. But it’s good, and when I get older and have the feel for midnight bak kut teh, this is a total go-to :D

Days before I went to have dinner at The French Table because it looks good!!
I got confit de canard with no-chilli aglio olio linguine because looks and sounds good.
Portion is humongous
but I didn’t like anything on the plate T_T it’s just nah…
Truffle fries smelled wonderful. But eating it reminds me of Tenderfresh’s fries. No truffle taste.
The service was so darn good and reviews online for this place are sparkle sparkle. WHY???? T____T
Maybe one day I might give it another shot. Just maybe. T__T

Last 3 Months of Year 3 & Gan Yakitori

I don’t even know how to begin lol. Just gonna put all my Instagram posts here and some of those from my camera. Backwards too, so the sequence might be quite incoherent.
It’s going to very long. After all, 3 months is about 90 days and that’s rather long. Maybe you’d want to scroll to the part about Gan Yakitori. It’s delicious.

Watching One Piece while having dinner in school after studying lol.

Lou yu sheng with Ms April Ng one day because we bought her abalone as a token of appreciation for helping us with FYP, so she got us to lou hei together. I’m pretty sure she didn’t eat a slice of abalone at all.

This one she made was the most delicious yu sheng I’ve ever eaten, and for the first time I actually ate everything and not just pick out the crackers (I don’t like sashimi (yet)), because she left out all the crappy stuff that are usually found in the standard ones like ginger.
She made it very Japanese too so that’s a plus point lol. In it were lettuce, radish, carrot, seaweed, jellyfish, abalone, salmon sashimi, ebiko and sesame dressing. Everything is edible much unlike the standard ones. And jellyfish. Genius.

Bought these Hacchando reito mukan, which are frozen and peeled mandarin oranges, simply because the packaging was super cute and it was 2 boxes for $5 and a lot cheaper than its original price.
It tastes like dried apricot and then it became orange ice-cream and as it thaws it tastes more and more like crispy orange juice. (I copied this description from my caption because it is the most accurate depiction of this thing ever.) Anyway, I think I was supposed to let it thaw before eating it but I don’t know??? I still have a box in the freezer lol.

Had dinner at Gan Yakitori one day after studying, sometime in February a week or so before CNY. Was at the Star Vista one (in case there are other outlets) and the service was atrocious!!!!! Inattentive as hell and they kind of just forget about you until you walk up to them or something. I wasn’t even shown to my table. I asked for a table and this staff acknowledged and just turned and walked so I followed thinking she was bringing me to my table, but she just went to attend to another customer?????
So I just hovered around cluelessly until another staff made me sit at the counter. I was waiting for the menu then. I waited for 5 minutes with intermittent waving for attention. 0 attention. So I walked to the nearest staff who was like 1 metre behind me at the cashier. Wow. Thanks. So I got my menu and had to wait about a minute after I decided and called for many staff who all ignored me, before someone actually noticed me.
Then, I waited about 20 minutes for my food to be cooked. One of the items was served wrongly too. It’s not even full house yet so I don’t even want to imagine that scenario. If you are dying of starvation you ought to skip this place.
Except when you do put the food into your mouth, it’s like heaven. So if you don’t care so much about service then this place is no problem at all. I would return (with someone else paying for me because it’s goddamn unaffordable lol) just because the food is so amazing, now that I’m prepared to serve myself and bring some form of entertainment having been through this experience.
It’s like all the staff there know how good the food is that customers very well would overlook the terrible service, so they just don’t give a shit about the service anyway lol.

Tsukune (chicken meatball)

Momo (chicken thigh) (right? It’s thigh, right?)

Toumorokoshi (corn)
These yakitori were so darn delicious. Not overly charred, juicy and tender meat, super on-point seasoning and heaven sauce.

Also ordered oyakodon because 3 yakitori can’t keep me alive overnight (I think).
It’s nicer than at most places, but it didn’t overthrow Ootoya’s (thank god because I don’t have to wait so long nor tolerate being ignored there). What it lacked (that Ootoya has) was the charred and smoky taste of the chicken and the near-raw eggs that I fell in love with. This one had a distinct hint of ginger too (I kinda very hate ginger) so lol you lose.

Oh but they have this egg drop chicken soup that came with the oyakodon and it’s really refreshing and clear and shiok. Maybe it’s a tactic to wash away the bad taste from their service.

Was really sian of studying one day so instead of going home to studying even more I went loitering around and took time to explore Tokyu Hands. So many awesome things that I just want to buy for no reasons. Thank god I do not have the luxury to do things like that. Ok, I still do things like that but with a budget LOL.
Look at that brilliant (and cute) rice strainer I bought!!!! There’s a bigger one for noodles but it’s more expensive so I’m like nope. I don’t even cook rice often and I intend to use it for my noodles, which I always drop into the basin trying to decant from the pot lol.

The tiger mask which did not show any instant results because my face was beyond hope going through projects and FYP and exams. Very fun though. $15 for 2. Oh my gosh, I really really need to know the prices of regular masks before I splurge unknowingly on novelties.

Fuwatoro tenshin han set at Osaka Ohsho. Took a very long time to decide what to order because everything was those safe, familiar food that I am always inclined to order. So I settled on one of their specialties.

The egg was really fluffy (as promised) but what the hell? It’s crazily overpriced for mere rice (wasn’t even very nice) and egg drenched in some starchy soup!! Even the kaki fuyong in school tasted better at half the price!! with chicken and extra chicken!!

But you should really eat their gyoza. They’re famous for them and of course when the skin is so crispy and the insides are just mmmmmmmmmmm :) I will go there and get the big plate of gyoza next time lol.

My absolute favouritest thing about Isetan Japanese fairs is the Hokkaido gelato pop-up stall.

Because there’s this heaven fruit flavour better known by its common name melon. Even on saddest of days this would cheer your soul up man. But of course I’m always happy (even if my face don’t show) somehow (maybe because I’m always eating stuff without guilt unlike the many stupid people everywhere who find eating a sin (how about you guys don’t eat and die and tell me about it)) so it just further makes me smile lol you’re welcome, soul.
Anyway, it was already there days before so that cone was a repeat visit.

See? I had the awesome thing when I first spotted it. I also cherish it more because it’s not always there.

They laughed at me when I went back for more right after finishing the first cone. But I tried the Yubari soft serve since I’ve never seen it before. Gelato wins still (for texture) although the soft serve had a slightly stronger taste.

Also realised that they put up my Ringo Work shrine only during CNY period (otherwise it’s always in limited quantities in secluded shelves) mostly because they have this GXFC hamper thing (that nobody ever buys for me although it has equal importance to me as angpows lol).

Also saw super cute Hello Kitty tea!! But the price is so… I’ll have water instead.

And while I’m no fan of microwaved food, I absolutely love (unfortunately microwaved) bentos and most of the time I visit Isetan at night so they’re usually discounted and lol yummy.

Oishii baby senbei balls (I always forget its name cos it’s so long) I love.
Ok, I checked. It’s called Kotsubukko. Trust me, eat this.

Clementi 881 coffee shop’s awesome duck rice.

Redring wanton mee without the wanton but with cutlet rice and char siew because these two are so yummy.

Also, I don’t like the new design of the Ben & Jerry’s pints. It’s not ugly but I prefer the old one.

Ootoya forever.

Grilled horse mackerel was not bad but smelled kinda fishy. Worst part was the billions of bones I had to pick out because I forgot that fishes are full of bones (mega hate) since I only reduce my fish intake to fillets. Took a super long time to eat it and my fingers were cramped from prolonged use of chopsticks. I took so long that I was the last customer before closing.

Bae chawanmushi :D

Yummy peach parfait!! I only paid for the dessert because my loyalty card was filled with stamps and I was entitled to a free set meal!

First time I had the chicken pizza at Wala Wala. Really yummy although parts of the chicken bits were damn fat and ewww…

Truffle fries!! Their old menu potato stuff were so dry but it has all changed. With the sacrifice of the bae dory chunks, that is.

I honestly love the chicken hor fun at Makan Place. I’d go back to school when it reopens so that I can eat all these stuff.

Tried making tea jelly with English breakfast tea. Not as nice as with hojicha.

I wish for white bread to be banned from being sold in place of the pink and green one that’s meant to be there!!! :(

Watched Cats!!! :D My favourite songs are Mr Mistoffelees and Skimbleshanks, and they were both delivered so beautifully live! I thought Munkustrap and Rum Tum Tugger had super nice voices.

The lighting was amazing and at the beginning, when the cats all ran to the stage from the back, ONE OF THEM TAPPED ME ON THE SHOULDER AND STARED AT ME!!!!!! YES, AISLE SEATS AREN’T THAT BAD ANYMORE!!!!!
There was a run a few years back, perhaps 2002 or something, and when I saw the trailers I thought it was so creepy because I’m so afraid of cats (I still am, a little), but I knew nothing of the beauty of arts.
Practically no one around me had interests in arts because it’s viewed as those expensive, useless, no-future sort of thing. I yearned to learn piano and ballet and whatever everyone else was unhappily forced to learn by their parents as a kid, because I was genuinely interested but was never granted lessons. So now I’m this really useless person with no talent or support, who is encouraged to do something with my life (now that I’m an adult) but I have nothing I’m good at. Except maybe I’m funny and nice and friendly and (please fill in good impressions of me). Anyway, thank god I went to watch Wicked and now I so love musicals (they are so far beyond the quality of school productions).

Cabbed to West Coast Park after the show on very short notice to meet these people. MY FIRST MIDNIGHT SUPPER!!!!
It was also Wen Wei’s birthday and I knew. I wanted to wish him only before I left but I forgot -____- so I had to text. I’m sorry.

Because I spent $18 on transport, I couldn’t afford a meal LOL. But the twister fries with ice-cream pair beats any McMeal hands down.

Tenderfresh has a restaurant near school. It’s Halal. That is so important since one of my group mates is Muslim. I ate this same chicken penne on 2 consecutive days because it’s yummy and I didn’t know what to choose from its extensive menu.

The BBQ wings were so-so…

Met up with Marissa at Gastronomia before she left for Bandung to do some art stuff for a month.

Favourite salted caramel crodo!!

Soy latte! The coffee here is really good but slightly thin.

Slept over at Hazel’s the day before the FYP presentation, rehearsing and I don’t really know what we were doing staying over. I slept 4 hours, as usual. But we had the last slot (8th presentation) and I didn’t take a nap throughout because I’d wake up groggy and I wanted to watch the others.

We were almost late because the bus broke down on our way to school. So in desperation we hired 2 Uber Executives (they were the only ones available in the vicinity) and arrived in style (that is with the unnecessary expense of shitload of money) in Mercedes-Benz S-Class. We were carrying lots of stuff so I crawled in and out of the car clumsily. Hate pencil skirts.

I was the AV person because I was responsible for the slides (the clients loved it hahahahaha thanks a billion Keynote!!!) and when it was my turn, despite rehearsing perfectly an hour ago in a store room behind the lecture hall, I messed up for a while but I straightened up soon. Worst. Anyway, it was a terrifying experience and one of the first time I have slept so little in my life.

Saw this beautiful butterfly one morning. Think it just emerged from its cocoon. Nobody else noticed it though. Nobody notices things very much at all.

A security guard walked in on us taking selfies with the visualiser at a hijacked lecture hall. Because they had to lock it up at 8pm. We hijacked lecture halls every day closer to the presentation day because we had to rehearse. That was why I started hijacking classrooms to study in after this was over.

Clearance sushi at the supermarket.

Bolognese fries at school.

Hojicha kanten forever.

Best combo ever.

Very cute maneki Hello Kitty.

Found the whistle thingy at Daiso so I bought it again because I don’t know where my old one went.

Bought two dozens of Milo although I still had many at home because I could get a balloon.

Prata Planet taste better now than it did a few years ago!

Popcorn chicken from school. My friends didn’t even know school had them. And so yummy they were.

I bought myself a birthday cake from Japan online. I didn’t know online shopping has no limits anymore.
I ordered the cake from Bunmeido at Rakuten!!!
I bought it because it was personalised and came with free shipping and it was $10 off at that point.
The Castella cake arrived in about 2 weeks and would expire in about 2-3 weeks as well. That was way before my birthday then. LOL. So I ate it anyway. 2 people wished me happy birthday and I got such a kick out of it hahahahaha!!!

Cereal fish is the best thing mixed vegetable rice stalls at coffee shops can offer!! So delicious!!!!

School’s chicken hor fun really became an addiction of sorts.

Fruits prepared by Hazel’s mum when we stayed over to rush out a presentation for a project that was due the next day. Her mum picks the sweetest fruits ever!! I am honing my skills on that aspects lol.

Found these amazing faux leather culottes at Zara on sale!! I love them :)

First time encountering the new menu at Wala Wala and had to try their truffle fries.

Caption was “What’s your horoscope sign?” “Kuih Bahulu.”
I thought it was hilarious!!!!! (I still do) (please laugh) (it’s funny)

Went out to buy dinner one day although I didn’t want to because I was studying or writing report. Really had so little time then but I had to go out. What’s worse, my mum tasked me to look for some goddamn nasi lemak that didn’t even have a shop there. She didn’t even know which coffee shop!! So I darted around 6 coffee shops pissed off as hell before I ran home. Cos it was so humid and I really needed to do my schoolwork and was so pissed off with all the people walking around me at snail speed!!! Was having a lot of difficulty breathing too so the moment I went home I crashed in front of a fan and turned on the aircon. Goddamn country. I’d rather spend the same hour taking an examination than go through that again.

Cup meat sauce fettuccine!! Actually was drawn to it by Pooh, then I realised it wasn’t regular cup ramen! Genius and simple design for draining water (and also the different adhesive for each half) is just so super thoughtful. 5 minutes and doesn’t taste bad at all! Definitely better than my (palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy, there’s vomit on his sweater already) mom’s spaghetti. I think it was $3-4. It’s impossible not to worship the Japanese.
Accurate opinion from Instagram caption.

Giant pomegranate!!

When I got the book, I couldn’t read it yet because of schoolwork. I read it anyway and I’m still T____T because it’s sad and funny and so good!! For once, the movie follows the book exactly (except the ending, the movie brought it to a proper end that made me cry) and I think this is really what a good book and good movie should be: funny, sad, accurate, capable of messing up your heart. I just bawled when they took away the tree T_____T Go watch the movie, everyone!! You’re welcome.

Lynette was finally free to go out!! We went to have dinner at Yoshimaru, where she wanted to go since forever but she has a curfew!!

Tried the Madagascan vanilla cone at Sunday Folks and I didn’t like it. Flavour wasn’t strong and the dried flower chip tasted salty and sour, which I thought was like freeze-dried banana but rotten.

Had really terrible skin the whole of Year 3 because of internship and the overload of schoolwork and projects and FYP. This A* friend decided to be my concealer. Thanks brooooooo :)

Met Marissa after Lynette left because I didn’t know Marissa was working that day!! Then chatted with her parents and then she went to get her fortune read. My skin… omg.
Anyway, both of them were wearing the same thing!!! Grey pullover over a white shirt and black skirt. As if Singapore wasn’t humid enough.

1 plain 1 egg at Prata Planet. Any place that makes decent plain and egg prata can win my heart.

Many times I went to Blooie’s Roadhouse for dinner with Hazel and Keyang, as they used to work there.

Seafood pizza. Normal.

Cajun chicken Caesar salad was not bad! The chicken was really good :)

Ootoya. Again.

Egg was more overcooked than I’d like but still yummy.

Bae chawanmushi.

Anmitsu maccha was only $3 and so tasty!! :D

Teacher was so adamant about having a video recording. And he only accepted submissions in hard copy. Most difficult and optional teacher to me ever. Bought a new printer too!

My favourite version of me is when I look at the price tags and ignore them, and load up on snacks for myself!! :D

Spent extra money on Puccho because they came with Kumamon toys. Never thought they would turn out so disfigured.

I need a bento maker in my life.

Bought this onigiri from Isetan too and it was so yummy even though it was cold T___T I love Japanese food!

Loong Fatt Tau Sar Piah the king.

Plain Vanilla‘s always out of my favourite hazelnut cupcake so

salted caramel and

dark chocolate ganache.

Took food and culture as one of my elective modules. I really shouldn’t take something I love as a graded thing because it damages my relationship LOL. Should have taken forex so I can make money. Anyway, one of the assignment was a food trail. And we chose a damn difficult country to research on – Sweden.
Went to Fika Café as it’s the only Swedish establishment other than Ikea that we know exists in Singapore. Researching online was so tough because everything’s in a foreign language or they are just not enough information available. The relief teacher thought our group’s presentation was interesting.
Everything there was so overpriced.
Champis is the first soft drink in Sweden. This one tiny can costed like $8 if I’m not wrong.
Tasted like fizzy apple juice -____-
Korvstroganoff is sausage stew with rice.
Sausage was yummy. The salad dressing is so Idk??? Fermented???
Just like this tunnbrödsrulle. Before the waiter could set this dish on the table, I was like omg what’s that stench. So I went nearer to the stuff and sniffed. Died. Of course I had to try it for the assignment but I didn’t go back for more.
It’s a thin bread wrapped around sausage with Bostongurka. Bostongurka is the culprit of the smell and tasted like the kiamcai but worse. The rest got accustomed to the smell and thought it was acceptable after but I couldn’t feel the same even with one more bite.
Köttbullar och potatis is basically the well-known meatballs with potatoes. Meatballs were damn good but remember I said this place is crazy expensive? You’d be better off at Ikea.
Dessert is pannkakor med bär och grädde, which is pancake with cream and ice-cream but tasted more like crepes.

Bought Menicon Miru the day after I stumbled upon a little advertisement of it on a Japanese magazine. I checked out the lenses and was so impressed by the design and practicality of it, I bought it although I wasn’t a frequent user of lenses.
After trying it though, I wanted to sign up for membership but I have no money T___T and don’t use lenses often enough to have reasons to splurge like that T____T
It is so comfortable, many a times I forget that I’m wearing lenses and forget to remove them.

The design is so sleek and hygienic and so convenient to carry in my wallet in case I need improved vision. I love it. Please check them out.
I went to Paris Miki at Liang Court to get them and the staff there, especially Nisa, are by far the best service providers of all optometrists ever.

Roast chicken burger at The Rotisserie.

Prata Planet but uncle spilled curry on my prata :(

On New Year’s Eve, I had to go down to Brewerkz to take the videos for project. Yvonne so very kindly treated us to lunch although she didn’t have to.

Went to Starbucks to do up some work because I had time to kill before the countdown.
Liang Court’s atrium had some Japanese fair so on the way back from the restrooms, I went to take a look. And sampled some too because the staff gave me them.

These fuji apples were $6 each but so damn sweet and juicy T_T

Shizuoka mikans were at first sour but afterwards tasted like honey T_____T
I wanted to buy some but I wasn’t going home anytime soon so I cri.
I went to Robertson Quay looking for food. But as usual, nothing was going to open until dinner time. So I had to wait. I was also starving and late for the party. So I just went into the first restaurant I walked past that was already open because waiting 30 minutes would kill me right after I failed looking for a yakitori restaurant lol.
Beef kaminabe at Sugisawa Japanese Restaurant.
Yummy but it’s expensive T_T Probably because it’s dinner price T__T and the sad thing is that it’s not full of ingredients like other nabe dishes cos the paper is small or something T___T

Favourite pistachio loaded with massive amounts of pistachio chunks in the middle of the scoop (◕‿◕) Was thinking if I got run over by a car while crossing the road I’d cry not for my injury but for the loss of my ice-cream.
My Instagram captions are usually better than those on my posts. Ok, not always but they are real-time and accurate. I love Haato & Co. so much.
Then I went to Keyang’s house. As I’ve already had dinner, and everyone else was having theirs when I arrived, I fought using lightsabers with his youngest brother. It went on for 2 hours T____T I was never that tired the whole year I think T_____T But it was fun.

So I finally got a chance to rest when I sat down and played mahjong LOL.

Countdown with the TV. And drinking games. I joined Amirah with green tea LOL.
Then after the drinking games were over, we continued with mahjong until late. Tried to sleep at 3am or something but I was the only one who couldn’t get to sleep. We left when the first buses started operating. But we shared a cab to MRT stations convenient for us instead.
Of course, I was famished at 6am when my last meal was at 7pm.

Went to get myself a McMeal. And bought one more hash brown for the trip home. I really would have gotten 10 if they weren’t so expensive!!!

Loved this the instant I saw it. But I didn’t buy because I sensed a sale coming and it came a few days after. That’s when I bought it. Yay.

Roasted chicken crepe at Marché with Marissa. Yummy but small T_T Also, we were sitting in the dark T_T Cos it was very crowded and bad seats were all we have.

So I got one chicken wing to make up for the smallness of the crepe and the guy was like “I give you one for free” then I said I only wanted one and he said “never mind, just take it” so I thanked him. It’s normal. And it was late. Maybe the reason for his charity but I doubt so.

Awfully Chocolate. I hope they don’t ever change. I’ll be so devastated if their standards were to drop due to expansion.

Shabu shabu gyuniku ramen at Yoshimaru with Edna on very short notice.
Because I could get 2 bowls at the price of 1. I was just dialling everyone on my contact list, until Edna woke up and accepted my invitation LOL.

She gave me KitKats and unsheathed the peals of laughter buried within me.
Edna: I went to church and the pastor (I heard pasta) was like tsk-
Me: Why? Not nice?
Edna: He is like so aggressive…
OMG ;____; ROFL
Edna: eh this construction site… What are they building here sia
Me: *thoughtfully* oh I think it’s a building
;_____; omg laughters I miss because of stress in school.

Gyudon at Yoshinoya. Overheard a foreigner exclaiming outside Yoshinoya: “Wow! This is like McDonald’s but Japanese style!” :D

This is the super delicious tiramisu Hazel made for me. I love it to bits ;___; It’s not even a biased judgment, it’s really damn bae.

Kushiyaki bento with takikomi gohan at Tampopo Deli.
Microwaved bentos always taste great.
Godiva‘s soft serve!!
Tastes like super rich and thick chocolate milk but better :)
Yummy baumkuchen from Juccheim :)

I love the biscuits they give because they’re cute and yummy and seasonal :)
Bunch of cakes from Flor Patisserie! I think the mushroom one (I forgot what it’s called T_T) was the yummiest.

Nabehide for Christmas dinner!! :D
A la carte buffet with shabu shabu items and others like ebi fry, gyoza, shishamo. These were so-so.
The mushrooms were huge!!!!
Not kidding at all.
My mum was like “Can I have 10 prawns?” because when it first came it came in a pair and she was like ?????? (She loves seafood and prawn especially lol)
Making a reservation on hungrygowhere entitled me to a free plate of Wagyu beef. So fat till I had to pull off some bits before I ate them.
Milk pudding.
Overall really yummy and affordable for a buffet I’d say.

Tried making lasagna but boiling it wrecked it like hell so it looked more like German pasta. T_T

XXL chicken from Shihlin.

Bae strawberry cheesecake parfait from Snaffles.

Cutest Gudetama stamps on Line Camera but they’re hard to use lol.
Beef udon at good old Tamoya. I think it’s better to get the normal ones because it’s more economical and the broth isn’t too masked by the meat’s flavour.

Frequented Brewerkz so much because we were doing a project on them.
My favourite food of all time is this soba noodle salad with chicken. Everything is sooooo yummy in this humongous bowl!!! ;____; I loved it so much, I ordered it every time I had a meal there. Yes, so I didn’t really eat anything else other than the sides.
Truffle fries were not bad! I literally love seeing potato skin on fries. They tend to be the best parts too :)
Was at the kitchen taking photos and omg this burger looked sooooo good!!!!! I still ordered soba salad lol I’m sorry it’s really so yummy.
Got a brewery tour :D
Hobs look like terrapin feed.
I don’t like beer :( but many people love the beer there so go if you love beer. Or dislike. Because you can eat soba salad.

sparkle sparkle

Went to a charity gig at Blu Jaz Cafe.

Photo with Daphne Khoo!!! :D

NATHAN HARTONO!!!!!! I’ve been loving this man’s voice since about 10 years ago!!!

Bought my dream mackintosh! The most expensive garment I’ve ever bought yet. Even though it was the cheapest one I could find online!!! And it was too big for me -___- But it’s ok.

Dimsum from Hong Ho Phang Hong Kong Tim Sum. So yummy!! Good chee cheong fun like these are hard to find now :)


I love the Abacus workshop and I got a certificate :D

Yup. You know where. But it’s my first time having lunch there.

So I got the Ootoya lunch set (which is also available for dinner), which is a pile of karaage and croquette and I’m not entirely sure. What I’m sure of is that it’s so yummy!! Literally everything the chef makes is a beautiful thing.

Chapalang miso-tsuyu spaghetti with super yummy Tatsumoto pork sausage and surprise furikake. This #chefcasia is literally so chapalang. A little too salty but not bad :D

One day they ran out of hor fun so I had to eat mee kia.


Sorry not sorry.
Huge fan of One Piece who watches new episodes every Sunday and curses when it’s postponed. McDonald’s had this thing and I’m like !!!!! so I got many people to help me buy and I managed to only eat 1 meal completing the collection.
I put them up on the Christmas tree at my grandma’s and the week after, my aunt just kept them in some box with the tree and I’m like T____T

The first time I found these, I said I live in a well and didn’t know that school sells pizza fries but Grace was like I think i live at the earth’s core where is this FROM. Hahahaha I love Grace. Internet crush although we’re first real life acquaintances but the friendship never progressed further in the Outernet.

I can’t cry over spilled milk cos I don’t drink milk. But I spilled my darn cereals and it was so hard to wipe all the sugary bits off cos they’re naked to the eye T_T

Crammed hell a lot of Japanese in 12 hours over 6 weeks thanks to Yōko sensei who raps her lessons, so if we didn’t pay attention for just one second, we’d be lost forever. She said my handwriting was very pretty HAHAHAHAHA everyone kinda says that but it’s the normal hand???

Overslept on the day of my examination. Maybe cos I was scared that I’ll oversleep. So I did. :( After all, it was in the midst of the hellish semester in which I slept at 4am and woke as late as possible to make it in time for school every day. The morning paper was asking for it. T_T Completely deaf to my alarm.
Went to Menzo Butao for lunch after taking JLPT. All of us were like aiya die liao die liao maybe can’t pass. I got la but N5.
Got the aburi chicken. It was mediocre.

Ordered a Gudetama luggage, which was supposedly sold in Taiwan. SO CUTE.

It’s a tamago nigirizushi!!!!!!!! The quality is terrible though. I have brought it overseas as a carry-on once and it was already scratched from god-knows-what! I can’t imagine having to check it in T_T

You’re probably bored of me eating here.

That is if you made it this far down this draggy and boring post.

Bought yumepirika and it is so delicious!! You really pay for the quality!!! :D Eating this with tarako furikake is bliss.

Leftover rice for ochazuke is lazy bliss.

I miss my childhood so much. Especially those in Japan.

This cow plush. Not soft nor cuddly but I loved it all the same. Kids.

I love this boring as hell playground below the apartment! It’s so boring cos there’s like this slide and a seesaw and that’s pretty much it. It’s also stupid because everything is metal and then it was winter so it’s goddamn cold so max play was 5 minutes.

Miam Miam has terribly huge portions, I wish someone had warned me. My mum and I had to finish what was meant for about 5 people.
Miam Miam spaghetti. Don’t remember how it tasted but I know it wasn’t much.
Arrabiata was very salty.
Caramelised banana pancake reminded me of After You Café.
Finally something delicious although I was stuffed from the pasta T_T
Valrhona chocolate soufflé was disappointing in comparison.

I bought FlashAir and everything’s great except for the unstable connection and ugly application UI.

Tested it out on some of my Tomicas since I could use the pictures for my show & tell for Japanese lessons lol.

The car that started it all ^___^

Also got new ones the day I ate at Miam Miam. I want to live in a Tentmushi!!! It’s so cute and cute and cute.

Song Fa Bak Kut Teh was nice. Actually all bak kut tehs are more or less yummy. I still think Ng Ah Sio and Founder are my favourites.
Taking this picture can either mean it was very nice or I gave up on taking photos of the others. I no longer recall what is true .____.

Saw this Singapore Poos and I laughed so loudly in the bus my friends told me everyone was staring at me. What’s new?

Had lasagna with meatballs at Gourmet Pizza to Go. Too much béchamel for my liking and I didn’t like it very much at all.

This chicken hor fun at Harbourfront Centre’s food court was not bad. It’s also Halal.

McVitie’s Victoria diabetes.

When Don was in Tokyo, I asked him to get me Gelatoni, who was quite new then.

Story: Duffy dropped his gelato on the ground while taking a stroll with Mickey. Then Gelatoni appeared and told him it’s ok and introduced himself. Then he used the gelato to paint. And then they painted together.
That’s what I managed to read with my limited Japanese knowledge, aided with the illustrations. The story I first read online when it debuted sounded much more touching.

It’s so cute :D

Toffee nut latte and they shouted Car 虾 so loudly because I didn’t know it was me T_T

Calamari at Brewerkz for project.

Tried it with salmon and Hazel preferred it. I didn’t because it was so little and more expensive and not very flavourful on its own. The chicken was teriyaki-sauced and can be found in every other bite because they add chicken like it’s free :D

Haato & Co. It’s now priced at those gourmet ice-cream prices. I remembered it to be much cheaper!!!

Hawaiian chicken thing at Breko Cafe. Without cheese.

Pistachio at Sunday Folks. Sorry for being boring.

I love cereal fish this much hahahaha :D

This thing melted and stuck together but was so yummy!!!! Have no idea where it’s from but it’s some egg wafer coated in chocolate. Amazing!!!!

Mid-November and my complexion was this bad.

Bazhang from Daun Pandan Rice Dumpling. Yummy!!!!!!

Wasted an hour in lecture making this banana chocolate thing. I really don’t know why this teacher can be so strange. The funniest one was this ice-cream making thing before lecture. Took 1.5 hours to prepare everything before the shaking while he conducted the lecture. When you shake ice-cream in a bag of ice, it’s going to be really noisy right? He told us to shake the ice-cream non-stop and when we obeyed, he was like SHHHHH. What the.

School has this waffles and ice-cream place called Creamy Duck. What.

Hey Jude in my Lazy Oaf shirt.

I love origami.

Celebrated Marissa’s birthday at Hard Rock Cafe again. Before that, I went to Paragon to get her the Nutella cake again. Also 19 candles. I don’t think they put them all on it because it wasn’t as flaming T_T I walked the whole stretch in terrible rain T_T

Fish and chips

I love my face here hahahaha

Do I need to say where?

Kasan set!

Breaded chicken with vegetables in some broth. So good although I scalded my tongue T_T

My group planned on black and so did the other group -___- So it looked like a funeral.


First time at Brewerkz to discuss about the project.

First time I fell in love with anything that has ‘salad’ in its name.

Hazel got really high from drinking and the cab ride home was so funny!! Uber driver also said we were his happiest customers ever!

Keyang was wearing this jacket with a detachable hood LOL and he detached it so LOL.
Anyway, I was later than my group in going to class then they told me that when they saw a figure behind them in the reflections, Hazel turned and screamed at me. Except it wasn’t me but some random stranger LOL!!!

School pasta with amazing meatballs that I never got to eat again because they were always sold out T_T

I love broccoli.

Fish & Co.

Went for the inaugural Hello Kitty Run because so cute!! It was supposedly 5km but ????? and it also rained and ran out of medals for the 15k turnout. Luckily I wasn’t those lazy asses who go to fun runs to fun walk.
Bought a towel for $15 and 5 minutes into running, it vanished. So I bought another after that because I’d rather buy a $30 towel than drop $15 on the floor lol.

This bunch of Japanese guys were sooooo cute!!! They made their own shirts for their corporation and followed the template of the given tee. It was SO cute!! And balloons around their waists!!!! But when they started running, a bunch of them tangled up and they were stuck together LOL!!!

Went to a workshop at school right after the run decked in my Hello Kitty jinbei. Everyone made fun of my jinbei. I literally don’t get it. It’s really nice. I’m still actively wearing it out because people always talk about the weird outfits I love anyway.


Katsu jyu

Delicious as always but I prefer the chicken one :)

Peach parfait that was new on the menu. The banana parfait that was super good is no longer there T_T But this is nice too :)

Chicken chop at Platypus Family Kitchen and the chicken was yummy!!

Hazel (Liem) got me a Hello Kitty EVA Air model :D I love it soooo much!! :D

Farmer day LOL


Had to send Sentosa photos for our membership card application so we agreed on doing this awkward smile. HAHAHAHA!

Our Sentosa Islander cards!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA! We received free fun passes as well. It expired when we finally found time to have a day of fun after the major school stuff were over. Nerds. All work and no play. T___T

Always asking people to have a picnic on their gingham shirts and for the first time anyone entertained me LOL!!!!!
Thanks Seng Tiong. You’re my best bud.

Congratulations. You have made it to the end of this post. I took days to write it. I’m so glad it’s done. If you cheated and scrolled to the bottom (don’t know why you did it when you can just close it), then I understand you completely because I’d have left LOL. Thanks for reading and that’s all for my last memories of school.

Recipe: Zaru Soba


This is so easy to make, I’m really just posting this as a filler. It’s also really affordable.

Things you’ll need (that you can all buy from Daiso if you don’t already have):

  • Soba (buckwheat noodles) – that’s like $0.50 per 100g
  • Mentsuyu (noodle sauce/soup) – I got mine elsewhere
  • Shredded seaweed – this is so important, it makes the dish so flavourful
  • Zaru (strainer) – you don’t really need this but it looks good in photos (especially if they’re not plastic ones like mine)
    and water, pot, chopsticks! And ice?
  1. Boil water, put soba in, cook for 3-4 minutes or as instructed on packaging.
  2. In the meantime, put 1 part tsuyu 2 parts water into a bowl for dipping. I don’t really measure them out, I just estimate and taste the dip. Also, I used cold water.
  3. Your soba is cooked! Drain them (decant/strain/just pick them out with chopsticks) and run them under the tap or shock them in iced water.
  4. Plate your soba and top it with shredded seaweed! Don’t keep the packet yet because it won’t be enough. You can also add furikake!
  5. Grab some strands, dip them in the soup, put them in your mouth. Repeat until gone.

I don’t really know why some people put ice on their soba or in the soup. Maybe you can just cook this in Siberia and not bother about it.
Anyway, it’s a food often consumed in summer to combat the heat.
I eat it because it’s delicious and takes very little time to put together.
If this recipe is wrong, I am sorry. I’m not Japanese. But it works for me and I love it :D

Tried overpriced Ichiryu apple juice. It’s not bad but I still think Ringo Work is the king.

Thank you for reading!

Monochrome Fusion Bistro

Wow what is this blogging about a day on the same day :O
Wow! That’s mainly because I wanted to upload pictures on Flickr to facilitate blogging then I just K.

So I met Don late evening for not lunch not dinner at Monochrome Fusion Bistro. He had motives being so bent on going to that rather new place. LOL.
Shared this snapper loin cha soba! Thought the soba was way too overcooked. Bonito flakes smelled damn good though!
The fish is so yummy!!!
He ordered a slice of black velvet cake.
Tastes like Oreos. I’m no fan of the whole red (now black) velvet thing really… There are so many nice flavours out there.

Right after leaving the place, we went for xiao long baos!
10 for $5.50 hell yeah!!!
Presentation < DTF
Taste and value > DTF :D
Went to VivoCity and watched Cinderella spontaneously and omg stupid prince can’t even remember her face?
Chatted more over Carl’s Jr’s fries and then went home.

Ok, and here are the original non-square photos of yesterday’s post!!!

Lam Bee Restaurant:

Itacho Sushi:

By the way, I totally love tang hoon but I forgot about them while I was busy eating the other stuff then it disintegrated and I cri.

The Assembly Ground

New Udon Thai Food:
None of us ate liver so we swapped it out for more chicken!!!! Ch1ck3n 4eva \m/
The whole thing costed about $65 or so and Amanda’s mum insisted on paying despite Cheryl and I throwing money into Amanda’s bag -___- then kena caught -____- Thanks auntie :(




Asanoya Bakery:

Ok the end :D