Tomorrow’s prom!

Hey errrbady.

Guess what? I just calculated the amount of money I spent for my prom outfit. And… it totalled up to $432.10, excluding cosmetics because I don’t think I am gonna wear much cos I seriously look horrible with makeup on. And yes I spent $92 on them. Don’t ask me how I did it. Cos I have no idea. And my card has like less than $30 now confirm!!!!!! FFFFFFFff Oh and not to forget a $16 brooch which I don’t intend to wear. Yay. I AM A BROKE SHIT.

So my blog may be the most boring thing on the internet you’ll ever see. But I promise pictures. From tomorrow. But it’s only when I figure out how to upload pictures here.

And I’m feeling unwell!!!! A runny nose and a dry, painful throat. Well, I hope tomorrow will turn out good. And that I won’t fall in heels, it being my first time, or walk awkwardly like a newborn giraffe or something like that.

Ok the buh-bye


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