Prom Night (18 Nov 2011)

Woke up with a fever wtf. Then bla bla bla…. Headed to Marissa’s place to prepare for prom.
These are my nails (painted two days before, that’s why it’s non-perfect)

3 coats of OPI Teenage Dream between base coat and top coat wtf
I don’t know why my hair always hook onto the nail polish and peel it off my nails in the shower 😦

Painted Marissa’s nails for her. Then went to this Ucara hair salon or something something nearby to get our hair done.

$25 for these
and the hairdresser was so nice!! I was sniffling like crazy, mopping my nose and whipping out my ahpek vicks inhaler. Then she asked if I had flu and then recommended me the kiwi and green apple juice round the corner. Couldn’t taste much but yea a drink to kill boredom is fine by me.

When we’re done we went back to her place for her to do her makeup and get dressed. I put on pink contact lenses and mascara before I left home. Minimal makeup because somehow I look much more hideous with them on. As for my pink contacts, … everyone thought they were brown… 😦

Her dad drove us to Ion Orchard
and in the car…

and a polaroid

We went to TWG for tea first. With Joe. He said that whoever’s late was to be fined $5/min. In the end he was the one late and he refused to pay. Zzzz…

And we ordered SEXY TEA and a few macarons

Then I started to panic because I had only one earring on… Zzzz
Actually it dropped on the floor and I didn’t look. Luckily when we’re paying for our food a coin dropped and I saw my earring. Lame.

Yumiko told me to get for her fashion tape so I went to Sephora, don’t have. Topshop, don’t have. 😦
Furthermore my feet hurt because I was in heels. And I couldn’t walk properly and I was dragging them zzzz….
WALKED to Hilton Hotel from Ion. Almost died please. Unwell + heels + dressed in a suit OMG best combo for suicide. Sat at the lobby, dead from all the walking. So horrible one… the aircon is like… NOT THERE?!?!?!?!! Hen dre hen dre I almost died.

See ah, start at 6.30pm

Went up. I think I was really unwell ok… hot cold hot cold like a Katy Perry…

L-R: Marissa, Pinky, Bess, Trang, Ke Han, Anh, Me, Rong Xuan, Cynthia, Clarisse

After the photo was taken, I walked around sweating like crazy. Then I went to the sofa that was by the elevators and asked Yong Ming to get up because I wanna sit down 😛 So damn boss omg (very sorry I was tired).
I must be a very horrible person because shortly after, people made space and Marissa and Joe could sit with me. LOLOL wtf

My right eyelid wtf… From after the last paper my eyelid became liddat and then my double eyelid no balance one wtf is so gross. *wa mng ti*

Waited like super long and we’re still not allowed to enter the room and I was complaining and complaining to no one in particular (real life Twitter)

Yumiko!! So damn pretty wtf.
Joe is really a bad photographer. And then there was this polaroid shot when I wasn’t prepared…
My eyes were closed and I was facing Yumiko…. And then he took a picture. And… I LOOKED LIKE A COMPLETE PERVERT LOOKING AT HER NEH NEH!!!!! ZZzzzz

And this boss picture….

of Stephanie!! She was posing the moment the doors opened!! LOLOLOLOLOL!!!
And Yumiko is totally the Indonesia/Singapore next top model la ok
I love her hair can!! Is like, really a hairball. But attached to the scalp.

Stephanie and Marissa

Marissa covering Yumiko’s fringe window

Finally entered the room. Seriously taoyanz.
I see the menu… CHINESE FOOD. WTF!!!!!!!!!! I can’t even express my disappointment in words.
There’s no way I can snap a photo of each dish right?? 😦 When it’s in the middle of the table… and not in front of me 😥 and it’s shared!!!! Like we’re a family liddat!!!!!!! So unhygienic but bo bian no one thinks of the germs when eating.
That is why the only picture of food (if it is even considered as food) I took is this:


With Pinky and Rong Xuan

Then there were performances and food and speeches.
Yumiko won Miss Tanglin!!! 😀
Tracy was the only one who danced. And Nathaniel ruined her performance 😦
The most tragic part of the night was when they announced they were having a break so I went to the toilet. Saw Racheal there so we chit chat la…
Went back to the table after a while and…. WTF THEY WERE PLAYING BINGO AND IT CAME TO AN END.
So I actually missed what I looked forward to. Is like hen hao lor 😦

After the dinner:

Racheal and Marissa

Kresna (How to spell? or is that even his name?) and Racheal
Most awkward pose I’ve ever seen

Mr Sia and Nargis

Mr Sia and Nargis and my hair

Ms Tang’s back and Nargis’ side and my semi-front

Nargis, lost.

Me wanna take picture with the small little Paolololololol.

My eyelid walao

What kind of face…

Jin Ming without white hair 😦

Don and Racheal

Don and me

And a bunch of photos which should never be shared anywhere else:

Failed shot of the next photo… because I was laughing. & look at the ruffles on my blazer!! And Marissa by the table looking like a business woman

Commercial pose!! Hahahaha

Paolo, Nargis, Joe

Joe and me

Racheal and me

Joe, me, Nargis


Nargis and me. Don’t ask me what I was doing… honestly, I don’t know. My hair
Yumiko and me. My hand is so huge in this picture omg

Nargis and Marissa

Racheal with my ugly mask I spent $24 on 😦

Ok that’s about it… then went to the lobby and waited for my mummy to fetch me home.
While Joe used my camera to snap countless pictures of his feet -___-
In the car I tried to stay awake because I didn’t want to try sleeping with contacts on…
And when I got home I removed my lenses, changed clothes, removed makeup until can die… The Majolica Majorca mascara I got was so difficult to remove!!!!! Then I sleep cos I was sleepy. Duh.

Ya… Sorry for posting so late. I spent half of the day sleeping and then figuring out how to post photos here. But I grabbed the urls from facebook because I really don’t know how yet and used the html thingy I remember to put into this post 😀


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