Today I went to Orchard Road. Supposed to meet Marissa at 12nn because she wanted to look for a job.
As usual I was too early. And so I went to find food.

Bought the eggs and a hot milo from Killiney. Lol seriously the way the egg was served was very !!!! yea. They put 2 soft boiled eggs into a miserably tiny tiny tiny tiny container with the sauce and pepper and gave it to me with a plastic spoon. Ok then I was rather blur cos I coughed till I almost died earlier on. Then I must have looked really gong then cos… she pointed to that and said “egg.” then I’m like ok and took it and find a seat. Zzzz

Then Marissa kiked me and said she just woke up. Lol I knew it la of course… She always wake at the time of meet. Then I went out without a thing to do and unsatisfied with my egg. Lol.

So since the elephant parade thing was there, I decided to take photos of them.

I think I missed about 6 cos I didn’t walk to the tourist something building, which have like 5, and Wheelock there which have 1…

Then I went to Wisma Atria and sat at Starbucks… and I bought

Yes, the $1 banana and a tall toffee nut frappucino.
Honestly, I’m the only person I know who can spend $1 for 1 banana. It is so ridiculously pricey I don’t know how Starbucks manage to actually put it in a basket and sell. Zzzz. Oh wait, there are people like Casia.

Then I sat there reading a book and after that, Marissa reached and asked me to go to Far East Plaza. So I left. WTF IT RAIN CAT DOG BEAR LION GIRAFFE ELEPHANT GORILLA. It’s like a zoo please. Then I ran under the rain wtf. Twice. When I was feeling ultra yao-si-le cos I coughed so much. Wah then reach there, Marissa tell me is actually Far East SHOPPING CENTRE. Win.

Then she eat at somewhere there. Then I went to lucky plaza to flip my contacts cos I wore one the wrong side. Then woah the toilet there damn expensive one. $0.20 to go in ok!!!!!! WTF I totally not happy. Zzzzzz Then we took a taxi to Kallang Leisure Park… Then I realised I used a lot of thens in my post. But then then is a important word to show what happens after something. But then don’t tell me to use next and afterwards all that cos then is my favourite word. Ok then ya we reached.

Go to Ice World to skate on ice. Like duh if not what? Go there eat ice kacang? Then erm ya cos I am student ☺ and Marissa is not, I pay less. Skate 2 hours. My second time ice skating because my first one was at JEC which closed down after that… I fell for my first time!!!! And then again. People always say fall like damn pain liddat but really, is not so pain. Then I fell again la. Most stupid thing is we all skate anti-clockwise. And skate 2 hours round and round, you not sian, I sian ok… Furthermore, left side of body pain then wanna change side, cannot. Cos if you skate clockwise is like a wrong thing to do.

Then I took the Circle line for the first time T_T So yellow, remind me of banana. $1 banana. Then we went to Plaza Singapura. Don’t know what to eat. Went to Swensen’s. Cos Marissa want to eat the mega burger thing.

My cream of mushroom soup

My teriyaki chicken pasta
which happens to bear that healthier choice logo, which means it is going to be not so nice, because healthy things are seldom yummy, happens to not satisfy me!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The vegetables, not nice. The pasta, ok but kinda not nice. The chicken, ok la but so oily.

Then went to Far East Shopping Centre but the thing closed then Marissa shopped at Forever 21 at Ion and Angel came then went home with her. Ya. Ok since it is already the next day, there is class chalet later!!!!!


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