Class chalet and the next day and the next day

Yo yo yo! I’m back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Just kidding. I never went away -.-
My absence must have made you think I stayed overnight at the chalet, then got kidnapped.
But really, I reached home that night around 10 and then spent the next day sleeping and watching movies. Then today, I painted my nails and watched more movies.

This was my breakfast at Ya Kun on Tuesday. Set A coffee. As usual.
Then I got this pink lemonade.

I really wanted to try that Bundaberg pink grapefruit thing but it came in fours! Then since I couldn’t get it cos I was alone, I went to look for Snapple pink lemonade. And don’t have leh!!! No hab no hab. Then ok la just find something pink to drink so I got that. Not bad.

So I met with Marissa at Clementi Mall because Angel took too long to come. Then she got her super soaker. Then I left for Queenstown MRT station with some of her stuff and she went to eat. Then I met Joe at Queenstown and wait some more for Don and Xiao Rui and Yumiko. Then we took the train towards Pasir Ris. And Xin Yi was on the same train but in a different car.
Then we went to White Sands and saw the group of girls then we left for Fairprice and loaded the cart with damn a lot of drinks!! Then cabbed to Aloha Loyang. It rained. Rained. Bloody shit every time rain one. I cannot stand it!!!!!!

Then ya la went there and start fire and then erm… I played with the super soakers. So dumb one I keep telling everyone not to wet me because I don’t have extra clothes but I kept shooting everyone. Then eventually and ofcoursely I got super soaked by the super soakers. I also want a super soaker leh!! Why I no money man?!

Ok then got the food and bla bla and while waiting for things to happen, Don wanna club then I took a bottle of green tea into a room. Then there were max 5 people in the room wtf. And everyone left when he played some korean song. Then kept draggin people in la. And super funny!! I ask Rong Xuan come clubbing and say got alcohol and she super duper excited then we show her… the green tea. Then she totally disappointed!!!

Then erm… didn’t take a lot of pictures. So not a lot that it sums up to… ONE.

This. A picture of Bi Yu and me attempting to do light painting with sparklers. But failed cos erm it was overexposed, Mr Tu isn’t the best tripod, and the only thing you can read from the picture is LOL and it wasn’t funny.

Then soon after I left because I had to. Nargis and Don and Xiao Rui sent me to the shuttle bussssssssssssssssssssssssss <333333 then it took me to the MRT station and I took the train to City Hall where mummy drove me home. Then I bathed and sleep. I smell like shit even after washing my bbq hair.

So 23rd was Yumiko’s birthday <3333333
and I spent half the day sleeping and the other half watching movies like I said earlier.

And today, half of it sleeping too and when I got up I painted my nails while watching movies.
I spent like 7 hours trying to make it super nice but failed time and time again (duh, 7 hours) and one nail is still horrible. And it’ll probably get the horrid lines when I wake up from my sleep later.

For Audrey.
Please don’t tell me it is messy. Because I can see that.

Gonna go out for cakes tomorrow!! Yay 🙂

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