Cake & Ramen

7am waking up in the morning gotta be fresh gotta go downstairssssss
JK! I woke at 8.43am then I prepared then went out to Orchard.
When I got up I first felt my nails, then got angry because it is no longer smooth T_T
Then erm read tweets in the bed and I SLEPT!! ZOMG but I rewoke and continue reading.
Then used instagram. I love instagram ^_^

Went to Shaw Centre to wait for Joe and Marissa but I was too early 😦
And then I went to the little sitty place and I read a book there. Then I went to Isetan to buy agar agar.
Then Joe reached about 5 minutes after 12. Can’t help but notice his shorts were stained and it looked as though he was menstruating and didn’t have a pad.

We then walked to Palais Renaissance, a place I never knew existed.

PS. Cafe!

Shared a chocolate crunch doorstop cake which costed us $15.90!
Hahahahaha for a slice of cake!! So expensive leh. But can. Very chocolatey. And they were so nice! In between the layers of diabetes-inducing chocolate there’re nuts. So it cancels the effects of the diabetes-inducing chocolate. Ok la, it’s not really diabetes-inducing. I don’t know. But yes HEN HAO CHI!

And we shared this mountain of fries thing. I am confused la, we ordred from the menu the PS fries but with shoestring fries instead of the chunky ones. Then on the receipt it says the truffle shoestring fries… ummm anyway the fries were like so oily LOL!!! but ok la it was flavourful. Taste like nice fries. Ya that is my description.

We couldn’t finish it… Then Marissa arrived with her cousin. More than two hours late. Hahahhahahaha pro. Then we let them eat the fries. Then we payed for our food and then left and then Marissa and her cousin left to find food. And… Joe and I went to the supermarket to look. Yay.

Then we went to Ion and OMG A PIECE OF WOOD IN MY FINGER ok then we went up to the supermarket there. I was like amazed by this coconut water thing because the packaging was so so so so cute! But I wasn’t thirsty enough to get it… Then saw this tea thing. The packaging also so so so so so cute!! Then Joe was at the alcohol part of the shop and he kept on saying this moet champagne thing was nice zzzzzzzzz I ALSO WANNA DRINK CHAMPAGNE LEH… And there was this gigantic bottle of idk champagne or not. SO BIG. That when I squat down it was taller than meeeeeee. $3888 LOLOLOLOL

Then went to prologue. Then walked to Cineleisure to find Angel. Then we went to Mandarin Gallery. Went to Antoinette to look at the pretty cakes then WE WENT TO IPPUDO SG!!!!!!!
I tell you the ramen can make you cry! Sooooooooooo yummy!!! <3333333333

Random glass of water ok

Shiromaru motoaji! I love the soup ^_^ and the noodles so nice and so nice and so nice

Akamaru kasaneaji! The pork here very nice. I don’t really like pork but I say this pork nice. Nicer than the other’s pork. This soup reminds me of maggi mee I don’t know why.
So happy one the ramen!!!!! <33333333333333333333333333

I am also aware that my photography sucks… I was sharing the food so of course I can’t take 100 photos to get the best angle before I eat, x2. I know the photo makes you think the food is meh but really totemo oishii desu! I will come back! And when I thought I may have lost my ez-link card in this shop, we went back to ask. And Joe asked if they were hiring and he got an application form LOL!!!

And we went to jones the grocer. I love their logo. So minimalist.

And we got biscuits!

Snow bear one is mine 😀

I am a sucker for cute packaging. Really. This is so cute, I could smash this into a kid’s face and it’ll still be happy. Yes.

NUT ALLERGY SUFFERERS. So cute one. But maybe some people like being allergic to nuts?

Cute one! AND YUMMY ONE.


Ok 🙂 So I am also quite sure what Joe says about me is true. That I cannot be a successful food critic because I cannot describe food properly and if I were you and I read my own description, I wouldn’t be convinced. So yea bye bye one of my dreams~ Hahaha ok I just like to eat la food critic is an excuse.


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