Tian Tian Hainanese Chicken Rice

So I got this book thing, Bite: The 8 Days Eat Out Guide for $3.80 some time back. And I kind of wanna eat everything it features.

So today, I went out to find this Bukit Merah View Carrot Cake. Because the picture is super steam and according to what they say it is made from scratch. So of course I wanna try it! But guess what? … The damn food centre was like under renovation or something. So tragic right?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!

So went to Maxwell Food Centre instead in search for this Tian Tian Hainanese Chicken Rice stall. Stall 10! Usually at hawkers you can just go and order and perhaps have like 1 person in front of you right? This, got a lot! Like maybe 7 people!! That is a queue.

So I got seats for me and my mother. And 3 other seats at the table were occupied by this other group of people. Oh then hor, MY SD CARD WASN’T IN MY CAMERA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So good la, no photos today! I did take a picture of the chicken meat with my phone’s camera. But the chicken looked pinkish and not appetizing in the photo. Looked like a plate of chopped pink lumps with sauce underneath and plants growing on top, like magical pink soil. Delete.

So the rice is really fragrant 😀 and the chicken is sweet! The breast was really thick… So when I bite into it it was hard. Like eating non-crispy toasted thick bread that was left out for a few hours. BUT, the breast isn’t dry like many other breasts yo! And the saddest part about the chicken is… it has bones. BONES. I’ve had boneless chicken before so bonefull chicken makes me sad. And the chicken was quite red here and there. I have no idea why the chicken is bloody. Why, you bloody chicken? The soup, can. Bean sprouts, can.

The WORSTESTESTESTESTEST thing happened mid-eating. Maybe not the worstest but it still is, ok? Like in a hawker you wouldn’t think it would happen to you, especially when there’s probably 100 other people there. OF ALL PEOPLE, I KENA. and my mother. I KENA x2.5 ok…

So there’s the tissue paper auntie asking the other people at the table to buy tissue papers. Then suddenly, warm liquidy thing on my leg. Look, some random white something quite unidentifyable at first. OH OF COURSE IT WAS BIRDSHIT. It kena the area above my knee and also the same spot on my mother. Can la bird, why you liddis to me. My bag also kena the shit. Seriously it was a shitty day. Looked up to find the culprit right, no bird leh. Then after a while it appeared and flew away. Bloody hell.

Then continue eating, and then got a crawly crawly thingy on my leg. Shaked my leg thinking it was some stupid fly. OH NO IT WASN’T A FLY IT WAS A BLOODY COCKROACH. The semi baby cockroach. What’s it called? A nymph? Whatever. I not happy.

Zzzzz then went home. Ya awesome right? Ok and before blogging I laosai. Ok. 🙂
And as I’m blogging there’s like people talking really loudly outside. The hell?? It’s 11pm you know?


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