Liese Bubble Hair Color

Bought hair dye today. Spent last night googling for the liese dyes reviews and most of them were positive. And the only negative point I read was its strong ammonia smell?
Got the Ash Brown colour.

It came with a cape! Got it from Watsons at Causeway Point for $19.90 I think.
And the contents of the box:

Yes, I love Glee.

Didn’t take photos of the process because there really isn’t a need to. There be a lot you can find on google and I don’t wish to be another one. Finding reviews yesterday was SO boring. Everyone had the same-ish pictures.
Also, I don’t have before and after pictures with the camera because:
1. it don’t focus properly on my hair, so I can’t release the shutter
2. I don’t even know if there’s MF on the camera
3. there’s so much frizz you wouldn’t notice the colour
4. the before had more colour than the after (wtf)
Point 4 is because I’ve dyed my hair 3 times before and it was an uneven shade of black and brown and orange zzz
After dyeing the colour was well, more even and 1 tone and so looks less colourful. OK.

Posted on Instagram my after hair

Used my phone’s flash like external flash wtf. Otherwise it would be like DID U EVEN DYE UR HAIR?

When I was washing the grey foams off, I was worried because I do not see colour washing off with it like other dyes. Then shampooed and all that then put on the lotion thingy that came in the box after drying my hair with the towel. Then dried my hair… Can see colour!! But not very much.

Smell was tolerable. It was pleasantly smelly. Went to Jurong Point afterwards to watch Breaking Dawn with Angel. What a lame show.

The colour was more obvious when I got home. Love! 🙂
And my hair felt softer and smoother than before 😀


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