Puss in Boots

Spent half the day sleeping…
Then the Angel kept pestering me. To go out. When all I wanna do was sleep and use the computer.

Then I got up and used the computer and ate maggi mee and cream puffs and drink orange juice.
LETTER! I got edusave scholarship šŸ˜€
According to Angel via BBM, I can get money! šŸ˜€
I get money, I happy! šŸ˜€
But I’ve gotta wait till end of year…

Then the Angel once again tell me she’s like bored and bored and bored…
Then she asked me to go watch Puss in Boots with her.
THAT CUTE FURRY KITTY of course I wanna watch!
Went to Jurong Point again to meet Angel again to watch movie again.

Everyone was going awwwwww when baby puss was on the screen!
So much better than that Breaking Dawn.

After the movie we went to eat at Pepper Lunch and as usual I got my chicken pepper rice and drowned it in a pool of sauces.
Then walked around aimlessly and went to fairprice and got this marshmallow santa coated in dark chocolate thing for $1.25 NICEEEEE
Then went into a few shops to ask if they were hiring because Angel wanted a job. No luck.

Went home…
Ya I’m so terrible a blogger. I don’t get why I only blog so late zzzz
Even I am kinda pissed with myself (no-reason-ly)
La la la
My hair still smells bad after washing twice lalalalala
Ok I’m not Elmo and that’s too many la’s for me.


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