Native Union POP Phone

Was attempting my sleep-half-a-day thing again but I failed!! You know why???
Because my mother decided to ask me to get up and meet with Shwen and EAT AT MCDONALD’S.
Initially I wanted to sleep more. Then, she talked about the DOUBLE patty thing.
Like, hello sexy mcgrill.
OF COURSE I GOT UP!!!! Zzzzzzz

Mummy drove to pick Shwen up and got all of us to West Coast Park.
It was raining. I hate rain. Ewww rain.
Mummy shoes spoil in the rain. Both. Damn joke.
Ordered double chicken mcgrill meal without the chargrill sauce.
I love the mcgrill chicken meat so much!!!!!!!! SO YUMMY ONE.
So x2 is basically chicken heaven.

One of the patty, the chicken very fatty.
Ya it is very fat. A thick chunk of lumpiness at the skin. EEEEEEE

Left afterwards. Sent Shwen home.
Went to Pioneer to check the location of the community centre.
And to POSB to change my card!!!! 😀
My card now has my name!!! 😀
Because it is my name!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (act like a John Proctor)
Then went home.

Wanted the moshi moshi handset ever since I got to know of it. Like early this year.
Finally, got it!! Cos my aunt is in Hong Kong 😀

Here’s the website to buy it online if you want! 😀

David Turpin, thank you for designing such a random thing that I like.

And quite tragically the button doesn’t work with my phone 😦
But it’s ok… Kiapping the handset between the ear and shoulder is so much more comfortable!
And the other sad thing is I don’t receive/make many calls because texting is so much better…
But I love it. But if it looked like a banana, much more awesome.

Awesome right? I’m blogging not at 11pm!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀
But it still sucks. I began googling about random things before blogging.
How lazy…

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