DVDs at M’s

Blogging from my phone again!! Because I’m out ๐Ÿ™‚

This morning I got up at 8.43am then prepared and left for West Coast Plaza. As usual I’m early and everyone else is late!

When Marissa and Angel arrived we spent a lot of time picking rental DVDs. Because many romcoms Angel and I have watched. We picked The Roommate (picked by Angel), Flipped (picked by me), and some Korean show (picked by Marissa, quite obviously).

Went back to Marissa’s place and watched this owl show in 3D while we waited for Nargis to come. 3D!!!!!! Graphics, awesome. Then Nargis reached after a while and then we watched the DVDs in that sequence mentioned.

The Roommate was good. I pitied Rebecca a lot. It was such a sad show. Cos she siao and had no friends and then Sara was finally a friend so she didn’t want to lose her and so was over protective and DIE. Ok, that is my interpretation of the movie so if it is wrong then… ok! I don’t do very well for literature ok!!!!

Flipped, in my opinion, was better! ๐Ÿ™‚ Because it was simple and rather moving, especially the part involving trees (sorry I’m weird but ok), and yea it is nice. Aiya I like la. And the different thoughts they had were funny because of the way they described it. And the uncle was so cute!!! But it was sad at the same time. WATCH IT!

Then the Korean show, erm I wasn’t quite paying attention to it. Quite funny… but a little exaggerated. And the cute boy looks like a little lamb!!!!!!! Then halfway through the movie, I went down with Angel to get some agar agar and she got mac & cheese. Went back to watch it and not understanding what was before me because I missed a chunk of it.

Ummm then we watched Spongebob Squarepants while Marissa packed up. Then we left, returned the DVDs, and then ya.

Put money into my ez-link card then went to find Marissa, who die die wanted to get bubble tea.
Bubble tea is overrated. I don’t find it very nice. But then again, I’m weird so my opinion don’t count.
She got 2! For herself!! Cos there’s this 1-for-1 promotion. Zzzzzzz meh.

On the bus home now with Marissa.
She’s going to staying over at her cousins’ house.
So I’m blogging. Because I have nothing to do on the bus and ya la why not blog?????
I love you, phone

And mega plus point: it doesn’t drain my battery a lot (I think) ๐Ÿ˜€
And with the awesome keypad, it is so easy to blog!

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