New York New York

So I didn’t blog yesterday because I could summarise my day in a sentence. Let me try.
“Today, all I did was sleep, eat, use phone, use ipod, use computer, eat, watch movies, bathe, skype, play maple, and sleep again.” See?
Ya I play maplestory. It isn’t lame. I leveled up ^_^ after about a year of hiatus cos of school. After blogging I will go train more.

Today I woke up before my alarm set at 9.43am!! And I didn’t feel sleepy at all!!
But because I am a me, of course I continued to sleep…
Then the alarm woke me and I felt sleepy zzz… Then I read tweets and used instagram.
Then got up, read emails and stuff then yes, play maple.
Today I tried the pvp thing and I lost cos I am level 72 now 😦 Later I will be 73 ok…

Then went to Jurong Point.
Walked around.
Had dinner at New York New York because I felt like eating chicken and drinking their root beer float.

Root beer float!
If you ever dine here, get this. Cos it is huge. And reminds you of A&W. Really, A&W gotta open in Singapore again.

Roasted mushroom cappucinno soup
What made me order this is its name. Cos I have no idea what a cappucinno is doing under the soup category.
It is vurry nice la. Cream of mushroom.
Ya I hope it is called cappucinno because it is served in a cup and not cos there’s like coffee inside. Cos I didn’t taste any coffeey thing.

Hawaii teriyaki chicken chop
Waaaaaaaaaa super yum this one!!
But the salad is mother sour. And for a person who enjoys eating lemons to call this sour, it is sour.

The wedges are nice!! They were very potatoey on the inside and very crispy on the outside. Hen hao!
And the pineapple is sweet and hen hao. Reminds me of the roasted pineapples at Carnivore Brazilian Churrascaria.
The chicken so nice!!!! So niceeeee!!!! Sooooooooooo niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!
Plus the gravy together you eat can go heaven. I remained on earth to blog about it.
Ok la maybe because I’m a chicken-crazy person you hear me say that about chicken.
But really la, if you like chicken, just eat it and cry.

Yes, so went home…
Ok bye I wanna play maple!


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