Grossly girly nails

New nails today!

Nubar 2010 over OPI Sparrow Me The Drama

Without flash

With flash

I find it awesome because the flakes are lilac and at some angles they’re coral. And when facing my laptop’s screen they’re a light green!
The first time I used Nubar 2010 I applied it over OPI Black Onyx and it looks like this:

(Photo from
The flakes show quite a different colour.
I couldn’t find my own picture online 😦
It is in my phone and the quality sucks and I can’t be arsed to transfer it to the computer.

What I don’t like about my nails now is that it looks mega princessy and it makes me feel like a drag.
And I realise I have this pink in quite a similar shade from Etude House.
I prefer For Audrey to this!!! 😦

Now I think the title of this post is weird.
Because painted nails are already girly.
And… I described it as gross. And… I love having my nails painted.
So I’m like a self-hating girl. OMG!

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