The Soup Spoon & jap class

Today’s post will be quite boring. But I’m forcing you to read it. ūüėÄ

Did my usual get up get out routine (you should know by now if you are my lonely blog’s #1 fan, Casia)(yes I’m my own reader :'() Zzzzz
Saw today’s issue of The New Paper on my desk. There was a label reading “brought to you by Nanyang, Ngee¬†Ann, Republic, Singapore and Temasek Polytechnics”.
Everyone should know Singapore only has that five polytechnics and they could have saved some ink by printing “from 5 polys in SG”. Saves LOTS of ink.

So I alighted at Somerset MRT station and walked around that stretch all the way to Ion, not knowing what to have for lunch. Honestly, The House of Robert Timms was on my mind even before today, but fearing this post would be like ohhhh yummy this ohhhh yummy that, just like the previous post, I resisted.

I then decided to eat at The Soup Spoon because I have only ever ate there once.
I remember liking the soup I didn’t order then, so I did now.

Tokyo Chicken Stew + Herbed Chicken Caesar sandwich + Iced Lemon Tea
It was so disappointing! Perhaps it was my wanting it to please me as much as the meal at RT’s, but really, I ate it all sadly.
The soup is so meh T_T I thought it was really nice that time I took a few spoonfuls from someone T_T I was deceived!!!! T_T
But it was ok la, it wasn’t as nice as I remembered but it wasn’t SO bad.
The bread that came with it was so unforgivably hard. It was a different bread than the one I had before!! Lagi cheated.

The sandwich… The bread is equally unforgivably hard.
The chicken is breast meat. Breast meat. Really? I think breast meat are made for absorbing all forms of moisture you have in your entire body so much so you are left with a nicely packaged packet of dried human without preservatives. Jk wtf. But really, so dry.
Ok la other than the dry as hell chicken and hard as hell bread, it was fine. (I feel like a pro-vege person)
I asked for no dressing on my sandwich though, so I might as well call it a Herbed Chicken Casia sandwich. Casia dressing is air a.k.a. nothingness a.k.a. not really nothingness a.k.a. air.
If you’ve ever had meals with me you would know I eat like a monster and always leave the plate so empty, it looks new. I just exaggerated. But it’s close enough.
But because they had this little hill of what vegetables which I suspect has dressing in it, I didn’t eat them.
I took a fork and brushed against a leaf and tasted it. Sour. WTF. So the plate wasn’t emptied today.
The iced lemon tea was erm too sweet. Even for me. And got that DIE TONGUE DIE feeling. Ate the puny slice of lemon and had a lemon face for a few long seconds wtf.

Then I went to Marks & Spencer looking for something to buy. I really don’t know why zzzzzz
I got this little fan for $11 ūüôā

It’s really cool! (not really) It can turn turn! To adjust to a whatever angle you want and erm¬†can put on table or hold in your hand. So cool!!!!!!!!!! COOL because it is a fan! Hahahahahaha nonsense pun

Went to Isetan supermarket to buy water because today I forgot to bring water out ūüė¶
Bought this Fiji water thing. When I drank it I was like happy! It was refreshing one (maybe because it was chilled).
Then it reminded me of something Don did LOLOLOLOLOL (not disclosing)

Went to the sitty¬†place and the buskers were there again!! ūüėÄ
I was trying to add venue on foursquare but it failed me and freezed the screen several times.
I’ll try again the next time I go to the sitty place.
Seriously ah, I want sitty place to be mine! So none of you should create it.

Suddenly there wasn’t any music for a long time. Then I saw it was a woman talking to them! So they weren’t playing anything! ūüė¶
I only had time for a song and she did that to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So I left for Delfi la.

Went to toilet then to class. I hate the chair I sat on. The same chair I sat on on the 2nd lesson. The chair I sat on on the 1st lesson was nice. THE CHAIR I SAT ON CANNOT UP DOWN UP DOWN and the cushion is pian pian one. Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan why you gotta gimme a pancake chair huh?

Class was ok because I’ve read the textbook beforehand and tried to understand it and did. So yay!! ūüôā
I got shukudai again. Every lesson shukudai shukudai. Zzzzzzz
Oh and today’s class was taken by Ms Nakaya¬†again ūüėÄ but the next would be Ms Namba.
So from this pattern, my last lesson would be taken by Ms Nakaya so I’m happy ūüėÄ

Erm after class I went home duh.
Almost waited for the wrong train… ūüė¶ Then on EW line I had to stand and was quite tired already la.
So at Jurong East station, when people got up of course I snagged the one closest to me, which happens to be a reserved seat. But I wanted to sit even if it was for 3 more stops.

Then comes the horror! I was reading a magazine and beside me sat this man who was listening to some Tamil song (I guess) while sleeping. And he was swaying and swaying side to side and jerking back into position when he got too far. Then he suddenly leaned to my side OMFG!!!!!!! Then I totally siam until super paiseh wtf. Then erm he jerked back while I whispered a F into the pages of my magazine. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz MRT horror.

Erm so I went home, had dinner, went up to finish reading my magazine and then bathed and am blogging.
Ya. I hope you find this post really boring!! Cos I myself find it really boring.
BORING!!!!!!!!!! ūüôā
Ok I shall do my shukudai shukudai now.


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