4 Fingers Crispy Chicken & nudie crushies

Today I went to Orchard to meet Racheal since she was free and I was free and we share a love for chicken.
On the train there I tried to read a book with music in my ears but I managed to only read about 3 pages the whole ride. I don’t know if it was the ultra noisy small crowds in the car or the lyrics in the songs.
When I reached there, I went to sit at the stairs to continue reading the book.
There was this part of the book I find extremely entertaining. It was about a bald spot on this woman’s head and her husband stared at it and then questioned about its coming to existence and they argued.
Then I stopped reading because Racheal reached.

I happen to have this random $2 off voucher for the bonchon chicken but it can only be utilised between 2.30pm to 5.30pm. But we were there at approximately 12.
We don’t know why we wanted $2 off our food but we just waited for the time to pass. Zzzzz

We first went to Three Sixty Marketplace to find ourselves some beverages.
It was tough for me to pick my drink because cute packaging always shout “buy me!” and it was not at all easy for me to decide. There was 2 different brands (cute packaging) standing side by side and I had to choose OMG T_T

Cranberry, raspberry & more nudie crushie (sorry I drank before I took a picture)
I love the shape of the bottle so much!!!! The circumference of the cap and the bottle is almost identical it is awesome!
So I picked this flavour because it says “cranberry, raspberry & more” and I like raspberries and I don’t mind cranberries. I, however, took the “& more” rather lightly.
When I took a gulp of the fruit juice I tasted BANANA. Then I searched the label and I couldn’t find the list of ingredients but when Racheal did, oh there it is!
They had apple, raspberry, banana, orange, cranberry in it. Zzzzz I could only taste banana with a hint of raspberry and nothing else.
It was yummy!!! But only if you love fruits can you truly find it tasty. Drinking it made me feel like some sort of health guru for a moment but naahhhhhh I’m gonna have fried chicken later.
I would buy more next time I see it and in another flavour surely as they had quite a few.

We then went to Takashimaya to find Janice because we had time to spare. Tragically, she wasn’t working today (we think). Racheal was already hungry then. She is like the only person I know who have as big a stomach capacity as I do.
We each bought a cream puff from Beard Papa Sweets and walked around looking at food to kill time. Then Racheal wanted to eat sausage. Then she got herself a black pepper. Then we slowly walked to Ion after walking into Candylicious and listening to weird songs.

We, of course, reached 4 Fingers Crispy Chicken very punctually and ordered the 12 pcs soy garlic.

I think most people love chicken skin on any unskinned chicken and the chicken’s skin on the wings and drummetes we had were generously coated with marinade even your taste buds kiss you for the pampering. So yum and not too oily. Happy!
I ate with a fork by the way. Nowadays I just don’t enjoy having my hands non-clean.
Oh and the fries!! The friesssssssssssssssss πŸ˜€
Yummy as always! But the spices do love to snuggle in the gaps or no-gaps in your teeth.
I remember trying the burger there previously and loved it as well!
Ahhhhhh I feel like having more chicken!!!

Afterwards we went to the toilet to clean our teeth and I had a stubborn green spice in my teeth which refused to get out. 😦
We then left for Bugis. Our intentions of going there is to find Linda. We got to the shop where she worked at only to find her nowhere in sight. Zzzz
We contacted her and all she tells us is Bugis Street!!! Bugis Street!! and nothing else. She appeared to be reluctant to let us know of her location. On the phone I heard her say she was at a pen shop. I was wondering the whole time where in Bugis Street is a pen shop. Then she texted us saying it was on level 2. She just die die don’t want tell us what shop T_T
Then we walked around trying to find her then we saw Kay Kay, Xiaxue, Yutaki and Qiu Qiu.

Then I was like ultra thirsty and we gave up the search and went to Cold Storage to find drinks.

Strawberry, banana & more nudie crushie!
This time I could taste strawberry and banana.
Both times I took my first mouthful they gave me a funny feeling. It has that stereotyped healthy pushed into your face…. But I enjoy it T_T I love fruits omg T_T
Both drinks had apple and orange but I can’t even taste them whyyyyyyyyyyy

Erm then we went to The Soup Spoon because she was feeling hungry even though we ate not long ago. She got herself the mushroom soup which we both find too thick lol. She left half of it uneaten.
Then we went to find Linda and talked to her for like 5 minutes or so then we left. Oh, and what I thought was ‘pen shop’ was actually ‘pants shop’. Zzzzzzzzz
Took the MRT home and had seats.

At Jurong Point I went to John Little and looked at many things, even toys…. then I left empty-handed lol!!!!
Then to Harvey Norman where I got myself a new portable charger!

Energizer Energi To Go XP2001 for bloody $49.90 wtf
It looks ok to me but if anything sucks I will talk about it in my posts, as I’ve yet to use it. I hope it doesn’t suck, of course.
Good point would be that it has 4 tips with it. I could identify the mini usb, micro usb, apple thing, and this thin stick which I think is for Nokia?

It can only be recharged via mini usb 😦 sian

Ermmm yea that’s about it… (what kind of ending)
Ok bye πŸ˜€ It’s Friday Friday gotta get down on Friday


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