Chicken pasta salad & sparkly nails for Christmas

Got up at noon today and went down for breakfast after washing up.
Yesterday when I was blogging I kept thinking of chicken pasta salad…
And then after blogging, I saw on instagram a photo of salad which made me want it even more!!
So here is my breakfast/lunch

What’s inside:
– Penne
– Chicken breast
– Lettuce
– Cherry tomatoes
– Corn
– Enoki mushrooms
– Hard boiled egg
– Carrots
– Salt & pepper

Yes, it has no dressing 😀 cos I don’t like dressing
I put a little too much salt 😦
And I don’t know what was missing!! It tasted so weird!!!
Perhaps I should have put some olive oil? I don’t know…

I removed my grossly girly nails after eating.

Two coats of China Glaze Tinsel Town between base coat and top coat.
(There’s mini bokeh on my thumb!!! :D)
Quite tricky to apply because it dries rather quickly zzzz

I bought a bottle of Seche Vite last week and noticed that it says this when I got home

Birth defects or other reproductive harm wtf
And because I don’t want an avatar baby in the future, I didn’t use it today.
I may use it next time if there’s any bitchy nail polish which won’t dry.


One thought on “Chicken pasta salad & sparkly nails for Christmas

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