Tampopo Deli & Maison Kayser

Had jap class today. Planned to go out with Joe.
I reached Somerset MRT station and… JOE IS STILL HOME OMG.
Then he instructed me to wait at the bus stop and board bus 123 when it comes. The bus arrived in about 20 minutes…
I’m like the only human being who doesn’t reside near town!! 😦 It is complete unfairness 😦 How sorrowful!

The bus took us to Liang Court and we first went to Books Kinokuniya because he wanted to buy this e-mook thing.
I picked out one which he liked and never saw and wanted but had no money and will go back tomorrow to get it. And we hid it since it was the only one we saw. So auntie one!! 😀

Then we went to Tampopo Deli. Reminded me of the meh ramen I had at Tampopo. Their cakes and pastries looked appetising but they may be just like their ramen cousin, pretty only.

Strawberry Shortcake!!!!!!!!!! <333333
How do I describe it? The cream was sweet and had a nice texture, I don’t know why T_T It is not too soft but it is soft. So it cancels out and I don’t know what I just said T_T
Humongous slices of strawberries in the cream layer! Maybe not. I only remember one humongous one and other smaller ones. But it is forgivable because the slice of cake wasn’t so large.
The cake!!! The cake!!!!! Yummy!!!!!! Happy butter! 😀

Then I was about to dispose of the plate then I asked Joe to open the door of the garbage point. WTF he put his whole feet, together with shoe, to open the door and took it out while I was throwing the rubbish halfway. I would never ever dirty my shoe to open a garbage point door please!!!!

Then we took bus 143 back to Orchard. We went to Scotts Square because this Francophile insists on getting some bread from Maison Kayser. I can never imagine how anyone without arms can ever order French food without knowing how to speak French. The very first time I had a croissant at Delifrance, I was looking at the label reading “butter croissant” and listening to how it was pronounced. NOPE WRONG. 😦

Croissant praline
The Joe, for I-don’t-know-what reason, did not get the food on a plate. I ate my food non-warm. Sad face.
But it was gooooooood!! First bite I thought of nutella. Don’t ask me why cos I don’t know. The croissant is pillowy (soft and fluffy wtf) but it was cold and I was so upset T_T that the set went so high up I couldn’t see it anymore.
The praline was smooth and sad because I had it cold. But it is really nice la don’t know how to describe. Next week I shall eat it again WARM PREFERABLY.

Bressane sucre
I ate this after my class and it was miserably further flattened in my bag. It was already 2 prata thickness when I got it but when I ate it, it was 1 prata thickness!! So sad right!! 😦
Also, cold. Erm but it was like quite sweet ah I like, and the sugar, lagi sweet so I lagi like. Can.
It is like those common sugar bread you can find in any bakery but with a different shape and reduced fluffiness and bigger chunks of sugar.

Joe wanted to get rid of his many coins and wanted to get another item. Then I went into FairPrice to look for a nudie crushie but nooooooooo looks like only Cold Storage has it.
Then I went in the second time cos he was taking super long.
Then he vanished la then I went to the toilet and then went up and out because phone had no coverage wtf.
Then HE IS AT WHEELOCK. Magician or what?
Then I went to class cos it was starting soon.

For today’s class, we had to read the time shown by the hands of a clock printed on flashcards in Japanese…
Then when they start to have minutes in it, I found myself not being able to read the time wtf!!!!
And then we did origami!! I made a crane then Ms Namba gave me another folding instruction.
After a long time I managed to figure out what in the world step 8 was and I finished folding it.
Only to realise I have no idea what it is. Then Ms Namba told me it is something and I couldn’t understand her, therefore I said it was a something.

Yea then I went home. It was raining when I got home and I had to walk under the rain for 3 minutes 😦
Oh I have homework!!!!!!!!!! Should I do it when I wake up or after this post? 😦
And when I get up I’m gonna paint my nails another colour (xmas!!!) because my pink one is now horribly chipped.


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