Wee Nam Kee Hainanese Chicken Rice & Big Sushi Roll Maker

Today I went to popo house.
I ate the um… Idk how to spell it… chin chon fun wtf…..
I forgot to take a picture of it!!!! I have eaten it many times before and it’s always so nice!!
Next time I will take picture ok!! 😀
Is tapao from Marsiling one

So afterwards I went to Orchard with mummy.
She went to do some facial or something so I went to The Centrepoint.
I spent a super long time in Robinsons picking out 2 nail polish omg… And a nail polish remover.
I posted a photo of it on Instagram 🙂 If you want to see it, please click on the Instagram icon on the sidebar
There seems to be a sale or something because I got 20% off the receipt!

Then as I exited, I saw at the atrium there were toys on sale.
I’m a kid, I like toys. So I took a look and what immediately caught my eyes was this sushi maker!!
Saw it on Strapya World before but it was crazy expensive!!
But guess what?? I got mine at $20!!!!!!!!! It used to be $40+ according to its tag.
Was wondering if I should get it then I asked on Twitter and Gillian told me to get it so I did!
Photo of it at the later part of the post ok

Then mummy was done with whatever she was doing and we left for Novena for super early dinner!
Wee Nam Kee Chicken Rice!!!!

I got the roasted chicken rice!
It looks appetising (messy actually)!! The chicken is just so shiny! And the rice has a whole different colour you will feel it will be a tasty chicken rice already!
So I first tasted the rice

Ooooo dayum! So fragrant and tasty ^_^ Much more flavourful than Tian Tian’s.

(Why does the chicken look raped? :()
The chicken was also delicious!! It was very tender and had a great eaty texture. By that I mean it gives you happiness when it is clamped between your teeth. Yeaa
But the sauce was a little too salty but I guess it is acceptable because the kiamer anything is, the nicer it is right? Just don’t take a whole spoonful of the sauce and drink it, like I did, and everything will be fine.
Looking at the picture makes me hungry again! 😦
The lime juice was nice but it was so sour I didn’t drink the last quarter of it.

Overall I liked it better than Tian Tian’s not only because it tastes better, but also because I didn’t have any bird taking a dump on my knee or a cockroach thinking my leg was a wall.

Went home when we finished our meal. When I got home I kept my nail polishes then opened the sushi maker!!

The Japanese are geniuses!
I read the whole instruction sheet and still can’t quite understand how it works!! Maybe after using it I may?

Are you hungry yet? I am!!

Look at the recipes!!!! They’re crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
But honestly I have no idea how I’m gonna get hold of COLOURED rice.
On the instruction sheet I read “cherry blossom shredded fish rice” for the pink coloured rice. Magical substance unavailable in Singapore.
And the most absolutely kawaii shit I found in the whole box is THIS!

A freaking EASEL for the recipes!! Mon dieu~ (learnt from Joe)

I can’t wait to make sushi!! But getting ingredients is such a bitch and I don’t allow myself to enter the kitchen so everything is difficult 😦
I’ll post when I make sushi!
Zzzz I post about everything I do anyway…

Aahhh I love chicken


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