The House of Robert Timms

Went to Orchard to meet Joe and as expected, he was still home when I reached!!!!
So I went to hmv and got myself a gift ๐Ÿ˜€

Only quite recently (last quarter of 2011) I discovered the beauty of Queen.
Honestly, no one ever told me how amazingly talented they were!! NOBODY!
Of course I knew of their ever famous stadium anthems but I didn’t know about their chart-toppers like Bohemian Rhapsody…
I was listening to Mika on YouTube and saw a comment on how he is trying to be like Freddie. And something something Queen.
(I sort of enjoy listening to guys sing in extremely high pitch (Mika, Scissor Sisters, Straight No Chaser, Queen…))
So I looked them up and erm played a random music video and holy cow they were great!!!!!!!!

But very unfortunately Freddie died… before I was even born if I’m not wrong… -_-

So Joe reached and then we wanted to go for lunch but it was raining and we had to wait for the rain to erm go on diet (not be so heavy wtf)…
Then it did miraculously and we went to The House of Robert Timms.
It was his suggestion to eat there. And that outlet. Because he detest walking??

The scoop of his tee was even bigger than mine omg really!! Zzzzzz
So he ordered an eggs benedict and some frappe.

I got these for myself

Breakfast down under
I was really disappointed with my food, especially when I had so much expectations because of the meal I had at the other outlet.
The eggs were weird to me and Joe tasted it and told me it was butter…. ok.
I prefered the plain plain super plain egg in my previous RT meal.
Bacon, … I gave them to Joe… I’m possibly the only human who don’t really like bacon…. Too crispy T_T
My tomato was super bitchy!! Looked good and all but inside, it was partially GREEN. wtf!!
My cucumbers were cursed. The first piece was bitter. Most bitter slice of cucumber I’ve ever had. The other two were beyond weird…
The bread was good (finally!!!). Not easy to describe bread with butter and jam on top. And egg. It was breadily tasty!
Sausage and baked beans and lettuce were fine but only the baked beans seem to be of same quality as the better meal.
Overall unhappy with my lunch. The staff were more friendly and attentive though.

And my caffe latte!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MON DIEU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Latte art is somehow very attractive to me hahahahahahaha
It’s PEDOBEAR!!! According to Joe of course… I would never assume the bear on my coffee is a pedophile.
A pack of white sugar I added… which turned out to be a little too sweet -.- whyyyyy
It was nice. I also don’t know how to describe coffee -____________-
Hmmmmm I’ll never be a food critic. It is certain.

Went to Takashimaya after post-meal chat and once again, Janice is not there!!! She was at Raffles or something and I know that cos Joe sabobobobobo.
Then went to Isetan because he said Cong Le was working there and then he went into the supermarket -_-
He is vurry bitchy. Then I left for class and he went towards Pepper Lunch and I forgot what he said.
Never mind…..

Ms Nakaya was teaching today!!!!! ๐Ÿ˜€
My chair was very noisy!!!! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Squeaked and squeaked… Chair with identity crisis.
Had to learn the days and it was so rap!! I cannot!!!
Correct or not, I don’t know.

Then after class I went home and played the disc a few times and I will again in the afternoon.
I have homework!!!!!!!! Always don’t do until the day before. Lazy teen pattern hahahahahaha

Oh so before I blogged I was desperately trying to embed my Instagram feed into the text/html widget but I failed terribly because it used a tag which is not allowed in wordpress…
On Twitter, @WPForce tried to help at first but then realised I wanted to put ads and use a forbidden tag…
So much restrictions!!!!!! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

So that is actually the excuse for my blogging so much later than usual. But really I also spent an hour reading WFT which I don’t think is better than 9gag.comย hahhahhahaha


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