Merry Christmas!

☃❄❅❆ JK it doesn’t snow in Singapore…

So today I went to popo house to celebrate Christmas!
But there were no plans for gift exchange…
But that’s good because I’m broke 😛

Got a gift from Connie though! It’s a diary~~
Well, according to what it says on the cover that is… It’s an organiser to me!
Gonna use it next year!!!
This year has gone by so quickly 😦 but that’s good cos this year kind of sucks…

We have

Amputated turkey

Half missing ham and

a log cake!
LOLOOLOLOL My cousins and I ate ham like monsters 😀

This year’s Christmas was weird I don’t know why………..
I said 2011 sucks already right?
Studied like crazy in the wrong semester of school, took my o levels, had a weird Christmas, lost a lot of money, etc.

Watched One Day with Shwen…
Actually I was watching it by myself while using her as a pillow…
Only watched half of it then went home and continued watching it.
I DIDN’T CRY WHEN SHE DIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This could be the first movie whereby someone dies and I didn’t cry!!

And this was yesterday’s dinner 😀

Love the chicken so so much!

Oh ya and today I painstakingly removed my glitter bomb on my nails.
If you’ve been dying to see my bare nails it’s up on Instagram 😦
They’re all short too.

Can someone recommend me some shows to watch? T_T


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