Coffee Club & Narnia

Hey everyone!! Today I went to Singapore with my friends, Marissa and Nargis!!
The plan at first was to have a picnic us 3 with Joe and Angel. Then Joe couldn’t go. Then we planned to go to a clubhouse. And suddenly, Nargis couldn’t go! Then can again!!!! Then this morning, Angel said she didn’t want to go out cos her phone wasn’t functioning well. Zzzz then Marissa suggests we go to TWG at Marina Bay Sands.

We were to meet at 10am at Clementi Mall and I reached at 10 sharp…
Marissa came around 11am -________-
Nargis came at around 12nn -_____________________-
I could’ve slept an hour more lorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Then we took the train to City Hall and alighted.
At Clementi MRT station, Marissa said “Sophia’s sister!!” then I looked, but I cannot recognise her hahahaha wtf
Being tourists, we did not know how to get to The ArtScience Museum and we walked a huge round before MBS was in sight zzz…

Singapore postcard photo without editting
Eh siao who want use this photo for postcard credit me ok 😀
Zzzzz so ambitious one me

So we walked towards the museum la

Look at the Nargis and Marissa! Walk so far apart like breaking up liddat….
Went in and saw there wasn’t anything super nice… I kept thinking of Van Gogh but they only had Cartier and Titanic zzzzzzz
Then we just kept walking and walking…
I think we walked the whole CBD already!

WE FOUND NARNIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! O.O

Marissa and Nargis entered but it was too cold and three polar bears were running towards them!!
Then I

and rescued them…

JK… Quite obviously…
If you believed the nonsense I churned out, ermmmm let’s be friends 😀

Then we kept walking and walking trying to find lunch but we don’t know where to eat at!!!!!
There’s probably a thousand places we could find food -_______________-
But we walked and walked until there were the tv grass.
The patch of grass outside one of Raffles Place MRT station’s exits that I always see on tv but never physically…. ya…

Then we finally found a place!!!

Coffee Club!
WTF flipping through the menu I saw PORK and ALCOHOL and I’m like this place isn’t halal………………
But they still ate there…

Skipper’s Delight Penne
Really yummy!!
It’s this some fish fillet with garlic, lemon and rosemary if I’m not wrong, and penne in some lobster sauce thing or something.
Normally when I eat pasta I’ll only choose one that’s tomato based because I don’t fancy cream…
And I always choose chicken because I love chicken.
I seldom eat fish because of bones and scales and all that but I do love soft fluffy boneless fish wtf…

So this is something new x2
Pasta wasn’t cooked al dente though…
The fish is super yums!! The amount of spices atop already made me happy…
I find spices interesting because… it is cool -_____- sorry..
Ok la so the fish is like super soft and tasty and ya LOL I love my description!!!!
Each spoonful I had a little square of fish with one or two penne with the sauce.

After that I got myself a slice of cake

Strawberry Fields
Seriously I think this is super old and unfresh!!
Just look at the colour of the strawberry on top!! BLACK and a little bit of red.
But is ok la although I prefer Tampopo Deli’s strawberry shortcake so much more .
In the background you can see Marissa’s Mango Munch.
It was really pretty and it tasted good but I liked my old and unfresh cake better because I wanted sponge a lot then T_T

Then we walked some more (honestly, this whole post is about walking) and kept walking and walking because we didn’t know where to go *lost tourists*

We three are Singaporeans.


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