Dôme Café

Okrrrrr hello!
Today I woke up at 8.43am but I was quite tired so I thought I should snooze for 5 minutes.
So confidently I laid on the bed but when I got up, 9.28am
I AM MAGICIAN PLEASE!!!!! -______-

But awesomely I always have extra time to do things at my own pace no matter how slow.
I could snooze for another hour if I wanted to 🙂
Then I washed up and got out of the house and to Orchard!
I shopped around and bought some shirts.
I keep buying shirts!!! When I need pants more! 😦

It was 1pm when I was done shopping, an hour later than usual…
Then I went to Paragon trying to find lunch but every restaurant seems to have a queue of minimum 5 people T_T
So I walked to Shaw Centre…
Wanted to eat at the Japanese restaurant I ate at with Marissa and Yumiko once.
But there was another Japanese restaurant so I don’t know which one is the right one…

So I walked to Dôme Café and took a look at their menu.
Then I was like HELL YEAH CHEEGIN!
“Table for 1”

Iced mocha with gelato?
Nice 🙂 The ice-cream was sweet which contrasts with the bitter mocha. Ok!
They label themselves the world’s finest coffees so it is a bit wrong to not buy something coffee so I did la!

Then I waited and waited for my food to come!!!!!
I had very little time left and if you follow me on Twitter you should have seen this whole chunk of tweets begging for the food to come and what happened and all…
I had about 20 minutes to eat and was thoroughly freaking out!

Grilled black pepper chicken!!
The bloody salad had mayonnaise on it!!!! I don’t remember seeing any in the picture in the menu!! CHEATER!!!!
Had to eat my chicken and chips like I haven’t eaten chicken in a decade wtf
Because I was soooooooooooooo afraid of arriving late for class.
I would love to enjoy the damn thing cos in that 12 minutes I swallowed everything, it was good T_T

They had this surprise mushroom disguised as a burnt round chicken but noooooo it’s a mushroom 🙂
Then they had chips! Usually what we get are fries so I guess this is a great alternative. Whether soaked in gravy or not, tasted good!
But the sad thing about chips is you can’t use a fork and poke it cos it would shatter into a billion pieces of yellow potatoness.
The chicken was yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaman! So juicy ^_^ so tender ^_^ MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM
And the black pepper gravy was awesome 😀
My lips were burning and black pepper is perhaps the only spicy item I accept. And happily.

I left so quickly after paying $25.65 for all that and I walked to Delfi like I have diarrhoea and needed to explode liddat…
But I went there and was quite early so I went to pee and then went to class.
Hello I’m like one of the very few earliest students okrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
Teacher taught so much today -____- I got homework -______- I haven’t do -_______-
Then I went home la….

Since it is past 12 already, later I’m going out with my friends 😀
Heppyness yo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I really don’t like “Table for 1” cos it makes me feel like a friendless loser.

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