Edusave Scholarship & failed glitter gradient nails

Woke up 12 minutes later than Rebecca Black today but I’m excused because it’s not Friday!!!
Went to Nanyang Community Club but we were instructed to return at 8.30am.

Had breakfast at NTI Food Court.

Egg prata and plain prata.
SUCKS PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ate the egg one first. Was cold. And soggy.
Was hoping for the other to be better.
Wtf it was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HARD (cold as well) it felt like biting into a rock cracker.

And before that, I accidentally knocked my phone on the underside of the table.
Some gross lumpy jelly shit was smeared all over the corner of my screen and I was disgusted as hell.
Wiped it away with a tissue paper and then some hand sanitizer. Wtf……

Then I went back to the hall and found my seat.
The people talk, talk, talk but it wasn’t lengthy thankfully.

Got my certificate and

a $400 cheque
My first cheque. Have no idea how to use it. Can’t understand cheques.

Got home at 9.30am
Usually at that time I would be waking up ready to go back to sleep.
So I started painting my nails.
While waiting for the layers to dry I did some online window shopping.
Then I found a nice bag but it was a guy bag. Zzzzz

Tried to do some glitter gradient but in my opinion I failed terribly…
But considering it is my first try I didn’t rage.
Base coat, 2 coats of OPI Get in The Expresso Lane, lots and lots of coats of INM Northern Lights Holographic Top Coat “Gold” and top coat.

Without flash

With flash

Was trying to apply the glitter only on 2/3 of my nail and tried to concentrate at the tip.
It dries really fast! And the most queer observation is that it turned white -______-
I first thought it dries matte… but in the middle on my nail it wasn’t white
It was really cold upon application so I was thinking it froze -____-
After applying top coat it wasn’t white anymore so yay 🙂

Used Seche Vite today.
It was really smelly and I was convinced it is capable of causing birth defects.

This was lunch.
And I tried out the 6:6 image aspect on my Olympus Pen…
I love Instagram 🙂

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