Sun with Moon Japanese Dining & Cafe 2

OMG I didn’t blog a New Year’s post!!!
So… HAPPY BELATED NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Started my year with a dinner of unhealthy:

The damned burger had the chargrill sauce inside. Full of yuck.

Then on Monday…
I was addicted to ForestVille, Japan Life and CityVille on my iPod and spent the whole day playing -_____-
And I chanced upon this bag and fell in love quite insantly!
I thought all the colours were crappy but I don’t know why I wanted it so badly -_-
And fate was nice, SOLD OUT online.
So I decided to look in stores for it today because I’ll be having my last lesson.

Today I went to the outlet at 313 and holy mama there it is!! Sold out? Bullshit 😀
One of them was a different colour and it looked best amongst all. So I got it.
Colour’s camel. But it looks like the tan one at the site but its straps are dark brown in colour.
That’s $66.90 poorer.

Waited for Racheal to come!!!!!!!!!!
And 😀 we shopped around…
Then we went to Sun with Moon Japanese Dining & Cafe again.
She reads my blog!!!!!! Super touched <33333
Told her it was nice. And I had vouchers.
We ordered the same thing. And the same thing was also the same thing I had previously.
It is now confirmed I’m afraid of change.
She ordered salmon sushi in addition.

Nabeyaki Udon & Inari Sushi
One look, WTF.
Look how messy my nabeyaki is. Look wtf they replaced my mysterious gravy chicken with. Where is my wasabi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??? (though I don’t eat it)
Super bravely I tried the new mysterious nonsense

I presume it is fish and seaweed and unidentified vegetable and sesame seeds drowned in some sauce.
I eat. Yuck please.
Firstly, super salty. Secondly, yuck. Thirdly, where is my chicken? Fourthly, yuck. Lastly, fish, yuck.
Racheal didn’t even eat hers!!! So lucky!!

I ate one, and thought it tasted bad. Nothing like the former inari sushi.
I ate the other, HOLY SHIT!!!! It was worse than bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You wanna know why???
Why the chef so gehkiang put SURPRISE GINGER in my sushi?!?!?!?!?!
Bloody hell.
The chawanmushi tasted meh-er than the previous one.

Really messy.
At least this was the only item that tasted good.
As nice as my first.
So we guessed they had a different chef today…
So if you ever wanna eat there please prepare yourself for rather extreme inconsistency.
Or like Racheal said, don’t order the same thing for the second visit cos it will suck.
But then I think it is just disturbing me.
Cos I say this food nice, bring people to eat the food, then nope not nice.
This shit gets 5/10 only because the nabeyaki was decent.

Then we separated lor cos I got class and she is going to Bugis.
Then in class we learnt not very much. Had more tests.
The last test was horror!!!!! Hiragana everywhere and I took a while to understand the sentences.
I wanna go elementary 2 if I have the time!!!!!!!!!!

Then after class I went home.
On the train got this boy very beautiful.
But when change train he was in another car and I CANNOT SEE THE BEAUTY zzzzzzz
So sad leh. It is rare to find pretty boys.

And I finally got the SP magazine sent to my house!! Later when I wake up then will I read it.
Ok bye!!!!!!!!!!!
Sorry for the bloglessness the past few days 😦

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