Ippudo SG & SP Open House

Today I woke up an hour before my alarm. No idea why…
Then laid in bed playing all my ville ville games -______-
Then my alarm rang so I read my tweets in bed too…
I love waking up in the morning and not feeling tired!! It is so fun!!!
But I chose to embrace the inner bed god in me and stay in bed 😀

So went to Orchard and Racheal was late!!
I am too used to it already but her arrive-within-30-minutes kind of late is acceptable 😀
As long as I don’t have to wait for an hour or more I’m happy!
Thankfully Don was also tweeting me a lot of links to very very very funny pictures so I wasn’t that bored waiting.

Then met Racheal and went to Mandarin Gallery!!!
RAMEN~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 😀

Akamaru Kasaneaji!
For me!
Racheal got herself the Shiromaru Motoaji cos I told her the soup is nicer.
I took a spoonful, SO SAD her soup had this ginger taste!! SO SAD
She is forever kena-ing ginger in her food!

Damn yums! Just that it is a bit salty but it is fine.
Described both ramen weakly before here.
Just go and eat it please!
And we ordered Dashimaki Tamago for $5…
Please ah everybody, save your money 🙂

$5?!?! & it failed to make me cry!!
It wasn’t sweet enough for my liking….
$2.50 gone in a few seconds.

Then we left after paying and then I saw macarons in jones the grocer.

The colours are just too cute!!
Anything that molests my eyes can make me stay and stare…
and even buy -______-

White – raspberry, blue – hazelnut, pink – chocolate ganache
Shared with Racheal.
White one was a little too sweet but it is fine.
Blue one is amazing! Not really… Colour is prettiest, and tastes happy! There isn’t a strong nut taste but I like it anyway!
Pink one, I thought was the best -___- because chocolate ganache is yum yum.
When I ate it, it is #3. Possibly #4 if I had bought the blueberry macaron.
The chocolate is meh. Even not nice. I was expecting something thick and chocolatey… but NOOOOOO
😦 No nice!!!!
And the foot is super ugly please. Love the colours though…

Then we left for Singapore Polytechnic for the open house.
Met Tracy and Bee Ling 😀
The open house ah…
Lame. Super hot. Messy. Noisy. Just didn’t like it…
Asked about one course and left learning nothing much about it.

We spent a lot of time just standing with conversations like
“Let’s go!” “Go where?” “I don’t know. Where do you want to go?” “I don’t know.”
Something like that, and more than 10 times. Same conversation.
Then we finally decided on Holland Village!!
Took bus 106 there… only to miss Holland completely and end up on some highway taking us to Orchard -________-
So Racheal and I were at Orchard twice today…
Walked here and there…

Person selling rose. ONE rose. $10. Not funny ah….
I think asking for donations is better than asking people to buy a ridiculously overpriced item for charity.
Singapore is so hot, why don’t sell a fan for $5 or ice-cream for $3? You’ll have more traffic!
Or if it’s raining, sell umbrellas at $15-$20, I’m sure you’ll get donations!!!!!!!
ROSE?! And it’s not even Valentine’s Day yet. Oh, not even CNY!
Haisssssssssssss don’t say I’m mean la…
I gave suggestions after I disapprove of their ways. SO CANCEL EFFECT!!!!!!
I AM A NICE PERSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then erm we went to Taka Food Village…
Racheal & I got some juices!!

My strawberry mango juice! $3.50 bloody hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
& told Racheal to take this picture


Hahahaha ok then erm Tracy and Bee Ling ate and then we all went to Pull & Bear…
After a while I was sleepy -_______________-
Then erm at 6 I left…

Collected a sample of this Therapeutic Dermatologic Formula facial wash??

Got this for fun because I was bored yesterday and I don’t know how I found this free sample thing so I just go click…
This is completely free, just that you have to collect it yourself.
A few days ago I was even bored-er I ordered some samples but I had to pay for shipping of course 😦 Haven’t arrive yet.

The bottle is so cute! Mini one!!
I forgot to use it just now and cleansed my face with another cleanser…
If you want one too, cos your face is a pimple plantation or for fun also can, like me, HERE YOU GO!!!!

And I shall end this post with a expressionless happy face

My hand is SOOOOOOOOOOOOO BIG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

& DBS/POSB customers, read this article!


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