Ichiban Sushi & Poly Open Houses

Went out with Shwen today!!
I was too early at Clementi! 😦
While waiting for her arrival there were extremely crazy sunlight and hey rainbow!!

and another one

Then she arrived after that…

We first had breakfast at McDonald’s.

So disappointing… I had to rearrange my food because it was given to me in an ugly heap.
Then got people stood to leave and walked towards the stairs…
OMG LESTER TAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOLOLOLOL

Erm then we went to Ngee Ann Polytechnic open house….
So much neater than Singapore Polytechnic!!!
And they have people asking if you have enquiries, not like SP’s one-group-of-four-surround-you-and-shove-you-a-brochure-and-yak-on-about-a-course-I-am-not-even-interested-in.
And it’s peacefully quieter!! What I feel is NP-exhibition and SP-market.
After taking all the books and asking about some courses, I left.
Aiyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I forgot to tour!!!!!!

Then we left for SP!
Yes, 2nd time!!!!!!!
Today I took all the books like I did NP.
Then asked about some courses.
So sad leh!!! All the courses I find really interesting I seem to not have the right skills.
Like I don’t have really good English and I don’t study art or design…
Neither am I gifted with amazing talents of any kind…
And I’m good in mathematics and sciences but I don’t like business or science courses.
Zzzzzzzzzzzz WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then we toured business and media and communication and I was attracted to The Agency.
Everything about it is gorgeous!!! Huge ass door, quirky desks, spacious, spacious, pretty!
I WAAAAAAANT!!! 😦 Like nice ah!!!
But it is so difficult to choose courses.
And I may even consider going to JCs -____-
And the person who introduced this business innovation & design course was so good I felt like I wanted the course!!!
But it is a new course and ya…. you know….
They say like they do before but it is new so how on earth….

Then after that Shwen queued for the balloon -___- SO LAME…
Then we left for Clementi Mall. Again.

Ichiban Sushi!!!
Didn’t know what to order and I saw something I’ve eaten twice quite recently at that one restaurant…
And I was like, why don’t I give it a try and compare??

Nabeyaki Udon!!
Looks quite ok right?
When the waiter placed the bowl in front of me, I was hoping to be impressed when he removed the lid.
HELLO!! NO!!!!!!
I had to rearrange the pieces nicely first and while doing so I looked at the tempura disappointed as hell.
Soggy and fragile….
Tempura, horrible. Not crispy, cannot stay in one piece as I held in between my chopsticks and simply MEH.
Egg, overcooked. Yolk don’t flow. Whites don’t flow. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Fishcake, meh.
Udon, hard, not nice, just not nice.
Soup, salty, no taste other than salty, KIAM KIAM ONE LA
Beancurd, WTF.
Chicken, HARD. BAD.
Overall, this is 0.5/10 and 0.5 because it is edible but just really sad…
It is close to 0!! Maybe it should be 0.25/10  ok…

Yea….. then we left…
Went to the library while I read the pile of books and read about some courses a bit…
Then found a Jacqueline Wilson book I haven’t read before.
Yes, I like a kid author. Is that wrong?????????????????????????
Then after that we left for home!!!!!

I just love reading Wilson’s books!!
I just want to read I didn’t switch on my laptop first thing I got home.
I delayed blogging so I could read half the book away!!
Yes, it is that readable. 🙂

Ok….. so it’s gonna be 12 soon and therefore it will be 8 January and also… Pinky’s birthday!!!
So…. HAPPY BIRTHDAY PINKY!!!!!!!! Although you don’t read my blog 😦


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