Tomorrow’s a scary day

Title is because it is.
Getting my results tomorrow!!!
Don’t know excited or scared.
So I chose the safe one and put ‘scary’.
Because if I put ‘exciting’ then turns out my results like SHIT then what to do?!?!?!?
Anyway, I’m meeting Yumiko in the morning for breakfast 😀

So today I went to popo house and ate 2 prata and 1 chin cheong fun.
Then ya……
Leaving, I sat myself down in the car and I had a call!
They didn’t even give me any paper wtf!!! WHAT TO DO NOW?!?!?!?!??!?!

Then went to Toa Payoh!!
Haven’t been there in a long time. I used to reside so close!!
Erm… shared Ya Kun Set A with mummy

Love when my egg looks like that and I just slurp everything up and damn shiok!!!!!!!
The toast and coffee was so sad.
The bread wasn’t toasted enough, kaya was too little, butter wasn’t cold enough.
Coffee tasted weird.
YA KUN!!!!!!!!!!!! HOW CAN YOU DISAPPOINT ME!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU NEVER HAVE!!!!!! Before that is…

Then I looked for black spray for my hair because I needed one (maybe)
Because I received a text saying us students are not allowed to go back to school with dyed hair.
The top part of my hair is a bigger problem than the rest.
Because it shows the most colour and I have high contrast black roots growing out too!!

Like for guy leh walao!!!
& $9.50!!!! Damn expensive 😦
Ahhhhhhhhhhhh ok I have nothing else to blog for today…

Oh ya I am quite numb now…
I don’t feel very afraid or excited for my results tomorrow..
I’m living today like any other day -______-

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