Hediard & MY O LEVEL RESULTS!!!!

Hello everyone!!!!!!!!
How are you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀
Ok, obviously I’m really happy you can’t count the exclamation marks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So if you’ve seen my tweets you’ll know why…

So this morning, I got up and BAD HAIR DAY!!!
Every day that I’m not staying home is a bad hair day, really.
But I wasn’t looking forward to getting my results…
I was thinking of FOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!!!!!!!! With Yumiko 😀

Erm so after not going to Tanglin Secondary School for about a month, I forgot its location.
So… from the name I assumed it would be at Tanglin Road?? Or somewhere nearby…

Hey!!! Where is my school???!!! 😦
(Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha I hope you have figured out it’s complete nonsense lol….)
Oh, I can’t find my school… so erm breakfast is important! So I chose to have breakfast….

So we decided to meet at Hediard at 10am.
She was late. I was late. We were late. I was later. T____T RECORD.
A little late only la!!!!! I had to walk from Orchard MRT Station!!!!!!!!
The walk was really nice; not much people, windy, Queen singing into my ears, fresh air… 😀
Then I met my Yumiko 😀

I love the ambiance in the little Paris.
Red & black, dimly lit, cute, cute, cute, posh.
Not my first time here!!!! Not my third time here!!!!! My second time here!!!!!! LOL LAME

Ok so we both ordered the Hediard Breakfast Set.
We have different eggs and drinks and BlackBerrys.
& her fingernails are so pretty 😦
It’s not really fair. Actually, it’s fair. Cos she’s not tan. I am.

Orange juice, raspberry jam, tangerine jam, butter
Somehow my camera liked her more and kept focusing on her glass and not mine 😦
We both liked the orange juice 🙂
I find it had enough sour for a citrus fruit and enough sweet for an orange. LOVE!!!!

Smells good and when I tasted it before adding anything it was quite pleasant… but a little bit bitter
Then I ate that cube of something IDK WHAT IT IS!!! I don’t really like it…
Then I drank my coffee… weird….
Added a pack of white sugar… still weird… T_T
Advice: don’t eat that cube thingy first
Madeleine wasn’t very nice 😦
Buttery but a bit too black please!!!
The one I had last time was much nicer!

Soft boiled egg and toast!
So the camera doesn’t like Yumiko actually. It just hates me.  It focused on the toast and not the egg!! 😦
But no worries 😉 I will give that beautiful egg its attention
Hello my darling!!!
Eggs came from the asses of chickens. I love chickens. No wonder I love egg too!!

Turned it around and pretty Humpty Dumpty!
I love it ^_________^
Pretty and yummy. What more could I ask for?
Yea I could ask for salt and pepper -___-

I put too much salt & pepper into my egg and ruined its goodness 😦
& while eating my PULCHRITUDINOUS (hahahahahahaha) egg messily, it got messily gorgeous as well.

I love this picture a lot 😀

My spreads neatly (messily) arranged on the toast….
Butter is good. Butter is always good.
Raspberry jam was nice but not super nice.
Because I like raspberries…. but the jam was quite sweet and didn’t taste like raspberry raspberry.
Tangerine jam was interesting but I don’t like it a lot…

YUMMY AS HELL CROISSANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It is crispy on the outside and soft inside!
Usually I can’t poke my fork through without having my pastry descend with the force and then get horribly flattened after sawing it with the knife.
This, CAN.
And holy mama this is so yummy! It is different from other croissants I’ve had.
The inside is erm… cuttable -_____- unlike most where you have to pull two ends apart and in the end have it uncoiled into a long piece of baked dough.
AIYA VERY NICE LA!!!!!! Butter

Then erm we were very full -______- obviously, considering the amount of food served…
Then we went to the beautiful toilet at a beautiful hotel 🙂 So spacious leh!!
Then we walked to Ion and shopped a while…
And then it was 12.30pm! So we left for school!!
On the train I read Gillian’s tweets about how many people passed English and how many failed Literature!
I was freaking out because I am not good in English and am terrible at Literature!!
And my ShiFu Yumiko kept assuring us we won’t do badly.

Alighted at Clementi and saw a group of sec 4s!
Amirul came over to say good luck to us!! 😀
Then while waiting for bus 78 to arrive, the IS group came!!!
Then we all talked la!! Then I told them about Gillian’s tweets also…
Then to school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sprayed my hair black with Xiao Rui’s help.
Oh who knew… at the hall, so many people had much more non-black hair I could’ve got away easy peasy.
Then there was this talk by Mr Chan I couldn’t give full attention to because I was busy worrying and busy reading some handout.
4th person to receive the result slip…

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ALL PASSED!!!!
(Hid my chinese name 😀 and my NRIC, so you can’t use it to create game accounts, cos I also want to play!)
I was disappointed with my chemistry and physics… I knew I was getting weaker and weaker but I expected at least an A2 for both of them!!!! 😦
My literature……. I know I just somehow can’t do well no matter what but I wanted a B4…
Pleased with all my A1s, English and Chinese.
I used to get A1 last time but I just can’t understand why I’m learning about war and not ancient civilisation… I am such a nice person….. why would I condone violence???? HAIS…. LOLOLOLOLOLOL
And I always memorised my essays word for word.
But was advised not to do so. And so I heed and started failing. And couldn’t go back to the way it was. Zzzz
BUT THIS MAMA A1!!!!! OMFG!!!!!!!!! OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!! OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yea 😀
L1R5=10, L1R4=7, everything else also 7.
But now I have trouble choosing schools/courses -______- FFFUUUUU

Then Marissa, Joe, Don and I left for Vivo City.
Went to Awfully Chocolate. Got myself a super stacked chocolate cake.
Yum yum.
Then we went to Swensen’s because Marissa was still hungry -__-

Got myself a High on Passion? I guess that’s what it’s called….
Then Angel came to return Marissa her phone’s charger.

Don’t look at Marissa!! LOOK AT JOE!!!! THAT MURDERER LOLOLOL
The whole time he was playing with his knife -_____-
And I was demonstrating the candid shot for Don and I snapped a picture…

Truly candid, I must say. LOOK AT ANGEL!!!!! LOLOLOLOLOL
Mean I may be, but what?!!! It is funny what!!! But I think it looks ok lor! Not ugly one
Ok~ Then we went to laminate my result slip because I cannot stand seeing it get more crushed by the minute.
BLOODY $4 -_____- So expensive!!!
Then Joe and Angel left then we 3 went shopping.
Hadn’t realised how late it was until mummy asked why I wasn’t home yet!!!
So we left….
Today I learnt a lot of disgusting facts about Don LOL

Reached home and I had mail!!!!!!!! I LOVE MAIL!!!!!!!
One was Joe’s bag that I wasn’t present to receive yesterday and one was my samples I ordered!!!!
Hahahahahhahaa ordering samples!!!!! Very bored please!!

Tao Kae Noi seaweed, Smencils tropical blast scented pencil, and this Dr. Jart acne something….
Then OMG I realised I hadn’t had proper lunch or dinner the whole day yet felt full!
Powered by my french breakfast the whole day!!!
So I ate my seaweed 😀 YUMMY!!!!
Ate the other one too!!!!
Ah…….. I must remember to review it so I can get more samples if I want 🙂

Ooooo and Yumiko gave me these

YAY 😀 <3333333333333
Ok, I shall end this post now!


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