Yomenya Goemon

Was so tired when I got up at 9.43am and while trying to read tweets I kept falling asleep.
Got up at 1pm or something like that hahahahahahahaha
Got out of bed and did my usual web-surfing. I don’t know why or how I can always find something to read on the internet!!
& stumbled upon this few DIY bracelets which I felt like making…

Tried deciding on courses to fill in in the JAE form but I FAILED.
I don’t know whether to put mass communication or tourism and resort management first….
Erm then Marissa and Yumiko and I were planning on duck tours and dinner but it was too late for both!!
Then we chose to have dinner! Japanese pasta!
Reached a little late 😦 AGAIN
Because I had to prepare and all…
I live in Jurong!!! JURONG!!!!!

Yomenya Goemon at 313@Somerset
The shop is tucked away in a corner and I never knew it was a food shop until quite recently.
And I can never tell if it is opened or closed -________-
Approaching it of course I started seeing people in it eating…

Yuba, Shrimp, Mozzarella & Onsen Egg
Or something like that… There’s bacon in it too!
Ordered it with the dessert set.

Orange juice.
Quite meh.

Salad without dressing (because I thought it would be mayonnaise and it would be better to not risk death at all)
So fresh!!!!!!!!!! And the bacon bits were yummy!!
I remember mentioning I don’t fancy bacon much but yummy these are!
Soup was meh

I find this not bad!! Although I wasn’t super impressed…
I like!! They could’ve gave me a prawn or two more!!!
JK I think the ingredients in this dish are very proportionate 😀
The egg is not flowy flowy one! But it looks flowy!! Is that what an onsen egg is?!??!!?
Oooooo and the mozzarella is THERE!
Taste goooooooooooood! Looks good! It’s the joy of seeing cheese stretching with the spaghetti la…
Spaghetti is well done 🙂
Like!! For the damn shiok prawns, $20 is worth it!!
Because you also get this baby

Baked Cheese Cake with Ice Cream
Ice-cream is vurry sweet 😀
But it melts so crazy fast and is so soft, it’s sad!
The cheesecake is nice!! 😀
Although super crumbly it taste sufficiently cheesy and not like a TASTE MY CHEESE
I LIKE!!!!!!
Ok la after eating all that I was horribly bloated and was about to die…

Yumiko and Marissa both got themselves the some squid ink pasta… Just the black one dui le.
& they were laughing at each other because their mouths are turning black!

Yumiko with her black shirt and silver chains being goth and all
And black lips and teeth and black pasta in her mouth…
I think the evil-shit look failed because of her hair and eyes la!!
So kawaii one then BLACK here BLACK there…

Ok then we went to Forever 21 to shop…
Got myself zero items & Yumiko got tons and tons!!!!
Left for home halfway…
Ok so………
After publishing this post I ought to decide on my post-secondary school education T_T

Later I’ll be going out for buffet 😀
My super favourite!!!!
But the trouble is… how am I gonna take pictures of food when they’re gonna be uglily piled on a plate?? 😦


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