Kuishin-bo & the rest of the horrible day!

Got up and prepared in the morning…
Then I saw the sky and had a strong feeling it wouldn’t rain!
Immediately I thought of wearing my boots because they haven’t been seeing anything but the walls of the shoe box!
Tried to find it but CANNOT!!!!!
I went crazy, I tell you…
Then I was mini-crying while searching for it.

AND MY FINGERNAIL RIPPED RIGHT OFF when I was trying to put back into place what I took out.

Please feel sorry for me! It hurts like a bitch & it is wildly ugly!!
I just stared at it and bawled like I’ve lost everything I’ve had.
It did felt like it… I think I have lost many things important to me although not all.
Ok so I just kept crying and crying
Found my boots finally.
They were obstructed by piles of stuff and no one would ever know boots can occupy that space…

I left home still crying and crying each time I looked at my nail.
It is soooooooooooooooooooooooooo horrible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ok so I alighted at Tiong Bahru MRT station.
Saw Nicholas first.
Then Gillian and Xiao Rui.
SO I AM THE LATEST LA!!!!! Felt super bad!!! 😦
Ok then we left for Great World City.

Went into Kuishin-bo straight.
Yumiko came a little later.

I prefer the outlet at Jurong Point actually…
And very tragically, NO ICE-CREAM!!!!!!
I find their ice-creams the best yet they didn’t have it!!!!!

I ate super a lot!!!!! LIKE FAMININE ONLY.
Ok faminine is my new word. Means eating like hungry man and not feminine wtf
We talked about many nonsense post buffet
Bill was…. $212!!!!!! 5 people!!

Went around not knowing what to do…
Shop shop shop (Yumiko only, to be honest)
Then Nicholas left
Then we went to Orchard…
Walking towards Paragon, we saw Sophia!!!!
Then we walked around in.. TOYS’R’US!!! ZZZZZZ

& then Yumiko tried on this dress

Don’t know why she is so happy when…

4 hands can’t zip the dress!!!!! LOOOOOOOOL!!!!!
But don’t know why I so pro I managed to help her 🙂

Then erm she shopped for bras and got Xiao Rui a FREE PANTY!!!!!!
Then we went home!
Took the train with Gillian and Xiao Rui for a few stops 😦
DAMN IT. Jealous…

Ok and you won’t want to know about my bad day…
It’s not nice….
Today is just a series of unpleasant events apart from the time I spent with my friends…
LOVE MY FRIENDS!!!! Cannot be so happy at home one leh

Then I submitted the JAE application!! 😦
1st: ACJC science
2nd: NP tourism & resort management
3rd: NP mass communication
4th: NP arts business management
5th: JJC science
6th: NP international business
7th: SP tourism & resort management
8th: SP media & communication
9th: CJC science
10th: SP visual communication & media design
11th: NP advertising & public relations
12th: SP business innovation & design
I have a feeling I will regret my choices -____-
Because I picked them quite randomly as I have very little interest in studying…
Why isn’t there a course for what I do on a daily basis????
Like sleeping or eating or using the computer…
Ok never mind… 😦

Ok this post is damn weird but whatever, I wanna sleep!!
I hope all of you take good care of your precious fingernails ok!!

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