Thasevi Food Famous Jalan Kayu Prata Restaurant

Hullo errrrbady
Sorry for the lame post before this one!! 😛
Ok so this morning went to Sengkang, which is super duper far from Jurong.
Jurong is in West west very west it is quite south-west.
Sengkang is north-east or north north north very north-east.

Mummy went to temple and I just sit in the car cos I am Carsia. It is only right.
Then…. it is Jalan Kayu there so……..
It’s the prata!
So it is seldom I will come all the way to this Jalan Kayu place just to eat some prata right?
So of course I had to eat the prata today since I’m there!

I was expecting the pratas to be so super bestest that I would tear.
Tear as in 流眼泪… Yes yes I know chinese… My chinese very pro one ok

Milo dinosaur $3
I like!!!! Cos it was thick!!
What I didn’t like very much but still find acceptable is…

Strawberry saucey thingy…
Very no link leh……
Ok the queues were long long long long long
Even after making the order, it took very long for the pratas to find their way onto my table!
Rojak came first!

Because I pick my food,
I only took the beancurd??? Taugua…. and the fish fish thing and cucumbers.
Taugua very nice!! Fish fish thing also very nice!!!
Cucumber like meh… 2nd piece was please-go-and-die….

Prata!! 2 plain ($1 each) and 1 egg ($1.80)
Have you realised it is so damn expensive???? It isn’t very big either…
The plain one is supposedly the best??
I read that it is crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.
Sorry, nope it isn’t!!!
Definitely wasn’t crispy. Soft, yes but not fluffy!! WHERE IS MY FLUFFY!!!!!!!
If this is the best prata in Singapore, then I think I don’t have to eat anymore prata in Singapore already -____-
Ok maybe it won’t be nice if not eaten with curry… I don’t eat curry….

Then went to popo house!
Erm I just grow roots on the sofa LOL cos I sleepy from the super long sleeps I have had the past days…
Then played We Doodle with Shwen! SO FUNNY MY DRAWINGS SUPER UGLY 😀

Then went to Junction 8…
Got myself ice-cream from Marble Slab Creamery

Cotton Candy and Rocher
Wasn’t impressed.
Cotton candy tasted as fake as real cotton candy but no…
Rocher… I suppose they wanted it to taste like Ferrero Rocher?? Hazelnut….
If so, nothing like it. Only sometimes, with imagination..
With that money I would rather have Baskin Robbins 😦 or better still, Ben & Jerry’s.

Then got home…
And of course I made my ridiculous bakkwa sandwich which displeased my taste buds…

Ok!! Done!!!!
Tomorrow I’m meeting with Marissa and Yumiko! 😀


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