Universal Studios Singapore

Blogging today and not yesterday because I was tired and it was super late zzzzz
So this post would be about yesterday and not today because today I was doing the I-love-my-bed thing…

So we arranged to meet at VivoCity at 9am for breakfast.
I was 50 minutes late but Yumiko and Marissa were even later!!!!! ZZzzzzz
I have been so non-punctual lately it worries me ZzZzzz

Breakfast at Burger King

Eat until I almost died! SO FULL AND OILY
Then we walked around first and I withdrew some cash…

Went to Universal Studios!!!!!!!
My third time! Zzzz
& it isn’t too ridiculous because the 2nd time I went, Battlestar Galactica was reopened and this time around, Transformers the ride was launched.
Really, I would prefer if Singapore had a Disneyland. BECAUSE EVERYONE LOVES DISNEY!

We got our tickets $3 lesser each!
Because a guy got stood up by his friends and he had no use of the extra tickets so he sold them to us!

And then we saw super sexy performers

It was really sunny 😦

And we took a photo with Marilyn Monroe!

I still think she doesn’t look like her…

Opposite sits this

We all decided to buy one

Please enjoy looking at my hairy arm 😀
Ok la here is one without the furry distraction

And Marissa lost hers zzzz IN A FEW HOURS

We took cylon 2 times, human 1 time, mummy 3 times, transformers 1 time.
Then we went to eat at Loui’s NY Pizza Parlor

I always order hawaiian. I love hawaiian.

Pizza was a bit cold 😦
Would’ve been nicer if it were warm ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ
And this panna cotta,

If you see it, PLEASE BUY IT.
It is super duper yummy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <33333333
It is sweet.. and I didn’t detect sour like the other two did -_____-
Texture and all was shiok…

Then we left and saw 2 caricature artists drawing some people so we stood and watched.
I WANT!!!!!
So I was really amazed la…

$30 and he made me look like this

If I were to see this picture somewhere I wouldn’t even point at it and scream “OMG! IT’S ME!!!”
I would, however, point at it and say “This person has the same moles I have!”
This distortion is so advanced I am not the only one who feels it doesn’t look like me anymore…
The artist have really sharp eyes though…
He actually drew the mole hidden amongst my eyebrow zzz

What is the typeface used for Marilyn’s name? It is soooooo cute!!!
And this

is a flirty Yumiko!

At Madagascar there was a crowd
and music

King Julien!!!

One of my favourite areas in USS — Far Far Away!
So medieval!! SUPER LOVE!

High unglam

Took this stupid short roller coaster that was actually very relaxing…
Then we went to ride the stupid tiny ferris wheel in the shop
VERY LAME after second round
Then we watched the Shrek 4D thing…
I think it was my 2nd or 3rd time watching it but I noticed a few puns I didn’t last time.

Was quite late already and we spam rode mummy trying to pose for the camera but many times it wasn’t nice zzz
Then we went for cylon for the last time and we took the back row. OMG SO MUCH FUNNER THAN THE FRONT!!!
Crazy violent and less dizzy 😀
And we saw the sunset on the roller coaster 😀 😀 😀
And we went back to spam mummy more…
Oh ya we tried photo bombing some people but failed terribly zzzz

Then everything was closing already zzz
And we went to buy some photos…
We were the last few, if not the last, to leave the place!!
We left at about 8 which was an hour after closing time!! Hahahaha 😀
I got this

and the other two got more!


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