4 Fingers Crispy Chicken & Paul

Good morning everybody!!! (12.34AM as I type this)
I know it’s already Friday but for me it’s still a Thursday because I haven’t yet go to sleep, a.k.a. end my day.

So today I met Racheal at Somerset and we shopped…
I bought 3 items and spent $47 in less than an hour zzzz…

My heart shades had likes… Nobody like my aviators ah?? 😦 Not nice meh???? 😦 😦

Racheal was looking for a beanie… The whole day.
Hahahaha but I love trying on hats!! So it is no problem!! 😀
I tried on this hat at Forever 21… Super furry and comfy…
And that is why I cannot wear it in Singapore. How tragic!!!
I sometimes feel I don’t belong in Singapore because many things I like are not available/popular in this country, or clothes I wish I could wear would kill me if worn in this blistering heat.

Then we went to H&M to look for more beanies…

My hands are excessively large.
But in front of me they seem normal…
Good idea!!! I should learn how to play the piano someday.

Then we got really really hungry…
It was 2pm then, and I had nothing put in my mouth in the morning other than toothbrush + toothpaste + water and a mint.
As planned, BONCHON CHEEEEEEGIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When eating Racheal & I spoke very little.
I assume it was because the two ladies facing us were conversing and their pronunciations were pleasing to the ear so we prefered to eavesdrop??
At least that was what I did, anyway.
No, I am not rude for eavesdropping because I didn’t even pay attention to the subject of the conversation…
Their voices were nice ok!!!

I ordered the burger this time… Racheal got herself half a dozen of chicken wings.
Wasn’t easy to eat the burger because the tomato or chicken was drippy..
But yummy nonetheless!!!!
I’d prefer 4fingers to other fast foods because IT IS SO MUCH NICER and IT IS RARE.
Rare in the sense that there’s only one outlet in Singapore.
Or maybe there are more which I don’t know of?? But as of now, there is only one to me.

Then we just kept walking around shopping for nothing.
And looking for more beanies for Racheal!!
Her small head is difficult, I tell you!!!!!!
Most look weird on her.
But there was one. That looked great on her. But was so expensive!!!!!!!!

So ya we walked and walked and it was already 6!!!!!
3 hours of shopping for nothing!!!
& my bag weighed kilos and kilos…

Then we went to Paul. Linked the USA website because I don’t think there’s one for Singapore…

Joe was raving about it so I thought we should go check it out.
I only remember seeing it while it was under construction when Racheal reminded me!

I like the decor!!
Erm… I ordered this The Gourmet set thing on the menu which comprised of tea, creme brulee, moelluex chocolat and 2 mini macarons.
Yes, I don’t type accented letters because I don’t know how to, on the laptop, quickly.

They didn’t have mini macarons so they replaced it with the big one!
Praline for me & raspberry for Racheal

This macaron is heavenly 😀
Somebody teach me how to make macarons myself please 😦
I prefer praline to raspberry….

Chose English breakfast because they didn’t have green tea.
Tea was sweet! I seldom drink tea (excluding pokka green tea) but I liked this and those I had at TWG.
I like tea when they taste sweet without adding sugar because they always go wrong when I do.
For instance, I had my first earl grey at Starbucks last year and it tasted weird so I added sugar and kept adding and completely destroyed the tea. I added more than 10 packets of sugar…. Because it tasted so weird!!! Maybe it (before any sugar) was what earl grey taste like and if so, I do not like earl grey.

Creme brulee! 😀
My first creme brulee…
Nobody told me it was so yummy!!!! Nobody tried to convince me that I would go crazy tasting this!!!
Damn, all those years, wasted, on non-creme-brulee

Obviously this contains nothing chocolate.
Eating it was of course disappointing.
Learnt that it was some lemon cake because they didn’t have the chocolate thing I cannot pronounce.
Cake was moist and all but… TASTE REALLY NOT GOOD!!! 😦
Unless you like lemon cake….

Then after that we went to this awesome shop with amazing hats.
The first hat that caught my eye from outside the shop was this rain hat

It is true, my hands are large.
So I believe most of you won’t find this hat attractive…
But it was crazy comfy!!!! And I love how it looks like!!!!!
I won’t deny I’m weird, really.
It was priced at $39.90 and I was unwilling to trade that much money for this hat 😦
Many other hats in the shop I also liked but Singapore is quite a non-hat country.
I would want a lifetime of hats or no hats at all!
So I can be known as this hat-girl or just this Singaporean that I am.
Yes, no hats now…

Then I went to buy this Vichy thermal spray thing… I’ll try it!!
Then we went home…
But I grew roots and didn’t even exchange positions with Racheal at all 😛

Ok so tomorrow, or later rather, I’ll be going to school! To celebrate CNY o.o
Then to the airport for lunch and to send Yumiko off!!
Changi is the far far far super far east of Singapore and I live in the far far far west of Singapore.
GOOD LUCK CASIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, and my hair is lovely today~
Good hair day after years of bad hair days
HAIR I LOVE YOU :* <333333


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