Pasta de Waraku

Today I got up at 8.43am and prepared to go out.
Thought I would be early and could get myself some coffee…
I wasn’t early.

So I had to WAIT for 181 and WAIT for 30.
That’s approximately 20 minutes wasted on waiting!!!
That 20 minutes could have granted me coffee!!! 😦
But nooooooooooooooooo I had to sit there and read twitter/book.

While waiting for bus 30 I read the thickest book I’ve ever tried reading.
Next thickest would be Oliver Twist which I gave up on halfway… 2 years ago -____-
Then there was a tap on my shoulder and upon turning around I saw Jin Ming!! and Paolo!!!
They were on their way to school as well!
I was rather shocked and I don’t think I said hello or anything…

At the school gate I saw Nicholas and Clarisse so we three entered while Jin Ming and Paolo waited outside for Hock Jin. Zzzzz
Then we went up and Marissa came.
I found the place extremely hot and the performance slightly boring.
I ended up looking at the school field while having the fan stand before my face like this

Then I accompanied Marissa while she ate.
Then we went back up and I resumed my bimbo position zzzz

Then I said hello to some teachers…
And of course I had to find Sophia because she requested that I wore my red shades today so she could take a picture.
I asked for angpow!!!!!!!

Got this non-angpow but since it’s edible, and yummy edible, I can’t be unhappy right?

We saw Mdm Heng’s little baby as well!!
Her head, just like Jin Ming described, WAS SO TINY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Seeing it I thought of Great Khali (I may have spelled it wrongly) -____- who once took melons and crushed them between his palms with a squeeze.
Bad, but the head is sooooo small!!! So are her hands!!
Painting her nails would be so easy as it would only require a quick dab of the brush and it would be fully coloured zzzz

Then Marissa and I left for CHANGI AIRPORT.
Train ride was crazy long and boring and tiring.
No seats throughout!!!! Until a stop before our destination.
It was really funny when I entered the car and as I moved in I saw this sleeping guy and I couldn’t help but laugh.
But laughing wasn’t enough, obviously…

So people, refrain from sleeping on reserved seats less than 7 stops from boarding because people like me exist and people like me see humour in most things.
Read the book the whole journey.

Reached Terminal 2 and walked to Pasta de Waraku to meet Yumiko, Xiao Rui and Don!
Ordered so many stuff!!! Bill was $130 for 5 people

Spoon was Yumiko’s successful attempt to destroy my otherwise decent photo!
But the flexible me decided to take pictures of each dish individually.

Corn soup
A first, not as bad as I imagined it to be…
It’s like a liquefied version of corn… Nice, actually

Vegetables were fresh but I think I would like it better without dressing.
Dressing was salty-sour something like that…

Iced lemon tea… SUCKS
After eating all my food I then started to drink it and it was horrible but I kept drinking it unknowingly…
When I left it alone during post-meal chat, the brown had transformed into this bright shade of orange zzzzz

Scallop and prawn pizza we shared.
Personally, I didn’t like it very much.
I find it much too seafoody… and creamy o.o
The scallop was so seafoody… 😦
Crust was too crispy I felt they could have left it out completely and the taste of the pizza wouldn’t be affected.
The others seem to like it though… but I’m weird T______T
All of us ordered the ハフ&ハフセット so we could try out different styles of pasta

Spaghetti alla bolognese
It’s the egg that made me pick this. Don’t you all find it attractive???

Ate the egg first. EWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I should stop myself from getting anymore semi-cooked eggs in the future!!
It normally kills my appetite and makes me want to barf.
This was a beef bolognese so ermm I don’t like this 😦
I’m not a very beef person
And if you read my blog religiously, you should by now learned I’m a chicken-lover
I can’t say I worship chicken because I still can’t identify the parts of a chicken if they’re not whole.

Chicken & mushroom
Better than the former.
I would say this is very nice if not for the excessive mushroomy flavour.
Too strong for me even though I like eating mushrooms.
I must say the amount of sauce they serve with the pasta is PERFECT. 😀
Not too little, not too much. Although I usually enjoy having extra sauce so I can eat the sauce after all the pasta is gone.

Then we had post-meal chat and we talked about many many things.
Then Yumiko said we should call for the bill.
Then Don heard bill as beer and said that he think we can’t.

Walked towards some glass windows where we could see some planes taking off.
Looking down I saw some people walking/sitting so I waved at everyone, in hope that at least one would wave back.
Yes, I’m that weird.
SUCCESS! A girl waved back 😀

I love the composition of this picture!!!
The “paper planes” all were in the direction of the exit sign!! 😀
Then we walked past this sleeping beauty

He wasn’t the only one sleeping like that.
There were a few others who were too far for my zoom lens to fill the frame.
I am not rude. Ok, I may be.
But they are humiliating themselves in public already. PUBLIC.
I highly doubt they would find my blog anyway 🙂

Then I remember watching this flash mob online I really loved…
Don’t think I can embed videos here so here’s the link in case the video below doesn’t appear at all:

We planned to fool everyone on Twitter and pretend we were all leaving for Jakarta when only Yumiko was!
If you follow all of us on twitter you would have read about it…
I have a photo but my hair was rather shitty so nope, it won’t be on this post!!
It was difficult not tweeting for the 2 hours we were “ON THE PLANE” when really we were on the train to Bugis and Xiao Rui to home.

Then Marissa, Don and I alighted at Bugis…
Went to find Angel but got lost in the messy Bugis Street zzzzzz
When we finally found the shop, oh of course she wasn’t there!!!
Went back to Bugis Junction

Super asshole moment when I was taking a random bag and demonstrating some random model pose then I laughed and behind me was this staff WTF
Very hard to describe the situation but it was funny!!!!!

Then Marissa pierced her ears!! Finally!!!!
Erm then….
I don’t recall what happened.
It was just walking around…..
Trying on hats…. See see look look
Then go home!

YA that is all.
Today was fun!!!!!!!!! 😀
Tomorrow (later), I’ll be painting my nails for CNY!
Not on my damaged thumb nail…
But it’s growing!! 😀
Actually I’m sure it can be painted just that it is too short and uneven for me to want to try.

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