Eve of Chinese New Year

Good evening!!
Today I slept really late and woke up early.. and of course was super tired.
One macaron
One cream puff

Went to a temple at Bukit Timah first.

We were too early so we had breakfast at Old Town White Coffee

Shared this ipoh hor fun thing…
I find the soup quite weird but the rest were fine

Hazelnut freezy
Definitely weird…
Not very hazelnutty but I can’t find another word other than hazelnut for it.
Boring one

Then went to the temple…
So hot!!! And there were smoke and ashes everywhere ūüė¶
Once I took out my phone but attended to something else then I looked back at my phone and on its screen is a layer of some particles floating around in the grey air zZZZzzz

Then went to popo house
Forgot to take pictures of the reunion lunch zzzzzz
And the lou hei zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
And I just realised I didn’t eat anything on the table except for the shark’s fin soup which may not even be a shark’s fin soup ZZZZZZZ OMG -________-

Spent a lot of time reading the book instead…
I should not have eaten in the morning right!!!!!!!!!!!!
Zzzz and when I got home¬†I also didn’t have dinner but I had 3 macarons
I feel hungry yet full…
Really, I am not hungry but¬†because I didn’t eat when I’m supposed to, I am to feel hungry -___-

This year’s CNY have very little feel leh…
Even now I don’t feel that in less than half an hour it is going to be CNY.
Perhaps it’s because it came too early but I do think it’s because of my family
And that CNY decorations stay up on the walls ever since they were put up

Ok…… So no feel leh really
Even as I type this I sound sian….

Let me quote the book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When, having wondered what on earth to do, one still can’t think of anything, it is, I’ve found, the shortest way to peace of mind to decide that what one fears won’t happen. In point of fact, everyone chooses to assume that the insupportable will never occur. Look around at the world. Today’s delighted bride holds no guarantee against death tomorrow, but the bridegroom, happily chanting auspicious texts, displays no sign of worry. The fact that he doesn’t worry is not because there’s nothing to be worried about. The reason is that, however much he worries, it will not make the slightest difference.


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