Earle Swensen’s & Fruit Paradise

Blogging late today because I’ve been busy… shopping online -___-

Today (yesterday, actually), I went to VivoCity with Shwen.
Bought tickets to watch We Not Naughty.
We had 30 minutes before the show starts so I wanted to eat considering I haven’t had any food yet.

We went to Earle Swensen’s.
So we ordered our food.
I was told my dish came with a salad and I failed to see that there was a salad buffet spread further in…
And I looked at her puzzled and asked “Then..?” Twice.. -___-
Then I saw -_____- yay I love salad buffet!

Mix of a lot of things…
I love the chicken ham, honeydew (oh so sweet), strawberry, and corn a lot!
Went for a second helping only of the above mentioned items… NO MORE STRAWBERRIES!!!
So 20 minutes past and WHERE IS MA FOOD YO?!??!?!!!!!!

I had 5 minutes to finish this Grilled Cajun Chicken -___________-
The chicken, although tender and all, wasn’t seasoned enough!!!
Rather bland 😦
Vegetables were crappy…
The mashed potato, yuck all over.
Doesn’t even taste like potato!!! And it was so dry!!
Super not worth!!!! It was pricey, not delicious, miserable serving, long waiting time…
What a waste of money 😦

10 minutes into the movie o.o
Rushed into Golden Village
Bought a packet of Skittles from the vending machine
Went to our seats and……. advertisements and trailers….
3rd row from the screen and boy was my neck tortured!
So We Not Naughty was pretty funny!!
But I feel like if one was to miss it, it’s not a big deal…

But I must tell you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
PLEASE WATCH 耳をすませば!(Whisper of the Heart)
I watched it the day before and it was great!!
It’s a Japanese show, but I watched it Chinese dubbed, without English subtitles…
However, I understood what was said!!
The love story is sooooooooooooooooo cute!! <333333
Please please watch!!

And then we shopped around for a bit.
Then we went to Fruit Paradise!!

Mixed Berries Chocolate, a popular item in the menu
Ok ok la… not super impressive although I think many people love it -____-
A lot of people like Fruit Paradise. This is my 2nd time eating the tarts but they’re so…. meh.

Berries and all were fresh
The tart crust I don’t find nice.

Shared with Shwen this Chocolate Banana
You can tell the banana is super not fresh!!!!!!!
Even a starving monkey wouldn’t eat it!
But it tasted good. Better than the former in my opinion…
This had more flavour and it’s a pity the banana sucks.

Then I wanted to buy water because I was crazy thirsty and my lips were peeling once again.
At Cold Storage I couldn’t find ice mountain and I didn’t want to spent 3x a water price for fiji…
And I got myself this Spritzer sparkling water for $1.05
When I opened the bottle it had to attack me with its carbonatedness. BITCH!!!
Went to the toilet to clean up and then on the way out I took a sip of that bitch
And it truly was a bitch
I can’t quite describe what it taste like but it was horrible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I think I tasted this apple-flavour thing in the bitch water
And omg just don’t buy it!! That green bottle of evilness…
Threw it away because it is wholly vulgar.

Did more shopping…
Didn’t get anything while Shwen had a few bags..
Shwen wanted dinner so we ate at McDonald’s
HAPPY MEAL FOR ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cos the toy is a hello kitty 😀
Then….. I got bored of it after 5 seconds.
And upon close scrutinity, the hello kitty is retarded. Its face was printed on very weirdly wtf
And it’s like dirty dirty one -__-

Zzzzz then I went home!!
Received my parcel from ASOS!
Then I bathed then shopped online…

Ok!! So it’s 26th now and I’ll be going out with Joe later!! ROAST CHICKEN 😀 😀 😀
Have to pass him his big red bag as well so I hope I don’t forget it.
And today’s Don‘s birthday!!!
Happy birthday Don!! (If you read my blog)

Ok end


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