Buffet Town

I’m blogging so much earlier today!!
That’s because I’m back home early!

Today I went to City Hall to meet Shwen.
Was a few minutes before noon…
Then we went to Buffet Town.
And met Shwen’s mother..
There were lots of people queueing outside…

Carrot cake, keropok, some fish fillet, honey bbq pork, spiced chicken, chicken wing, hainanese chicken rice
Carrot cake was horrible… it looked quite promising but it deceived the world!
The spiced chicken and fish and chicken rice and keropok were acceptable.

Teppanyaki chicken, squid and prawn…
Probably the best thing in the whole buffet spread zzzz which was not good enough for me to want to go for a second helping -__-
Prawn wasn’t very nice though

Miso soup! Nice!

Cream of mushroom, seafood pizza, meat pizza, mushroom pizza, spaghetti
All meh… -___- OMG

Vanilla, coffee and chocolate ice-cream with nuts and marshmallow toppings
Ice-cream ok la
Please!! SAVE YOURSELF!!!!!!! If you ever eat here, DON’T TAKE THE MARSHMALLOWS!!
Take an eraser and pop it in your mouth and begin chewing. SAME!!

Ice kachang… with fruits because I can’t be bothered to get another plate
I thought shaved ice can’t go wrong. This buffet is impossible!!!
Not nice one!!! Maybe it was the colour colour syrup that wrecked it but… not nice one!!
ZOMG!!!!!! -__-
But I didn’t pay for the food at all so I shouldn’t complain…
So my advice is… save up and eat somewhere else!!

Then I went off on my own after the lunch and decided to make my way to Marina Bay Link Mall to find Marissa!
Didn’t want to take the train to the next stop because it’s about time I save money -__-
Walked to Esplanade and acted like a tourist 😀

Walked towards the tall tall buildings and got lost among them zzz
Then I saw Fullerton Hotel!! SO PRETTY!!!!!!
Then I kept walking and walking and found Marissa after half an hour of walking.
Crazy!!!! Singapore is so hot!! 😦
I don’t even think any country gets this much sun!!

Ok la then I went to chat with Janice and go back to Marissa’s shop.
Then I took 7 or 8 hair clips and put them all on my head…
I loved it but it was uncomfortable and unreasonably costly – close to $100 in total -__-
Then err… we went to Starbucks…
Then she went back to work and me home

At home I saw the sky was this really nice colour

It was drizzling still
& I looked to the other side and holy mama I recognise that shape!!!!!!!!

Can you see that super super super super super faint rainbow that’s so faint I may not have seen it??
One end is at the 3rd roof… can see or not???
Then I went back in and I looked out again… gone!
Then I looked out again… black!!!!

Ok!!! Tonight I shall watch Harry Potter again 😀
And tomorrow I’m going out with Shwen again!!
That’s a record-breaking 5 times in a week (if you count 2 Sundays)


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