Hey everyone!!
I hope I finish this post fast because I want to watch Harry Potter after this! 😀
Ok so today I went out with Joe!
We planned to meet at 11am at Bugis but somehow I was 30 minutes too early 😦
I can’t do the right-on-time sort of thing -__-

So we walked to Dickson Road!!
On the map it seemed quite far but it wasn’t very far.
The place was gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wanderlust Hotel is!
Turns out Cocotte operates from noon onwards so we had half an hour to spare.
Took a seat outside the restaurant, inside the hotel, and started looking at the furniture!
It is super love!

This isn’t all but the camera can’t really capture the beauty of the place so I gave up trying!!
Because the place is open to public -___- so you can all see for yourself -__-
We sat on these chairs that looked like shopping carts! Awesome!!! 😀
I didn’t take a picture of them -_- sorry
We were served a cup of water each possibly because they overheard Joe saying that he was thirsty -__-

So we got a seat
& oh my goodness I love the place so much!!

It is pretty here and there!
I completely adore the menu!!

Beautiful papers on a clipboard
My eyes were happy! Very happy
So we actually wanted to come to Cocotte to try this Poulet Roti

The description is so sweet Jesus, isn’t it?
Under all the skin and fats and muscles and bones my heart shattered into one piece. YES, IT REMAINS UNHARMED 😀
But I was really sad because I came here for the chicken and only the chicken 😦
You all know I love chicken 😦
And we didn’t have any fate!!
Never mind chicken, one day you shall be mine! ❤

Joe and I ordered different items for the set lunch so we could share
We had some bread with butter but I forgot to take a picture of it 😦
The butter was good!!
Bread was not bad but it cannot be sawed with the butter knife ok…
Cos it is a butter knife and not a bread knife, I know…
But together, hen hao!

My Rosette
When they say it is salty, you best believe it is salty.
Ate my sausage like a sandwich and was immediately reminded of my stupid bakkwa sandwich
This is like eating pork with spoonfuls of salt -____-

Joe’s Soupe Du Jour
Cauliflower soup. I didn’t taste cauliflower. I tasted mushroom…
Colour…. yes, cauliflower.

My Homemade Duck Confit
Yummy 😀
A little little bit hard but ok!!
It is very ducky
Potato is yums as well
Dish is very yums but for that this costs an additional $9 😦

Joe’s Pan Seared Seabass
Tried a bit of the fish and while the texture and all is nice, NOT ENOUGH FLAVOUR T_T
Probably because he no give me the sauce with the fish
Fish is all about the sauce. No sauce no nice
The kiamer the better too.

Our desserts 😀
Super kawaii yo!
Love the paper doily. Without it the cute factor would suffer…

My Creme Brulee 😀
I would say the creme brulee here is better than the one at Paul but only because this looked more fancy and had berries!

Joe’s Chocolate Mousse!!
Very chocolatey and was firm so I like it!
There’s this bitter taste, if I didn’t remember wrongly, which I liked…

We both had coffee
Super aromatic please!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I had mine with half of the milk jug and a cube of white sugar
I like!! 😀
Ok so although Cocotte is expensive 😦 I think it is worth it because the food is great and the decor of the whole place is lovely

Then we walked to Haji Lane and shopped.
Joe got himself a shirt -____-
And then we went to Millenia Walk
Walked around in Millenia Walk because the mall instructs us to walk so we had no choice but to walk…
Walk and walk but really quite nothing so we were tired duh
Went to Starbucks

Forgot what this is…

We walked to Esplanade -_____-
Super random right??!!
Then walk walk then went to the library bla bla
Read the book and the Joe read blogs…

Then go home!!!!
On the train an old lady entered the car a stop before Joe’s and then he stood up and offered her his seat and spoke in Chinese.
Super act…
After a while she talked to me IN ENGLISH!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Her English was quite fluent I must say 😀
She asked me how to unlock her LG cellphone…
Tried touching the screen but it didn’t work so I pressed the unlock button on the side of the phone…
Then she thanked me and thanked me LOL!! 😀
Then I remembered that those touch screens responds to fingernail-touch and not fingertip-touch.
You see what Apple has done to the world????????? Haisss

Ok so I went home…
Ok ok that’s all!!
I wanna watch my Harry Potter now!!
Bye 😀


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