Singapore Flyer

Today I got up and went out to meet Shwen AGAIN -_____-
I was too early so I went to Raffles City to find breakfast

Ate at Ya Kun…
I had to ask them to make me new eggs twice because the first was too cooked and had an eggshell in it zzz
The next was equally overcooked zzz
Ya Kun’s standard is really dropping!! So disappointed…

Then Shwen came and we walked to Marina Square
Bought tickets for Journey 2 and Dance Dance Dragon
Journey 2 was quite predictable so it was exciting yet unexciting because we all know the main characters will have a happy ending. I don’t mind seeing them die in erupted gold. Or drown. Or get electrocuted. But they had to survive and get back home happily 😦
I super love the mini elephants!!! I want one 😦
Dance Dance Dragon was hilarious!!! But it wasn’t exactly easy to understand their conversation…
Funny, but it can’t make anyone who’s upset laugh.

Then we walked to Singapore Flyer
Not my first time on it

Ate lunch at Popeyes

2 pcs chicken and 3 drumlets and fries and biscuit and Sprite
Chicken was so oily 😦 Hate hate hate

This photo is weird because I didn’t take the other 4 numbers

This is overcrowded and not good 😦

Started using the tilt-shift effect on the camera so as to create the dioramas of Singapore zzzz

At the top

View of River Hongbao

Got out and went to Gelatissimo

Got myself the coffee gelato
Not very impressive zzzzz
Perhaps I’m just difficult -___-

Walked to River Hongbao

Lame, because I’m not traditional enough to appreciate so much red.
Crazy carnival… Bumper cars were $10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So ridiculous!!
I’ve always wanted to ride it cos I’ve not yet myself before -__-

When I was up there, where were the lights?!?!?!!!????????!!!!!!!! 😦

Ok then went home
What a lame day!!!!!!


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