Fish & Co

Today I went to Clementi Mall with Yumiko!!
I was early she was late and I looked at toys and saw cute baby Po!
Ok never mind….
Then we bought underwear -_____________-
So random right?!!

Then we went to Fish & Co!
So stupid one…
I couldn’t decide what to order and I had to close my eyes and pick ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

Passion fruit!!!!! I LIKE

Grilled cod with black pepper sauce
Lol the cod is not soft!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The black pepper sauce is super duper spicy!! LIKE!!!! But it is really really hiam…
I don’t like the onions? are those onions? in the sauce though..
EEEEE mashed potato 😦 eeeeee wtf white white sauce

I also don’t eat coleslaw…
Erm so the Chef Casia made this

Looks really appetizing right??
If you ignore the quite dirty plate…
The surprise… is….

Concealed by the mashed potato are 2 prawn shells -______-
I am actually thrilled imagining the person washing the dishes unexpectedly finding 2 prawns without their flesh

Then we asked for our desserts

Chocolate mousse!!
I like!! It is very chocolatey!!
But this is a bit watery 😦
The one I had the other time wasn’t like that…

Strawberry daiquiri colossal
Yummy! But the crust isn’t very nice… and the what cake skin? o.o is not nice as well..

Then we went to Smoochiezz
Bus 183 took such a long time to arrive 😦
Ok so we spent like 3 or 4 hours there -____-
I picked 4 and bought 2… Pictures are on Instagram…
Yumiko, however, picked HUNDREDS and bought about 20 -_____- OMG
She spent $150+ on nail polishes and only nail polishes…

Ok then we went back to Clementi and then went home!!
I missed my bus because it was really crowded so I couldn’t get to the bus stop quick enough.
So I went to buy myself 2 dorayaki…. MEH -_-
Ok so I went home la

Hmmmm that’s all 😀


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