Wee Nam Kee Hainanese Chicken Rice AGAIN!

I’m alive~~

Today I went out with Racheal!! 😀
We took the train to Novena!!
The sun was very powerful and it shine and shine!
I love that previous sentence hahahaha

Ok so we walked to Wee Nam Kee, a stall I blogged about before.
If you bothered to visit http://wnk.com.sg/, OMG DELIVERY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :O
Don’t know to be happy or sad… I reside so far away from Novena I don’t think they will deliver to me! 😦
And not like I’m buying 100 packets of chicken rice… 😦

The whole place was really red 😦
My photographs all have that orangey tint 😦
It was super irritating!!!!
Maybe it’s because it was a peak period or they thought we kids are of no importance…
Despite us waving for attention countless times zzzz
Then 2 adults shared a table with us and… BAM! Immediately someone came to our table! 😦
WTH?!?!?!??!! But we got to order first!

Identical orders
Chicken rice with drumstick plus an egg (no photo) and green tea and soup!
Racheal ordered it ^_____^ cos her chinese is better than mine 😀

Actually we wanted THIGH meat but we thought 腿 is thigh then we got drumstick so…. -____- ok also

Wee Nam Kee is really damn good….
If I were starving I could surely eat 2 plates of chicken rice then cry because so touching when hungry got yummy chicken
And the Racheal ate so little wtf!!!!!! Half her chicken lie on the plate unwanted (so poor thing) zzzz

Ok so we left and walked to Novena Square, United Square, all the squares….
And then I had hiccups in Velocity so we went to buy water
Then Racheal pointed to a bottle of water and said “OMG so expensive!!”
Then I looked and at the same time hiccupped so loudly it sounded like I was shocked at the price of the water liddat wtf
And we 2 cannot stop laughing!!!!!

Ok then erm…. we just kept walking and walking -____-
I bought this stupid cute thing from Toys”R”Us

Complete wtf right?!?!?!?!
I felt the Mini Ben so I bought that pack

Then we went to McDonald’s for dinner
OMG SO HEPPY McDonald’s is now much cheaper and reasonable (in comparison to the ridiculous $7/meal)
But my nuggets had this very chemically smell -_-
Then we went home!!

At Buona Vista the train was crazy packed so we both decided to take a bus home
Then erm I came home and ate dinner part ii cos got tau kee -___-
I cannot resist tau kee one….
Then had dinner part iii, a bowl of the that fruit (idk what it is -_-)

Ok done!!! 😀

Oval moon because it was dark so there’s a long exposure and I cannot be still

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