Pique Nique & Marché


Top & bottoms from ASOS
Hair picture… because… later I will say one

Today I went to Orchard Road
And in 10 minutes I bought a pair of shoes -____-
It’s the same pair I saw yesterday at another outlet and I liked it…
Not so much… I liked the blue one but it had weird tassels poking out at the front

Lindsay slippers from Rubi/Cotton On
Is it nice?! I have no idea but I just really like it wtf

Ya that mole is in a very annoying position 😦
If I wear flats it just ruins everything….

Ok then I made my way to Far East Plaza
And went to the top floor!!
Then I walked the stretch twice…
Went into a salon and had to wait more than 3 minutes. So, being impatient, I left…
Went to Francis & Jean to trim
And there is no after picture because it does not look different -___-
Super hate when I’m having my hair cut and the stylist keeps chatting with other stylists!
WTF man!! You have a pair of scissors in my hair! You’d better concentrate!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😦

Ok so I went to Ngee Ann City
I forgot how to walk to Paul -______-
So I settled for Pique Nique

Love the place!
Everything is so cute! Everything!!!

Even this jar of thingy that holds the table number looks cute -____-
So I ordered hot chocolate
And when it arrived looking like this

I was all woah woah woah what is this?!?!?!?!?!
Hey sexy marshmallow!!!

The marshmallow is damn good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Especially when melted in the chocolate!!
Chocolate had that enough bitter but I find the chocolate taste too thick
Worth buying for the marshmallow 😀

The Best Combo
Just the name on the menu… not really the BEST combo
Presentation, ugly.
Egg was ok…. Runny yolk and whites near the yolk 🙂
Sausage felt fake… but edible
Toast was not bad with butter
Butter was yummy 😀 duh…
Problem is that everything wasn’t really hot…
But it could be due to my super long photo-snapping

Then I sat there reading the book…
Then I left for H&M and left for 313
At Zara I tried on this really awesome black skirt that has similarities to the pants I wore to prom
But I AM TOO SHORT and the hem touches the floor -_____-
And I don’t wear skirts….
Then I sat at 313 reading the book again, waiting for Marissa and Yumiko

Oooo ya I walked past Shunji Matsuo and took a look
Then a woman came out and asked if I wanted to have my hair cut so I told her I already had my hair cut just now -__-
And she said my hair was nice 😀 cos it’s thick
Then she asked if I eat seaweed and I said no.
From that I got a tip!!!! EAT SEAWEED = THICK HAIR
So happy leh 😀 But then my hair needs treatment 😦

Then Marissa came, shopped a while then met Yumiko!
Went to Marché
That place is SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!! 😀
Payment was really unique! We each had a card to swipe for our orders
Something like Star Cruises? Just that it didn’t require signing

Half a chicken & baked potato
Didn’t eat the potato because there’s that really white cream -___-
Chicken was so yummy!! 😀
But if it were marinated longer I believe it would taste better?? But still good!!
It wasn’t served hot (or cold) but I like -_______-
Very hard to eat with fork and knife so I just stabbed the chicken until a piece of meat falls out
I wanna eat it again 😦

Cream of mushroom soup 😀
Nice!! But the mushroom tastes like some unknown mushroom…. like… MUSHMOM :O

I wanna try the crepes next time!
Yumiko ordered it and it looked so good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Forgot to take picture of lemonade… was nice! 😀
OMG everything nice leh
My bill was $23.30 and I had only a few dollars short in cash so I borrowed from both of them -____-
So pathetic -________________________-
And in my wallet I only had less than $1 after that

Ok then we went shopping a while
Then mummy picked me up
Went home lor
And wtf I switched on the computer… and started playing http://www.moshime.com/casiachew
Ok that’s all for today
I have to stay home for the rest of the week because I’m broke 😦
And on Saturday I’ll probably go watch the musical with Yumiko


4 thoughts on “Pique Nique & Marché

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