Délifrance & WICKED & Nando’s

(Saying this first in case nobody could care enough to read the texts in the middle of my post)
Ok hello 😀
Today I went out HAPPY because I was super excited to watch the musical I’ve been longing to watch the first time I spotted its poster.

Went to have breakfast at Délifrance in Jurong Point first

Rise N’ Shine
Please don’t be fooled by the picture they have on their menu -___-

Just look at Rise N’ Shine’s menu picture
and this

Not only does it look sad
It tastes sad…
The only acceptable item is maybe the ham??
I mean, just look at the tomato!!!! They gave me the wrong cut portion or something wtf -__-

Coffee was very bitter…

Took the train to City Hall
Walked to Suntec City
To find Toys”R”Us -_____________-
And of course, to buy

I felt Cleo so I bought this pack 😀 So cute!!!
I am always very scared the unidentified one will be super ugly lol
Luckily Cali is not too bad… although she looks like a slutty mermaid with 4 boobies (below her 2 has these disfigured lumps)

Then I tried walking to Marina Bay Sands…
The problem is… I couldn’t even make my way to the nearest MRT station!!
My inability to look at the signs made me walk a big round to return to where I began -___-
Ok then I walked to Esplanade because I know MBS is somewhere there….

Reached MBS all sweaty and disgusting
Met up with Yumiko

Yumiko’s signature pose with added botakness hahahahhaa
This picture was taken before entering the theatre..
We bought tickets to watch WICKED The Musical!!!! Super heppyness

Person advised us to sit closer to the center instead of nearer to the stage
Thank you!!!! I would otherwise regret sitting a row in front but at the further left
Ok so I went to withdraw money Yumiko who paid for the tickets first

I didn’t cry though…. Almost, actually…
Their voices were very nice T_________T
I think best female voice belonged to Glinda, played by Suzie Mathers
Felt her voice was more powerful than Jemma Rix who played Elphaba
And her performance was really good!
Best male voice belonged to Boq, played by James D Smith 😀
*Update: Yumiko just told me we watched the understudies so abovementioned names may be wrong!

We were seated quite far back and we couldn’t see their faces clearly…
Cannot make out who was handsome or pretty hahhaha
But I could see the costumes clearly
Very gorgeous!!!!! 😀
When the ball gowns made their appearance, I almost died!

Ok then we looked at the merchandises after the musical was over.
Stood there looking at the book!
And we recognised Idina Menzel as Shelby from Glee!!!! 😀
Then we left for Plaza Singapura

Had our dinner at Nando’s!
There was this Valentine’s Day promotion
So we ate almost the same things la…

Madeira Red
Love this drink! 😀
Especially with the sugar rim

Mushroom soup
This is by far the best mushroom soup I’ve ever tasted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀
Has the mushroom flavour without the I-am-cream!-I-will-kill-you! taste
The bread is so chaota 😦 But it was still delicious!

Lemon and herb 1/4 chicken THIGH PART!!!! with grilled vegetables and old style chips
At first I was served a breast part and I didn’t even notice until Yumiko pointed it out
Had it changed and it came back with less sauce

Chips were rather dry but very potatoey 🙂
Gave Yumiko my grilled vegetables 😀
The other side of the flag reads “not so brave” so of course I flipped it before I took the  picture -___-
Cannot let people know I am not brave ma
The promotion came with a carrot cake but we both don’t eat carrot cake so ya de byebye

Then we took the train home but of course my journey was at least twice as long as hers -___-
JURONG -___-
Oh wait, Jurong not far enough! Need to add a WEST wtf

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