Pizza Hut

Today’s outing was planned in the morning and it was super difficult to sleep last night I don’t know why -____-
Something something something
Then I woke up and played Moshi Monsters wtf
I caught Liberty T_T So heppy

So we arranged to meet at VivoCity at 1pm
I reached first and Racheal said she’s at Clementi LOL
Then I called Don and he was still sleeping LOL!!

But it’s ok πŸ™‚
I wanted to come to VivoCity for a reason…
Toys”R”Us duh!
Cos us are toys they say!
After feeling the blind packets for half an hour Racheal came!!
And I continued feeling for another 30 minutes
Yes, I’m absolutely bonkers
In the end I got quite a shitty packet because I feel wrong 😦

While Blurp is ugly, it is cute wtf
The other was Kissy!!! And since I had one already I gave it to Racheal cos I am a nice person πŸ™‚

Then we all met at Pizza Hut in Harbourfront Centre…

Iced lemon tea
Wasn’t given an option 😦

Vegetables and chicken soup
This is the first time the chicken to vegetables ratio is 2:1
Usually it is 1:6 zzzzzz

Racheal’s parchment something something
I think it looks really cute!!

Orleans delight
This picture looks better than the food itself zzzzzz
I love what’s on top and no like the rice

Spicy drumlets! Super love duh!!!
Nobody no love it!!! (If you cancel the both ‘no’s it says ‘body love it’ so it is a sign chicken is good for the body πŸ˜€ wtf)

Free regular hawaiian pizza!!
The real thing looks ok but in the photo it appears to have chocolate chips sprinkled all over zzzz
And it not tasting a thing like chocolate is quite disappointing
Although chocolate hawaiian pizza is a gross thought zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Almost died T___T So full T____T
Then a table left and I spied a plastic bag under the table
Any concealed packet is a potential suspicious article
So Racheal and I asked Don to chase after them πŸ˜€ cos his CCA was NPCC
Ok then bill was $62.62

Walked around aimlessly and the time flew like a fast bird in great hurry wtf to eat curry wtf (I am a poet)
Then at Sephora the disgusting Don took a disgusting hair brush and brushed my hair wtf
Then it became so soft wtf magic hair brush!!!

Then we sat on a seat and did nothing
Nothing being Racheal and Don repeatedly saying they were hungry and me saying I was still full zzzzz
And we took pictures because we were inspired by two others wtf -____-

Then went home!
Asked mummy to pick me up atΒ the MRT station
Then I reached home la -___-
Ok πŸ˜€
Fun fun day πŸ˜€


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