Spring Awakening

Good evening! 😀
Today I got up and trimmed my fingernails -__-
I don’t know why… it’s so random…
Maybe they were getting too long and I’m terribly afraid of breaking my nails again zzzz

Ok then got ready and went to Bugis 😀

Denim x3 but photo shows 2/3

Mummy and I went to Food Republic to eat and the food sucks so it’s not worth blogging about it
The other day at Koufu I also ate Japanese food and it too sucks…
Conclusion: eat no food court “Japanese” food

Went to the Drama Centre but the tickets were not on sale yet….
Why!!! -____-
Then we went to Paragon first cos mummy going to Metro
WTF I never knew Bugis was so near to City Hall zzzzzz
Ok then we asked if there were any SISTIC box offices in Paragon but NO HAB zzz
Then went back to the Library….

ONE ticket to Spring Awakening!

ONE zzzzzz
There was a 15% discount on Category 2 which got me a seat in Category 1….. Steal or???
Person who sat beside me smells funny 😦

The ground broke because I see the musical 😦
Hahahahahahahahaha wtf sorry
But Wicked’s the earthquaking must-see-or-die musical
Ok so the cast of Spring Awakening was awesome!! 😀
Their voices were so good ;___;
The strobe towards the end almost killed me but it was thrilling wtf
GO WATCH!!!!!!! Last performance is on the 26th!

Super shocked when I found out their “mature themes and sexual references” is

And I realised I was truly a nun

Then went home!!
Ate chicken rice in the car because I can
Don’t know where it’s from…
Just go eat Wee Nam Kee or Evertop chicken rice 😀 They’re much better!

That’s all~
Oh and while blogging I left for the toilet and tripped over my bag and felt like a flamingo for a second 🙂
Because I didn’t fall 🙂
Oh one more thing!!!!
Last night (this morning) I watched this video

But had no freedom to laugh T___T It was so difficult


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