Cooking at Racheal’s!

Today I went to Racheal’s house!!
She cooked me her scrambled eggs 😀

I swear it’s better than McDonald’s!!!
And it may look like McDonald’s… because the pepper is from McDonald’s!!! 😀
Racheal is a born chef… her chawanmushi is also T___T

Used Raynee’s laptop to look for recipes -___-
Then Don came and he got Racheal’s scrambled eggs too!!
Then we went to fairprice to buy ingredients like sotongs

Ready made!! Cheat one

Looks really yummy but it wasn’t as good -___-
Bimbo chicken leg

Then we made spaghetti!!
I cooked the pasta!
Racheal and I took turns with the sauce because everything wasn’t planned zzzzz
We forgot we needed chicken -__________-
And for the first time my eyes felt painful cutting onions

Too watery -__- because I gave my pasta some last minute shower cos it was too dry
Added too much water in the sauce also 😦
Chicken breast very nice 🙂 but it was very dry 😦

Don made this baked potato chips wtf
Very plain 😦 and ugly 😦 but taste quite ok leh
No picture!

Then we had 2 thin pieces of chicken breast and 2 thick pieces of chicken thigh WITH BONE 😦
Dredged it first in plain flour, then egg, then a mixture of bread crumbs and butter and garlic and salt and pepper wtf
We fried it -__- and the thighs started stripping themselves wtf
And getting badly burnt zzzzzzzzzz So did the breasts
Then we transferred the thighs to the oven because we gave up hope -______-
They came out looking like this

Worst thing today LOL
Don’t judge me la……
One day I’ll cook something beautiful and delicious and blog about it -____________-

Then I cut 3 mangoes!!!
So ugly so no pictures 😀
If not you have more than enough reasons to say I’m negative housewife material zzzz

Then we sat on the couch and surfed channels and not finding anything awesome on the television zzzz
Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm then
We went to 40th storey and a lot of people were there as well -___-
Because it is a tourist attraction zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Then we left…
Mummy picked me up from Clementi and I got home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok finish!


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