Paul & Pique Nique

Hello everybody!! 😀
Wtf right? Blogging about restaurants I blogged about before…
But fret not!! For I have ordered new food!!

So today I met Racheal at Ngee Ann City at noon! 😀
We went to Paul!!
Previous visit we ordered different things so please read on!
I forgot all the item names on the menu -___- because it isn’t English zzzz

English breakfast tea with 3 mini macarons (pistachio, chocolate, caramel)
Racheal & I shared this…
All the macarons were yums!!! I liked the pistachio one best among the three.
Tea was so hot the caramel started dripping -__-

Chicken salad thing…
Contains chicken breast, green apples, raisins, carrot, walnuts, grass, leaves, flowers, stems, trunk, roots, lol
I asked them to leave the cheese out because I’m not a super cheese fan although I love Cheesie -__-
Eating this I felt so healthy my life span prolonged wtf

Chicken breast wasn’t an award-winning sponge!! 😀
Everything was so fresh, I see trees of green, red roses too! I see them bloom, for me and for you. And I think to myself……… WHAT A WONDERFUL WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!! (I hope you sang)
The salad was huge though…
Took me quite a long time to empty the plate

Joe came to pick up his tees that I bought online
He is anorexic or something… He got slimmer!!!
And he doesn’t even have any fat to lose before that drastic weight loss wtf
Then he left…

Then Racheal and I walked and walked…
Went to H&M
Spent $7.90 on this ridiculous drawstring bag

Because it is cute -___-
You know why it is cute? Because it was meant for children -____-
At Forever 21 we both got this pair of socks

Because it is pretty and $5
I have no idea which pair of shoes to wear it with
I don’t have a lot of shoes… yet
Then we walked and walked
Don’t know why when we do that, time flies zzzzzzzzzzz

Then we went to Pique Nique because she wanted to try the hot chocolate I had previously.

We both ordered a cup of hot chocolate!
Honestly, the marshmallow is a melt-in-your-mouth heaven!
At another table there were a few photographers taking pictures of lots of cakes and cupcakes and one came over and asked Racheal if he could take a picture of it!!
I believe they’re food critics/bloggers or something

We asked the waiter if we could have an extra marshmallow per cup
She told us that we could have 1 at no charge but for 2 we had to pay $3.
Ridiculous!!!! T_T
Of course we took one and shared… 😦

Decadent chocolate brownie with vanilla ice-cream and walnuts
Description on menu mentioned the existence of creme chantilly but somehow it vaporised on contact with my plate (non-plate)
Brownie is not bad!! But I’m quite sure I’ve tasted better ones…

The vanilla ice-cream is hell yums!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 Super love!!
I think it is possible to order a scoop of it alone
So if you don’t like brownies because they remind you of poop or something then get the ice-cream!!!!! OMGNESS!!!! ;___;

Then we walked a bit more then we bought some stuff…
Then we left for home!!!!
Tomorrow I’m going to meet her again 😀


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