Ramen Santouka & Ralph Lauren Romance

You know, there’s supposed to be a post yesterday because I was supposed to be at the zoo but it rained, you see… So I went back to sleep and the rain decided to go home wtf zzzzz

So today I went out…
Alighted at Outram Park MRT Station and was LOST zzzzzzz
Then I just anyhowly walked and hoped it was the right way -___-
And then I finally reached Holiday Inn Atrium all sweaty -____-
All for this

Ralph Lauren Romance I won from Women’s Weekly LOL
This is the plainest perfume bottle I’ve ever seen!!!
It smells super feminine zzzzzz
If you spray it on a boy he will turn into a girl
Scent is not bad… I think it smells like lemons but you all know my sense of smell spoil one so it’s probably wrong -_-

Ok then I wanted to go to Clarke Quay but I don’t even know where I was T___T
I tried using the maps on my phone but it sucks so I just got out and again anyhowly walked and hoped it’s the right way..
I also had to try to recall the image I saw on Google maps days ago T___T
When I thought I’d gone the wrong way I saw the bridge at Robertson Quay!
So I just followed the river…
I am a person who spies for the target location and walk towards it -__-
Yes and I walked a lot today T_T

Reached The Central and then forgot which ramen shop I wanted to have lunch at T____T
Why do I keep crying T____T
I never thought I would not be able to find the shop on the directory until I saw so many other Japanese restaurants on the list T_T
Then there was this shop with quite a queue so I joined in…
And after realising how foreign the shop’s name sounds to me I left -_-

Yes I was looking for Ramen Santouka
It is located in the most unusual place in the whole mall!!!!!!
I had to go through another restaurant to get to it zzzzz

“Table for 1” and I got a counter seat with an awesome view!!!!!!!!!!!
I did not know what to order T___T
Reading the tips on foursquare many recommended the pork cheek ramen
I read the description on the menu…
The pig is so poor thing!!! They say like they can only obtain 200-300g of cheek per pig
Means so many pigs die!! LOL ok la not like if the shop close down less pigs die…

At first I thought of not ordering it like I always do so as to save money
Then I turned, about to call for a waiter, and on the far right of the counter this guy was eating it!
And I saw how soft it was so I cannot resist LOLOL
I didn’t eat the roe of course…
Ok IT IS YUMS!!!!!! Though not the best but it was really really soft!
I find it had more broth taste than egg taste and I’d prefer both taste not overpowering the other -__-
But it was good!! There was chicken and mushroom at the bottom too
There was this green nut thing as well…
Looking at it all I thought of was pistachio but it should be ginko nut
So I didn’t eat it 😀

Miso ramen
Not very impressive…
It looks so drowned don’t you think?
The pork was so tough T__T and it had this piece of flabby so I removed it T_T
The noodles were not bad la…
Soup was also ok
You see why I regret not getting the pork cheek ramen now?? 😦
Normally I empty the bowls but this I left soup and the other thing thing that I don’t eat…
If I come back I shall try the pork cheek thing….

Then I paid and got out and I took the train back home because my feet hurt 😦
Then ya…
Ok I talk too much for someone who don’t make sense so I’m gonna play Fantage now!!


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