Singapore Zoo

Blogging about yesterday because yesterday I was too busy toodo so ok

Was a little late meeting up with Racheal at Lot One because I had to wait for the bus and train zzzz
So it was approx 9.30am and everywhere was blackly closed.
So we had breakfast at Ya Kun

Set A coffee as usual
I am really really disappointed la.. 😦
The yolk was too cooked and I found a piece of shell in it.
The toast was not hot and crispy and the butter wasn’t cold enough…

We then took a bus to the Singapore Zoo

Tickets were 1-for-1 with a printed coupon in February so we were lucky this year gave us an extra day for that.




Mankey eating peanuts

Kawaii little girls




Primeape flashing kkb

Fearow very far away and dark

Cold Storage swimming

Cold Storage not swimming





Then I went to Australia



Super smelly



It is I

Someone was drawing the elephants during their show

Don’t know why but I felt the elephants were so poor thing….

One of the shows

Peacock cock cock

Girl with awesome curls

Kawaii little boys


Person brought out a snake but the kids see it as candy or something




Racheal + me

Then we had lunch at KFC
At first I wasn’t hungry and Racheal wanted to just buy some fries…

After we smell the chicken we had no choice -____-

Then we played this!!! Cos it is fun fun fun fun

Don’t know what Pokemon this is…

The car

I said I wanted to skin it dead
Then Racheal told me everyone looked at me T_T
But I was so kind I said skin it dead not alive!!!!!!

All the Ekans

My favourite Ekans photo

Another favourite

Oh and did you know Racheal can speak Parseltongue?!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!
She instructed them not to move and they obeyed LOL jk la
But she really can speak Parseltongue!! I don’t understand only

Random non-Ekans

Another favourite

Squirtles enjoying salad


WALAO I uploaded to facebook the pictures and there’s this whole chunk of darkness!!
Now you won’t get to see it 😦
And there was this beautiful blue bird and it’s very funny!!!
Damn it!! The better photos of the whole lot were in that darkness!!! 😦
Zzz nvm I’ll reupload T__T


So cute this cheetah
Took like a hundred pictures of it and all blur cos it was moving non-stop!!!
Even Racheal wait for me until die




Alex’s wife wtf

And now, THE BLUE BIRD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The place was damn dark 😦
Then the bird saw me and Racheal and went crazy running around like this

Very cute!!!!!

Then we went for the last show
This sea lion is way cute!!!!

And it claps for itself wtf

The sea lion makes being a sea lion look fun


And these two flamingoes started fighting LOL


Then we got out!!!!!!!!!!!!
Next time I wouldn’t bring a camera to the zoo because it is clear I can’t take decent photographs of the animals and my zoom lens is so… non-zoom…
And without it I could better look at animals and not through a viewfinder..
I mean, how can my pictures look like this with a DSLR T___T
So horrible T______T

Ok then we took the bus back to Lot One
Shopped around and bought a pair of boxers
Then we went to MOF の My Izakaya

Ordered a mango kakigori to share!!!
So nostalgic!! Us two with Marissa and Linda always bought it at West Coast Plaza 3 years ago
It is super yummy as always 😀
And as usual, I secretly stole the sweet ice at the bottom 😀

Then we got out and the sky was BLACK -___-
Then we went home!!
And I finally received my enrolment package from Ngee Ann Polytechnic so I spent hours reading everything and that is why I said I was busy…

Turning 17 in about a week :/
I feel old already…


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